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dative Tweet Definition of dative Like Definition of dative on Facebook
  1. The dative case.
  1. (Grammar) Noting the case of a noun which expresses the remoter or indirect object, generally indicated in English by to or for with the objective.
  2. (legal) In one's gift; capable of being disposed of at will and pleasure, as an office.
  3. (legal) Removable, as distinguished from perpetual; — said of an officer.
  4. (legal) Given by a magistrate, as distinguished from being cast upon a party by the law — Burril. Bouvier
decline Tweet Definition of decline Like Definition of decline on Facebook
  1. downward, Downward movement, fall.
  2. A sloping downward, e.g. of a hill or road.
  3. A weakening.
(rfex) verb (declin, es)
  1. (intransitive) To move downwards, to fall, to drop.
The dollar has declined rapidly since 2001.
  1. (intransitive) To become weaker or worse.
My health declined in winter.
  1. (context, transitive, grammar) To list the inflected forms of a noun, pronoun (and in some languages adjective) for case and number.
  2. (transitive) To refuse.
On reflection I think I will your generous offer.
defective Tweet Definition of defective Like Definition of defective on Facebook
  1. Having one or more defects.
  2. (grammar, of a verb) lacking some forms; e.g., having only one tense or being usable only in the third person.
definite Tweet Definition of definite Like Definition of definite on Facebook
  1. having distinct limits
  2. free from any doubt
  3. (linguistics) Designating an identified or immediately identifiable person or thing <definite article>
definite article Tweet Definition of definite article Like Definition of definite article on Facebook
  1. (grammar) An article that introduces a noun and specifies it as the particular noun that is being considered; in English, the only definite article is the.
definitive Tweet Definition of definitive Like Definition of definitive on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, definitive stamp)
  1. (grammar) a word, such as a definite article or demonstrative pronoun, that defines or limits something
    1. (philately) an ordinary postage stamp that is part of a series of all denominations or is reprinted as needed to meet demand
  1. explicitly defined
  2. conclusive or decisive
  3. definite, authoritative and complete
degree Tweet Definition of degree Like Definition of degree on Facebook
  1. (geometry) A unit of measurement of angle equal to 1/360 of a circle's circumference.
  2. (physics) A unit of measurement of temperature on any of several scales, such as Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  3. Any of various units used to express specific gravity, bitterness, darkness, etc. in manufacturing various commodities.
  4. The amount that an entity possesses a certain property; proportion or extent.
To what degree do the two accounts of the accident concur?
  1. An award (generally superior to a diploma but inferior to a doctorate) bestowed by a university or, in some countries, a college, as an indication of academic achievement or occasionally bestowed to honor its recipient.
  2. (graph theory) The number of edge, edges that a vertex takes part in.
  3. (mathematics) The sum of the exponents of a term; or, in the context of a polynomial, the highest degree of all its terms.
demonstrative Tweet Definition of demonstrative Like Definition of demonstrative on Facebook
  1. (grammar) a demonstrative adjective or pronoun
  1. that serves to demonstrate, show or prove
  2. given to open displays of emotion
  1. (grammar) that specifies the thing or person referred to
denominative Tweet Definition of denominative Like Definition of denominative on Facebook
  1. a verb that is derived from a noun or adjective
  1. deriving from a noun , or from an adjective
  2. being a name
depend Tweet Definition of depend Like Definition of depend on Facebook
  1. To hang down; to be sustained by being fastened or attached to something above.
  2. To hang in suspense; to be pending; to be undetermined or undecided; as, a cause depending in court.
  3. To rely on for support; to be conditioned or contingent; to be connected with anything, as a cause of existence, or as a necessary condition; " followed by on or upon, formerly by of.
  4. To trust; to rest with confidence; to rely; to confide; to be certain; " with on or upon; as, we depend on the word or assurance of our friends; we depend on the mail at the usual hour.
  5. To serve; to attend; to act as a dependent or retainer.
dependent Tweet Definition of dependent Like Definition of dependent on Facebook
  1. One who relies on another for support
With two children and an ailing mother, she had three dependents in all ... (In British English, this meaning is spelt dependant.)
  1. (grammar) An element in phrase or clause structure that is not the head. Includes complements modifiers and determiners.
  2. (Greek grammar) the aorist subjunctive form of a verb; or non-past, perfective form of a verb
  1. Relying upon; depending upon
At that point I was on financial aid for my tuition.
  1. (of certain Irish irregular verbs): standing only after a preverbal particle
deponent Tweet Definition of deponent Like Definition of deponent on Facebook
  1. (legal): A witness; especially one who gives information under oath, in a deposition concerning facts known to him or her.
  2. A deponent verb
  1. In Latin, a characteristic indicating that a verb has passive form (that is, conjugates like the passive voice), but has an active meaning. (Such verbs, originally reflexive, are considered to have laid aside their passive meanings.) Examples include sequi and loqui.
derivative Tweet Definition of derivative Like Definition of derivative on Facebook
noun (plural:derivatives)
  1. Something derive, derived.
  2. A word that derives from another one.
  3. (finance) A financial instrument whose value depends on the valuation of an underlying asset; such as a warrant, an option etc.
  4. (chemistry) A chemical derived from another.
  5. (calculus) The derived function of a function.
    The derivative of <math>f(x) = x^2</math> is <math>f'(x) = 2x</math>
  6. (calculus) The value of this function for a given value of its independent variable.
    The derivative of <math>f(x) = x^2</math> at x = 3 is <math>f'(3) = 2
    • 3 = 6</math>.
  1. Imitative of the work of someone else
  2. (copyright law) Referring to a work, such as a translation or adaptation, based on another work that may be subject to copyright restrictions
  3. Having a value that depends on an underlying asset of variable value
  4. Lacking originality
determined Tweet Definition of determined Like Definition of determined on Facebook
  1. (past of, determine)
  1. Decided; resolute.
diminutive Tweet Definition of diminutive Like Definition of diminutive on Facebook
  1. (Grammar) A word form expressing smallness or youth.
    • Booklet, the of book, means "small book".
  1. Very small.
  2. Serving to diminish.
direct object Tweet Definition of direct object Like Definition of direct object on Facebook
  1. (grammar): The noun that the verb is directly acting upon. In languages where case is determined by word order, a word in the accusative case would also be in close physical proximity to the verb.
<!--Ex: I see the car. (car is the direct object) --Wikipedia.
distributive Tweet Definition of distributive Like Definition of distributive on Facebook
  1. Relating to distribution.
  2. (mathematics) A property of functions that have a rule describing how the function can be performed to the individual components of another operation.
double negative Tweet Definition of double negative Like Definition of double negative on Facebook
  1. A phrase in which there are two (adverbial) negatives or their compounds (no, not, never, none, etc) in a sentence, occasionally leading to ambiguity in the meaning, but necessary in some foreign languages. Not to be confused with the rhetorical device of litotes.
double possessive Tweet Definition of double possessive Like Definition of double possessive on Facebook
  1. (grammar) Two or more consecutive nouns in the possessive case, as with "St. Paul's Cathedral's vergers"; discouraged on grounds of style.
dual Tweet Definition of dual Like Definition of dual on Facebook
noun (plural:duals)
  1. Of an item that is one of a pair, the other item in the pair.
  2. (geometry) Of a regular polyhedron with V vertices and F faces, the regular polyhedron having F vertices and V faces.
The tetrahedron is the dual of the cube.
  1. (grammar) dual number The grammatical number of a noun marking two of something (as in singular, dual, plural), sometimes referring to two of anything (a couple of, exactly two of), or a chirality-marked pair (as in left and right, as with gloves or shoes) or in some languages as a discourse marker, "between you and me". A few languages display trial number.
  2. (mathematics) Of a vector in an inner product space, the linear functional corresponding to taking the inner product with that vector. The set of all duals is a vector space called the dual space.
adjective (no (compar) or (superl))
  1. Characterized by having two (usually equivalent) components.
  2. Double.
dual-headed computer
  1. (grammar) Pertaining to grammatical number (as in singular and plural), referring to two of something, such as a pair of shoes, in the context of the singular, plural and in some languages, trial number, trial grammatical number. Modern Arabic displays a dual number, as did Homeric Greek.
dynamic Tweet Definition of dynamic Like Definition of dynamic on Facebook
  1. A characteristic or manner of an interaction; a behavior.
Watch the between the husband and wife when they disagree.
The study of fluid dynamics quantifies turbulent and laminar flows.
  1. (music) The varying loudness or volume of a song or the markings that indicate the loudness.
If you pay attention to the dynamics as you play, it's a very moving piece.
  1. (music) A symbol in a musical score that indicates the desired level of volume.
  1. changeable, Changeable; active; in motion.
The environment is , changing with the years and the seasons.
He was a and engaging speaker.
  1. powerful, Powerful
  2. Able to change and to adapt (also in computing)
  3. (music) Having to do with the volume of sound.
The marking in bar 40 is forte.

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