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table tennis Tweet Definition of table tennis Like Definition of table tennis on Facebook
  1. a game or sport (similar to tennis) that involves the hitting of a light plastic ball across a table (fashioned like a mini tennis court) by two racquets (a.k.a. paddles, a.k.a bats in Britain)
tackle Tweet Definition of tackle Like Definition of tackle on Facebook
  1. (sports, countable) A play where a player attempts to take control over the ball from an opponent, as in rugby or football.
  2. (fb, countable) A play where a defender brings the ball carrier to the ground.
  3. (countable) Any instance in which one person forces another to the ground.
  4. (slang) penis, Penis.
  5. (context, fishing, uncountable) Equipment (rod, reel, line, lure, etc.) used when angling.
  6. (uncountable, informal) By extension, any piece of equipment, particularly gadgetry.
    • 2004 June 24"30, "Jeff Gordon Never Gets Tired Of Seeing Face On Cheap Plastic Crap", w:The Onion, The Onion, available in Embedded in America, ISBN 1400054567, page 193,
    • :... an illuminated license-plate frame bearing his likeness, signature, and yellow number 24. "That there's a real nice piece of . ..."
      1. (fb, uncountable) The offensive positions between each guard and end, offensive tackle.
      2. (fb, countable) A person playing that position.
      3. (fb, uncountable) The defensive positions between two ends, defensive tackle.
      4. (fb, countable) A person playing that position.
      5. (nautical) A system of ropes and blocks used to increase the force applied to the free end of the rope.
      6. (context, pokemon) A pokemon attack.
verb to tackle
  1. to face or deal with attempting to overcome or fight down
The government's measures to crime were insufficient.
  1. (sports) to attempt to take away a ball
  2. to bring a ball carrier to the ground
tag Tweet Definition of tag Like Definition of tag on Facebook
  1. A small label.
  2. A game played by two or more children in which one child (known as "it") attempts to catch one of the others, who then becomes "it".
  3. (also skin tag) An excrescence of skin.
  4. (also dung tag or dag) A dangling lock of sheep's wool, matted with dung.
  5. A type of cardboard.
  6. Graffiti in the form of a stylised signature particular to the person who makes the graffiti.
  7. (baseball) An instance of touching the runner with the ball or the ball in a gloved hand.
The was applied at second for the final out.
  1. (Chiefly US) a vehicle number plate.
  2. (computing) An element of HTML code which starts with "<...>" and ends "</...>".
<title> Hello </title> - title tag
tag team Tweet Definition of tag team Like Definition of tag team on Facebook
  1. (idiom) Two or more people or groups acting alternately to accomplish some task.
tailback Tweet Definition of tailback Like Definition of tailback on Facebook
  1. A line of motor vehicles caught up in traffic congestion; a traffic jam
take Tweet Definition of take Like Definition of take on Facebook
  1. An act of taking.
  2. Something that is taken.
  3. A profit or reward.
He wants half of the if he helps with the job.
  1. An interpretation or view.
What"s your on this issue, Fred?
  1. (film) An attempt to record a scene.
It"s a .
Act seven, scene three, two.
  1. (rugby) A catch.
  2. (acting) A facial gesture in response to an event.
I did a when I saw the new car in the driveway.
  1. (cricket) a catch of the ball, especially by the wicket-keeper
verb (takes, taking, took, taken)
  1. To grasp with the hands.
  2. To grab and move to oneself.
I"ll that plate off the table.
  1. To get into one's possession.
  2. (military) To gain a position by force.
After a bloody battle, they were able to the city.
  1. To have sex with forcefully, possibly without consent.
The rapist took his victims in dark alleys.
  1. To carry, particularly to a particular destination.
I'll the plate with me.
  1. To choose.
I'll the blue plates.
  1. To support or carry without failing or breaking.
That truck bed will only two tons.
  1. To endure or cope with.
I can the noise, but I can't take the smell.
  1. (baseball) To not swing at a pitch
He"ll probably this one.
  1. To ingest medicine, drugs, etc.
I aspirin every day to thin my blood.
  1. (italbrac, Usually with "for") To assume or interpret to be.
Do you me for a fool?
I it you're not going?''
  1. To enroll (in a class, or a course of study)
I plan to math, physics, literature and flower arrangment this semester.
  1. To participate in, undergo (a test or exam).
Aren't you supposed to your math final today?
  1. (climbing) To tighten (take up) a belaying rope. Often used imperatively.
  1. To fight or attempt to fight somebody. (See also take on.)
Don't try to that guy. He's bigger than you.
  1. To stick, persist, thrive or remain.
I started some tomato seeds last spring, but they didn't .
  1. (cricket) To catch the ball; especially for the wicket-keeper to catch the ball after the batsman has missed or edged it.
  2. (impersonal) To require.
Looks like it's gonna a taller person to get that down.
It takes a village to raise a child.
  1. (transitive) To require.
You'll need to your textbook with you to every class.
  1. To last an amount of time.
I estimate the trip will about ten minutes.
tap Tweet Definition of tap Like Definition of tap on Facebook
  1. A device used to dispense liquids.
We don't have bottled water, you'll have to get it from the .
  1. A device used to cut an internal screw thread. (External screw threads are cut with a die.)
We drilled a hole and then cut the threads with the proper to match the valve's thread.
  1. A connection made to an electrical or fluid conductor without breaking it.
The system was barely keeping pressure due to all of the ill advised taps along its length.
verb (tapp, ing)
  1. To furnish with taps.
  2. on tap: To have something available; to open (a keg) with a .
We have draft beer on tap.
  1. To access a resource or object.
When he ran out of money, he decided to into his trust fund.
  1. To draw off liquid from a vessel
He tapped a new barrel of beer.
  1. To place a listening or recording device on a telephone or wired connection
They can't the phone without a warrant.
  1. To intercept a communication without authority.
He was known to Cable TV and satellite dishes.
  1. (context, mechanical) To cut an internal screw thread.
Tap an M3 thread all the way through the hole.
  1. (slang) To have sexual intercourse with.
I would tap that hot girl over there. or, more informally, I'd tap that
target Tweet Definition of target Like Definition of target on Facebook
noun .]]
  1. (Armor) A kind of small shield or buckler, used as a defensive weapon in war.
  • 1598: These four came all afront, and mainly thrust at me. I made me no more ado but took all their seven points in my target, thus. &mdash; William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part I, Act II, Scene IV, line 200.
    1. (Armor) (Obsolete) A shield resembling the Roman scutum. In modern usage, a smaller variety of shield is usually implied by this term.
  • 1786: The target or buckler was carried by the heavy armed foot, it answered to the scutum of the Romans; its form was sometimes that of a rectangular parallelogram, but more commonly had it's bottom rounded off; it was generally convex, being curved in it's breadth. &mdash; Francis Grose, A Treatise on Ancient Armour and Weapons, page 22.
    1. A butt or mark to shoot at, as for practice, or to test the accuracy of a firearm, or the force of a projectile.
    2. The pattern or arrangement of a series of hits made by a marksman on a butt or mark; as, he made a good target.
    3. (surveying) The sliding crosspiece, or vane, on a leveling staff.
    4. (Railroad) A conspicuous disk attached to a switch lever to show its position, or for use as a signal.
    5. (cricket) the number of runs that the side batting last needs to score in the final innings in order to win
    6. (Language) The tenor of a metaphor.
    7. A goal or objective.
  • They have a to finish the project by November.
    1. To aim something (especially a weapon) at a target.
    TD Tweet Definition of TD Like Definition of TD on Facebook
    1. Touch Down
    2. Tardive Dyskinesia
    technical knockout Tweet Definition of technical knockout Like Definition of technical knockout on Facebook
    noun or TKO or T.K.O.
    1. (sports) A knockout declared by a referee in cases where a participant is sufficiently injured, unbalanced, or confused and unable to continue the fight;
    tee Tweet Definition of tee Like Definition of tee on Facebook
    1. (golf) A flat area of ground from which players hit their first shots on a golf hole
    2. (golf) Golf: a wooden or plastic peg from which a golf ball is hit on the first shot on a golf hole
    3. (curling) sports Curling: The target area of a curling rink
    4. Something shaped like the letter T
    tennis Tweet Definition of tennis Like Definition of tennis on Facebook
    1. (sport) A sport played by either two or four players with strung raquets, a 2-1/2" (6.4 cm) ball, and a net approximately 3 feet high on a clay, grass, or cement court.
    tercel Tweet Definition of tercel Like Definition of tercel on Facebook
    1. A male hawk or falcon, used in falconry.
    Test match Tweet Definition of Test match Like Definition of Test match on Facebook
    1. (Cricket) A five-day first class match between sides representing the official Test nations.
    2. (Rugby Union): An international match between the teams of two nations.
    third Tweet Definition of third Like Definition of third on Facebook
    noun (plural: thirds)
    1. (not used in the plural) The person or thing in the third position.
    Jones came in .
    1. One of three equal parts of a whole.
    He ate a of the pie. Divided by two-thirds.
    1. (not used in the plural) The third gear of an engine.
    Now put it into .
    1. (music) An interval consisting of the first and third notes in a scale.
    They sing in thirds.
    1. (baseball) third base
    The play ended with Jones standing on .
    1. The ordinal number, ordinal form of the cardinal number three; Coming after the second.
    The tree from the left is my favorite.
    third base Tweet Definition of third base Like Definition of third base on Facebook
    1. (baseball) The base after second base in a counter-clockwise path around a baseball infield
      The runner reached with a stand-up triple.
    2. (colloquial) Touching a man's or woman's genitals in a sexual manner; mutual masturbation
    third baseman Tweet Definition of third baseman Like Definition of third baseman on Facebook
    noun (third basemen, sg=third baseman)
    1. (baseball) The infield defensive player that stands near third base.
    The charged in to field the bunt.
    throw Tweet Definition of throw Like Definition of throw on Facebook
    1. The flight of a thrown object; as, a fast throw.
    2. A distance travelled; displacement; as, the throw of the piston.
    3. A piece of fabric used to cover a bed, sofa or other soft furnishing.
    4. A single instance, occurrence, venture, or chance.
    Football tickets are expensive at fifty bucks a .
    verb (throws, throwing, threw, thrown)
    1. (transitive) To cause an object to move rapidly through the air.
    2. (transitive) To eject or cause to fall off.
      a shoe
      a rod
      the horse threw its rider
    3. (transitive) To move to another position; to displace.
      the switch
    4. (context, ceramics) To make (a pot) by shaping clay as it turns on a wheel.
    5. (context, transitive, cricket) Of a bowler, to deliver (the ball) illegally by straightening the bowling arm during delivery.
    6. (context, transitive, computing) To send (an error) to an exception-handling mechanism in order to interrupt normal processing.
      If the file is readonly, the method throws an invalid operation exception.
      <!--this is C++ or some other programming language; it's not English!
      :<code> new System.InvalidOperationException?("Cannot write to readonly file.");</code>-->
    7. (sports) to intentionally lose a game
      ''The tennis player was accused of taking bribes to the match.
    thruster Tweet Definition of thruster Like Definition of thruster on Facebook
    1. A device for propelling an object, especially a spacecraft or a ship (marine vessel).
    2. (surfing) A surfboard (usually a shortboard) with three fins of approximately equal size, one centred at the back, one on each side about 25cm forward and out near the rails.
    tick Tweet Definition of tick Like Definition of tick on Facebook
    1. (context, fauna) A tiny woodland arthropod of the order Acarina.
    2. a mark ((unicode, �)) made to indicate agreement, correctness or acknowledgement; checkmark
    Indicate that you are willing to receive marketing material by putting a in the box
    1. sheet that wraps around a mattress.
    2. A relatively quiet but sharp sound generally made repeatedly by moving machinery.
    The steady of the clock provided a comforting background for the conversation.
    1. (trading) The minimum increment in which prices are quoted for a given instrument.
    At midday, the long bond is up a .
    1. (colloquial) A short period of time, particularly a second.
    I'll be back in a .
    1. (context, UK, colloquial) short for 'ticket'. Credit, trust.
    I bought my groceries at the corner shop on .
    1. To make a clicking noise similar to the movement of the hands in an analog clock.
    2. To make a tick mark.
    tie Tweet Definition of tie Like Definition of tie on Facebook
    1. An item of clothing consisting of a strip of cloth tied around the neck, often under the collar of a shirt. See also bow tie, black tie.
    2. The situation in which one or more participants in a competition are placed equally. (Synonym: draw).
    3. (cricket) The situation at the end of all four innings of a match where both sides have the same total of runs (different to a draw).
    4. (statistics) One or more equal values or sets of equal values in the data set.
    5. (surveying) A bearing and distance between a lot corner or point and a benchmark or iron off site.
    6. A piece of wire embedded in paper, strip of plastic with ratchets, or similar object which is wound around something and tightened.
    7. (context, rail transport, US) A horizontal wooden or concrete structural member that supports and ties together railway lines.
    verb (ties, tying, tied)
    1. (transitive) To twist (a string, rope, or the like) around itself securely.
    Tie this rope in a knot for me, please.
    Tie the rope to this tree.
    1. (transitive) To form (a knot or the like) by tying a string or the like.
    Tie a knot in this rope for me, please.
    1. (transitive) To attach or fasten (one thing to another) by tying a string or the like.
    Tie him to the tree.
    1. (transitive) To secure (something) by tying a string or the like.
    ''Tie your shoes.
    1. (intransitive) To have the same score or position as another in a competition or ordering.
    They tied for third place.
    1. (transitive) To have the same score or position as (another) in a competition or ordering.
    He tied me for third place.
    tiercel Tweet Definition of tiercel Like Definition of tiercel on Facebook
    1. A male hawk or falcon, used in falconry.
    tight Tweet Definition of tight Like Definition of tight on Facebook
    adjective (tighter, tightest)
    1. Pushed or pulled together.
    My socks are too tight.
    1. Of a space, etc, narrow, so that it is difficult for something or someone to pass through it.
    The passageway was so we could barely get through.
    They flew in a formation.
    1. Under high tension.
    Make sure to pull the rope .
    1. Well-rehearsed and accurate in execution.
    Their marching band is extremely .
    1. (colloquial) Intimately friendly.
    We've grown tighter over the years.
    1. (slang) (archaic) Intoxicated; drunk.
    We went drinking and got .
    1. (slang) Extraordinarily great or special.
    That is one bicycle!
    1. (context, slang, usually, _, derogatory) Miserly or frugal.
    He's a bit with his money
    1. (colloquial) scarce, Scarce, hard to come by.
    I grew up in a poor neighborhood; money was very , but we made do.
    1. (poker) A player who plays very few hands
    2. (poker) A strategy which involves playing very few hands
    1. Firmly, so as not to come loose easily.
    Make sure the lid is closed .
    1. Soundly.
    Good night, sleep tight.
    timber Tweet Definition of timber Like Definition of timber on Facebook
    1. (uncountable) tree, Trees in a forest regarded as a source of wood.
    2. (uncountable) Wood that has been pre-cut and is ready for use in construction. lumber.
    3. (countable) A heavy wooden beam, generally a whole log that has been squared off and used to provide heavy support for things such as roof; also (historically) in the plural, as in ship's timbers.
    time Tweet Definition of time Like Definition of time on Facebook
    1. (uncountable) The inevitable passing of events from future to present then past.
    Time stops for nobody.
    the ebb and flow of
    1. (uncountable) A quantity of availability in time.
    More is needed to complete the project.
    You had plenty of , but you waited until the last minute.
    Are you finished yet? Time"s up!
    Our instructor didn't give us enough to complete the test.
    The two of us can never find to see each other any more.
    1. (countable) A measurement of a quantity of time; a numerical indication of a length of time.
    Record the individual times for the processes in each batch.
    Only your best is compared with the other competitors.
    1. (uncountable, slang) The serving of a prison sentence.
    The judge leniently granted a sentence with no hard .
    1. (uncountable) The time of day; the moment in time, as indicated by a clock or similar device.
    Excuse me, have you got the ?
    What is it, do you guess? Ten o"clock?
    A computer keeps using a clock battery.
    1. (countable) The measurement under some system of the time of day or moment in time.
    Let's synchronize our watches so we're not on different .
    Coordinated Universal Time avoids the complications of Daylight Saving Time.
    1. (countable) A numerical indication of a particular moment in time.
    At what times do the trains arrive?
    These times were erroneously converted between zones.
    1. (countable) An instance or occurrence.
    When was the last we went out? I don"t remember.
    See you another .
    That"s three times he"s made the same mistake.
    Okay, but this is the last . No more after that!
    1. (uncountable) A particular occasion.
    It"s for bed. It"s to sleep.
    Ready for our performance? It"s ! Here we go! (seeCites)
    verb (times, timing, timed)
    1. To measure time, especially using a clock of some kind.
    2. To choose the time for.
    The President timed his speech badly, coinciding with the Superbowl.
    The bomb was timed to explode at 9:20 p.m.
    timing Tweet Definition of timing Like Definition of timing on Facebook
    1. The regulation of the pace of an athletic race, the speed of an engine, the delivery of a joke, or the occurrence of a series of events.
    2. The time when something happens.
    3. The synchronization of the firing of the spark plugs in an internal combustion engine.
    1. (present participle of, time)
    title Tweet Definition of title Like Definition of title on Facebook
    1. A prefix or suffix added to a person's name to signify either veneration, official position or a professional or academic qualification.
    2. Legal right to ownership of a property; a deed or other certificate proving this.
    3. The name of a book, film, musical piece, etc.
    4. The subject of a writing; a short phrase that summarizes the entire topic.
    5. A division of an act of Congress or Parliament (e.g. Title II of the USA PATRIOT Act)
    verb (titl, ing)
    1. The act of assigning someone or something a title.
    toehold Tweet Definition of toehold Like Definition of toehold on Facebook
    1. (rock climbing) A foothold small enough to support just the toe
    2. (context, by extension) Any small advantage which allows one to make significant progress
    triple Tweet Definition of triple Like Definition of triple on Facebook
    1. A drink with three portions of alcohol.
    I've had a hard day, make that a .
    1. A hamburger with three patty, patties.
    I'd like a with cheese.
    1. (baseball) A three-base hit
    The shortstop hit a to lead off the ninth.
    1. (curling) A takeout shot in which three stones are removed from play.
    2. (mathematics) A sequence of three elements; 3-tuple.
    verb (tripl, ing)
    1. To multiply by three
    The company tripled their earnings per share over last quarter.
    1. (baseball) To get a three-base hit
    The batter tripled into the gap.
    1. Made up of three related elements, often matching
    The markings on this vase are quite unique.
    1. Three times the quantity
    Give me a serving of mashed potatoes.
    triple bogey Tweet Definition of triple bogey Like Definition of triple bogey on Facebook
    1. (golf) A score of three over par (for one hole)
    triple play Tweet Definition of triple play Like Definition of triple play on Facebook
    1. (baseball) A defensive play in which three outs are recorded
      There has only ever been one un-assisted recorded in the World Series.
      1. A service offering where three services are offered together, especially telephone, television and broadband
      The local cable company is offering a service.
    trot Tweet Definition of trot Like Definition of trot on Facebook
    1. a gait of horses between walk and canter, a diagonal gait, i.e., in which diagonal pairs of legs move together.
    2. a gait of a person faster than a walk
    3. a toddler
    4. (informal)the trots: Diarrhea
    5. (dance): A moderately rapid dance.
    verb (trot, t, ed)
    1. To walk rapidly.
    2. (context, of a horse) To move at a gait between a walk and a canter.
    truss Tweet Definition of truss Like Definition of truss on Facebook
    noun (trusses)
    1. A bandage and belt used to hold a hernia in place.
    2. A framework of beams forming a rigid structure.
    3. A triangular bracket in architecture.
    4. An old English farming measurement. One truss of straw equalled 36 pounds, a truss of old hay equalled 56 pounds, a truss of new hay equalled 60 pounds, and 36 trusses equalled one load.
    try Tweet Definition of try Like Definition of try on Facebook
    noun (tries)
    1. An attempt.
    I gave unicycling a but I couldn"t do it.
    1. An act of tasting or sampling.
    I gave sushi a but I didn"t like it.
    1. (rugby) A score in rugby, analogous to a touchdown in American football.
    Today I scored my first .
    verb (tr, i, ed)
    1. To attempt. Followed by infinitive, the attempt fails or is expected to fail.
    I tried to rollerblade, but I couldn"t.
    1. To make an experiment. Usually followed by a present participle.
    I tried mixing more white paint to get a lighter shade.
    1. To work on something.
    You are trying too hard.
    1. To put to test
    I shall my skills on this
    1. To taste, sample, etc.
    Try this"you"ll love
    1. Verb, love it.
      1. To put on trial.
      He was tried and executed.
      1. To tire.
      It was a trying experience.
    tuck Tweet Definition of tuck Like Definition of tuck on Facebook
    1. (slang) snack food. Derived from the expression "to tuck in food" meaning "to eat up", "to guzzle".
    2. A curled position.
    1. to push in one material under another - as in "tuck in your shirt" or "I tucked in my shirt" etc
    2. to eat food
    3. to curl into a ball; to fold up and hold one's legs.
    The diver tucked, flipped, and opened up at the last moment.
    Turkey Tweet Definition of Turkey Like Definition of Turkey on Facebook
    proper noun 
    1. Country at the intersection of Europe and Asia on the Mediterranean. Official name: Republic of Turkey.
    Turner Tweet Definition of Turner Like Definition of Turner on Facebook
    proper noun 
    1. An English and Scottish occupational surname
    twin killing Tweet Definition of twin killing Like Definition of twin killing on Facebook
    1. (baseball) A double play.
    By grounding to the shortstop, the ended the inning.
    twirler Tweet Definition of twirler Like Definition of twirler on Facebook
    1. something that twirls
    2. someone who twirls something
    twosome Tweet Definition of twosome Like Definition of twosome on Facebook
    1. A group of two

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