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gateau Tweet Definition of gateau Like Definition of gateau on Facebook
noun (plural: gateaux or gateaus)
  1. a rich, usually iced, cake
gazpacho Tweet Definition of gazpacho Like Definition of gazpacho on Facebook
  1. A cold tomato soup of Spanish origin.
gefilte fish Tweet Definition of gefilte fish Like Definition of gefilte fish on Facebook
  1. A dish of stuffed fish, or of fish cakes in broth.
gelati Tweet Definition of gelati Like Definition of gelati on Facebook
  1. (context, Australian English, uncountable) Italian-style ice-cream.
  2. (context, Australian English, countable) A serving of gelati, often in a cone.
gelatin Tweet Definition of gelatin Like Definition of gelatin on Facebook
  1. (alternative spelling of, gelatine)
gem Tweet Definition of gem Like Definition of gem on Facebook
  1. A precious stone, usually of substantial monetary value or prized for its beauty or shine.
  2. (figurative) any precious or highly valued thing or person
She's an absolute gem.
  1. (obsolete) a gemma or leaf-bud
  2. a type of geometrid moth, Orthonama obstipata
ghee Tweet Definition of ghee Like Definition of ghee on Facebook
  1. A type of clarified butter used in South Asian cooking; usli ghee.
  2. (in India) vegetable oil for cooking.
gherkin Tweet Definition of gherkin Like Definition of gherkin on Facebook
noun (pl. gherkins)
  1. A small cucumber pickled whole.
giblet Tweet Definition of giblet Like Definition of giblet on Facebook
  1. (context, usually plural) the edible viscera of a bird
gingerbread Tweet Definition of gingerbread Like Definition of gingerbread on Facebook
  1. A type of cake whose main flavouring is ginger and that is typically cut into human-shaped pieces called gingerbread man, gingerbread men or built into house-shaped cakes called gingerbread houses.
  2. (architecture) A flamboyant Victorian-era architectural style.
gingersnap Tweet Definition of gingersnap Like Definition of gingersnap on Facebook
  1. A biscuit (American: cookie) made from dough seasoned with ginger.
ginseng Tweet Definition of ginseng Like Definition of ginseng on Facebook
  1. any of several plants, of the genus Panax, having forked roots supposed to have medicinal properties
  2. the roots of these plants; extracts of these roots
glaze Tweet Definition of glaze Like Definition of glaze on Facebook
  1. The vitreous coating of pottery or porcelain; anything used as a coating or color in glazing. See Glaze, v. t., 3.
    1. (meteorology) A smooth coating of ice formed on objects due to the freezing of rain.
    2. Broth reduced by boiling to a gelatinous paste, and spread thinly over braised dishes.
    3. A glazing oven. See Glost oven.
verb (glaz, es)
  1. (intransitive)To become glazed or glassy.
  2. (transitive)In painting, to apply a thin, transparent layer of color.
gnocchi Tweet Definition of gnocchi Like Definition of gnocchi on Facebook
noun plural (not used in the singular)
  1. Italian pasta-like dumplings made of potato or semolina.
goat cheese Tweet Definition of goat cheese Like Definition of goat cheese on Facebook
  1. Any cheese produced by taking goat milk and using the process to make cheese.
good Tweet Definition of good Like Definition of good on Facebook
  1. The forces or behaviors that are the enemy of evil. Usually consists of helping others and general benevolence.
  2. A result that is positive in the view of the speaker.
  3. The abstract instantiation of something qualified by the adjective; e.g., "The best is the enemy of the good."
adjective (better, best)
  1. Acting in the interest of good; ethical (good intentions).
  2. useful, Useful for a particular purpose (it"s a good watch).
  3. Of food, edible; not stale or rotten.
  1. Of food, having a particularly pleasant taste.
  2. Of food, healthful; full of vitamins and minerals.
  3. Pleasant; enjoyable.
a time
  1. Of people, competent or talented.
a swimmer
  1. effective, Effective.
a worker
  1. favourable, Favourable.
a omen
  1. beneficial, Beneficial; worthwhile.
a job
  1. (colloquial) With "and", extremely. (The soup is good and hot.)
  2. Goody-goody; lacking in spirit or personality.
  3. (context, especially when capitalized) holy, Holy.
  4. A reasonable amount of time
a while longer
all in time
    • 1883: w:Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert Louis Stevenson, w:Treasure Island, Treasure Island
    • : The white rock, visible enough above the brush, was still some eighth of a mile further down the spit, and it took me a goodish while to get up with it, crawling, often on all fours, among the scrub.
  1. (nonstandard) well, Well.
    • 2007 April 19, w:Jimmy Wales, Jimmy Wales, "Jimmy Wales on the User-Generated Generation", w:Fresh Air, Fresh Air, WHYY, Pennsylvania
    • : The one thing that we can't throw out the baby with the bathwater.... We know our process works pretty darn and, uh, it"s really sparked this amazing phenomenon of this...high-quality website. =
gorgonzola Tweet Definition of gorgonzola Like Definition of gorgonzola on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, Gorgonzola (cheese))
  1. a blue-veined Italian cheese, made from cow's milk
goulash Tweet Definition of goulash Like Definition of goulash on Facebook
  1. A stew of beef or veal and vegetables, flavoured with paprika and sour cream
grade Tweet Definition of grade Like Definition of grade on Facebook
  1. A rating.
I gave him a good for effort.
  1. A degree or level of something; a position within a scale; a degree of quality.
This fine- coin from 1837 is worth a good amount.
  1. A slope (up or down) of a roadway or other passage
''The of this hill is more than 5 percent
  1. A level of pre-collegiate education
Clancy is entering the fifth this year.
  1. An area that has been graded by a grader (construction machine)
  2. The level of the ground.
This material absorbs moisture and is probably not a good choice for use below .
verb (grades, grading, graded)
  1. To score an academic test.
  2. To assign a score to overall academic performance.
  3. To flatten and even out or smooth a large surface.
graham Tweet Definition of graham Like Definition of graham on Facebook
  1. flour made by grinding the wheat berry including the bran
granita Tweet Definition of granita Like Definition of granita on Facebook
  1. a dessert consisting of fruit purée etc on crushed ice
granite Tweet Definition of granite Like Definition of granite on Facebook
  1. A group of igneous and plutonic rocks composed primarily of feldspar and quartz. Usually contains one or more dark minerals, which may be mica, pyroxene, or amphibole. Granite is quarried for building stone, road gravel, decorative stone, and tombstones. Common colors are gray, white, pink, and yellow-brown.
  • Varieties:
    1. Soda-granite
    2. Quartz monzonite
granola Tweet Definition of granola Like Definition of granola on Facebook
  1. A breakfast and snack food consisting of loose, crispy pellets made of nuts, rolled oats, honey and other natural ingredients.
gravlax Tweet Definition of gravlax Like Definition of gravlax on Facebook
  1. Salmon dry-cured in salt and sugar, seasoned with dill and served usually thinly sliced as an appetizer
gravy Tweet Definition of gravy Like Definition of gravy on Facebook
noun (uncountable and countable; plural gravies)
  1. (uncountable) A sauce made from the fat and juices that come out from meat as it is being cooked; (countable) a type of gravy.
  1. An unexpected piece of good fortune.
gravy boat Tweet Definition of gravy boat Like Definition of gravy boat on Facebook
  1. dish used to serve gravy
griddle Tweet Definition of griddle Like Definition of griddle on Facebook
  1. A flat plate of metal used for cooking.
grill Tweet Definition of grill Like Definition of grill on Facebook
noun with and pot rest]]
  1. A rack; a grid of wire or a sheet of material with a pattern of holes or slots, usually used to protect something while allowing the passage of air and liquids. Typical uses: to allow air through a fan while preventing fingers or objects from passing; to allow people to talk to somebody, while preventing attack.
  2. On a vehicle, a slotted cover as above, to protect and hide the radiator, while admitting air to cool it.
  3. A device comprising a source of radiant heat and a means of holding food near it, to cook it; a barbecue; a griddle.
I put some peppers and mushrooms on the to go with dinner.
  1. To cook food on a grill; to barbecue.
Why don't we get together Saturday and some burgers?
  1. (colloquial) To interrogate; to question aggressively or harshly.
The police grilled him about his movements at the time of the crime.
grille Tweet Definition of grille Like Definition of grille on Facebook
  1. Alternative spelling of grill.
verb (no-verb-1, grill)
  1. To grill
Grits Tweet Definition of Grits Like Definition of Grits on Facebook
  1. (plural of, Grit)
proper noun 
  1. (Canadian English) The w:Liberal Party of Canada, Liberal Party of Canada.
ground Tweet Definition of ground Like Definition of ground on Facebook
  1. The surface of the Earth.
  2. terrain, Terrain.
  3. soil, Soil, earth.
The worm crawls through the .
  1. The bottom of a body of water.
  2. basis, Basis, foundation, groundwork, legwork.
  3. background, Background, context, framework, surroundings.
  4. A soccer stadium.
Manchester United's is known as Old Trafford.
  1. An electrical conductor connected to the ground.
    • The British equivalent is earth.
      1. A level of electrical potential used as a zero reference.
      2. (cricket) The area of grass on which a match is played (a cricket field); the entire arena in which it is played; that part of the field behind a batsman's popping crease where he can not be run out (hence to make one's ground)
  1. To connect (an electrical conductor or device) to a ground.
  2. (transitive) To require a disobedient child to remain at home, usually as a punishment.
The teenager's father decided to ground him for two weeks after he broke curfew again.
  1. (transitive) To forbid (an aircraft or pilot) to fly.
Becasue of the bad weather, all flights were grounded.
  1. (baseball) to hit a ground ball; to hit a ground ball which results in an out. Compare fly (verb(regular)) and line (verb).
Jones grounded to second in his last at-bat.
  1. (cricket) (of a batsman) to place his bat, or part of his body, on the ground behind the popping crease so as not to be run out
grunt Tweet Definition of grunt Like Definition of grunt on Facebook
  1. A short, snorting sound, often to show disapproval, or used as a reply when one is reluctant to speak.
  2. The cry of a pig when it makes its snorting cry.
  3. A family of Perciformes fish of the family Haemulidae
  4. (Army and United States Marine Corps slang) An infantry soldier. (From the sound he presumably makes when shoulder
    1. Verb, shouldering a pack
    2. Noun, pack before starting a road march.)
  • Frequentative: gruntle
    1. (intransitive) Of a person: To make a grunt or grunts.
    2. (intransitive) Of a pig: To make a grunt or grunts.
guacamole Tweet Definition of guacamole Like Definition of guacamole on Facebook
  1. An avocado-based greenish dip with onions, tomato, and spices. Common to Mexican cuisine, it is often served with tortilla chips.
gumbo Tweet Definition of gumbo Like Definition of gumbo on Facebook
noun (gumbos, -)
  1. (countable) The okra plant or its pods.
  2. (uncountable) A soup or stew made with okra.
  3. (uncountable) A fine silty soil that when wet becomes very thick and heavy.
gyro Tweet Definition of gyro Like Definition of gyro on Facebook
  1. A gyroscope, gyrocompass or autogyro
  2. A Government welfare cheque

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