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cacuminal Tweet Definition of cacuminal Like Definition of cacuminal on Facebook
  1. Pertaining to the point, top or crown. (webster)
Cardinal Tweet Definition of Cardinal Like Definition of Cardinal on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (baseball) A player on the team "The St. Louis Cardinals".
    Smith became a as the result of a pre-season trade.
    1. A player on the team "Arizona Cardinals".
  2. A sports team or a player on a sports team at w:Stanford University, Stanford University.
  3. A student or player on a sports team at the w:University of Louisville, University of Louisville. <!-- split to Cardinals
  4. (baseball) The team "w:St. Louis Cardinals, The St. Louis Cardinals".
    1. The team "w:Arizona Cardinals, The Arizona Cardinals".
    2. A sports team at the w:University of Louisville, University of Louisville.
    The Cardinals take the field.
central Tweet Definition of central Like Definition of central on Facebook
  1. being in the centre
  2. being the most important
  3. having or containing the centre of something
cerebral Tweet Definition of cerebral Like Definition of cerebral on Facebook
  1. Of, or relating to the brain or cerebral cortex of the brain.
  2. Intellectual rather than emotional.
  3. (context, linguistics, obsolete) retroflex, Retroflex.
checked Tweet Definition of checked Like Definition of checked on Facebook
  1. Simple past and past participle of check.
He his watch for the third time.
  1. Having a pattern of checks; checkered.
    A tie.
close Tweet Definition of close Like Definition of close on Facebook
  1. An end of something.
We owe them our thanks for bringing the project to a successful .
verb (clos, ing)
  1. To obstruct (an opening).
  2. To move (a door) so that it closes its opening.
Close the door behind you when you leave.
  1. To put an end to.
the session
  1. To make (a gap) smaller.
The runner in second place is closing the gap on the leader.
  1. (surveying) To have a vector sum of 0; that is, to form a closed polygon.
adjective (clos, er)
  1. At a little distance; near.
Is your house ?
  1. Intimate; well-loved.
He is a friend.
Of a corporation or other business entity, closely held.
  1. (context, Ireland, weather) hot, humid.
closed Tweet Definition of closed Like Definition of closed on Facebook
  1. inaccessible; not open
  2. non public (as in closed source)
  3. (mathematics)
  1. (Topology) a set is closed if its complement is open
  2. (Algebra) a set is closed under an operation if the outcome for every argument is also in the set itself. (e.g. <math> \forall x,y \in Z:\, x + y \in Z</math>)
closure Tweet Definition of closure Like Definition of closure on Facebook
  1. an event or occurence that signifies an ending
  2. a feeling of completeness; the experience of an emotional conclusion, usually to a difficult period
  3. (computing): an abstraction that represents a function within an environment, a context consisting of the variables that are both bound variable, bound at a particular time during the execution of the program and that are within the function's scope
  4. (mathematics): the smallest object that both includes the object as a subset and possesses some given property
cluster Tweet Definition of cluster Like Definition of cluster on Facebook
  1. A group or bunch of something, containing only a few members, which are close to each other.
  • A of flowers grew in the pot.
    1. (astronomy) A group of galaxy, galaxies or stars that appear near each other.
  • The Pleiades contains seven bright stars.
    1. (music) A chord of three or more notes.
    2. (phonetics) A group of consonants.
  • The word "scrub" begins with a of three consonants.
    1. (computing) A group of computers that work together.
    2. (statistics) A significant subset within a population.
    3. (military) Set of bombs or mines.
    4. (context, army) A small metal design that indicates that a medal has been awarded to the same person before.
  • verb 
    1. (intransitive) To form into a cluster.
    • The children clustered together around the puppy.
    coda Tweet Definition of coda Like Definition of coda on Facebook
    1. (music) A passage which brings a movement or piece to a conclusion through prolongation.
    2. (linguistics) The final consonant of a syllable.
    3. The conclusion of a statement.
    1. (alternative spelling of, CODA)
    color Tweet Definition of color Like Definition of color on Facebook
    1. The spectral composition of visible light.
    Humans and birds can perceive .
    1. A particular set of visible spectral compositions, perceived or named as a class.
    Most languages have names for the colors black, white, red, and green.
    1. Hue as opposed to achromatic colors (black, white and greys).
    He referred to the white flag as one "drained of all ".
    1. Human skin tone, especially as an indicator of race or ethnicity.
    Color has been a sensitive issue in many societies.
    1. (figuratively) interest, especially in a selective area.
    a bit of local .
    1. In corporate finance, details on sales, profit margins, or other financial figures, especially while reviewing quarterly results when an officer of a company is speaking to investment analyists.
    Could you give me some with regards to which products made up the mix of revenue for this quarter?
    1. (physics) A property of quarks, with three values called red, green, and blue, which they can exchange by passing gluons.
    (color-colour (noun))
    1. To give something color.
    We could the walls red.
    1. To draw within the boundaries of a line drawing using colored markers or crayons.
    My kindergartener loves to .
    1. (context, of a face) To become red through increased blood flow.
    2. To affect without completely changing.
    That interpretation certainly colors my perception of the book.
    1. To attribute a quality to.
    (colloquial) Color me confused. (color-colour (verb))
    1. Conveying color, as opposed to shades of gray.
    Color television and movies were considered a great improvement over black and white.
    consonant Tweet Definition of consonant Like Definition of consonant on Facebook
    1. (context, phonetics) A sound that results from the passage of air through restrictions of the oral cavity; any sound that is not the dominant sound of a syllable, the dominant sound generally being a vowel.
    2. A letter representing the sound of a consonant.
    1. Characterized by harmony or agreement.
    consonantal Tweet Definition of consonantal Like Definition of consonantal on Facebook
    1. of, relating to, or functioning as a consonant
    2. containing one or more consonants
    constriction Tweet Definition of constriction Like Definition of constriction on Facebook
    1. The act of constricting, the state of being constricted, or something that constricts
    2. A narrow part of something; a stricture
    3. A compression
    contour Tweet Definition of contour Like Definition of contour on Facebook
    1. A curved shape.
    The shapely of a woman's buttocks.
    1. A line on a map or chart delineating those points which have the same altitude or other plotted quantity: a contour line or isopleth.
    coronal Tweet Definition of coronal Like Definition of coronal on Facebook
    1. a crown or coronet
      • 1485: Thomas Malory, Le Morte D'Arthur (spelling modernized) - Then the glutton anon started up, and took a great club in his hand, and smote at the king that his coronal fell to the earth.
      • a wreath or garland of flowers
      • (obsolete) a variant of colonel
    1. relating to a crown
    2. (context, astronomy) relating to the corona of a star
    3. (context, botany) relating to the corona of a flower
    4. (context, phonetics) relating to a sound made with the tip or blade of the tongue
      • see w:Coronal consonant, Wikipedia article on coronal consonant
      • (context, anatomy) a "coronal plane" or a "coronal section" divides a body into dorsal (back) and ventral (front)
      • see w:Anatomical_terms_of_location, Wikipedia article on anatomical terms of location

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