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cacique Tweet Definition of cacique Like Definition of cacique on Facebook
  1. Originally a tribal chief in the Spanish West Indies.
  2. A local political leader in Latin America.
  3. Any of a number of tropical blackbirds from Central America and South America, family Icteridae.
cage bird Tweet Definition of cage bird Like Definition of cage bird on Facebook
  1. A bird, such as a canary or budgerigar, kept captive in a cage or aviary for domestic companionship or as a hobby
calamus Tweet Definition of calamus Like Definition of calamus on Facebook
  1. sweet flag, acorus calamus
A garden inclosed is my sister, my spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed. Thy plants are an orchard of pomegranates, with pleasant fruits; camphire, with spikenard, Spikenard and saffron; calamus and cinnamon, with all trees of frankincense; myrrh and aloes, with all the chief spices (Song of Solomon 4:12-14, KJV)
  1. a quill
callow Tweet Definition of callow Like Definition of callow on Facebook
adjective (er, est, more)
  1. Bald (original meaning, now obsolete)
  2. Unfledged (of a young bird)
  3. Immature, lacking in life experience.
  4. Shallow or weak-willed
canary Tweet Definition of canary Like Definition of canary on Facebook
noun (canaries)
  1. a small, usually yellow, finch, a songbird native to the Canary Islands .
  2. (colour) a light, slightly greenish, yellow colour.
<table><tr><td>canary colour: &nbsp;</td><td bgcolor="
  1. F2FB62?" width="80">&nbsp; </td></tr></table>
    1. a light, sweet, white wine from the Canary Islands
    2. a lively dance, possibly of Spanish origin (also called canaries)
    3. (colloquial) a female singer, soprano, a coloratura singer.
    4. any of various small birds of different countries, most of which are largely yellow in colour
    5. (slang) an informer or snitch, squealer (someone who "sings" to the police)
    6. (slang) (yellow) capsule of barbiturate Nembutalâ„¢
    7. (italbrac, metaphorically) Any test subject, especially an inadvertent or unwilling one. (From the mining practice of using canaries to detect dangerous gases.)
    8. (context, Australian English, colloquial) A sticker of unroadworthiness.
verb (canar, i, ed)
  1. (intransitive) to dance nimbly (as in the canary dance)
adjective ((compar): more canary, (superl): most canary)
  1. (colour) of a light yellow colour.
capercaillie Tweet Definition of capercaillie Like Definition of capercaillie on Facebook
noun (pluralcapercaillies)
  1. A large, black grouse, Tetrao urogallus, that is native to northern Europe.
Cardinal Tweet Definition of Cardinal Like Definition of Cardinal on Facebook
proper noun
  1. (baseball) A player on the team "The St. Louis Cardinals".
    Smith became a as the result of a pre-season trade.
    1. A player on the team "Arizona Cardinals".
  2. A sports team or a player on a sports team at w:Stanford University, Stanford University.
  3. A student or player on a sports team at the w:University of Louisville, University of Louisville. <!-- split to Cardinals
  4. (baseball) The team "w:St. Louis Cardinals, The St. Louis Cardinals".
    1. The team "w:Arizona Cardinals, The Arizona Cardinals".
    2. A sports team at the w:University of Louisville, University of Louisville.
    The Cardinals take the field.
carrier Tweet Definition of carrier Like Definition of carrier on Facebook
  1. A person or object that carry, carries someone or something else.
aircraft carrier
armored personnel carrier
  1. A company in the business of shipping freight.
  2. A person or animal that transmits a disease to others without itself contracting the disease.
  3. A signal such as radio, sound, or light that is modulated to transmit information.
  4. A mobile network operator; wireless carrier
carrion crow Tweet Definition of carrion crow Like Definition of carrion crow on Facebook
  1. the common European black crow Corvus corone
  2. the American black vulture Coragyps atratus
cassowary Tweet Definition of cassowary Like Definition of cassowary on Facebook
noun (pluralcassowaries)
  1. A large flightless bird of the genus Casuarius, native to Australia and New Guinea, with a characteristic bony crest on its head, and can be very dangerous.
cast Tweet Definition of cast Like Definition of cast on Facebook
  1. A supportive and immobilising device used to help mend broken bones.
The doctor put a on the boy"s broken arm.
  1. The collective group of people performing a play or production together.
He"s in the of Oliver.
  1. The casting procedure.
  2. A small mass of earth excreted by a worm.
  3. An object made in a mould.
  4. The mould used to make cast objects; as, a plaster cast.
  5. A squint.
  6. visual, Visual appearance.
Her features had a delicate to them. (rfex, the ones without)
verb (casts, casting, cast, )
  1. To throw forcefully.
He a stone at the dog.
  1. To throw something down or toss something aside.
to away fear
She the die.
  1. To throw a fishing line or net into the water.
The fisherman the net into the sea.
  1. To assign a role in a play or performance.
The director the part carefully.
  1. (computing) To change a variable type from, for example, integer to real, or integer to text.
Casting is generally an indication of bad design.
  1. Make by pouring into a mould.
  2. (of animals) To lose the hair or fur of the coat, usually in spring.
  3. (context, of fabric) To twist or warp.
  4. (nautical) To bring the bows of a sailing ship on to the required tack just as the anchor is weighed by use of the headsail.
  5. (nautical) To heave the lead and line in order to ascertain the depth of water.
  6. (context, accountancy) To add up a column of figures; cross-cast refers to adding up a row of figures.
chaffinch Tweet Definition of chaffinch Like Definition of chaffinch on Facebook
  1. A small passerine bird, Fringilla coelebs, of the finch family.
chat Tweet Definition of chat Like Definition of chat on Facebook
  1. (uncountable) Informal conversation.
  2. A conversation to stop an argument or settle situations.
  3. An exchange of text or voice messages in real time through a computer network, resembling a face-to-face conversation.
  4. A conversation on a talk show.
  5. Any of various small Old World passerine birds in the subfamily Saxicolini that feed on insects.
verb (chat, t, ing)
  1. To be engaged in informal conversation.
  2. To talk more than a few words.
  3. To converse on a talk show.
  4. To exchange text or voice messages in real time through a computer network, as if having a face-to-face conversation.
chick Tweet Definition of chick Like Definition of chick on Facebook
  1. (zoology) A young bird.
  2. A young chicken.
  3. (slang) A young (especially attractive) woman.
Three cool chicks / Are walking down the street / Swinging their hips &mdash; song "Three Cool Cats" by wikipedia:Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller
  1. (slang) A woman.
chickadee Tweet Definition of chickadee Like Definition of chickadee on Facebook
noun (plural:chickadees)
  1. a songbird of the genus Parus
chicken hawk Tweet Definition of chicken hawk Like Definition of chicken hawk on Facebook
  1. A hawk that preys on chickens.
  2. (slang) A man who seeks out boys or young men as his sexual partners.
  3. (slang) A person who advocates war while simultaneously avoiding military service, or having avoided it in his past.
chiffchaff Tweet Definition of chiffchaff Like Definition of chiffchaff on Facebook
noun (pluralchiffchaffs)
  1. A small, common warbler, Phylloscopus collybita, with yellowish-green plumage that breeds throughout northern and temperate Europe and Asia.
chough Tweet Definition of chough Like Definition of chough on Facebook
noun (pluralchoughs)
  1. A crow, Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax, of Eurasia that breeds mainly in high mountains and on coastal sea cliffs.
clutch Tweet Definition of clutch Like Definition of clutch on Facebook
  1. A device to interrupt power transmission, commonly used between engine and gearbox in a car.
  2. The pedal in a car that disengages power transmission.
  3. A hand or claw, when it is grasping something firmly.
  4. A small handbag or purse with no straps or handle.
  5. A group or bunch, especially of eggs or baby birds.
  6. An important or critical situation.
verb (clutch, es)
  1. To grip or grasp tightly.
She clutched her purse tightly and walked nervously into the building.
COB Tweet Definition of COB Like Definition of COB on Facebook
  1. Close of Business, usually referring to a deadline, for an office in another time zone. NY office tells LA office to have report e-mailed by COB.
  2. Coordination of Benefits
  3. Chairman of the Board
  4. Chip on Board
cockatiel Tweet Definition of cockatiel Like Definition of cockatiel on Facebook
noun (plural: cockatiels)
  1. A small, rather atypical cockatoo with a distinctive pointed yellow crest.
cockatoo Tweet Definition of cockatoo Like Definition of cockatoo on Facebook
noun (plural: cockatoos)
  1. A bird of the family Cacatuidae with a curved beak and a zygodactyl foot.
  2. (context, slang, obsolete) A lookout posted during a two-up game.
cockscomb Tweet Definition of cockscomb Like Definition of cockscomb on Facebook
  1. The fleshy red crest of a rooster
  2. A red cap once worn by court jesters
  3. An annual garden plant, Celosia cristata, having showy red clusters of flowers
  1. (archaic) A conceited dandy
  2. (nautical) A serrated cleat once fitted to the yards of a square-rigged ship and used when the sail was being reefed
columbine Tweet Definition of columbine Like Definition of columbine on Facebook
  1. Any plant of the genus Aquilegia, having distinctive bell-shaped flowers with spurs on each petal.
  1. (archaic) pertaining to a dove or pigeon
  • Late C14: Com forí¾ now, wií¾ í¾yne eyen columbyn! / How fairer been í¾y brestes í¾an is wyn! " Geoffrey Chaucer, The Merchant's Tale
comb Tweet Definition of comb Like Definition of comb on Facebook
  1. A toothed implement for grooming the hair.
  2. A machine used in separating choice cotton fibers from worsted cloth fibers.
  3. A fleshy growth on the top of the head of some birds and reptiles: crest.
  4. An old English measure of corn equal to the half quarter.
  • 1882, But the comb or half quarter is very general in the Eastern counties, particularly in Norfolk. &mdash; James Edwin Thorold Rogers, A History of Agriculture and Prices in England, Volume 4, page 207.
    1. The top part of a gun"s stock.
  1. To groom the hair with a toothed implement.
  2. To separate choice cotton fibers from worsted cloth fibers.
  3. To search thoroughly as if raking over an area with a comb.
  1. combination
condor Tweet Definition of condor Like Definition of condor on Facebook
noun (plural: condors or condor)
  1. Either of two New World vultures, Vultur gryphus of the Andes or Gymnogyps californianus, a nearly extinct vulture of the mountains of California.
  2. A gold coin of some South American countries bearing the figure of one of these vultures.
  3. An Argentinian short range ballistic missile.
  4. In golf, four under par (quadruple birdie, triple eagle, or double albatross)
conure Tweet Definition of conure Like Definition of conure on Facebook
  1. Any of many New World parrakeets of the genus Conurus
coot Tweet Definition of coot Like Definition of coot on Facebook
noun (pluralcoots)
  1. Any of various aquatic birds of the genus Fulica of the northern hemisphere that are mainly black with a white bill.
  2. A stupid fellow; a simpleton; as, a silly coot.
  3. (derogatory) An elderly man.
  4. The Coot (slang) A success; something excellent.
  • Man that song's the coot.
  • Would be the coot if we could go this weekend!
  • cormorant Tweet Definition of cormorant Like Definition of cormorant on Facebook
    1. Any of various medium-large black seabirds of the family Phalacrocoracidae, especially the great cormorant, Phalacrocorax carbo.
    1. ravenous, Ravenous, greedy.
    Let fame, that all hunt after in their lives,
    Live regist'red upon our brazen tombs,
    And then grace us in the disgrace of death;
    When, spite of devouring Time,
    The endeavour of this present breath may buy
    That honour which shall bate his scythe's keen edge,
    And make us heirs of all eternity.
    :&mdash; Shakespeare, Love's Labour's Lost, Act I, Scene 1
    corvine Tweet Definition of corvine Like Definition of corvine on Facebook
    1. Pertaining to crows.
    courser Tweet Definition of courser Like Definition of courser on Facebook
    1. A dog used for coursing.
    2. A person who practises coursing.
    3. A hunter.
    4. A stone used in building a course.
    5. A racehorse or a charger.
    6. A North African bird, of the genus Cursorius, that runs.
    covert Tweet Definition of covert Like Definition of covert on Facebook
    1. area of thick undergrowth where animals hide
    1. half-hidden, disguised, secret, surreptitious
    2. covered
    covey Tweet Definition of covey Like Definition of covey on Facebook
    1. a group of 8-12 (or more) quail. See gaggle, host, flock.
    2. a brood of partridges, grouse, etc.
    3. a party or group (of persons or things)
    cowbird Tweet Definition of cowbird Like Definition of cowbird on Facebook
    1. A small North American blackbird (Molothrus ater) that lays its eggs in the nests of other birds.
    crake Tweet Definition of crake Like Definition of crake on Facebook
    1. Any of several birds, of the family Rallidae, that have short bills
    crane Tweet Definition of crane Like Definition of crane on Facebook
    1. A large bird of the order Gruiformes and the family Gruidae having long legs and a long neck which it extends when flying.
    2. A mechanical lifting device, often used for lifting heavy loads for industrial or construction purposes.
    verb (cran, ing)
    1. (transitive) To extend (one's neck).
    creeper Tweet Definition of creeper Like Definition of creeper on Facebook
    1. Any plant (as ivy or periwinkle) that grows by creeping
    2. a person who crawls or creeps along the ground
    3. a device which allows a small child to safely roam around a room from a seated or standing position
    4. (nautical) a small, four-hooked grapnel used to recover objects dropped onto the sea bed
    crossbill Tweet Definition of crossbill Like Definition of crossbill on Facebook
    1. Any of various finches of the genus Loxia, whose bill crosses over at the tips; they are specialist feeders on conifer cones.
    Crow Tweet Definition of Crow Like Definition of Crow on Facebook
    proper noun
    1. A Native American tribe.
    2. The Siouan language of this tribe.
    crown Tweet Definition of crown Like Definition of crown on Facebook
    1. A reward of victory or a mark of honor.
    2. A royal, imperial or princely headdress; a diadem.
    3. A representation of such a headdress, as in heraldry; it may even be that only the image exists, no physical crown, as in the case of the kingdom of Belgium; by analogy such crowns can be awarded to moral persons that don't even have a head, as the mural crown for cities in heraldry
    4. A wreath or band for the head.
    5. Imperial or regal power.
    6. The topmost part of the head.
    7. The highest part a hill.
    8. The top part of a hat.
    9. The raised centre of a road.
    10. The highest part of an arch.
    11. Splendor, finish, culmination.
    1. Any currency (originally) issued by the crown (regal power) and often bearing a crown (headdress)
    2. Specifically, a former British coin worth five shillings.
      1. (botany) The part of a plant where the root and stem meet.
    3. (anatomy) The part of a tooth above the gums.
    4. (dentistry) A prothestic covering for a tooth.
    5. (nautical) A knot formed in the end of a rope by tucking in the strands to prevent them from unravelling
    6. (nautical) The part of an anchor where the arms and the shank meet
    1. To place a crown on the head of.
    2. To formally declare (someone) a king or emperor.
    3. To declare (someone) a winner.
    4. (medicine) Of a baby, during the birthing process; for the surface of the baby's head to appear in the vaginal opening.
    The mother was in the second stage of labor and the fetus had just crowned, prompting a round of encouragement from the midwives.
    1. (context, gaming) To shoot an opponent in the back of the head with a shotgun in a first-person shooter video game.
    2. (context, board games) In checkers, to stack two checkers to indicate that the piece has become a king.
    "Crown me!" I said, as I moved my checker to the back row.
    1. Of, related to, or pertaining to a crown.
    1. Of, related to, pertaining to the top of a tree or trees.
    a fire
    cuckoo Tweet Definition of cuckoo Like Definition of cuckoo on Facebook
    1. Any of various birds, of the family Cuculidae, famous for laying its eggs in the nests of other species; but especially Cuculus canorus that has a characteristic two-note call
    2. The sound of that particular bird. (literally <i>woo-oo</i>)
    3. The bird shaped figure found in Swiss/German clocks (cuckoo clocks) or the clock itself.
    4. Someone found where they shouldn't be (used especially in the phrase 'A cuckoo in the nest'.)
    5. Someone who is crazy.
    1. To make the call of a cuckoo
    2. To repeat something incessantly
    1. crazy, Crazy; not sane.
    curlew Tweet Definition of curlew Like Definition of curlew on Facebook
    1. A wading bird of the genus Numenius, remarkable for its long, slender, curved bill.
    cygnet Tweet Definition of cygnet Like Definition of cygnet on Facebook
    1. The immature young of a swan.

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