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a.b. Tweet Definition of a.b. Like Definition of a.b. on Facebook
  1. (nautical) able-bodied seaman
Aberdeen Tweet Definition of Aberdeen Like Definition of Aberdeen on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A city in Scotland
aboard Tweet Definition of aboard Like Definition of aboard on Facebook
  1. On board; into or within a ship or boat; hence, into or within a railway car.
We all climbed .
  1. Alongside; as, close aboard.
  2. (baseball) Successfully reached base
Acrobat Tweet Definition of Acrobat Like Definition of Acrobat on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A software application from Adobe Systems which is used to create, edit and manipulate Portable Document Format (PDF) files
acrobatic Tweet Definition of acrobatic Like Definition of acrobatic on Facebook
  1. Of or pertaining to an acrobat.
  2. vigorously active
acrobatics Tweet Definition of acrobatics Like Definition of acrobatics on Facebook
  1. The art of performing acrobatic gymnastic feats.
  2. A spectacular display of agility.
AD Tweet Definition of AD Like Definition of AD on Facebook
initialism <BR>
  1. Latin anno Domini, in the year of our Lord, used to specify numbered years counting from the once estimated birth of Christ in AD 1.
Jan. 1, 250
  1. Assistant Director.
address Tweet Definition of address Like Definition of address on Facebook
  1. Direction or superscription of a letter, or the name, title, and place of residence of the person addressed.
  2. Act of addressing one's self to a person; verbal application.
  3. A formal communication, either written or spoken; a discourse; a speech; a formal application to any one; a petition; a formal statement on some subject or special occasion; as, an address of thanks, an address to the voters.
  4. Manner of speaking to another; delivery; as, a man of pleasing or insinuating address.
  5. Attention in the way one's addresses to a lady. Addison.
  6. Skill; skillful management; dexterity; adroitness.
  7. (obsolete) Act of preparing one's self. Jer Taylor.
  8. street address
verb (inf=to address, addresses, addressing, addressed or {obsolete) addrest)
  1. (intransitive) (obsolete) To prepare one's self.
Let us to tend on Hector's heels. - Shakespeare
  1. (intransitive) (obsolete) To direct speech.
Young Turnus to the beauteous maid . - Dryden
  1. (transitive) (obsolete) To aim; to direct.
And this good knight his way with me addrest. - Spenser
  1. (transitive) (obsolete) To prepare or make ready.
His foe was soon addressed. - Spenser
Turnus addressed his men to single fight. - Dryden
The five foolish virgins addressed themselves at the noise of the bridegroom's coming. - Jeremy Taylor
  1. (transitive) (reflexive) To prepare one's self; to apply one's skill or energies (to some object); to betake.
These men addressed themselves to the task. - Macaulay
  1. (transitive) (archaic) To clothe or array; to dress.
Tecla ... addressed herself in man's apparel. - Jewel
  1. (transitive) To direct, as words (to any one or any thing); to make, as a speech, petition, etc. (to any one, an audience).
The young hero had addressed his players to him for his assistance. - Dryden
  1. (transitive) To direct speech to; to make a communication to, whether spoken or written; to apply to by words, as by a speech, petition, etc., to speak to; to accost.
Are not your orders to the senate? - Addison
The representatives of the nation addressed the king. - Swift
  1. (transitive) To direct in writing, as a letter; to superscribe, or to direct and transmit; as, he addressed a letter.
  2. (transitive) To make suit to as a lover; to court; to woo.
  3. (transitive) To consign or intrust to the care of another, as agent or factor; as, the ship was addressed to a merchant in Baltimore.
  4. (transitive) To address one's self to; to prepare one's self for; to apply one's self to; to direct one's speech or discourse to.
  5. (transitive) (formal) To handle, discuss about a problem especially to solve it.
This article will how to write a good entry for Wiktionary.
advantage Tweet Definition of advantage Like Definition of advantage on Facebook
  1. Any condition, circumstance, opportunity, or means, particularly favorable to success, or to any desired end; benefit; as, the enemy had the advantage of a more elevated position.
  2. Superiority; mastery; &mdash; with of or over.
  3. Superiority of state, or that which gives it; benefit; gain; profit; as, the advantage of a good constitution.
  4. (tennis) The score where one player wins a point after deuce
verb (advantag, ing)
  1. To provide with an advantage.
aerial Tweet Definition of aerial Like Definition of aerial on Facebook
  1. A device for receiving or transmitting radio, television signals etc.
  1. of, or in, the air
AFC Tweet Definition of AFC Like Definition of AFC on Facebook
  1. Automatic Frequency Control. (radio technics)
  2. Adult Foster Care
  3. American Football Conference
  4. Additional Finance Charges
aikido Tweet Definition of aikido Like Definition of aikido on Facebook
  1. (uncountable) A Japanese martial art developed from jujitsu and making use of holds and throws.
  2. (countable) A school of the martial art.
alarm Tweet Definition of alarm Like Definition of alarm on Facebook
  1. A summons to arms, as on the approach of an enemy.
Arming to answer in a night alarm. --Shak.
  1. Any sound or information intended to give notice of approaching danger; a warning sound to arouse attention; a warning of danger.
Sound an alarm in my holy mountain. --Joel ii. 1.
Thy palace fill with insults and alarms. --Pope.
  1. Sudden surprise with fear or terror excited by apprehension of danger; in the military use, commonly, sudden apprehension of being attacked by surprise.
Alarm and resentment spread throughout the camp. --Macaulay.
  1. A mechanical contrivance for awaking persons from sleep, or rousing their attention; an alarum.
  1. To call to arms for defense; to give notice to (any one) of approaching danger; to rouse to vigilance and action; to put on the alert.
  2. To keep in excitement; to disturb.
  3. To surprise with apprehension of danger; to fill with anxiety in regard to threatening evil; to excite with sudden fear.
alley Tweet Definition of alley Like Definition of alley on Facebook
  1. A narrow street, especially one through the middle of a block giving access to the rear of lots or buildings.
    The parking lot to my friend's apartment building is in the .
  2. (baseball) The area between the outfielders, the gap.
    He hit one deep into the .
  3. (italbrac, bowling) Establishment where bowling is played; bowling alley.
all-star Tweet Definition of all-star Like Definition of all-star on Facebook
  1. Of which all members or participants are celebrity, celebrities.
    The pantomime features an cast.
amateur Tweet Definition of amateur Like Definition of amateur on Facebook
  1. A person attached to a particular pursuit, study, or science as to music or painting; esp. one who cultivates any study or art, from taste or attachment, without pursuing it professionally.
She is an accomplished woodworker.
  1. Someone who pursues something part time, as a hobby or not very seriously
  2. Someone who is inept.
The entire thing was built by some amateurs with screwdrivers and plywood.
  1. non-professional
  2. created, done, or populated by a amateurs or non-professionals
  1. showing a lack of professionalism, experience or talent
Duct tape is a sure sign of workmanship.
anchorman Tweet Definition of anchorman Like Definition of anchorman on Facebook
noun (anchormen)
  1. The main host of a television or radio program, particularly one relating to the broadcast of news.
appel Tweet Definition of appel Like Definition of appel on Facebook
  1. In fencing, the act of strike, striking the ground with the leading foot to frighten, distract, or mislead one's opponent.
Apple Tweet Definition of Apple Like Definition of Apple on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (the Apple) A nickname for New York City (usually the Big Apple).
  2. (&reg;) A multimedia corporation (w:Apple Corps, Apple Corps) and record company (w:Apple Records, Apple Records) founded by the w:Beatles, Beatles.
  3. (&reg;) Name of the company, w:Apple Inc., Apple Inc. (formerly Apple Computer), that produces computers and other digital devices.
  4. (&reg;) A computer produced by the company Apple Inc.
  5. (rare) a female given name.
appointment Tweet Definition of appointment Like Definition of appointment on Facebook
  1. The act of appointing; designation of a person to hold an office or discharge a trust.
He erred by the of unsuitable men.
  1. The state of being appointed to a service or office; an office to which one is appointed; station; position.
the of treasurer
  1. Stipulation; agreement; the act of fixing by mutual agreement.
  2. An arrangement for a meeting; an engagement.
They made an to meet at six.
I'm leaving work early because I have a doctor's .
  1. Decree; direction; established order or constitutio.
To submit to the divine appointments.
According to the of the priests. --Ezra vi. 9.
  1. (Law) The exercise of the power of designating (under a power of appointment) a person to enjoy an estate or other specific property; also, the instrument by which the designation is made.
  2. Equipment, furniture, as for a ship or an army; whatever is appointed for use and management; outfit; (pl.) the accouterments of military officers or soldiers, as belts, sashes, swords.
The cavaliers emulated their chief in the richness of their appointments. --Prescott.
I'll prove it in my shackles, with these hands Void of , that thou liest. --Beau. & Fl.
  1. A honorary part or exercise, as an oration, etc., at a public exhibition of a college; as, to have an appointment. U.S.
apprentice Tweet Definition of apprentice Like Definition of apprentice on Facebook
  1. A trainee, especially in a skilled trade.
  2. (historical) One who is bound by indentures or by legal agreement to serve a tradesperson, or other person, for a certain time, with a view to learn the art, or trade, in which his master is bound to instruct him.
  3. (dated) One not well versed in a subject; a tyro or newbie.
verb (apprentic, ing)
  1. (transitive) To put under the care and supervision of a master, for the purpose of instruction in a trade or business.
approach Tweet Definition of approach Like Definition of approach on Facebook
  1. The act of drawing near; a coming or advancing near.
The of summer. &mdash;Horsley.
A nearer to the human type. &mdash;Owen.
  1. An access, or opportunity of drawing near.
The to kings and principal persons. &mdash;Bacon.
  1. (context, used only with the plural approaches) Movements to gain favor; advances.
  2. A way, passage, or avenue by which a place or buildings can be approached; an access. &mdash;Macaulay.
  3. A manner in which a problem is solved or policy is made.
an to gardening
  1. (context, used only in the plural, fortification) The advanced works, trenches, or covered roads made by besiegers in their advances toward a fortress or military post.
  2. (golf) A stroke whose object is to land the ball on the putting green. It is made with an iron club.
  3. The way a plane lands at an airport.
verb (approach, es)
  1. (intransitive) To come or go near, in place or time; to draw nigh; to advance nearer.
Wherefore approached ye so nigh unto the city? &mdash;2 Sam. xi. 20.
But exhorting one another; and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. &mdash;Heb. x. 25.
  1. (intransitive) To draw near, in a figurative sense; to make advances; to approximate.
as he approaches to the character of the ablest statesman.
  1. (transitive) To come near to in place, time, or character; to draw nearer to; as, to approach the city; to approach my cabin; he approached the age of manhood.
He was an admirable poet, and thought even to have approached Homer. --Temple.
  1. (context, transitive, military) To take approaches to.
aquaplane Tweet Definition of aquaplane Like Definition of aquaplane on Facebook
  1. A board ridden by a standing person and pulled by a motorboat for entertainment
verb to aquaplane
  1. to ride such a board
  2. (automotive) For a car or similar vehicle to slide along the road on a thin film of water between the road and the tyres. This occurs when a car has some speed and comes to somewhere with more water on the road than the weight of the car and the grooves in the tyre tread pattern (if any) can push away. The result is almost no traction at all for steering or braking.
aquatic Tweet Definition of aquatic Like Definition of aquatic on Facebook
  1. Relating to water; living in or near water, taking place in water.
archery Tweet Definition of archery Like Definition of archery on Facebook
noun (archer, ies, -)
  1. (uncountable) The practice or sport of shooting arrows with a bow.
  2. (countable) A group of archers.
association Tweet Definition of association Like Definition of association on Facebook
  1. The act of associating.
  2. The state of being associated.
  3. A group of persons associated for a common purpose; an organization; society.
  4. A connection to or an affiliation with something.
audible Tweet Definition of audible Like Definition of audible on Facebook
  1. The act of or an instance of changing the play at the line of scrimmage by yelling out a new one.
The changed the play to a run.
verb (audibl, ing)
  1. (intransitive, fb) To change the play at the line of scrimmage by yelling out a new one.
The quarterback audibled after seeing the defensive formation.
  1. Being able to be heard.
    • 1883: w:Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert Louis Stevenson, w:Treasure Island, Treasure Island
    • : "Now, look here, Jim Hawkins," he said, in a steady whisper, that was no more than ...
away Tweet Definition of away Like Definition of away on Facebook
  1. Not here; gone.
  2. unavailable, Unavailable.
  3. traveling, Traveling; on vacation.
  1. From a place; hence.
  2. Absent; gone; at a distance; as, the master is away from home.
  3. Aside; off; in another direction.
  4. From a state or condition of being; out of existence.
  5. By ellipsis of the verb, equivalent to an imperative: Go or come away; begone; take away.
  6. On; in continuance; without intermission or delay; as, sing away.
  7. To release (anchors ).
  8. At a distance in time or space, Christmas is only two weeks away.

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