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Markov chain Tweet Definition of Markov chain Like Definition of Markov chain on Facebook
  1. A discrete-time stochastic process with the Markov property.
mean Tweet Definition of mean Like Definition of mean on Facebook
  1. (mathematics) Any function of multiple variables that satisfies certain properties and yields a number representative of its arguments.
  2. (context, mathematics, more, _, specifically) The arithmetic mean.
  3. (mathematics) Either of the two numbers in the middle of a proportion, as 2 and 3 in 1:2=3:6.
  4. Commonly, an intermediate value.
verb (means, meaning, meant)
  1. (transitive) To convey, signify, or indicate.
What does this hieroglyph ?
The sky is red this morning—does that we're in for a storm?
  1. (transitive) To want or intend to convey.
I'm afraid I don't understand what you .
Say what you and mean what you say.
  1. (transitive) To intend; to plan on doing.
I didn't to knock your tooth out.
I mean to go to Baddeck this summer.
I meant to take the car in for a smog check, but it slipped my mind.
  1. (transitive) To have conviction in what one says.
Does she really what she said to him last night?
Say what you mean and what you say.
  1. (transitive) To have intentions of a some kind.
Don't be angry; she meant well.
Someone's coming up. He means business.
  1. (transitive) To result in; to bring about.
One faltering step means certain death.
  1. Causing or intending to cause intentional harm; bearing ill will towards another; cruel; malicious.
Watch out for her, she's . I said good morning to her, and she punched me in the nose.
  1. Miserly; stingy.
''He's so . I've never seen him spend so much as five pounds on presents for his children.
  1. Selfish; acting without consideration of others; unkind.
It was to steal the girl's piggy bank, but he just had to get uptown and he had no cash of his own.
  1. Powerful; fierce; harsh; damaging.
It must have been a typhoon that levelled this town.
  1. Accomplished with great skill; deft; hard to compete with.
Your mother can roll a cigarette.
He hits a backhand.
  1. Low in quality; inferior.
mode Tweet Definition of mode Like Definition of mode on Facebook
  1. (music) One of several ancient scales, one of which corresponds to the modern major scale and one to the harmonic minor scale
  2. A particular means of accomplishing something.
What was the mode of entry?
  1. (statistics) A value occurring most frequently in a distribution
  2. (context, mathematics, physics) A state of a system that is represented by an eigenfunction of that system.
  3. (computing) One of various related sets of rules for processing data.
In insert mode, characters typed are directly inserted into the buffer
moment Tweet Definition of moment Like Definition of moment on Facebook
  1. A brief, unspecified amount of time.
Wait up a , while I lock the front door.
  1. weight, Weight or importance.
  • 1904, the document in question is of such immense importance that its publication might very easily " I might almost say probably " lead to European complications of the utmost . " Arthur Conan Doyle, "The Adventure of the Second Stain" (Norton 2005, p.1192)
    1. (physics) The magnitude of force applied to a rotational system at a distance from the axis of rotation. Also called moment of force.
    2. (historical) A definite period of time, specifically one-tenth of a point, or one-fortieth or one-fiftieth of an hour.
Monte Carlo Tweet Definition of Monte Carlo Like Definition of Monte Carlo on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A part of Monaco famous for its casinos.
  2. A commonly served drink consisting of beer and grenadine.

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