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handle Tweet Definition of handle Like Definition of handle on Facebook
  1. A part of an object which is held in the hand when used or moved, as the haft of a sword, the knob of a door, the bail of a kettle, etc.
  2. That of which use is made; an instrument for effecting a purpose; a tool.
  3. The total amount of money taken in by a business within a given period of time.
  • The daily handle of a Las Vegas casino is typically millions of dollars.
    1. (topology) A topological space homeomorphic to a ball but viewed as a product of two lower-dimensional balls.
    2. (slang) A nickname or pseudonym.
    3. (AU , NZ) A 10 fl oz (285 ml) glass of beer in the Northern Territory. See also pot, middy for other regional variations.
verb (handles, handling, handled)
  1. (intransitive) To use the hands.
  • They have hands, but they not - ''Psalm 115:7
    1. To touch; to feel with the hand.
  • Handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh - Luke 24:39
    1. To use or hold with the hand.
  • About his altar, handling holy things - Milton
    1. To manage in using, as a spade or a musket; to wield; often, to manage skillfully.
  • That fellow handles his bow like a crowkeeper - Shakespeare, ''King Lear, IV-vi
    1. To accustom to the hand; to work upon, or take care of, with the hands.
  • The hardness of the winters forces the breeders to house and their colts six months every year - Sir W. Temple
    1. To receive and transfer; to have pass through one's hands; hence, to buy and sell; as, a merchant handles a variety of goods, or a large stock
    2. To deal with; to make a business of.
  • They that the law knew me not - ''Jeremiah, 2:8
    1. To treat; to use, well or ill.
  • How wert thou handled being prisoner - Shakespeare, Henry VI, Part I, I-iv
    1. To manage; to control; to practice skill upon.
  • You shall see how I'll her - Shakespeare, Measure for Measure, V-i
    1. To use or manage in writing or speaking; to treat, as a theme, an argument, or an objection.
  • We will what persons are apt to envy others - Bacon
    hedge Tweet Definition of hedge Like Definition of hedge on Facebook
    1. A thicket of bushes, usually thorn bushes; especially, such a thicket planted as a fence between any two portions of land; and also any sort of shrubbery, as evergreens, planted in a line or as a fence; particularly, such a thicket planted round a field to fence it, or in rows to separate the parts of a garden.
    2. (finance) Contract or arrangement reducing one's exposure to risk (for example the risk of price movements or interest rate movements).
    The commodity price boom is here to stay as money flows from the investment community are expected to surge because the asset class acts as a .
    verb (hedg, ing)
    1. To stonewall; to avoid answering question.
    Please stop hedging and just answer my question!
    hedge fund Tweet Definition of hedge fund Like Definition of hedge fund on Facebook
    1. Any unregistered investment fund, often characterised by unconventional strategy, strategies (i.e., strategies other than investing long only in bonds, equity, equities or money markets).
    hemorrhage Tweet Definition of hemorrhage Like Definition of hemorrhage on Facebook
    1. A heavy release of blood within or from the body.
      • We got news that Jónas died of a .
    holding Tweet Definition of holding Like Definition of holding on Facebook
    1. Something that one owns, especially stocks and bonds.
    1. (present participle of, hold)
    holding company Tweet Definition of holding company Like Definition of holding company on Facebook
    1. A company that owns enough voting stock in another firm to control management and operations by influencing or electing its board of directors
    Home Office Tweet Definition of Home Office Like Definition of Home Office on Facebook
    noun home, Home office, Office
    1. (British) The British government department responsible for internal affairs in England and Wales; headed by the Home Secretary
    honor Tweet Definition of honor Like Definition of honor on Facebook
    1. An objectification of praiseworthiness, respect. (I.e. something that represents praiseworthiness, respect.)
    2. The center point of the upper half of an armorial escutcheon.
    3. An ace, king, queen, jack, or ten especially of the trump suit in bridge.
    4. The privilege of playing first from the tee in golf.
    1. (transitive) To show respect for (a person).
    2. (transitive) To conform to, abide by, act in accordance with (an agreement, request, or the like).
    hospitalization Tweet Definition of hospitalization Like Definition of hospitalization on Facebook
    1. The hospitalizing of a patient, the condition of being hospitalized, or the period a patient stays in hospital.
    2. insurance, Insurance that pays a patient's expenses.
    House Tweet Definition of House Like Definition of House on Facebook
    proper noun the house, House
    1. The House of Representatives.

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