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pangenesis Tweet Definition of pangenesis Like Definition of pangenesis on Facebook
noun (pangeneses)
  1. A mechanism for heredity proposed by w:Charles Darwin, Charles Darwin long before the true mechanism was discovered.
panspermia Tweet Definition of panspermia Like Definition of panspermia on Facebook
  1. the hypothesis that life on Earth originated from microorganisms from outer space
parasitology Tweet Definition of parasitology Like Definition of parasitology on Facebook
  1. the science of parasites.
phenetic Tweet Definition of phenetic Like Definition of phenetic on Facebook
  1. (systematics): Of, or relating to, phenetics.
photobiology Tweet Definition of photobiology Like Definition of photobiology on Facebook
  1. The study of the effects of light on living organisms, and on biological processes
phototaxis Tweet Definition of phototaxis Like Definition of phototaxis on Facebook
  1. (biology) The movement of an organism either towards or away from a source of light
phylum Tweet Definition of phylum Like Definition of phylum on Facebook
noun (phyl, a, pl2=phylums)
  1. (context, biology, taxonomy) A rank in the classification of organisms, below kingdom and above class; also called a division, especially in describing plants; a taxon at that rank
Mammals belong to the Chordata.
polymerous Tweet Definition of polymerous Like Definition of polymerous on Facebook
  1. (botany) Having many parts or members in each set.
  2. (chemistry) polymeric, Polymeric.
polyphyletic Tweet Definition of polyphyletic Like Definition of polyphyletic on Facebook
  1. having multiple ancestral sources
positive Tweet Definition of positive Like Definition of positive on Facebook
  1. A thing capable of being affirmed; something real or actual.
  2. A favourable point or characteristic.
  3. Something having a value in physics, such as an electric charge.
  4. (grammar) An adjective or adverb in the degree.
  5. (context, photography) A image; one that displays true colors and shades, as opposed to a negative.
  1. Definitively laid down; explicitly stated; clearly expressed, precise, emphatic.
    • Bacon:
    • : Positive words, that he would not bear arms against King Edward"s son.
      1. Fully assured, confident; certain.
      I"m absolutely you've spelt that wrong.
      1. Overconfident, dogmatic.
    • Pope:
    • : Some , persisting fops we know, That, if once wrong, will needs be always so.
      1. (grammar) Describing the primary sense of an adjective or adverb; not comparative or superlative.
      "Better" is an irregular comparative of the form "good".
      1. Derived from an object by itself; not dependent on changing circumstances or relations; absolute.
      The idea of beauty is not , but depends on the different tastes of individuals.
      1. Wholly what is expressed; colloquially downright, entire, outright.
      Good lord, you've built up a arsenal of weaponry here.
      1. Characterised by the existence or presence of qualities or features, rather than by their absence.
      The box was not empty " I felt some substance within it.
      1. Characterised by the presence of features which support a hypothesis.
      The results of our experiment are .
      1. Characterised by affirmation, constructiveness, or influence for the better; favourable.
      He has a outlook on life.
      The first-night reviews were largely .
    • Swift:
    • : a voice in legislation.
      1. (context, chiefly, philosophy) actual, Actual, real, concrete.
    • Bacon:
    • : Positive good.
      1. (photography) Of a visual image, true to the original in light, shade and colour values.
      A photograph can be developed from a photographic negative.
      1. (physics) Having more protons than electrons.
      A cation is a positive ion as it has more protons than electrons.
      1. (slang) HIV positive.
prehensile Tweet Definition of prehensile Like Definition of prehensile on Facebook
  1. (zoology) Able to take hold of and clasp objects; adapted for grasping especially by wrapping around an object.
Some monkeys have tails which they use to pick things up.
primitive Tweet Definition of primitive Like Definition of primitive on Facebook
  1. An original or primary word; a word not derived from another; -- opposed to derivative.
  1. Of or pertaining to the beginning or origin, or to early times; original; primordial; primeval; first; as, primitive innocence; the primitive church.
  2. Of or pertaining to a former time; old-fashioned; characterized by simplicity; as, a primitive style of dress.
  3. Original; primary; radical; not derived; as, primitive verb in grammar.
  4. (biology) Occurring in or characteristic of an early stage of development or evolution.
progress Tweet Definition of progress Like Definition of progress on Facebook
noun (rfc-level, Noun at L4+ not in L3 POS section)
  1. A moving or going forward; a proceeding onward; an advance
    • In actual space, as the of a ship, carriage, etc.
    • In the growth of an animal or plant; increase.
    • In business of any kind; as, the of a negotiation; the progress of art
    • In knowledge; in proficiency; as, the of a child at school
    • Toward ideal completeness or perfection in respect of quality or condition; -- applied to individuals, communities, or the race; as, social, moral, religious, or political
      1. A journey of state; a circuit; especially, one made by a sovereign through parts of his own dominions.
      The Queen embarked on her last spring.
      1. the advance or growth of modern, industrialized society, its technology, and its trappings
      The of society can be uneven.
verb (progress, es)
  1. (intransitive) to move, go, or proceed forward; to advance
They through the museum.
  1. (intransitive) to improve; to become better or more complete
Societies unevenly.
prototype Tweet Definition of prototype Like Definition of prototype on Facebook
  1. An original object or form which is a basis for other objects, forms, or for its models and generalizations
  2. An early sample or model built to test a concept or process
The prototype had loose wires and rough edges, but it worked.

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