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magpie Tweet Definition of magpie Like Definition of magpie on Facebook
noun (plural: magpies)
  1. One of several kinds of bird in the family Corvidae, especially Pica pica.
  2. A superficially similar Australian bird, Gymnorhina tibicen.
  3. (slang) Fan or member of Newcastle United Football Club (soccer).
Main Tweet Definition of Main Like Definition of Main on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A river in southern Germany, flowing from Bavaria to the Rhine.
make Tweet Definition of make Like Definition of make on Facebook
  1. (context, of a car) brand, Brand; often paired with model.
What car do you drive?
verb (makes, making, made)
  1. To create, construct or produce.
We made a bird feeder for our yard.
They hope to a bigger profit.
We"ll a man out of him yet.
  1. To constitute.
They a cute couple.
This makes the third infraction.
  1. (context, construed with of, typically interrogative) To interpret.
I don"t know what to of it.
  1. (context, usually stressed) To bring into success.
This company is what made you.
She married into wealth. She has it made.
  1. (context, second object is an adjective) To cause to be.
The citizens made their objections clear.
This might you a bit woozy.
  1. (context, second object is a verb) To cause to do.
You"re making her cry.
I was made to feel like a criminal.
  1. (context, second object is a verb, can be stressed for emphasis or clarity) To force to do.
The teacher made the student study.
Don"t let them you suffer.
  1. (context, of a fact) To indicate or suggest to be.
His past mistakes don"t him a bad person.
  1. (context, of a person being sought) To recognise (without being recognised in return)
    • 2004, George Nolfi et al, w:Ocean's Twelve, Ocean's Twelve, Warner Bros. Pictures, 0:50:30,
    • :<span style="font-variant:small-caps">Linus Caldwell:</span> Well, she just made Danny and Yen, which means in the next 48 hours the three o' your pictures are gonna be in every police station in Europe.
    • 2007 May 4, Andrew Dettmann et al, "Under Pressure", episode 3-22 of w:Numb3rs, Numb3rs, 00:01:16,
    • :<span style="font-variant:small-caps">David Sinclair:</span> (walking) Almost at Seventh; I should have a visual any second now. (rounds a corner, almost collides into Kaleed Asan) Damn, that was close.<br /><span style="font-variant:small-caps">Don Eppes:</span> David, he you?<br /><span style="font-variant:small-caps">David Sinclair:</span> No, I don't think so.
mall Tweet Definition of mall Like Definition of mall on Facebook
  1. A large heavy wooden beetle; a mallet for driving anything with force; a maul.
  2. A heavy blow.
  3. An old game played with malls or mallets and balls. See Pall-mall
  4. A place where the game of mall was played. Hence: A public walk; a level shaded walk.
  5. Subsequently, an enclosed shopping centre.
  6. (Australian English) A pedestrianised street.
malpais Tweet Definition of malpais Like Definition of malpais on Facebook
  1. Bad land, specifically land having an underlayer of basaltic lava.
mango Tweet Definition of mango Like Definition of mango on Facebook
  1. (context, botany) A tropical Asian fruit tree, Mangifera indica.
  2. The fruit of the mango tree.
  3. (context, US) A bell pepper.
maverick Tweet Definition of maverick Like Definition of maverick on Facebook
  1. An unbranded range animal.
  2. One who does not abide by rules.
  3. (rfquote-sense) One who creates or uses unconventional and/or controversial ideas or practices.
  4. (context, poker slang) A queen and a jack as a starting hand in Texas hold 'em
  1. Showing independence in thoughts or actions.
A decision.
A person.
medium Tweet Definition of medium Like Definition of medium on Facebook
noun (see individual senses for plurals)
  1. ( media) The nature of the surrounding environment, eg solid, liquid, gas, vacuum, or a specific substance such as a solvent.
  2. ( media) The material or empty space through which signals, waves or forces pass.
  3. ( media) A format for communicating or presenting information.
  4. ( media) A nutrient solution for the growth of cells in vitro
  5. ( media) The means or channel by which an aim is achieved.
  6. ( mediums) A liquid base which carries pigment in paint.
  7. ( mediums) Someone who supposedly conveys information from the spirit world
  8. ( mediums) Anything having a measurement intermediate between extremes, such as a garment or container.
  9. ( mediums) A person whom garments or apparel of intermediate size fit.
  1. of intermediate size
middling Tweet Definition of middling Like Definition of middling on Facebook
  1. of intermediate or average quality; mediocre
The football team is never the worst or best in its league; its position is always .
MiG Tweet Definition of MiG Like Definition of MiG on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, Mikoyan)
  1. Any of a series of Russian fighter aircraft
mind Tweet Definition of mind Like Definition of mind on Facebook
  1. The ability for rational thought.
Despite advancing age his was still as sharp as ever.
  1. The ability to be aware of things.
There was no doubt in his that they would win.
  1. The ability to remember things.
My just went blank.
  1. The ability to focus the thoughts.
I can"t keep my on what I"m doing.
  1. Somebody that embodies certain mental qualities.
He was one of history"s greatest minds.
  1. Judgment, opinion, or view.
He changed his after hearing the speech.
  1. Desire, inclination, or intention.
She had a to go to Paris.
A to the madness.
  1. A healthy mental state.
I, __ being of sound and body, do hereby...
You are losing your .
  1. (philosophy) The spirit of consciousness regarded as an aspect of reality.
In the philosophy of , dualism is about the relationship between and matter.
  1. To pay attention to.
Mind the gap.
Mind one"s manners.
Mind you, she's very able.
  1. To care, to object, to have a contrary opinion.
I don"t .
  1. To look after, to take care of.
Would you my bag for me?
mizzle Tweet Definition of mizzle Like Definition of mizzle on Facebook
  1. Rain falling in very fine drops.
verb (mizzl, ing)
  1. (context, UK, intransitive) To rain in very fine drops.
  2. To abscond, scram, flee.
mulligrubs Tweet Definition of mulligrubs Like Definition of mulligrubs on Facebook
  1. (obsolete) colic
  2. (slang) sullenness; sulky behaviour

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