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Davy lamp Tweet Definition of Davy lamp Like Definition of Davy lamp on Facebook
  1. a miners' lamp, miners" lamp or safety lamp used in coal mines to warn against methane (firedamp).
develop Tweet Definition of develop Like Definition of develop on Facebook
  1. To progress.
Let's see how things and then make our decision.
  1. To progress through a sequence of stages.
Isabel developed from a tropical depression to a tropical storm to a hurricane.
An embryo develops into a fetus and then into an infant.
  1. To create.
I need to a plan for the next three weeks.
  1. To bring out images latent in photographic film.
Please this roll of film.
  1. (context, Chess) To place ones pieces actively.
I need to my white-square bishop.
  1. (context, snooker, pool) To cause a ball to become more open and available to be played on later. Usually by moving it away from the cushion, or by opening a pack.
development Tweet Definition of development Like Definition of development on Facebook
  1. (uncountable) The process of developing; growth
The development of this story has been slow.
The organism has reached a crucial stage in its development.
  1. (countable) Something which has developed
Our news team brings you the latest developments.
  1. (countable) A real estate development
  2. (uncountable) The application of new ideas to practical problems (''cf. research)
Our development department has produced three new adhesives this year.
  1. (context, chess, uncountable) The active placement of the pieces, or the process of achieving it
White's development is good, but black's has been hampered by the pawn on e5.
dial Tweet Definition of dial Like Definition of dial on Facebook
  1. A graduated, circular scale over which a needle moves to show a measurement (such as speed).
  2. A clock face.
  3. A sundial.
  4. A panel on a radio etc showing wavelengths or channels; a knob that is turned to change the wavelength etc.
  5. A disk with finger holes on a telephone; used to select the number to be called.
  1. (transitive) To measure or indicate something with a dial.
  2. (transitive) To control or select something with a dial
  3. (transitive) To select a number, or to call someone, on a telephone.
  4. (intransitive) To use a dial or a telephone.
divider Tweet Definition of divider Like Definition of divider on Facebook
  1. An object that separates.
  2. A device resembling a drawing compass and used to transfer measurements of length.
  3. (context, British, US) The median of a highway or other road where traffic in opposite directions are kept separated.
  4. A person who separates or classifies.
downcast Tweet Definition of downcast Like Definition of downcast on Facebook
  1. (Of eyes) looking downwards.
  2. (Of a person) feeling despondent.
downhole Tweet Definition of downhole Like Definition of downhole on Facebook
  1. Occurring in the drilled bore of an oil well either underground or undersea.
drift Tweet Definition of drift Like Definition of drift on Facebook
  1. The act or motion of drifting; the force which impels or drives; an overpowering influence or impulse.
  2. A place, also known as a ford, along a river where the water is shallow enough to permit oxen or sheep to be driven to the opposite side.
  3. Course or direction along which anything is driven; setting.
  4. The tendency of an act, argument, course of conduct, or the like; object aimed at or intended; intention; hence, also, import or meaning of a sentence or discourse; aim.
  5. That which is driven, forced, or urged along
  6. Anything driven at random.
  7. A mass of matter which has been driven or forced onward together in a body, or thrown together in a heap, etc., esp. by wind or water; as, a drift of snow, of ice, of sand, and the like.
  8. A drove or flock, as of cattle, sheep, birds.
  9. The horizontal thrust or pressure of an arch or vault upon the abutments.
  10. A collection of loose earth and rocks, or boulders, which have been distributed over large portions of the earth's surface, especially in latitudes north of forty degrees, by the agency of ice.
  11. In South Africa, a ford in a river.
  12. A slightly tapered tool of steel for enlarging or shaping a hole in metal, by being forced or driven into or through it; a broach.
  13. A tool used in driving down compactly the composition contained in a rocket, or like firework.
  14. A deviation from the line of fire, peculiar to oblong projectiles.
  15. A passage driven or cut between shaft and shaft; a driftway; a small subterranean gallery; an adit or tunnel.
  16. The distance through which a current flows in a given time.
  17. The angle which the line of a ship's motion makes with the meridian, in drifting.
  18. The distance to which a vessel is carried off from her desired course by the wind, currents, or other causes.
  19. The place in a deep-waisted vessel where the sheer is raised and the rail is cut off, and usually terminated with a scroll, or driftpiece.
  20. The distance between the two blocks of a tackle.
  21. The difference between the size of a bolt and the hole into which it is driven, or between the circumference of a hoop and that of the mast on which it is to be driven.
  22. A sideways movement of the ball through the air, when bowled by a spin bowler.
  23. Driftwood, driftwood included in flotsam washed up onto the beach.
  24. Driftless Area, Drift (see Wikipedia). The material left behind by the retreat of continenal glaciers. It buries former river valleys and creates young river valleys. The Diftless Area, a geographical area of North America, was unglaciated for the past 510 million years. Mass noun.
  1. To move slowly, pushed by currents of water, air, etc
The boat drifted away from the shore.
The balloon was drifting in the breeze.
  1. To move haphazardly without any destination.
''He drifted from town to town, never settling down.
  1. To deviate gently from the intended direction of travel.
''This car tends to drift left at high speeds
drive Tweet Definition of drive Like Definition of drive on Facebook
  1. A trip made in a motor vehicle
It was a long .
  1. A driveway
The mansion had a long, tree-lined .
  1. A motor that does not take fuel, but instead depends on a mechanism that stores potential energy for subsequent use:
Some old model trains have clockwork drives.
  1. (computers) A mass-storage device; as, a disk drive, a DVD drive, a flash drive''
  2. Self-motivation; ability coupled with ambition:
''Crassus had wealth and wit, but Pompey had and Caesar as much again.
  1. (military) A sustained advance in the face of the enemy to take a strategic objective:
Napoleon's on Moscow was as determined as it was disastrous.
  1. (golf) A stroke made with a driver
  2. (baseball) A ball struck in a flat trajectory (also called line drive)
  3. A type of public roadway.
Beverly Hills" most famous street is Rodeo .
  1. (psychology) desire, Desire or interest.
  2. (cricket) A type of shot played by swinging the bat in a vertical arc, through the line of the ball, and hitting it along the ground, normally between cover and midwicket.
verb (drives, driving, drove, driven)
  1. (defn, English)
dross Tweet Definition of dross Like Definition of dross on Facebook
noun Dross
  1. Waste or impure matter
  2. Worthless or trivial matter
  3. Residue that forms on the surface of a metal from oxidation
  • Thy silver is become dross, thy wine mixed with water (Isaiah 1:22, KJV)
  • And I will turn my hand upon thee, and purely purge away thy dross, and take away all thy tin (Isaiah 1:25, KJV)
    1. The impurities in metal.
    duff Tweet Definition of duff Like Definition of duff on Facebook
    1. A stiff flour pudding, often with dried fruit, boiled in a cloth bag, or steamed
      1901: The storekeeper had sent them an unbroken case of canned plum pudding, and probably by this time he was wondering what had become of that blanky case of duff. — w:Henry Lawson, Henry Lawson, short story The Ghosts of Many Christmases, published in Children of the Bush
      1. (baseball) (slang) an 1800s baseball term meaning an error
      2. (context, Scotland, US) decaying vegetable matter on the forest floor
      3. (slang) the bits left in the bottom of the bag after the booty has been consumed, like crumbs
      4. (slang) the buttocks; normally used in the phrases to sit on (one's) duff or get off (one's) duff
    1. (golf) to hit the ground behind the ball. It is a back-formation from "duffer".category:Back-formationscategory:Requests for cleanup
    2. (Australia) to alter the branding of stolen cattle; to steal cattle.
    1. not working properly
      • Why do I always get a shopping trolley with wheels?

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