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labellum Tweet Definition of labellum Like Definition of labellum on Facebook
  1. A part of an orchid flower which serves to attract insects that will pollinate the flower.
labium Tweet Definition of labium Like Definition of labium on Facebook
noun (labi, a)
  1. (anatomy) A liplike structure; especially one of the two pairs of folds of skin either side of the vulva.
  2. (botany) The lip of a labiate corolla.
lacuna Tweet Definition of lacuna Like Definition of lacuna on Facebook
noun (plurallacunaeorlacunas)
  1. A small opening; a small pit or depression; a small blank space; a gap or vacancy; a hiatus.
  2. An absent part, especially in a book or other piece of writing, often referring to an ancient manuscript or similar.
lamina Tweet Definition of lamina Like Definition of lamina on Facebook
noun (pl1=laminaspl2=laminae)
  1. (anatomy) A thin plate or scale, such as the arch of a vertebra.
  2. (botany) The flat part of a leaf or leaflet; the blade.
lanceolate Tweet Definition of lanceolate Like Definition of lanceolate on Facebook
  1. (botany) Having the general shape of a lance; much longer than wide, with the widest part lower than the middle and a pointed apex.
  2. (context, technical) Of a class of knapped stone points, made without a stem, shoulders, notches, or other features that aid in attachment to a shaft.
lank Tweet Definition of lank Like Definition of lank on Facebook
verb intransitive & transitive
  1. To become lank; to make lank.
adjective (Comparative Lanker ; superl. Lankest.] AS. hlanc; cf. G. lenken to turn, gelenk joint, OHG. hlanca hip, side, flank, and E. link of a chain.
  1. Slender and thin; not well filled out; not plump; shrunken; lean.
    • Meager and lank with fasting grown. - Swift.
    • Who would not choose . . . to have rather a lank purse than an empty brain? - Barrow.
    • Blacks in the fields, lank and stooped, their fingers spiderlike among the bolls of cotton. - 1985 w:Cormac McCarthy?, McCarthy?, w:Blood Meridian, Blood Meridian, chapter 1.
    • Languid; drooping.Obs.
    • Who, piteous of her woes, reared her head. - Milton
    • Lank hair, long, thin hair. - Macaulay
latent Tweet Definition of latent Like Definition of latent on Facebook
  1. existing or present but concealed or inactive
layer Tweet Definition of layer Like Definition of layer on Facebook
  1. A single thickness of some material covering a surface
  2. A (usually) horizontal deposit; a stratum.
  3. A person who lays things, such as tiles.
  4. A hen kept to lay eggs.
  5. An item of clothing wear, worn under or over another.
layering Tweet Definition of layering Like Definition of layering on Facebook
  1. A method of plant propagation by rooting cuttings.
leaf Tweet Definition of leaf Like Definition of leaf on Facebook
noun (leaves)
  1. An organ of a plant typically divided into a flattened portion (the blade) and a narrow stalk (the petiole) and serving as the principal site of photosynthesis and transpiration.
  2. Anything resembling the leaf of a plant.
  3. A sheet of any substance beaten or rolled until very thin.
gold leaf
  1. A sheet of a book, magazine, etc (consisting of two pages, one on each face of the leaf).
  2. (in plural leaves) tea leaf, Tea leaves.
  3. A flat section used to extend the size of a table.
  4. (context, computing, mathematics) In a tree, a node that has no descendants.
  1. (intransitive) To produce leaves; put forth foliage.
leafage Tweet Definition of leafage Like Definition of leafage on Facebook
  1. Collectively the leaves of plants.
    Color-change in New England is the tourist time where people come to see the go brilliant colors.
leafed Tweet Definition of leafed Like Definition of leafed on Facebook
  1. (past of, leaf)
  1. Having a leaf or leaves; used mainly in combination with another word to form adjectives describing the number, form, colour, etc., of leaves.
leaflet Tweet Definition of leaflet Like Definition of leaflet on Facebook
  1. (context, botany) One of the components of a compound leaf.
  2. (context, botany) A small plant leaf.
The new leaflets at the end of the branch were a lighter shade of green than the mature leaves.
  1. A small sheet of paper containing information, used for dissemination of said information, often an advertisement.
A had been left under the car's windshield wiper.
  1. (context, anatomy) A flap of a valve of a heart or blood vessel.
  1. (transitive) To distribute leaflets to.
    A sidewalk preacher gave an impassioned sermon while an assistant leafleted those who stayed to listen.
  2. (intransitive) To distribute leaflets.
    During the summer, Peter earned some extra cash by leafleting for a local pizza delivery restaurant.
leafstalk Tweet Definition of leafstalk Like Definition of leafstalk on Facebook
noun (Plural:leafstalks)
  1. The stalk that supports a leaf and connects it to the plant.
leafy Tweet Definition of leafy Like Definition of leafy on Facebook
adjective (leafier, leafiest)
  1. covered with leaves
leafy trees
  1. containing much foliage
a leafy avenue
  1. in the form of leaves (of some material)
  2. resembling a leaf
leave Tweet Definition of leave Like Definition of leave on Facebook
  1. (dated) permission, Permission.
Might I beg to accompany you?
  1. Permission to be absent; time away from one's work.
I've been given three weeks' by my boss.
  1. (dated) Farewell, departure.
I took my leave of the gentleman without a backward glance.
verb (leaves, leaving, left)
  1. (transitive) To transfer possession of after death.
When my father died, he left me the house.
  1. (transitive) To be left or over; to remain as available.
There's not much food left, we'd better go to the shops.
  1. (transitive) To not take away with oneself but leave as available for others; to deposit.
I'll the car in the station so you can pick it up there.
  1. (transitive) To transfer responsibility or attention (to); to stop being concerned with.
Can't we just this to the experts?
  1. (transitive) To depart from; to end one's connection or affiliation with.
I left the country and I left my wife.
  1. (intransitive) To depart; to go away from a certain place or state.
''I think you'd better .
leaved Tweet Definition of leaved Like Definition of leaved on Facebook
  1. Having a leaf, leaves or folds; used mainly in combination with another word to form adjectives describing the number, form, colour, etc, of leaves.
leaves Tweet Definition of leaves Like Definition of leaves on Facebook
  1. (plural of, leaf)
lemma Tweet Definition of lemma Like Definition of lemma on Facebook
noun (s, pl2=lemmata)
  1. (mathematics) A proposition proved or accepted for immediate use in the proof of some other proposition.
  2. (linguistics, usually) A canonical form of a term, particularly in the context of highly inflected languages.
  3. (linguistics, less frequently) A lexeme; all the inflected forms of a term.
levigate Tweet Definition of levigate Like Definition of levigate on Facebook
  1. An alternative spelling of lí¦vigate.
ligneous Tweet Definition of ligneous Like Definition of ligneous on Facebook
  1. Of, or resembling wood; woody.
  1. (botany) Containing lignin or xylem.
lignify Tweet Definition of lignify Like Definition of lignify on Facebook
verb (lignif, i, ed)
  1. (intransitive) To become wood.
  2. (intransitive), (botany): To develop woody tissue as a result of incrustation of lignin during secondary growth.
  3. (intransitive), (by extension): To become rigid or fixed, like something made of wood.
lignin Tweet Definition of lignin Like Definition of lignin on Facebook
  1. (organic compound) A complex non-carbohydrate aromatic polymer present in all wood.
ligula Tweet Definition of ligula Like Definition of ligula on Facebook
  1. a strap or strap-shaped object, especially such a development in plants or insects
  • 1974: He unhasped the ligulae of his haversack, taking out a pair of blue jeans which he tossed to Bruno. " Guy Davenport, Tatlin!
ligule Tweet Definition of ligule Like Definition of ligule on Facebook
  1. A strap-shaped structure.
  2. (botany) A portion of a leaf found at the base of the petiole, when present.
  3. (botany) In many grasses (Poaceae) and some sedges (Cyperaceae), the membranous appendage or ring of hairs projecting from the inner side of a leaf at the junction between the blade and the sheath.
lip Tweet Definition of lip Like Definition of lip on Facebook
  1. (countable) Either of the two fleshy protrusions around the opening of the mouth.
  2. (countable) A part of the body that resembles a lip, such as the edge of a wound or the labia.
  3. (countable) The rim of an open container.
<!--same as previous definition:
  1. an edge that projects slightly, such as the rim of the lid for a pot or jar.-->
  2. (context, slang, uncountable) impertinence, Impertinence.
Don"t give me any !
lipped Tweet Definition of lipped Like Definition of lipped on Facebook
  1. Having a raised lip.
lobe Tweet Definition of lobe Like Definition of lobe on Facebook
  1. Any projection or division, especially one of a somewhat rounded form.
  2. (anatomy) A division of the brain.
lobed Tweet Definition of lobed Like Definition of lobed on Facebook
  1. Having lobes.
lop Tweet Definition of lop Like Definition of lop on Facebook
  1. (Geordie) A flea.
Hadway wi ye man, ye liftin wi lops
verb (lopp, ed)
  1. To cut off as the top or extreme part of anything, especially to prune a small limb off a shrub or tree.
lumen Tweet Definition of lumen Like Definition of lumen on Facebook
noun (pl=lumens, pl2=lumina)
  1. (physics) In the International System of Units, the derived unit of luminous flux; the amount of light that falls on a unit area at unit distance from a source of one candela. Symbol: lm
  2. (anatomy) The cavity or channel within a tube or tubular organ.
  3. (botany) The cavity bounded by a plant cell wall.
  4. The bore of a tube such as a hollow needle or catheter.
lush Tweet Definition of lush Like Definition of lush on Facebook
  1. (context, informal, pejorative) alcoholic
adjective (lush, er)
  1. dense, teeming with life (usually used to describe vegetation)
2006: Stefani Jackenthal, New York Times - "Some of the world's best rain forest and volcanic hiking can be found within the canopied Caribbean trail systems. Chock-full of waterfalls and hot springs, bright-colored birds and howling monkeys, flora-lined trails cut through thick, fragrant forests and up cloud-covered mountains."
  1. luxuriant, delicious (usually used to describe food)
That meal was ! We have to go that restaurant again sometime!
  1. (context, UK, slang) beautiful, sexy
  2. (context, Wales, slang) amazing, cool, fantastic, wicked
Your voice is , Lucy! I could listen to it all day!

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