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waist Tweet Definition of waist Like Definition of waist on Facebook
  1. The part of the body between the pelvis and the stomach.
  2. A part of a piece of clothing that covers the waist.
  3. The narrow connection between the thorax and abdomen in certain insects (e.g., bees, ants and wasps).
  4. The middle portion of the hull of a ship or the fuselage of an aircraft.
waistband Tweet Definition of waistband Like Definition of waistband on Facebook
  1. A band of fabric encircling the waist, especially a part of a pair of pants or a skirt.
waistcoat Tweet Definition of waistcoat Like Definition of waistcoat on Facebook
  1. A sleeveless, collarless garment worn over a shirt and under a suit jacket.<ref>"waistcoat." Unabridged (v 1.1). Random House, Inc. 09 Apr. 2007. <>.</ref><ref>"waistcoat." Merriam-Webster Online. Merriam-Webster, Inc. 09 Apr. 2007. <>.</ref>
waistline Tweet Definition of waistline Like Definition of waistline on Facebook
  1. a line around the body at the waist; its measurement
  2. the narrowest part of a garment, usually at the waist, but may be above or below depending on the dictates of fashion or the whim of the designer
  3. (slang) person having a large
wash-and-wear Tweet Definition of wash-and-wear Like Definition of wash-and-wear on Facebook
  1. that requires no ironing after being washed and dried
watch cap Tweet Definition of watch cap Like Definition of watch cap on Facebook
  1. (nautical) A knitted cap worn by seamen when on watch (usually Navy blue.)
Wear Tweet Definition of Wear Like Definition of Wear on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A river in the county of Tyne and Wear in north east England. The city of Sunderland is found upon its banks.
wearable Tweet Definition of wearable Like Definition of wearable on Facebook
  1. able to be worn
wedge Tweet Definition of wedge Like Definition of wedge on Facebook
  1. One of the simple machines; A piece of material, such as metal or wood, thick at one edge and tapered to a thin edge at the other for insertion in a narrow crevice, used for splitting, tightening, securing, or levering (w:Wedge (mechanical device), Wikipedia article).
  2. (context, colloquial, UK) A quantity of money.
I made a big fat from that job.
  1. (archaic) A flank of cavalry acting to split some portion of an opposing army, charging in an inverted V formation.
  2. A group of goose, geese or swans when they are in flight in a V formation.
verb (wedges, wedging, wedged)
  1. To support or secure using a wedge.
I wedged open the window with a screwdriver.
  1. To force into a narrow gap.
He had wedged the package between the wall and the back of the sofa.
  1. To work wet clay by cutting or knead, kneading for the purpose of homogenizing the mass and expelling air bubbles.
wedgie Tweet Definition of wedgie Like Definition of wedgie on Facebook
noun (plural wedgies)
  1. (slang) A prank in which a person's underpants are pulled up sharply from behind in order to wedge the clothing uncomfortably between the person's buttocks.
weed Tweet Definition of weed Like Definition of weed on Facebook
  1. (countable) Any plant growing in cultivated ground to the injury of the crop or desired vegetation, or to the disfigurement of the place; an unsightly, useless, or injurious plant.
If it isn't in a straight line or marked with a label, it's a .
  1. (context, uncountable, slang) marijuana, Marijuana.
  2. (context, obsolete, uncountable) tobacco, Tobacco.
  3. (context, obsolete, countable) A cigar.
  4. (context, obsolete, countable) A horse unfit to breed from.
  5. (context, countable, UK, informal) A puny person; one who has with little physical strength.
  6. (rfv-sense) (countable) A sudden illness or relapse, often attended with fever, which attacks women in childbed.
  7. (rfv-sense) (uncountable) Underbrush; low shrubs.
  8. (rfv-sense, figuratively, or something?) (context, countable, figuratively) Something unprofitable or troublesome; anything useless.
(rfc, needs a rewrite)
  1. To remove weeds (unwanted vegetation) from (a cultivated area).
I weeded my flower bed.
Wellington Tweet Definition of Wellington Like Definition of Wellington on Facebook
  1. A gumboot.
proper noun 
  1. The capital of New Zealand.
  2. The Government of New Zealand
welt Tweet Definition of welt Like Definition of welt on Facebook
  1. a raised mark on the body caused by a blow
White Tweet Definition of White Like Definition of White on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. a British surname from a nickname for someone with white hair
white tie Tweet Definition of white tie Like Definition of white tie on Facebook
  1. The most formal of evening wear, usually worn on state occasions and the like, consisting of an evening tailcoat, trousers white shirt, white bow tie and waistcoat with sash, alternatively, full military dress, or national costume.
    • You are cordially invited to dinner with His Excellency the President. Dress: White Tie.
      1. A function.
    • I'm going to a bash at the palace.
wig Tweet Definition of wig Like Definition of wig on Facebook
  1. A head of real or synthetic hair worn on the head to disguise baldness; for cultural or religious reasons; for fashion; or by actors to help them resemble the character they are portraying.
verb (wigg, ing)
  1. To put on a wig; to provide with a wig (especially of an actor etc.).
  2. (colloquial) To upbraid, reprimand.
  3. (colloquial) To become very excitable or emotional; to lose control of one's emotions.
windblown Tweet Definition of windblown Like Definition of windblown on Facebook
  1. (context, of a tree) growing in a distorted shape produced by the prevailing winds
  2. (of seeds, leaves etc) dispersed by the wind
  3. (context, of a person) having disheveled hair blown about by the wind
windowpane Tweet Definition of windowpane Like Definition of windowpane on Facebook
  1. a piece of glass filling a window or a section of a window
  2. A quadruple dose of liquid LSD.
Windsor knot Tweet Definition of Windsor knot Like Definition of Windsor knot on Facebook
  1. a wide triangular knot in a necktie
woolly Tweet Definition of woolly Like Definition of woolly on Facebook
adjective (woolli, er)
  1. Made of wool.
  2. Having a thick, soft texture, as if made of wool.
  1. (figurative) Of thinking, principles, etc, based on emotion rather than logic.
That's the sort of thinking that causes wars to start.
wrap Tweet Definition of wrap Like Definition of wrap on Facebook
  1. A garment that one wraps around the body to keep oneself warm.
  2. A type of food consisting of various ingredients wrapped in a pancake.
verb (wrap, p, ing)
  1. (transitive) To enclose (an object) completely in any flexible, thin material such as fabric or paper.
  2. (transitive) To enclose or coil around an object or organism, as a form of grasping. A prequisite to constriction in snakes.
wraparound Tweet Definition of wraparound Like Definition of wraparound on Facebook
  1. A garment that is wrapped around the body and tied
  2. A label or advertising display that wraps around a container
  3. (computing) A word processing feature that moves text on to the next line if it will not fit on the current one
  1. (context, of clothing) designed to be wrapped around the body and tied
  2. (of windows, lenses etc) that extends around a corner or bend
wrapper Tweet Definition of wrapper Like Definition of wrapper on Facebook
  1. something that is wrapped around something else as a cover or protection
  2. a negligée or loose dressing gown
  3. a person who wraps parcels etc
wristband Tweet Definition of wristband Like Definition of wristband on Facebook
  1. the cuff of a sleeve that wraps around the wrist
  2. a strip of material worn around the wrist to absorb perspiration, especially in sports
  3. a band that supports a wristwatch

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