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jam Tweet Definition of jam Like Definition of jam on Facebook
noun (jams, -)
  1. A sweet mixture of fruit boiled with sugar and allowed to set, often spread on bread or toast or used in jam tarts.
  2. blockage, Blockage, congestion; as a traffic jam, paper jam.
  3. (context, popular, _, music) An informal, impromptu performance or rehearsal.
  4. (basketball) A forceful dunk.
  5. A difficult situation.
I"m in a bit of a right now. Can you help me out?
verb (jam, m, ing)
  1. (baseball) To throw a pitch at or near the batter's hands.
Jones was jammed by the pitch.
  1. (music) To play music (especially improvisation as a group.)
  2. to get a body part stuck
My foot is jammed in the gap between the rocks
  1. to squeeze into a small space
The rush-hour train was jammed with commuters.
  1. often with "up", to cause congestion or blockage
A single accident can jam the roads for hours
jambalaya Tweet Definition of jambalaya Like Definition of jambalaya on Facebook
  1. Any of various of rice-based dishes common in Louisiana Cajun or Creole cooking; most often with shrimp, oysters, chicken or ham
jardiniere Tweet Definition of jardiniere Like Definition of jardiniere on Facebook
  1. A plantstand or flowerpot, especially one made of decorated pottery or porcelain.
  2. Vegetables served as a garnish over meat.
jelly Tweet Definition of jelly Like Definition of jelly on Facebook
noun (jell, ies, -)
  1. A dessert made by boiling gelatine, sugar and some flavouring (often derived from fruit) and allowing it to set
  2. a sweet gelatinous substance derived from fruit juices and pectin
    • 1945, w:Fannie Merritt Farmer, Fannie Merritt Farmer and w:Wilma Lord Perkins revisor, The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, Eighth edition - Perfect is of appetizing flavor; beautifully colored and translucent; tender enough to cut easily with a spoon, yet firm enough to hold its shape when turned from the glass.
    • 1975, w:Irma S. Rombauer, Irma S. Rombauer and w:Marion Rombauer Becker, Marion Rombauer Becker, The Joy of Cooking 5th revision - Jelly has great clarity. Two cooking processes are involved. First, the juice alone is extracted from the fruit. Only that portion thin and clear enough to drip through a cloth is cooked with sugar until sufficiently firm to hold its shape. It is never stiff and never gummy.
      1. Jam that has been sieved to remove pieces of fruit before being allowed to set.
      2. (zoology) Short for jellyfish.
      3. (US slang) A large backside, especially a woman's.
      Check out that girl shaking her jelly!
      1. (colloquial) Short for gelignite.
jellybean Tweet Definition of jellybean Like Definition of jellybean on Facebook
  1. A variant spelling of jelly bean.
jerk Tweet Definition of jerk Like Definition of jerk on Facebook
  1. A quick, often unpleasant tug or shake.
When I yell "OK," give the mooring line a good !
  1. A sudden, uncontrolled movement, for instance, of the body.
  2. (physics) the change in acceleration with respect to time.
Usage note: Jerk is measured in metres per cubic second (m/s3) in SI units , or in feet per cubic second (ft/s3) in imperial units.
  1. (US, slang, pejorative) A person who is unwelcome due to unlikable qualities and behavior, often mean, foolish or disagreeable.
  2. A rich, spicy Jamaican marinade; a dish made with such a marinade.
  1. To make a quick, often unpleasant tug or shake.
  2. To make a sudden uncontrolled movement.
  3. To marinade in jerk seasoning.
jerky Tweet Definition of jerky Like Definition of jerky on Facebook
noun (countable) and (uncountable)
  1. Meat cured or preserved by cutting into thin strips and drying in the sun.
  1. Characterized by physical jerking.
Jimmie Tweet Definition of Jimmie Like Definition of Jimmie on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (given name, male, ), a common nickname of James.
Jubilee Tweet Definition of Jubilee Like Definition of Jubilee on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, Jubilee (Christian))
  1. (in the Old Testament) a year of rest, observed by the Israelites every 50 years
  2. (in Roman Catholicism) a holy year when people are encouraged to make a pilgrimage to Rome
julienne Tweet Definition of julienne Like Definition of julienne on Facebook
  1. a garnish of vegetables cut into long, thin strips
jumble Tweet Definition of jumble Like Definition of jumble on Facebook
  1. A mixture of unrelated things.
  2. Items for a rummage sale.
verb (jumbl, es)
  1. To mix or confuse.
junket Tweet Definition of junket Like Definition of junket on Facebook
  1. feast, banquet
  2. picnic
  3. dessert of flavored milk and rennet; also, the brand name of a specific line of deserts of that type.
  4. a trip or errand made by a public official at public expense with dubious public benefit
  5. gaming 20-40 table gaming rooms for which the capacity and limits change daily. Junket rooms are often rented out to private vendors who run tour groups through them and give a portion of the proceeds to the main casino.

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