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kanone Tweet Definition of kanone Like Definition of kanone on Facebook
  1. an expert skier
karate Tweet Definition of karate Like Definition of karate on Facebook
  1. An Okinawan martial art involving primarily punching and kicking, but additionally, advanced throws, arm bars, grappling and all means of fighting.
kayo Tweet Definition of kayo Like Definition of kayo on Facebook
  1. a knockout (in boxing)
verbto kayo
  1. To knock someone out, or render them unconscious or senseless
keeper Tweet Definition of keeper Like Definition of keeper on Facebook
  1. A person who keeps something.
Finders keepers; losers weepers.
  1. (slang) Something worth keeping.
You can throw out all the blurry photos, but the one with her and her daughter is certainly a .
  1. A person charged with guarding or caring for, storing, or maintaining something; a custodian, a guard.
  2. (sports) The player charged with guarding a goal or wicket. Short form of goalkeeper, wicketkeeper.
  3. A part of a mechanism that catches or retains another part, for example the part of a door lock that fits in the frame and receives the bolt.
  4. (American football) An offensive play in which the quarterback runs toward the goal with the ball after it is snapped.
kendo Tweet Definition of kendo Like Definition of kendo on Facebook
  1. a Japanese martial art using "swords" of split bamboo.
key Tweet Definition of key Like Definition of key on Facebook
  1. An object designed to open and close a lock.
  2. An object designed to fit between two other objects (such as a shaft and a wheel) in a mechanism and maintain the orientation between them.
  3. A crucial step or requirement.
the to solving this problem...
the to winning this game
  1. A guide explaining the symbols or terminology of a map or chart.
The says that A stands for the accounting department.
  1. One of several small, usually square buttons on a typewriter or computer keyboard, most of which generally correspond to a particular character.
Press the Escape .
  1. One of a number of rectangular moving parts on a piano or musical keyboard, each causing a particular sound or note to be produced.
  2. One of various levers on a musical instrument used to select notes, such as a lever opening a hole on a woodwind.
  3. (music) A hierarchical scale of musical notes on which a composition is based
the of B-flat major
  1. A device used to transmit Morse code.
  2. (cryptography) A piece of information (e.g. a passphrase) used to encode or decode a message or messages.
  3. (computing): In a database, a field of a relation constrained to be unique.
  4. (computing): In a database, a field in a record that is used as a search argument (but is not necessarily unique).
  5. (computing): A value that uniquely identifies an entry in an associative array.
  6. (basketball): The free-throw lane together with the circle surrounding the freethrow line, the freethrow lane having formerly been narrower, giving the area the shape of a skeleton key hole.
He shoots from the top of the .
  1. (slang): kilogram
  1. To fit (a lock) with a key.
  2. To fit (pieces of a mechanical assembly) with a key to maintain the orientation between them.
  3. (telegraphy and radio telegraphy) To depress (a telegraph key).
  4. (radio) To operate (the transmitter switch of a two-way radio).
  5. (computing): (more usually to key in) To enter (information) by typing on a keyboard or keypad.
Our instructor told us to in our user IDs.
  1. (colloquial) To use a key as a tool of convenience.
He keyed the car that had taken his parking spot.
  1. Indispensable.
He is the player for his soccer team.
He is the witness.
  1. Important, salient.
She makes several points
keyhole Tweet Definition of keyhole Like Definition of keyhole on Facebook
  1. The hole in a lock where the key is inserted and turns
keystone Tweet Definition of keystone Like Definition of keystone on Facebook
  1. (architecture) The top stone of an arch.
kick Tweet Definition of kick Like Definition of kick on Facebook
  1. A hit or strike with the leg or foot or knee.
A to the knee.
  1. The action of swinging a foot or leg.
The ballerina did a high and a leap.
  1. (colloquial) Something that tickles the fancy; something fun or amusing.
I finally saw the show. What a !
I think I sprained something on my latest exercise .
  1. (internet) The removal of a person from an online activity.
  2. (figurative) Any bucking motion of an object that lacks legs or feet.
The car had a nasty the whole way.
The pool ball took a wild , up off the table.
verb (kicks, kicking, kicked, kicked)
  1. To strike or hit with, or raise one's foot or leg.
Did you your brother?
He enjoyed the simple pleasure of watching the kickline .
  1. (transitive) To direct to a particular place by a blow with the foot or leg.
Kick the ball into the goal.
  1. (internet) To remove a participant from an online activity.
He was kicked by "chanserv" for flooding.
  1. (context, music, in drumming) Pertaining to the foot, activated by a pedal, usually where a hit is caused by a pedal, as in kick-drum, double-kick, etc..
kickboard Tweet Definition of kickboard Like Definition of kickboard on Facebook
  1. A small, buoyant board used to support a swimmer's upper body and arms while allowing free kicking movements.
The introductory swimming instructor carried a pile of kickboards to the pool for the children.
  1. On pianos and organs, a vertical panel located above the pedals.
A mouse had gnawed a hole through the to nest inside the organ; she refused to use the pedals nearby.
  1. On doors, the vinyl panel at the bottom eight inches.
kickoff Tweet Definition of kickoff Like Definition of kickoff on Facebook
  1. (alternative spelling of, kick-off)
kickstand Tweet Definition of kickstand Like Definition of kickstand on Facebook
  1. A levered bar that can be folded down from the frame of a bicycle or motorcycle to prop it upright when not being ridden.
kill Tweet Definition of kill Like Definition of kill on Facebook
  1. The act of killing.
The assassin liked to make a clean , and thus favored small arms over explosives.
  1. Specifically, the death blow.
The hunter delivered the with a pistol shot to the head.
  1. The result of killing; that which has been killed.
The fox dragged its back to its den.
  1. To put to death; to extinguish life.
Smoking kills more people each year than alcohol and drugs combined.
There is conclusive evidence that smoking kills.
  1. (transitive) To render inoperative.
He killed the engine and turned off the headlights, but remained in the car, waiting.
  1. (transitive) To stop, cease, or render void.
The editor decided to the story.
''The news that a hurricane had destroyed our beach house killed our plans to sell it.
  1. (context, transitive, figurative) To amaze, exceed, stun, or otherwise incapacitate.
That night, she was dressed to .
That joke always kills me.
  1. (transitive) To tell off severely.
My boss will me if I'm late.
When she finally got home her dad just about killed her.
  1. (transitive) To use up or to waste.
I'm just doing this to time.
Between the two of us, we killed the rest of the case of beer.
  1. (context, transitive, figurative) To overpower or overwhelm.
The team had absolutely killed their traditional rivals, and the local sports bars were raucous with celebrations.
  1. (transitive) To force a company out of business.
klister Tweet Definition of klister Like Definition of klister on Facebook
  1. A soft wax used on skis especially for corn snow or crust.
knock Tweet Definition of knock Like Definition of knock on Facebook
  1. An abrupt rapping sound, as from an impact of a hard object against wood
I heard a on my door.
  1. An impact.
He took a on the head.
  1. (rfv-sense) the act of hitting a tennis ball with a partner for warm up purposes
  2. (cricket) a batsman's innings.
He played a slow but sure of 35.
  1. To rap one's knuckles against something, especially wood.
Knock on the door and find out if they're home.
  1. To bump or impact.
I knocked against the table and bruised my leg.
  1. (rfv-sense) To hit a tennis ball with a practice partner to warm up before a match.
  2. (colloquial) To denigrate, undervalue.
Don't it until you've tried it.
  1. (rfv-sense) (colloquial) To feature a loud bass section.
KO Tweet Definition of KO Like Definition of KO on Facebook
noun (KO's)
  1. (boxing) A knock out.
verb (KO's, KO'ing, KO'd)
  1. (transitive) (boxing) To knock somebody out, to render somebody unconscious.
Joe KO'd the other boxer.

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