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dasyphyllous Tweet Definition of dasyphyllous Like Definition of dasyphyllous on Facebook
  1. having downy leaves
deadhead Tweet Definition of deadhead Like Definition of deadhead on Facebook
  1. A person either admitted to a theatrical or musical performance without charge, or paid to attend
    • 1901 R. J. Broadbent, A History of Pantomime
    • :Among the Romans.... The free admission tickets were small ivory death's heads, and specimens of these are to be seen in the Museum of Naples. From this custom, it is stated, that we derive our word "Deadhead," as denoting one who has a free entrance to places of amusement.
      1. An employee of a transportation company, especially a pilot, traveling as a passenger for logistical reasons, for example to return home or travel to their next assignment.
    • 2002, w:Steven Spielberg, Steven Spielberg, w:Catch Me if You Can, Catch Me If You Can,
    • :Are you my to Miami?
      1. Anyone traveling for free.
    • 1873, Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) and Charles Dudley Warner, The Gilded Age, Part 4.
    • :With the check came two through tickets"good on the railroad from Hawkeye to Washington via New York"and they were "deadhead" tickets, too, which had been given to Senator Dilworthy by the railway companies. Senators and representatives were paid thousands of dollars by the government for traveling expenses, but they always traveled "deadhead" both ways, and then did as any honorable, high-minded men would naturally do"declined to receive the mileage tendered them by the government. The Senator had plenty of railway passes, and could. easily spare two to Laura"one for herself and one for a male escort.
    • 1882, Bret Harte, Found At Blazing Star
    • :I reckon I won't take the vote of any passenger.
    • 1904, Gideon Wurdz, The Foolish Dictionary
    • :PASSENGER One who does not travel on a pass. (Antonym for Deadhead). From Eng. pass, to go, and Grk. endidomi, to give up. One who has to give up to go.
    • 1908, Wallace Irwin, The Love Sonnets of a Car Conductor
    • :The yap that kicks and rings a call
    • :Must either spend or else get off the car.
      1. A train or truck moved between cities with no passengers or freight, in order to make it available for service
      2. A person staying at a lodging, such as a hotel or boarding house, without paying rent; freeloader.
    • 1872, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr, The Poet At The Breakfast Table
    • :For the Caput mortuum (or , in vulgar phrase) is apt to be furnished with a Venter vivus, or, as we may say, a lively appetite.
    • 1922, Rex Beach, Flowing Gold
    • :Haviland had a sense of humor; it would make a story too good to keep--the new oil operator, the magnificent and mysterious New York financier, a "deadhead" at the Ajax. Oh, murder!
      1. A stupid or boring person; dullard
    • 1967, w:James Jones (author), James Jones, Go to the Widow-Maker, Delacorte Press (1967), 72,
    • : "Listen, you two deadheads," he growled at them, more viciously energetic than he meant, and both turned to stare. He softened his tone. "What's going on here, anyway? What kind of a morgue is this? Is this any way to spend my last four days in town? Come on, let's all go out and do something."
      1. (slang) Driftwood.
      2. (slang) A fan of the rock band the w:Grateful Dead, Grateful Dead.
  1. (intransitive) To travel as a deadhead, or non-paying passenger.
  2. (context, transitive, intransitive) To drive an empty vehicle.
    • 2006, Thomas Pynchon, Against the Day, Vintage 2007, p. 845:
    • :Kit had fallen into conversation with a footplate man who was deadheading back out to Samarkand, where he lived with his wife and children.
      1. (transitive) To send (a person or message) for free.
    • 1873, Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) and Charles Dudley Warner, The Gilded Age, Part 4.
    • :Washington suggested that she get some old friend of the family to come with her, and said the Senator would "deadhead" him home again as soon as he had grown tired, of the sights of the capital.
    • 1910, Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin, Edison, His Life and Inventions
    • :He said that if the operator had taken $800 and sent the message at the regular rate, which was twenty-five cents, it would have been all right, as the Jew would be punished for trying to bribe a military operator; but when the operator took the $800 and then sent the message , he couldn't stand it, and he would never relent.
    • 1934, Lester Dent (as Kenneth Robeson), Brand Of The Werewolf, A Doc Savage Adventure
    • :"I'll the message for you, Mr. Savage. It won't cost a thing."
      1. (transitive) To remove spent or dead blossoms from a plant.
      If you your roses regularly, they will bloom all season.
deciduous Tweet Definition of deciduous Like Definition of deciduous on Facebook
  1. Of or pertaining to trees which lose their leaves in winter.
decumbent Tweet Definition of decumbent Like Definition of decumbent on Facebook
  1. (botany) Of a plant, which lies on the ground, but whose tip, or extremity, ascends.
decussate Tweet Definition of decussate Like Definition of decussate on Facebook
verb (decussat, ing)
  1. To form an X or to cross or intersect.
  1. X-like.
definite Tweet Definition of definite Like Definition of definite on Facebook
  1. having distinct limits
  2. free from any doubt
  3. (linguistics) Designating an identified or immediately identifiable person or thing <definite article>
defoliate Tweet Definition of defoliate Like Definition of defoliate on Facebook
verb (defoliat, ing)
  1. To remove foliage from one or more plants, most often with a chemical agent.
::Agent Orange was used to jungle vegetation.
dehiscence Tweet Definition of dehiscence Like Definition of dehiscence on Facebook
  1. Opening, gaping, in a general sense.
  2. (botany) The bursting of seed-pods, capsules etc.
  3. (medicine) A rupture, as with a surgical wound opening up, often with a flow of serous fluid.
determinate Tweet Definition of determinate Like Definition of determinate on Facebook
  1. limited, defined, resolved, decided
diadromous Tweet Definition of diadromous Like Definition of diadromous on Facebook
adjective (wikipedia, fish migration)
  1. (context, of a migratory fish) that travels between salt and fresh water
dibble Tweet Definition of dibble Like Definition of dibble on Facebook
  1. A pointed implement used to make holes in the ground in which to set out plants or to plant seeds. Also known as a dibber.
  1. (slang) the police or one or more police officers (from the character of Officer Dibble in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series w:Top Cat, Top Cat)
    Watch out lads! Here comes the !
verbto dibble
  1. To make holes, or plant seeds, using a dibble
dichotomous Tweet Definition of dichotomous Like Definition of dichotomous on Facebook
  1. Dividing into two pieces.
dichotomy Tweet Definition of dichotomy Like Definition of dichotomy on Facebook
noun (dichotomies)
  1. A cutting in two; a division.
  2. Division or distribution of genera into two species; division into two subordinate parts.
  3. That phase of the moon in which it appears bisected, or shows only half its disk, as at the quadratures.
  4. Successive division and subdivision, as of a stem of a plant or a vein of the body, into two parts as it proceeds from its origin; successive bifurcation.
  5. The place where a stem or vein is forked.
  6. Division into two; especially, the division of a class into two subclasses opposed to each other by contradiction, as the division of the term man into white and not white.
  7. conditions perceived as polar extremes or opposites
  8. an either-or perspective
  9. seeing things as two-sided and nothing more
dicot Tweet Definition of dicot Like Definition of dicot on Facebook
  1. The commonly used and shorter form of what is full-out "dicotyledon"
  1. Pertaining to the dicotyledons: "dicot morphology"
dicotyledon Tweet Definition of dicotyledon Like Definition of dicotyledon on Facebook
  1. (botany) any plant in what used to be the Dicotyledones (also written Dicotyledonae). Dicotyledons and monocotyledons together make up the flowering plants, the angiosperms. Examples of dicotyledons are beans, buttercups, oaks, sunflowers, etc.
didymous Tweet Definition of didymous Like Definition of didymous on Facebook
  1. twin; occurring in pairs
diffuse Tweet Definition of diffuse Like Definition of diffuse on Facebook
verb (diffus, ing)
  1. (transitive) To spread over or through as in air, water, or other matter, especially by fluid motion or passive means.
  2. (intransitive) To be spread over or through as in air, water, or other matter, especially by fluid motion or passive means.
Food coloring diffuses in water.
The riot diffused quite suddenly.
  1. Everywhere or throughout everything; not focused or concentrated.
Such a effort is unlikely to produce good results.
dimorphism Tweet Definition of dimorphism Like Definition of dimorphism on Facebook
  1. (biology) The occurrence within a plant of two distinct forms of any part.
  2. (biology) The occurrence in an animal species of two distinct types of individual.
  3. (geology) A property of certain substances that enables them to exist in two distinct crystalline forms.
dipterous Tweet Definition of dipterous Like Definition of dipterous on Facebook
  1. Of, or pertaining to, Diptera.
disk Tweet Definition of disk Like Definition of disk on Facebook
  1. A thin, flat, circular plate or similar object.
A coin is a of metal.
  1. (figurative) Something resembling a disk.
Venus' cut off light from the Sun.
  1. (dated) A vinyl phonograph / gramophone record.
Turn the over, after it has finished.
  1. (computing) A floppy disk - removable magnetic medium or a hard disk - fixed, persistent digital storage.
He still uses floppy disks from 1979.
  1. (computing, nonstandard) A disc - either a CD-ROM, an audio CD, a DVD or similar removable storage medium.
She burned some disks yesterday to back up her computer.
disseminule Tweet Definition of disseminule Like Definition of disseminule on Facebook
  1. A seed fruit that has been modified for migration.
diurnal Tweet Definition of diurnal Like Definition of diurnal on Facebook
  1. A flower that opens only in the day
  2. A book containing canonical offices but not matins
  3. (dated) A diary or journal.
  4. (dated) A daily news publication.
  1. Occurring daily
  2. Primarily active during the day.
  3. (botany) Open during daylight hours, closed at night
  4. Repeated or recurring daily. Having a daily cycle of completed actions in 24 hours and recurring every 24 hours. Thus, most reference is made to diurnal tasks, cycles, tides, or sunrise to sunset.
divaricate Tweet Definition of divaricate Like Definition of divaricate on Facebook
  1. to spread apart; to diverge, to branch off
divided Tweet Definition of divided Like Definition of divided on Facebook
  1. (past of, divide)
:10 by 5 = 2.adjective
  1. separated or split into pieces
  2. having conflicting interests or emotions
  3. disunited
  4. (of a road) separated into lanes, that move in opposite directions, by a median
division Tweet Definition of division Like Definition of division on Facebook
  1. (uncountable) The act or process of dividing anything.
  2. Each of the separate parts of something resulting from division.
  3. (arithmetic) (uncountable) The process of divide, dividing a number by another.
  4. (arithmetic) A calculation that involves this process.
I've got ten divisions to do for my homework.
  1. A large military unit, usually made up of two or three brigades.
  2. A section of a large company.
  3. (context, biology, taxonomy) A rank (Latin divisio) below kingdom and above class, particularly used of plant, plants or fungus, fungi, also (particularly of animals) called a phylum; a taxon at that rank
Magnolias belong to the Magnoliophyta.
  1. A disagreement; a difference of viewpoint between two sides of an argument.
  2. (music) A florid instrumental variation of a melody in the 17th and 18th centuries, originally conceived as the dividing of each of a succession of long notes into several short ones.
  3. (music) A set of pipes in a pipe organ which are independently controlled and supplied.
  4. A concept whereby a common group of debtors are only responsible for their proportionate sum of the total debt.
domesticate Tweet Definition of domesticate Like Definition of domesticate on Facebook
  1. An animal or plant that has been domesticated.
verb (domesticat, ing)
  1. (transitive) To make domestic.
  2. (transitive) To make fit for domestic life.
  3. (transitive) To adapt to live with humans.
  4. (transitive) To make a legal instrument recognized and enforceable in a jurisdiction foreign to the one in which the instrument was originally issued or created.
dormant Tweet Definition of dormant Like Definition of dormant on Facebook
  1. Inactive, asleep, suspended.
Grass goes during the winter, waiting for spring before it grows again.
The bank account was ; there had been no transactions in months.
dorsal Tweet Definition of dorsal Like Definition of dorsal on Facebook
  1. (anatomy) With respect to, or concerning the side in which the backbone is located.
  2. (context, of a knife) Having only one sharp side.
  3. An anatomical term referring to the top surface of either foot and/or hand.
drench Tweet Definition of drench Like Definition of drench on Facebook
  1. A draught administered to an animal.
verb (drenches, drenching, drenched)
  1. To soak, to make very wet.
drupaceous Tweet Definition of drupaceous Like Definition of drupaceous on Facebook
  1. of, relating to, resembling, or producing drupes
drupe Tweet Definition of drupe Like Definition of drupe on Facebook
  1. A stone fruit.
duct Tweet Definition of duct Like Definition of duct on Facebook
  1. a pipe, tube or canal which carries air or liquid from one place to another, as in heating and air-conditioning ducts.

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