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Nahua Tweet Definition of Nahua Like Definition of Nahua on Facebook
  1. A member of the Nahuatl-speaking indigenous peoples of Mexico.
  1. Of or pertaining to the Nahuas.
Nahuatl Tweet Definition of Nahuatl Like Definition of Nahuatl on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The polysynthetic Aztecan language spoken by an indigenous people of Mexico.
Nama Tweet Definition of Nama Like Definition of Nama on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A Khoisan language of Namibia.
  2. A language of Papua New Guinea
Native American Tweet Definition of Native American Like Definition of Native American on Facebook
noun (plural Native Americans)
  1. a member of the indigenous peoples of North America, the Amerindians
adjective (more, most)
  1. of the indigenous peoples of North America, the Amerindians
Navajo Tweet Definition of Navajo Like Definition of Navajo on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A member of the people, currently the largest Native American tribe in North America.
  2. (native name: Diné bizaad) An Apachean (Southern Athabaskan) language of the Athabascan language family belonging to the Na-Dené phylum. It is spoken by 149,000 people in the American Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado).
Nenets Tweet Definition of Nenets Like Definition of Nenets on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. a member of a people who live in the extreme northwest of Russia; the Samoyed.
  2. the Samoyedic language spoken by these people.
Nepalese Tweet Definition of Nepalese Like Definition of Nepalese on Facebook
  1. A person from Nepal or of Nepalese descent.
proper noun 
  1. The national language of Nepal.
  1. Of, from, or pertaining to Nepal, the Nepalese people or the Nepalese language.
Nepali Tweet Definition of Nepali Like Definition of Nepali on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. Common language spoken by the people of Nepal.
  2. Nepalese, resident or native of Nepal.
New High German Tweet Definition of New High German Like Definition of New High German on Facebook
noun (abbreviation: NHG)
  1. The modern form of the German language, successor to Early New High German.
New Latin Tweet Definition of New Latin Like Definition of New Latin on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The Latin language spoken and written after the Middle Ages, including Renaissance, Ecclesiastical, and Contemporary Latin.
Nguni Tweet Definition of Nguni Like Definition of Nguni on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The group of Southern African indigenous peoples comprising the Zulu, Xhosa and Swazi nations.
  2. The group of languages of the Nguni.
Nilotic Tweet Definition of Nilotic Like Definition of Nilotic on Facebook
  1. A group of languages spoken in parts of Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania
  1. of or pertaining to the Nile river or the people who live on its banks
  2. of or pertaining to the Nilotic languages or the people who speak them
Norman Tweet Definition of Norman Like Definition of Norman on Facebook
  1. A person whose ancestors are from Normandy or who resides in Normandy.
  2. A member of the mixed Scandinavian and Frankish peoples who in the 11th century were a major military power in Western Europe and who conquered the English in 1066.
  3. (rare) A Northman.
proper noun 
  1. The langue d'oí¯l variant, closely related to the French of "Ile de France" (i.e. Paris), spoken in Normandy and the Channel Islands, which influenced the development of Quebec French (until the mid 20th century), and was for several centuries the ruling language of England (see Anglo-Norman).
  2. (given name, male)
  1. Of or pertaining to Normandy or its inhabitants (present or past).
  2. Relating to the Norman language.
  1. (rare) Referring to the dialect of French spoken there.
  2. Relating to the Romanesque architecture developed by the Normans after the Norman Conquest, characterized by large arches and heavy columns.
Norman French Tweet Definition of Norman French Like Definition of Norman French on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. a dialect of French spoken in medieval Normandy, and in England following the Norman Conquest
Norse Tweet Definition of Norse Like Definition of Norse on Facebook
proper noun (collective noun)
  1. A collective term for Scandinavian (historically Norwegian) people.
  2. Speakers of any of the North Germanic languages.
  3. The ancient language spoken by Vikings, from which modern Scandinavian languages are derived. Icelandic is the most closely related modern version, having changed little due to Iceland's linguistic isolation.
  1. Of, or relating to the people, language and culture of Scandinavia, especially Norway.
  2. Of, or relating to the North Germanic group of languages.
Norwegian Tweet Definition of Norwegian Like Definition of Norwegian on Facebook
  1. The language of Norway.
  2. A native of Norway.
  1. Of or pertaining to Norway (the country) or Norwegian (the language)
Nynorsk Tweet Definition of Nynorsk Like Definition of Nynorsk on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. One of the two major Norwegian languages, literally meaning "new Norwegian".
Nyungar Tweet Definition of Nyungar Like Definition of Nyungar on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. An indigenous peoples, people of southwestern Australia
  2. The common language of an indigenous people of southwestern Australia
  1. pertain, Pertaining to and/or describe, describing either the language, persons or culture of the Nyungar people

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