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inferior Tweet Definition of inferior Like Definition of inferior on Facebook
  1. a person of lower stature to another
  1. of lower quality
Anna had always felt to her brother due to poor school grades.
  1. of lower rank
  2. located below
  3. In botany, inside the flower stalk below the petals. Said of an ovary.
ink Tweet Definition of ink Like Definition of ink on Facebook
noun (uncountable) and (countable)
  1. a pigment (or dye) based fluid used for writing, printing etc.
  2. black or dark coloured fluid ejected by squid, octopus etc, as a protective strategy
  1. to apply ink
  2. to sign a document
  3. to tattoo someone
insert Tweet Definition of insert Like Definition of insert on Facebook
  1. An image inserted into text.
  2. A promotional leaflet inserted into a magazine or newspaper.
interleaf Tweet Definition of interleaf Like Definition of interleaf on Facebook
noun (pl=interleaves)
  1. A page, often of tissue paper or other thin paper, inserted between the pages of a book to protect illustrations.
  1. Same as interleave
interleave Tweet Definition of interleave Like Definition of interleave on Facebook
verb (interleav, ing)
  1. (transitive) To insert (pages, which are normally blank) between the pages of a book
  2. (transitive) To intersperse (something) at regular intervals between the parts of a thing
  3. (context, computing, transitive) To allocate (things such as successive segments of memory) to different tasks
interline Tweet Definition of interline Like Definition of interline on Facebook
  1. (transport) : between (or with) two airlines
  • TWA and British Airways have an agreement to handle each other's baggage and to accept each other's tickets.
  • I had an connection from Delta to AA in Dallas/Ft. Worth.
    Italic Tweet Definition of Italic Like Definition of Italic on Facebook
    proper noun 
    1. An Italic language
    1. of, or relating to Italy
    2. (context, linguistics) Pertaining to a subfamily of the w:Centum-Satem isogloss, Centum branch of the Indo-European language family, that includes Latin and other languages (as Oscan, Umbrian) spoken by the peoples of ancient Italy and also the Romance languages (Italian, French, Spanish, etc.); the group of ancient languages of this branch as contrasted with the modern Romance languages; Osco-Umbrian
    The ancient languages that are now extinct include w:Oscan, w:Umbrian, and w:South Picene.
    1. (context, ancient history) Pertaining to various peoples that lived in Italy before the establishment of the Roman empire, or to any of several alphabet systems used by those peoples for writing their languages.
    ''There were several alphabets, one being the Etruscan alphabet.
    italicize Tweet Definition of italicize Like Definition of italicize on Facebook
    verb (italiciz, es)
    1. (typography) To put into italics.
    2. To emphasize.

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