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india rubber Tweet Definition of india rubber Like Definition of india rubber on Facebook
noun India rubber
  1. The latex obtained from certain trees, especially those of the genera Hevea and Ficus
  2. The rubber made from this latex
inexpressible Tweet Definition of inexpressible Like Definition of inexpressible on Facebook
  1. Unable to be expresssed.
She felt contempt for her attackers.
inro Tweet Definition of inro Like Definition of inro on Facebook
noun (inro)
  1. A small decorative box, hung from the sash of a kimono, for holding small objects
insertion Tweet Definition of insertion Like Definition of insertion on Facebook
  1. the act of inserting, or something inserted
  1. (anatomy) the point of attachment of a muscle to a bone
  2. (genetics) the addition of a nucleotide to a chromosome by mutation
instep Tweet Definition of instep Like Definition of instep on Facebook
  1. The arched part of the top of the foot between the toes and the ankle.
  2. A section of any footwear covering that part of the foot.
interline Tweet Definition of interline Like Definition of interline on Facebook
  1. (transport) : between (or with) two airlines
  • TWA and British Airways have an agreement to handle each other's baggage and to accept each other's tickets.
  • I had an connection from Delta to AA in Dallas/Ft. Worth.
    intimate Tweet Definition of intimate Like Definition of intimate on Facebook
    1. A very close friend.
    Only a couple of intimates had ever read his writing.
    1. (in plural intimates) Women's underwear, sleepwear, or lingerie, especially offered for sale in a store.
    You'll find bras and panties in the women's intimates section upstairs.
    1. Closely acquainted; familiar.
    ''He and his sister deeply valued their relationship as they didn't have much else to live for.
    1. Of or involved in a sexual relationship.
    She enjoyed some time alone with her husband.
    1. Personal, private.
    an friend
    an setting
    Inverness Tweet Definition of Inverness Like Definition of Inverness on Facebook
    1. a type of cloak without sleeves and having a removable cape
    proper noun 
    1. A city in Scotland
    2. Any of several cities in the United States and Canada (and one county in Nova Scotia, Canada), named after the Scottish city

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