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karakul Tweet Definition of karakul Like Definition of karakul on Facebook
  1. A Central Asian breed of sheep.
  2. A lake in Tajikistan.
  3. A lake in Xinjiang province, China.
  4. A kind of hat.
kaross Tweet Definition of kaross Like Definition of kaross on Facebook
  1. A treated animal-skin cloak with the hair still left on.
    • 1996, E Hausen, Human History at the Crossroads: Where Do We Go from Here?, Bergin Garvey/Greenwood, ISBN 0897894839:
    • :"For the first two years, of life a baby was carried in a carrier, lined with absorbent grass, inside her , (a treated animal skin made into a cape")"
    • A blanket of treated animal-skin with the hair left on.
    • 1992, Mark Owens, Delia Cwens, Mark Cwens, Cordelia Dykes Owens, Cry of the Kalahari, Houghton Mifflin Books, ISBN 0395647800:
    • :"Our bedroom had a sweeping view of the water and clean sheets and towels had been laid out for us on a of jackal pelts."
keffiyeh Tweet Definition of keffiyeh Like Definition of keffiyeh on Facebook
  1. The cloth worn on the head and about the neck by certain Arab males, indoors and out.
Kelly Tweet Definition of Kelly Like Definition of Kelly on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. An Irish surname, Anglicized from the Gaelic í� Ceallaigh
  2. (given name, female) derived from the surname, popular from the 1960s to the 1980s.
kerchief Tweet Definition of kerchief Like Definition of kerchief on Facebook
  1. (old-fashioned:) a piece of cloth used to cover the head
    • 1823: Clement Clark Moore, The Night Before Christmas - And mamma in her , and I in my cap, / Had just settled down for a long winter's nap...
kid Tweet Definition of kid Like Definition of kid on Facebook
  1. A young goat.
  2. Of a goat, the state of being pregnant: in kid
  3. kidskin, Kidskin.
  4. A young antelope.
  5. (colloquial) A child or young person.
kidskin Tweet Definition of kidskin Like Definition of kidskin on Facebook
  1. The skin or hide of a kid, i.e., a young goat; the leather made from such skins.
  1. Of or pertaining to kidskin.
kilt Tweet Definition of kilt Like Definition of kilt on Facebook
noun (kilts)
(wikipedia, Kilt)
  1. Traditional Scottish garment, usually worn by men, having roughly the same morphology as a wrap-around skirt, with overlapping front aprons and pleated around the sides and back, and usually made of twill woven worsted wool with a tartan pattern.
  2. (historical) Any Scottish garment from which the above lies in a direct line of descent, such as the philibeg and the great kilt or belted plaid;
  3. a plaid, pleated school uniform skirt sometimes structured as a wrap around, sometimes pleated throughout the entire circumference;
  4. a variety of non-bifurcated garments made for men and loosely resembling a Scottish kilt, but most often made from different fabrics and not always with tartan plaid designs.
kilted Tweet Definition of kilted Like Definition of kilted on Facebook
  1. Having on a kilt.
  2. Plaited after the manner of kilting.
  3. Tucked or fastened up; -- said of petticoats, etc.
kimono Tweet Definition of kimono Like Definition of kimono on Facebook
noun (Plural or kimonos)
  1. A form of traditional Japanese clothing that is worn in formal occasions.
kirtle Tweet Definition of kirtle Like Definition of kirtle on Facebook
  1. A knee length tunic.
knee Tweet Definition of knee Like Definition of knee on Facebook
  1. In humans, the joint in the middle part of the leg.
Jessica was wearing shorts, so she skinned her exposed knees when she fell.
  1. (skeleton) The joint, or region of the joint, between the thigh and leg.
  2. (anatomy) In the horse and allied animals, the carpal joint, corresponding to the wrist in humans.
  3. (shipbuilding) A piece of timber or metal formed with an angle somewhat in the shape of the human knee when bent.
  • 1980: Deck beams were supported by hanging knees, triangular pieces of wood typically found underneath the timbers they are designed to support, but in this case found above them. — Richard W. Unger, The Ship in the Medieval Economy 600-1600, page 41.
    1. An act of kneel, kneeling, especially to show respect or courtesy.
Give them title, knee, and approbation. Shak.
  1. Any knee-shaped item or sharp angle in a line, "the knee of a graph", an inflection point
knee-high Tweet Definition of knee-high Like Definition of knee-high on Facebook
  1. (usually, in plural) A sock or stocking that reaches to the knees.
  1. Something that reaches to the height of one's knees.
The corn is .
knickers Tweet Definition of knickers Like Definition of knickers on Facebook
  1. (plurale tantum) (british) woman, Women's panties.
  2. (obsolete) knickerbockers
knife pleat Tweet Definition of knife pleat Like Definition of knife pleat on Facebook
  1. A type of sharply pressed pleating, esp. in a skirt or kilt, in which all of the folds are turned in one direction, with each pleat being three (3) layers of fabric thick.
knit Tweet Definition of knit Like Definition of knit on Facebook
verb (knit, t, ed)
  1. To combine a piece of thread with two needles into a piece of fabric.
  2. To make fabric by knitting.
  3. (figurative) To join bones together.
knitting Tweet Definition of knitting Like Definition of knitting on Facebook
  1. The action of the verb to knit; the process of producing knitted material.
    I find very relaxing.
  2. Material that has been, or is being knitted.
    She put down her and went to answer the phone.
knitting needle Tweet Definition of knitting needle Like Definition of knitting needle on Facebook
  1. A long, thin, pointed rod, used in pairs to knit yarn
knitwear Tweet Definition of knitwear Like Definition of knitwear on Facebook
  1. knitted garments
knot Tweet Definition of knot Like Definition of knot on Facebook
  1. A looping of a piece of string or of any other long, flexible material that cannot be untangled without passing one or both ends of the material through its loops.
When climbing, it is important to make sure that your knots are both secure and of types that will not weaken the rope.
  1. (of hair, etc) A tangled clump.
The young mother was brushing knots from her protesting child's hair.
  1. A maze-like pattern.
  2. (mathematics) A closed curve that is an abstraction of a knot (in sense 1 above).
  3. A difficult situation.
I got into a when I inadvertently insulted the policeman.
  1. A unit of speed, equal to one nautical mile per hour.
Cedric claimed his beat-up old yacht could make 20 knots, if he would just make a few repairs, but we figured he was pulling our leg.
  1. Either of two species of small wading birds, the red knot (Calidris canutus) and the great knot (Calidris tenuirostris).
  2. The whorl left in lumber by the base of a branch growing out of the tree's trunk.
When preparing to tell stories at a campfire, I like to set aside a pile of pine logs with lots of knots, since they burn brighter and make dramatic pops and cracks.
  1. Local swelling in a tissue area, especially skin, often due to injury.
Jeremy had a on his head where he had bumped it on the bedframe.
  1. (nautical) One nautical mile per hour.
verb (knot, t, ing)
  1. To form into a knot.
She knotted the ends of the rope to keep it from unravelling.
  1. To form wrinkles in the forehead, as a sign of concentration, concern, surprise, etc.
She knotted her brow in concentration as she attempted to unravel the tangled strands.
kohl Tweet Definition of kohl Like Definition of kohl on Facebook
  1. A dark powder (stibnite) used as eye makeup, especially in Eastern countries.

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