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WA Tweet Definition of WA Like Definition of WA on Facebook
  1. Washington, a state of the United States of America.
  2. (netball) wing attack
  1. Western Australia
wage Tweet Definition of wage Like Definition of wage on Facebook
  1. an amount of money paid to a worker for a specified quantity of Wikipedia:Labour (economics), work, usually expressed on an hourly basis.
verb (wag, ing)
  1. to conduct or carry out.
to war
waitstaff Tweet Definition of waitstaff Like Definition of waitstaff on Facebook
  1. Collectively, staff employed to wait at tables in a restaurant.
Wall Street Tweet Definition of Wall Street Like Definition of Wall Street on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The physical street in lower Manhattan and the financial institutions located (or formerly located) there.
  2. (idiom): American financial markets and financial institutions as a whole.
warehouse Tweet Definition of warehouse Like Definition of warehouse on Facebook
  1. A place for store, storing large amounts of products (wares). In logistics, a place where products go to from the manufacturer before going to the retailer.
verb (warehouses, warehousing, warehoused, warehoused)
  1. To store, as in a warehouse.
warehouseman Tweet Definition of warehouseman Like Definition of warehouseman on Facebook
noun (warehouse, men)
  1. a person who manages, or works in a warehouse
warrant Tweet Definition of warrant Like Definition of warrant on Facebook
  1. authorization, Authorization or certification; sanction, as given by a superior.
  2. Something that provides assurance or confirmation; a guarantee or proof: a warrant of authenticity; a warrant for success.
He almost gives his failings as a for his greatness (Garry Wills).
  1. An order that serves as authorization, especially: A voucher authorizing payment or receipt of money.
  2. A judicial writ authorizing an officer to make a search, seizure, or arrest or to execute a judgment.
  3. A warrant officer.
  4. A certificate of appointment given to a warrant officer.
verb (warrants, warranting, warranted)
  1. Justification for an action or a belief; grounds; to guarantee.
Circumstances arose that warranted the use of lethal force.
That tree is going to fall, I'll .
warranty Tweet Definition of warranty Like Definition of warranty on Facebook
noun (warranties)
  1. Security; warrant; guarantee.
The stamp was a of the public. -Locke.
  1. (context, obsolete, law) A covenant real, whereby the grantor of an estate of freehold and his heirs were bound to warrant and defend the title, and, in case of eviction by title paramount, to yield other lands of equal value in recompense. This warranty has long singe become obsolete, and its place supplied by personal covenants for title. Among these is the covenant of warranty, which runs with the land, and is in the nature of a real covenant.
  2. An engagement or undertaking, express or implied, that a certain fact regarding the subject of a contract is, or shall be, as it is expressly or impliedly declared or promised to be. In sales of goods by persons in possession, there is an implied warranty of title, but, as to the quality of goods, the rule of every sale is, Caveat emptor.
  3. (context, insurance law) A stipulation or engagement by a party insured, that certain things, relating to the subject of insurance, or affecting the risk, exist, or shall exist, or have been done, or shall be done. These warranties, when express, should appear in the policy; but there are certain implied warranties.
  4. Justificatory mandate or precept; authority; warrant. R. Shak.
If they disobey precept, that is no excuse to us, nor gives us any . . . to disobey likewise. -Kettlewe.
verb (warrant, i, ed)
  1. To warrant; to guarantee.
washing Tweet Definition of washing Like Definition of washing on Facebook
noun (pl=washings, -)
  1. (uncountable) the action of the noun to wash
  2. (context, uncountable, UK) clothing, bed linen or soft furnishings that have been or are to be washed
    • My mother used to do the on a Monday
    • (context, countable, often in the plural) the residue after an ore, etc, has been washed
    • The washings have a higher concentration of metal
    • the liquid used to wash an ore
  1. (present participle of, wash)
water Tweet Definition of water Like Definition of water on Facebook
  1. (uncountable) A clear liquid potable by humans and animals; the chemical H<small>2</small>O.
  2. (context, sometimes, countable) Mineral water.
Perrier is the most popular in this restaurant.
  1. (context, countable, often in plural) spa, Spa water.
Many people visit Bath to take the waters.
  1. (alchemy) One of the four basic elements.
  2. (context, India and Japan) One of the five basic elements (see w:Classical_element, Wikipedia article on the Classical elements).
  3. (context, in plural) A sea belonging to particular country.
The boat was found in within the territorial waters.
  1. (context, in plural) Any body of water, such as a river or a lake.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. "Psalms 23:2
  1. (colloquial) urine, Urine.
  2. (context, UK, in plural) amniotic fluid.
Before the child is born, the pregnant woman"s waters break.
  1. (context, US, in singular) Amniotic fluid.
Before the child is born, the pregnant woman"s breaks.
  1. (context, in plural) A complex or difficult situation.
To fish in troubled waters.
To stir the waters.
  1. Awkward position or circumstance; trouble.
To get into deep .
To be in hot over ill-chosen words.
  1. (countable) A serving of water.
:: ''I would like to order a
  1. (transitive) To pour water into the soil surrounding (plants).
Sally watered the roses.
  1. (transitive) To provide (animals) with water.
I need to go the cattle.
  1. (context, transitive, colloquial) To urinate.
  2. (intransitive) (Of eyes) to fill with tears due to irritation, pain etc.
Chopping onions makes my eyes .
WD Tweet Definition of WD Like Definition of WD on Facebook
  1. Wheel Drive, as in: 4WD
  2. (netball) wing defence
weak Tweet Definition of weak Like Definition of weak on Facebook
adjective ((compar): weaker, (superl): weakest)
  1. Lacking in force or ability.
The child was too to move the boulder.
  1. dilute, Dilute, lacking in taste or potency.
We were served stale bread and tea.
  1. (context, grammar) regular, Regular in inflection, especially of verbs.
  2. (physics) One of the four fundamental forces associated with nuclear decay.
  3. (slang) bad, Bad or uncool (this place is weak).
  4. (context, Canada, slang) (rfv-sense) good, Good or cool ( we had a weak time ) slang in P.E.I., w:Canada, Canada.
wealth Tweet Definition of wealth Like Definition of wealth on Facebook
  1. A great amount; an abundance or plenty, usually of money.
She brings a of knowledge to the project.
  1. power, Power, of the kind associated with a great deal of money.
white-collar Tweet Definition of white-collar Like Definition of white-collar on Facebook
adjective (pos=white--collar, collar)
  1. Of or pertaining to office work and workers; contrasted with blue-collar.
  2. Pertaining to the culture of white-collar workers, as values, politics, etc.; contrasted with blue-collar.
wholesale Tweet Definition of wholesale Like Definition of wholesale on Facebook
  1. The sale of products, often in large quantities, to retailers or other merchants
  1. of, or relating to sale in large quantities, for resale
  2. extensive, indiscriminate, all-encompassing or blanket
    • The bombing resulted in destruction
  1. in bulk or large quantity
  2. indiscriminately
WI Tweet Definition of WI Like Definition of WI on Facebook
  1. Wisconsin, a state of the United States of America.
  2. Women's Institute.
wildcat strike Tweet Definition of wildcat strike Like Definition of wildcat strike on Facebook
  1. a labour strike that has not been authorized by the leaders of the union
wildcatter Tweet Definition of wildcatter Like Definition of wildcatter on Facebook
  1. Someone who drills for oil speculatively
  2. A worker who participates in a wildcat strike
  3. (firearms) person who makes wildcat ammunition and the guns that use them.
Roy Weatherby began his career in the firearms industry as a "wildcatter", developing his revolutionary ideas about rifle cartridge performance and design.
withhold Tweet Definition of withhold Like Definition of withhold on Facebook
verb (withholds, withholding, withheld, withheld or rarely, withholden)
  1. (transitive) To keep (a physical object that one has obtained) to oneself rather than giving it back to its owner.
  2. (transitive) To keep (information, etc) to oneself rather than revealing it.
  3. (transitive) To retain; to keep back; not to grant; as, to withhold assent to a proposition.
workweek Tweet Definition of workweek Like Definition of workweek on Facebook
  1. The range of days of the week that are normally worked
write-down Tweet Definition of write-down Like Definition of write-down on Facebook
  1. a depreciation, or a lowering in the price or value of something
write-off Tweet Definition of write-off Like Definition of write-off on Facebook
  1. (accounting) The cancellation of an item; the amount cancelled or lost
  2. Something that is now worthless (such as a car after an accident)
Finnish: romuttunut
verb (infl, en, verb, head=to write-off)
  1. To reduce an asset's book value to zero
  2. To amortize over a period
write-up Tweet Definition of write-up Like Definition of write-up on Facebook
  1. A written account of something, as a record
  2. An increase made to the book value of an asset that was previously undervalued
WW Tweet Definition of WW Like Definition of WW on Facebook
  1. World War
  2. Weight Watchers

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