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babe Tweet Definition of babe Like Definition of babe on Facebook
  1. (context, literary, or, poetic) A baby or infant; a very young human or animal.
These events came to pass when he was but a .
  1. (slang) An attractive person, especially a woman.
She's a real !
  1. (also babes (singular)) Darling (term of endearment).
Hey, , how's about you and me getting together?
bacon Tweet Definition of bacon Like Definition of bacon on Facebook
  1. A cut of meat from the sides, belly or back a pig, particularly, or sometimes other animals.
  2. A thin slice of pork in a long strip that is fried to a crisp.
bald Tweet Definition of bald Like Definition of bald on Facebook
  1. Having no hair.
  2. Of tyres: whose surface is worn away.
banquette Tweet Definition of banquette Like Definition of banquette on Facebook
  1. A (typically uphostered) bench-like seat that runs along a wall.
  2. A similar bench in a military trench which soldiers stand on to shoot.
barge Tweet Definition of barge Like Definition of barge on Facebook
  1. A large flat-bottomed towed or self-propelled boat used mainly for river and canal transport of heavy goods or bulk cargo
  2. A richly decorated ceremonial state vessel propelled by rowers for river processions
  3. A large flat-bottomed coastal trading vessel having a large spritsail and jib-headed topsail, a fore staysail and a very small mizen, and having leeboards instead of a keel
  4. One of the boats of a warship having fourteen oars
  5. The wooden disk in which bread or biscuit is placed on a mess table
verb (barg, ing)
  1. To intrude or break through, particularly in an unwelcome or clumsy manner.
barnburner Tweet Definition of barnburner Like Definition of barnburner on Facebook
noun (Plural: barnburners)
  1. (idiom) An extremely exciting or successful event.
    1. One who burns down a barn.
proper noun Barnburners (uncountable)
  1. Liberal faction of the New York state United States Democratic Party in the mid 19th century.
bawl Tweet Definition of bawl Like Definition of bawl on Facebook
  1. (intransitive) To shout or utter in a loud and intense manner.
  2. (intransitive) To wail; to give out a blaring cry.
Bay Tweet Definition of Bay Like Definition of Bay on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A region of Somalia.
bayou Tweet Definition of bayou Like Definition of bayou on Facebook
  1. An inlet from the Gulf of Mexico, from a lake, or from a large river, sometimes sluggish, sometimes without perceptible movement except from tide and wind.
bedfast Tweet Definition of bedfast Like Definition of bedfast on Facebook
  1. being unable to leave one's bed, especially because of illness, weakness or obesity
belly flop Tweet Definition of belly flop Like Definition of belly flop on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, bellyflop)
  1. A type of dive onto a body of water where the impact is made mostly by smacking onto the water on one's belly.
Benny Tweet Definition of Benny Like Definition of Benny on Facebook
noun (pl=Bennies)
  1. (UK, slang) A stupid or dull-witted person.
  2. (UK, slang) A temper tantrum
proper noun 
  1. A male given name; a diminutive of Benjamin.
berm Tweet Definition of berm Like Definition of berm on Facebook
  1. A narrow ledge or shelf, as along the top or bottom of a slope
  2. A raised bank or path, especially the bank of a canal opposite the towpath
  3. A terrace formed by wave action along a beach
  4. A mound or bank of earth, used especially as a barrier or to provide insulation
  5. A ledge between the parapet and the moat in a fortification
  6. A strip of land between a street and sidewalk (regional)
biddy Tweet Definition of biddy Like Definition of biddy on Facebook
noun (biddies)
  1. (pejorative) a woman, especially an old woman
big Tweet Definition of big Like Definition of big on Facebook
adjective (bigg, er)
  1. Of a great size; large; the weakest sense of great size.
Elephants are animals, and they eat a lot.
  1. (colloquial) Adult.
Kids should get help from people if they want to use the kitchen.
  1. (colloquial) fat, Fat.
Gosh, she is big!
  1. important, Important or significant.
What's so about that? I do it all the time.
  1. popular, Popular.
That style is very right now in Europe, especially among teenagers.
  1. (colloquial) (construed with on) enthusiastic, Enthusiastic (about).
I'm not on the idea, but if you want to go ahead with it, I won't stop you.
  1. Of an industry or other field: Thought to have undue influence.
There were concerns about the ethics of science.
big daddy Tweet Definition of big daddy Like Definition of big daddy on Facebook
  1. (idiom) Something or someone of importance.
binnacle Tweet Definition of binnacle Like Definition of binnacle on Facebook
  1. (nautical) The wooden housing for a ship's compass, its corrector magnets and illuminating arrangements; the log and other equipment for measuring the ships speed is also stowed there.
bird Tweet Definition of bird Like Definition of bird on Facebook
noun (tearoom)
  1. The vulgar hand gesture in which the middle finger is extended.
    • 2003, The Beach House, James Patterson—Then she raised both hands above her shoulders and flipped him the bird with each one.
  1. To observe or identify wild birds in their natural environment.
birth Tweet Definition of birth Like Definition of birth on Facebook
  1. (uncountable) The process of childbearing.
  2. (countable) An instance of childbirth.
  3. (countable) A beginning or start; a point of origin.
  4. (uncountable) The circumstances of one's background, ancestry, or upbringing: of noble birth.
  1. (regional) To bear children or to give birth.
biter Tweet Definition of biter Like Definition of biter on Facebook
  1. Someone of something who bites
  2. (curling) A stone that barely touches the outside of the house
blare Tweet Definition of blare Like Definition of blare on Facebook
  1. (context, usually singular) A loud sound.
I can hardly hear you over the of the radio. <!-- Say what?
verb (blares, blaring, blared)
  1. To make a loud sound.
The trumpet's loud woke me up immediately.
blat Tweet Definition of blat Like Definition of blat on Facebook
verb to blat
  1. To cry, as a calf or sheep; to bleat; to make a senseless noise; to talk inconsiderately.
blate Tweet Definition of blate Like Definition of blate on Facebook
adjective (blat, er)
  1. bashful, Bashful, sheepish.
  2. dull, Dull, stupid.
blind pig Tweet Definition of blind pig Like Definition of blind pig on Facebook
  1. a blind tiger or speakeasy
boar Tweet Definition of boar Like Definition of boar on Facebook
  1. A wild boar (Sus scrofa), the wild ancestor of the domesticated pig.
  2. A male pig.
bodacious Tweet Definition of bodacious Like Definition of bodacious on Facebook
  1. audacious and unrestrained
If you're going to lie, you might as well tell a lie.
  1. incorrigible and insolent
You, sir, are a scoundrel.
  1. (Australia, slang) extraordinary, impressively great in size, and enormous.
    • 1999, Leo Frankowski, A Boy and His Tank, Baen, First Hardback Printing, pg. 1,
    • :Twenty meters in diameter to match the bore of the huge Japanese ore drilling machines, the floor had been leveled by an equally milling robot, and the shiny metallic walls seemed to stretch on to infinity.
booger Tweet Definition of booger Like Definition of booger on Facebook
  1. A piece of solid or semisolid mucus in or removed from the nostril.
  2. (surfing slang, mildly derogatory) bodyboarder
Watch the local boogers charge it &mdash;
  1. (slang) A thing; especially a problematic or difficult thing.
bought Tweet Definition of bought Like Definition of bought on Facebook
  1. (obsolete) A flexure; a bend; a twist; a turn; a coil, as in a rope; as the boughts of a serpent.
  2. (obsolete) The part of a sling that contains the stone.
  1. (past of, buy)
She an expensive bag last week.
People have gas masks.
Our products can be at your local store.
boughten Tweet Definition of boughten Like Definition of boughten on Facebook
  1. (archaic) Characterized as having been purchased or bought versus handmade. Found regionally in the US and other English-speaking communities.
Is that a chair?
boulevard Tweet Definition of boulevard Like Definition of boulevard on Facebook
  1. A broad, well-paved and landscaped thoroughfare.
branch Tweet Definition of branch Like Definition of branch on Facebook
  1. The woody part of a tree arising from the trunk and usually dividing
  2. Something that divides like the branch of a tree
  3. A location of an organization with several locations.
Our main branch is downtown, and we have branches in all major suburbs.
  1. (context, Mormonism) A subdivision of the LDS Church, smaller than and part of a stake, but smaller than a ward.
  2. An area in business or of knowledge, research
  3. (nautical) The certificate given by Trinity House to a pilot qualified to take navigational control of a ship in British waters
verb (branch, es)
  1. (context, intransitive) To arise from the trunk or a larger branch of a tree.
  2. (context, intransitive) To produce branches.
  3. (context, intransitive, computing) To jump to a different location in a program, especially as the result of a conditional statement.
brotus Tweet Definition of brotus Like Definition of brotus on Facebook
  1. Something added at no extra charge, usually edible such as the thirteenth item in a baker's dozen.
buckra Tweet Definition of buckra Like Definition of buckra on Facebook
  1. (rare) a contemptuous Black American term for poor, white people.
bulldog Tweet Definition of bulldog Like Definition of bulldog on Facebook
  1. A breed of dog formerly used for bullbaiting that has a very smooth coat, a flattened face, wrinkly cheeks, powerful front legs and smaller hind legs.
  2. A shortened form of British bulldog.
  3. A stubborn person.
butterball Tweet Definition of butterball Like Definition of butterball on Facebook
  1. A type of turkey
buttery Tweet Definition of buttery Like Definition of buttery on Facebook
noun (butter, ies)
  1. A room for keeping food or beverages.
  2. A room in a university where snacks are sold.
adjective (butterier, butteriest)
  1. Made with or tasting of butter.
The -tasting cookie was actually made with margarine, but you couldn't tell by tasting it.
  1. Resembling butter in some way.
The old paper was a color you no longer get.

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