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hack Tweet Definition of hack Like Definition of hack on Facebook
  1. (obsolete) A mattock or a miner's pick.
  2. A dry cough.
  3. (slang) A taxicab (hackney carriage) driver.
  4. (obsolete) An ordinary horse, especially an old, tired one.
  5. A small ball usually made of woven cotton or suede and filled with rice, sand or some other filler, for the use in hackeysack.
  6. (pejorative) One who is professionally successful despite producing mediocre work. (Usually applied to persons in a creative field.)
  7. (pejorative) A talented writer-for-hire, paid to put others' thoughts into felicitous language.
  8. (pejorative) An untalented writer.
Dason is nothing but a two-bit .
  1. (slang) A person incapable of completing a simple task. This person could be also referred to as someone who "sucks at life" (slightly derogatory)
  2. (computing) An interesting technical achievement, particularly in computer programming.
  3. (context, computing, slang) An illegal attempt to gain access to a computer network. (Actually called a "crack" in computer parlance).
  4. (computing) A small code change meant to patch a problem as quickly as possible.
  5. (computing) An expedient, temporary solution, meant to be replaced with a more elegant solution at a later date.
  6. (slang) Time check (military usage).
  7. (curling) The foothold device from which the person who throws the rock pushes off for delivery.
  8. (rfv-sense) (slang) A prison guard.
  9. (politics) A political agitator. (slightly derogatory) <!-- This expression was used a lot in student politics in the 1980s. I'm not sure if it is still used much. publunch
  1. To cough noisily.
This cold is awful. I can't stop hacking.
  1. To chop or cut down in a rough manner.
They hacked the brush down and made their way through the jungle.
  1. To withstand or put up with a difficult situation.
Can you it out here with no electricity or running water?
  1. To play hackeysack.
  2. To accomplish a difficult programming task.
He can like no one else and make the program work as expected.
  1. To work with on an intimately technical level.
I'm currently hacking distributed garbage collection.
  1. To make a quick code change to patch a computer program.
I hacked in a fix for this bug, but we'll still have to do a real fix later..
  1. (sport) To be effective at a certain position or role within a sports game without being particularly graceful or with class.
Their Defender is such a 'hack', but he gets the job done
  1. (slang) To hack into; to gain unauthorized access to a computer system (e.g. website) or network by manipulating code; a "crack" in computer parlance.
  1. (literary) Having or requiring little talent.
He's nothing but the typical writer.
I got by on work for years before I finally published my novel.
haggard Tweet Definition of haggard Like Definition of haggard on Facebook
  1. (context, dialect, Manx, Hiberno) A stackyard, an enclosure on a farm for stacking grain, hay, etc. Used in w:Manx English, Manx English and w:Hiberno-English, Hiberno-English.
"He tuk a slew swerve round the haggard"
  1. Looking exhausted and unwell, in poor condition
  2. wild, Wild or untamed
half Tweet Definition of half Like Definition of half on Facebook
noun (halves)
  1. one, One of two equal parts into which anything may be divided, or considered as divided; " sometimes followed by of; as, a of an apple.
verb (halves, halving, halved)
  1. (context, transitive, obsolete) To halve.
  1. Consisting of a moiety, or half
a bushel; a hour; a dollar; a view
  1. Consisting of some indefinite portion resembling a half; approximately a half, whether more or less; partial; imperfect
a dream; knowledge
    • Tennyson:
    • : Assumed from thence a consent.
  1. In an equal part or degree; in some part approximating a half; partially; imperfectly
-colored; done; -hearted; persuaded; conscious
    • Dryden:
    • : Half loth and consenting.
    • Nehemiah 13:24:
    • : Their children spoke in the speech of Ashdod.
halfback Tweet Definition of halfback Like Definition of halfback on Facebook
  1. An offensive back whose primary jobs are to carry the ball on running plays and to serve as a receiver or blocker on passing plays.
    1. (hockey) A position in field hockey, with both offensive and defensive roles.
half nelson Tweet Definition of half nelson Like Definition of half nelson on Facebook
  1. (italbrac, wrestling) A hold in which the wrestler applying the hold puts one arm under the arm of their opponent and applies pressure to the back of their opponents head or neck.
halftime Tweet Definition of halftime Like Definition of halftime on Facebook
  1. (alternative spelling of, half time)
half volley Tweet Definition of half volley Like Definition of half volley on Facebook
  1. (sports) A stroke, in ball sports, in which the ball is hit immediately after it bounces off the ground
  2. (cricket) A delivery that bounces just short of the blockhole
halve Tweet Definition of halve Like Definition of halve on Facebook
verb (halv, ing)
  1. (transitive) To reduce to half the original amount.
  2. (transitive) To divide into two halves.
hammer Tweet Definition of hammer Like Definition of hammer on Facebook
  1. A tool with a heavy head and a handle used for pounding.
  2. A moving part of a firearm that strikes the firing pin to discharge a gun.
  3. (anatomy) The malleus.
  4. (music) In a piano or dulcimer, a piece of wood covered in felt that strikes the string.
  5. (sports) A device made of a heavy steel ball attached to a length of wire, and used for throwing.
  6. (curling) The last rock in an end.
  7. (context, Ultimate Frisbee) A frisbee throwing style in which the disc is held upside-down with a forehand grip and thrown above the head.
  1. To strike repeatedly with a hammer, some other implement, the fist, etc.
  2. (figuratively) To emphasize a point repeatedly.
  3. (sports) To hit particularly hard.
  4. To strike internally, as if hit by a hammer.
I could hear the engine"s valves hammering once the timing rod was thrown.
HAND Tweet Definition of HAND Like Definition of HAND on Facebook
  1. Have a nice day.
handball Tweet Definition of handball Like Definition of handball on Facebook
  1. (sports) (uncountable) A team sport where two teams of seven players each (six players and a goalkeeper) pass and bounce a ball trying to throw it in the goal of the opposing team.
  2. (countable) The small rubber ball used in this sport
  3. (football) (countable) The offence of touching the ball with the hands in the game of football.
handicap Tweet Definition of handicap Like Definition of handicap on Facebook
  1. An allowance of a certain amount of time or distance in starting, granted in a race to the competitor possessing inferior advantages; or an additional weight or other hindrance imposed upon the one possessing superior advantages, in order to equalize, as much as possible, the chances of success.
The older boy won, even with a of five meters.
A in chess often involves removal of the queen's rook.
  1. Hence the disadvantage itself, in particular physical or mental disadvantages of people.
  2. A race, for horses or men, or any contest of agility, strength, or skill, in which there is an allowance of time, distance, weight, or other advantage, to equalize the chances of the competitors.
  3. (obsolete) An old game at cards. - Pepys
verb (handicap, p, ed)
  1. (transitive) To encumber with a handicap in any contest
  2. (context, transitive, by extension) to place at disadvantage
The candidate was heavily handicapped.
handicapper Tweet Definition of handicapper Like Definition of handicapper on Facebook
  1. One who determines the conditions of a handicap.
hang time Tweet Definition of hang time Like Definition of hang time on Facebook
  1. the duration that a ball stays in the air when kicked, or that an athlete stays in the air when jumping
hark Tweet Definition of hark Like Definition of hark on Facebook
  1. To listen attentively; often used in the imperative.
harrier Tweet Definition of harrier Like Definition of harrier on Facebook
noun (pluralharriers)
  1. Any of several bird of prey, birds of prey of the subfamily Circinae which fly low over meadows and marshes and hunt small mammals or birds.
  2. A runner, specifically, a cross country runner.
hat trick Tweet Definition of hat trick Like Definition of hat trick on Facebook
  1. (icehockey) Three goals scored by one player in a game, usually followed by a shower of hats onto the ice.
''After Jones' , the attendents had to pick up about 75 hats from the ice.
  1. Three goals scored or other achievements in a single game in any sport.
A "Gordie Howe " is getting a goal, an assist, and a fighting major penalty in one game.
  1. (baseball) Striking out three times in one game.
Jones got a yesterday, let's see if he can do something today.
  1. (slang) To sell three of something (such as cars) in one day, sometimes for a bonus.
''Smith came home with front-row seats to the game after turning a at work.
  1. Three consecutive wins or achievements in other sports.
The team got a of wins to start out their road trip.
  1. (cricket) Three wickets taken by a bowler in three consecutive balls.
hawker Tweet Definition of hawker Like Definition of hawker on Facebook
  1. a peddler/pedlar, hockster, who travels about to sell easily transportable goods
hawking Tweet Definition of hawking Like Definition of hawking on Facebook
  1. Action of the verb to hawk.
  1. (present participle of, hawk)
hazard Tweet Definition of hazard Like Definition of hazard on Facebook
  1. chance
  2. peril
  1. To chance; to take a risk.
I'll a guess.
Head Tweet Definition of Head Like Definition of Head on Facebook
proper noun
  1. An English surname.
headlock Tweet Definition of headlock Like Definition of headlock on Facebook
  1. A wrestling move where the attacker puts their arm tightly round their opponent's head, which the opponent can't easily escape from.
heavyweight Tweet Definition of heavyweight Like Definition of heavyweight on Facebook
  1. a very large, heavy or impressive person
  2. the professional boxing weight division for boxers weighing more than 190 pounds; a boxer in that division
  3. a similar division and contestant in other sports
  1. of the heavyweight boxing (or similar) division
  2. being relatively heavy
  3. being a leader in one's field
heel Tweet Definition of heel Like Definition of heel on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, Heel, Heel (part of the foot))
  1. (anatomy) Part of the foot on the backside where it becomes the leg.
  2. The part of a shoe's sole which supports the foot's heel.
  3. On a long firearm, the back upper part of the stock.
  4. The last or lowest part of anything; as, the heel of a mast or the heel of a vessel.
  5. A crust end-piece of a loaf of bread.
  6. A contemptible, inconsiderate or thoughtless person.
  7. (nautical) The tilt of a ship to one side; also, the degree of such a tilt.
  1. To follow at somebody's heels; to chase closely.
heliskiing Tweet Definition of heliskiing Like Definition of heliskiing on Facebook
  1. (alternative spelling of, heli-skiing)
  1. (alternative spelling of, heli-skiing)
helmet Tweet Definition of helmet Like Definition of helmet on Facebook
  1. A protective head covering.
herringbone Tweet Definition of herringbone Like Definition of herringbone on Facebook
  1. a bone of a herring
    • 1884: Samuel Smiles, Men of Invention and Industry
    • :The prosperity of Amsterdam was then so great that it was said that Amsterdam was "founded on herring-bones."
      1. a zigzag pattern, especially made by bricks, on a cloth, or by stitches in sewing
    • 1861: Charlotte Yonge, The Young Step-Mother
    • :'The best path of life is but a herring-bone pattern.'
    • 1922: James Joyce, Ulysses
    • :Mr Bloom walked behind the eyeless feet, a flatcut suit of tweed.
      1. (skiing) a method of climbing a hill by pointing the skis outward in a V-shape to keep from sliding backwards
high Tweet Definition of high Like Definition of high on Facebook
  1. A period of euphoria due to an intake of drugs
That pill gave me a for a few hours, before I had a comedown
adjective (higher, highest)
  1. Being elevated in position or status, a state of being above many things.
  2. tall, Tall, lofty, at a great distance above the ground (at high altitude).
  3. (slang) To be under the influence of a mood affecting drug; stoned.
  4. Of a quantity or value, great or large.
a interest rate
high jump Tweet Definition of high jump Like Definition of high jump on Facebook
  1. (uncountable) An athletics event where a competitor must jump over a bar placed gradually higher and higher.
Hill Tweet Definition of Hill Like Definition of Hill on Facebook
proper noun
  1. w:Capitol Hill, Capitol Hill; the US Congress
  2. A British topographic surname for someone who lived on or by a hill
hit Tweet Definition of hit Like Definition of hit on Facebook
  1. A blow; a punch.
The was very slight.
  1. A success, especially in the entertainment industry.
The band played their song to the delight of the fans.
  1. An attack on a location.
  2. (baseball) The complete play, when the batter reaches base without the benefit of a walk, error, or fielder"s choice.
The catcher got a to lead off the fifth.
  1. (colloquial) A dose of an illegal or addictive drug.
Where am I going to get my next ?
verb (hits, hitting, hit)
  1. To administer a blow to.
One boy the other.
  1. To come into contact with forcefully and suddenly.
The ball the fence.
  1. To manage to touch in the right place.
I the jackpot.
  1. To kill a person on the instructions of a third party.
Hit him tonight and throw the body in the river.
  1. (cards) In blackjack, to deal a card to.
Hit me.
  1. (baseball) To come up to bat.
Jones for the pitcher.
  1. (colloquial) To go (somewhere).
We the grocery store on the way to the park.
  1. (colloquial) To begin; to start; to open.
The movie hits theaters in December.
  1. (context, computing, programming) To use.
The external web servers DBSRV7, the internal web server hits DBSRV3.
  1. To affect negatively.
The economy was by a recession.
  1. (context, figurative, US, slang) To have sex with.
I'd that.
hobble Tweet Definition of hobble Like Definition of hobble on Facebook
noun usually in plural
  1. Short straps tied between the legs of unfenced horses, allowing them to wander short distances but preventing them from running off.
  2. To step in an unsteady, off-balance manner.
verb (hobbles, hobbling, hobbled)
  1. To restrict a horse with hobbles.
  2. To walk unevenly.
hockey Tweet Definition of hockey Like Definition of hockey on Facebook
  1. (sport) Game in which two teams of six players hit a puck (a small hard ball or a rubber disc) with a curved stick, and shoot it in the net, which means that team scores.
  2. (darts) Variation of oche.
hockey stick Tweet Definition of hockey stick Like Definition of hockey stick on Facebook
  1. the primary instrument used in hockey to handle the puck
  2. (slang) A playing card with the rank of seven
hog Tweet Definition of hog Like Definition of hog on Facebook
  1. Any animal belonging to the Suidae family of mammals, especially the pig, the wart hog, and the boar.
  2. A greedy person; one who refuses to share.
  3. (slang) A large motorcycle, particularly a w:Harley Davidson, Harley-Davidson.
verb (hogg, ing)
  1. (transitive) To greedily take more than one's share.
Hey! Quit hogging all the blankets.
hold Tweet Definition of hold Like Definition of hold on Facebook
  1. A grasp or grip.
Keep a firm on the handlebars.
  1. Something reserved or kept.
We have a here for you.
  1. (italbrac, wrestling) A position or grip used to control the opponent.
He got him in a tight and pinned him to the mat.
  1. (nautical) The cargo area of a ship, (often cargo hold).
Put that in the .
  1. (italbrac, gambling) The percentage the house wins on a gamble.
verb (holds, holding, held, held or rarely holden)
  1. (transitive) To grasp or grip.
Hold the pencil like this.
  1. (transitive) To contain or store.
This package holds six bottles.
  1. (transitive) To have and keep possession of something.
Hold my coat for me.
  1. (transitive) To reserve.
Hold a table for us at 7:00.
  1. (transitive) To cause to wait or delay.
Hold the elevator.
  1. (transitive) To detain.
Hold the suspect in this cell.
hole Tweet Definition of hole Like Definition of hole on Facebook
  1. a hollow in a surface
Get some popcorn out of that popcorn bucket .
  1. an opening in a solid
There"s a in my bucket.
  1. a weakness, a flaw
I have found a in your argument.
  1. (golf) the portion of a game in which the players attempt to hit the ball into a particular hole.
I played 18 holes yesterday.
  1. (informal) a container or receptacle
car ; brain
  1. (physics) In semiconductors, a lack of an electron in an occupied band behaving like a positively charged particle.
The shortstop ranged deam into the to make the stop.
  1. (computer) A security vulnerability in software which can be taken advantage of by an exploit
  2. (context, anatomy, slang) An orifice, in particular the anus
  3. (informal) The place where a prisoner is kept
  4. (slang) An undesirable place to live or visit
Don"t go there, that place is a !
  1. (baseball) The rear portion of the defensive seam between the shortstop and the third baseman.
verb (hol, ing)
  1. (transitive) To make holes in (an object).
Shrapnel holed the ship"s hull.
hole in one Tweet Definition of hole in one Like Definition of hole in one on Facebook
  1. (golf) A round that is completed by sinking the ball in a single shot or attempt, with one hit.
  1. (idiom) Any rare, wonderful, or remarkable accomplishment.
    If we can get the entire thing moved over in a day, it'll be a with the customer.
home Tweet Definition of home Like Definition of home on Facebook
  1. One"s own dwelling place; the house or structure in which one lives; especially the house in which one lives with his family; the habitual abode of one"s family; also, one"s birthplace.
The disciples went away again to their own . "John xx. 10.
Home is the sacred refuge of our life. "Dryden.
Home! home! sweet, sweet ! There"s no place like . "Payne.
  1. One"s native land; the place or country in which one dwells; the place where one"s ancestors dwell or dwelt.
Our old England. "Hawthorne.
  1. The place where a person was raised. childhood, Childhood or parental home. Home of one"s parents or guardian.
I left last year.
  1. The abiding place of the affections, especially of the domestic affections.
He entered in his house " his no more, For without hearts there is no . "Byron.
  1. The locality where a thing is usually found, or was first found, or where it is naturally abundant; habitat; seat.
the of the pine.
Her eyes are homes of silent prayer. "Tennyson.
Flandria, by plenty made the of war.'' "Prior.
  1. A place of refuge and rest; an asylum; as, a home for outcasts; a home for the blind; hence, especially, the grave; the final rest; also, the native and eternal dwelling place of the soul.
Man goeth to his long , and the mourners go about the streets. "Eccl. xii.
  1. In various games, the ultimate point aimed at in a progress; the goal.
  2. (baseball) The plate at which the batter stands. The home base.
  3. (lacrosse) The place of a player in front of an opponent"s goal; also, the player.
verb (hom, ing)
  1. (usually with "in on") To seek or aim for something.
The missile was able to on the target.
  1. Of or pertaining to one"s dwelling or country; domestic; not foreign; as home manufactures; home comforts.
  2. close, Close; personal; pointed; as, a home thrust.
  1. To one"s home or country; as in the phrases, go home, come home, carry home.
  2. close, Close; closely.
'How the charge reaches us, has been made out. "South.
They come to men"s business and bosoms. "Bacon.
  1. To the place where it belongs; to the end of a course; to the full length.
to drive a nail
to ram a cartridge
Wear thy good rapier bare and put it . "Shak.
home plate Tweet Definition of home plate Like Definition of home plate on Facebook
  1. (Baseball) A flat, pentagonal, rubber artifact placed at the center of the batter's box, which is used as a basis for judging pitched strikes and balls, and the touching of which by a runner advancing from or past third base scores a run
Homer Tweet Definition of Homer Like Definition of Homer on Facebook
proper noun
  1. Greek poet; author of the w:Iliad, Iliad and the w:Odyssey, Odyssey
  2. (given name, male)
home run Tweet Definition of home run Like Definition of home run on Facebook
noun (plural: home runs)
  1. (baseball) A four-base hit, a homer
The first baseman hit a to lead off the ninth.
  1. (idiom) The portion of a journey that ends at home
''I'm on the .
  1. (idiom) A success; especially, a popular success.
The product was a .
  1. (idiom) Sexual Intercourse.
homestretch Tweet Definition of homestretch Like Definition of homestretch on Facebook
  1. the final stretch of a race track
  2. (figuratively) the last part of some activity (e.g. a speech)
honor Tweet Definition of honor Like Definition of honor on Facebook
  1. An objectification of praiseworthiness, respect. (I.e. something that represents praiseworthiness, respect.)
  2. The center point of the upper half of an armorial escutcheon.
  3. An ace, king, queen, jack, or ten especially of the trump suit in bridge.
  4. The privilege of playing first from the tee in golf.
  1. (transitive) To show respect for (a person).
  2. (transitive) To conform to, abide by, act in accordance with (an agreement, request, or the like).
hood Tweet Definition of hood Like Definition of hood on Facebook
  1. A covering such as worn over one"s head.
  2. A distinctively coloured fold of material, representing a university degree.
  3. An enclosure which protects something, especially from above.
  4. (context, automotive) A soft top of a convertible car or carriage.
  5. (context, US, automotive) The hinged cover over the engine of a