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TA Tweet Definition of TA Like Definition of TA on Facebook
  1. transportation, Transportation authority, Authority
  2. teaching, Teaching assistant, Assistant
  3. territorial, Territorial army, Army
tailor Tweet Definition of tailor Like Definition of tailor on Facebook
  1. A person who makes, repairs, or alters clothes professionally, especially suits and men's clothing.
  2. The fish Pomatomus saltatrix.
  1. (transitive) To make, repair, or alter clothes.
  2. (transitive) To restrict (something) in order to meet a particular need, e.g. a narrowly tailored law.
tallyman Tweet Definition of tallyman Like Definition of tallyman on Facebook
noun (tallymen)
  1. A person who keeps a tally of something
  2. A person who conducts the tally trade
Tanner Tweet Definition of Tanner Like Definition of Tanner on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. An occupational surname for a tanner.
  2. (given name, male), modern transferred use of the surname.
tantalus Tweet Definition of tantalus Like Definition of tantalus on Facebook
  1. A stork of the genus Mycteria (formerly Tantalus), especially the American wood ibis, Mycteria americana.
  2. A stand in which to lock up drink decanters while keeping them visible.
  • 1904: Yes, there was a containing brandy and whisky on the sea-chest. " Arthur Conan Doyle, "The Adventure of Black Peter" (Norton 2005, p.984)
    1. Something of an evasive or retreating nature, something consistently out of reach; a tantalising thing.
  • 1953: Over all, there brooded the shadow of his injuries and the of their slow healing. " Ian Fleming, Casino Royale (Penguin Classics 2004, p.149)
    tap Tweet Definition of tap Like Definition of tap on Facebook
    1. A device used to dispense liquids.
    We don't have bottled water, you'll have to get it from the .
    1. A device used to cut an internal screw thread. (External screw threads are cut with a die.)
    We drilled a hole and then cut the threads with the proper to match the valve's thread.
    1. A connection made to an electrical or fluid conductor without breaking it.
    The system was barely keeping pressure due to all of the ill advised taps along its length.
    verb (tapp, ing)
    1. To furnish with taps.
    2. on tap: To have something available; to open (a keg) with a .
    We have draft beer on tap.
    1. To access a resource or object.
    When he ran out of money, he decided to into his trust fund.
    1. To draw off liquid from a vessel
    He tapped a new barrel of beer.
    1. To place a listening or recording device on a telephone or wired connection
    They can't the phone without a warrant.
    1. To intercept a communication without authority.
    He was known to Cable TV and satellite dishes.
    1. (context, mechanical) To cut an internal screw thread.
    Tap an M3 thread all the way through the hole.
    1. (slang) To have sexual intercourse with.
    I would tap that hot girl over there. or, more informally, I'd tap that
    tattoo Tweet Definition of tattoo Like Definition of tattoo on Facebook
    1. An image made in the skin with ink and a needle
    2. A method of decorating the skin by inserting colored substances under the surface. The skin is punctured with a sharp instrument, which now is usually a solenoid-driven needle, that carries the inks to lower layers of the skin.
    verb (tattoos, tattooing, tattooed, tattoed)
    1. To apply a tattoo to (someone or something)
    2. (baseball) To hit the ball hard, as if to figuratively leave a tattoo on the ball of the reverse image of the label of the bat
    Jones tattoos one into the gap in left; that will clear the bases.
    TEA Tweet Definition of TEA Like Definition of TEA on Facebook
    1. (N.Ireland) Training and employment agency
    Ted Tweet Definition of Ted Like Definition of Ted on Facebook
    1. (colloquial) A Teddy boy.
    proper noun 
    1. (given name, male)
    teg Tweet Definition of teg Like Definition of teg on Facebook
    1. a sheep (originally a ewe) between the ages of 1 and 2 years old
    tell Tweet Definition of tell Like Definition of tell on Facebook
    1. A give away sign, especially one used in the game of poker.
    verb (tells, telling, told)
    1. (context, transitive, or, ditransitive) To narrate.
    I want to a story.
    I want to you a story.
    1. (transitive) To pass information by speech.
    You should her that you love her.
    1. (transitive) To instruct or inform.
    Tell him to go away.
    Please me the time.
    1. (intransitive) To discern, notice, identify or distinguish.
    Can you whether those flowers are real or silk, from this distance?
    1. (intransitive) To have a marked effect
    The mace dealt a telling blow to his right shoulder.
    1. To count or enumerate (see teller)
    templar Tweet Definition of templar Like Definition of templar on Facebook
    1. A barrister having chambers in the w:Inner Temple, Inner Temple or w:Middle Temple, Middle Temple
    temple Tweet Definition of temple Like Definition of temple on Facebook
    1. The region of the skull on either side of the forehead.
    2. A building for worship.
    "A temple of Zeus."
    1. (often capitalized) The Jewish temple of Jerusalem, first built by Solomon.
    2. (French), Sometimes used to describe a protestant church in French-speaking nations.
    3. Something regarded as holding religious presence.
    4. Something of importance; something attended to.
    My body is my temple.
    1. (Ophthalmology) Either of the sidepieces on a set of spectacles, extending backwards from the hinge toward the ears and, usually, turning down around them.
    2. (obsolete) a body
    tenement Tweet Definition of tenement Like Definition of tenement on Facebook
    1. a building that is rented to multiple tenants, especially a low-rent, run-down one
    2. any form of property that is held by one person from another, rather than being owned
    term Tweet Definition of term Like Definition of term on Facebook
    1. A limitation, restriction or regulation.
    terms and conditions
    1. A word or phrase, especially one from a specialised area of knowledge.
    2. relation, Relations among people.
    We are on friendly terms with each other.
    1. A part of a year, especially one of the three parts of an academic year in Britain; Michaelmas term, Lent term or Easter term, the equivalent to the American semester.
    2. (math) One of the addends in a sum
    All of these terms cancel out.
    1. a duration of a set length; a period in office of fixed length.
    He was sentenced to a of six years in prison.
    near-, mid- and long- goals
    1. To phrase a certain way, especially with an unusual wording.
    Test Tweet Definition of Test Like Definition of Test on Facebook
    1. (cricket) (sometimes test) a Test match
    threepence Tweet Definition of threepence Like Definition of threepence on Facebook
    1. (uncountable) The amount of money equal to that of three penny, pennies (old or new).
    2. (countable) A former (pre-decimalisation) British coin worth three old penny, old pennies.
    throstle Tweet Definition of throstle Like Definition of throstle on Facebook
    1. A song thrush.
    2. A machine for spinning wool, cotton, etc., from the rove, consisting of a set of drawing rollers with bobbins and flyers, and differing from the mule in having the twisting apparatus stationary and the processes continuous; -- so called because it makes a singing noise. (webster)
    tick Tweet Definition of tick Like Definition of tick on Facebook
    1. (context, fauna) A tiny woodland arthropod of the order Acarina.
    2. a mark ((unicode, �)) made to indicate agreement, correctness or acknowledgement; checkmark
    Indicate that you are willing to receive marketing material by putting a in the box
    1. sheet that wraps around a mattress.
    2. A relatively quiet but sharp sound generally made repeatedly by moving machinery.
    The steady of the clock provided a comforting background for the conversation.
    1. (trading) The minimum increment in which prices are quoted for a given instrument.
    At midday, the long bond is up a .
    1. (colloquial) A short period of time, particularly a second.
    I'll be back in a .
    1. (context, UK, colloquial) short for 'ticket'. Credit, trust.
    I bought my groceries at the corner shop on .
    1. To make a clicking noise similar to the movement of the hands in an analog clock.
    2. To make a tick mark.
    tickety-boo Tweet Definition of tickety-boo Like Definition of tickety-boo on Facebook
    1. (informal) correct, satisfactory
    tin Tweet Definition of tin Like Definition of tin on Facebook
    1. (context, uncountable, element) A malleable, ductile, metallic element, resistant to corrosion, with atomic number 50 and symbol Sn.
    2. (context, British, countable) An airtight container, made of tin or another metal, used to preserve food.
    3. (countable) A metal pan used for baking, roasting, etc.
    verb (tin, n, ing)
    1. (transitive) To place into a tin in order to preserve.
    2. (transitive) To cover with tin.
    3. (transitive) To coat with solder in preparation for soldering.
    1. Made of tin.
    tinned Tweet Definition of tinned Like Definition of tinned on Facebook
    1. (past of, tin)
    1. Coated, or plated with tin.
    2. Packed in a tin can; canned.
    tire Tweet Definition of tire Like Definition of tire on Facebook
    noun (US & Canadian spelling)
    1. (context, US, Canadian English) The rubber covering on a wheel.
    verb (tir, ing)
    1. (intransitive) To become sleepy or weary.
    2. (transitive) To make sleepy or weary.
    3. (transitive) To dress or adorn.
    titbit Tweet Definition of titbit Like Definition of titbit on Facebook
    1. a small amount; a tidbit
    titfer Tweet Definition of titfer Like Definition of titfer on Facebook
    noun (plural titfers)
    1. (Cockney rhyming slang) A hat.
    titre Tweet Definition of titre Like Definition of titre on Facebook
    1. (analytical chemistry) The strength or concentration of a solution that has been determined by titration.
    toffee-nosed Tweet Definition of toffee-nosed Like Definition of toffee-nosed on Facebook
    1. snobbish, condescending or aloof
    trip Tweet Definition of trip Like Definition of trip on Facebook
    1. a journey
    2. a stumble
    3. period of experiencing drug-induced hallucinations
    4. a faux pas, a social error, see tripping
    verb (trips, tripping, tripped)
    1. to fall over or stumble over something with your feet.
    2. to activate or set in motion. (This usage is usually associated with the activation of a trap or explosive device. See tripwire.)
    3. to use drugs that induce hallucinations, particularly LSD
    trolley Tweet Definition of trolley Like Definition of trolley on Facebook
    noun (pl=trollies, pl2=trolleys)
    1. A streetcar.
    2. (context, US, colloquial) A light rail.
    3. A cart or shopping cart.
    4. A hand-truck.
    5. A Soapbox (car), soapbox car.
    6. A gurney.
    7. an abundance of trolls.
    verb (trolleys, trolleying, trolleyed or trollied)
    1. To bring to by trolley.
    2. To use a trolley vehicle to go from one place to another.
    trug Tweet Definition of trug Like Definition of trug on Facebook
    1. (context, mostly, UK) A shallow, oval basket used for gardening
    tub Tweet Definition of tub Like Definition of tub on Facebook
    1. A broad, open, flat-bottomed vessel used for storing or packing things, or for washing things in.
    2. The contents or capacity of such a vessel.
    3. A bathtub.
    4. (context, nautical, informal) A slow-moving craft.
    verb (tub, b, ed)
    1. To pack or store something in a tub.
    2. To bathe.
    Tube Tweet Definition of Tube Like Definition of Tube on Facebook
    proper noun 
    1. (informal) The London Underground
    tuck Tweet Definition of tuck Like Definition of tuck on Facebook
    1. (slang) snack food. Derived from the expression "to tuck in food" meaning "to eat up", "to guzzle".
    2. A curled position.
    1. to push in one material under another - as in "tuck in your shirt" or "I tucked in my shirt" etc
    2. to eat food
    3. to curl into a ball; to fold up and hold one's legs.
    The diver tucked, flipped, and opened up at the last moment.
    Tucker Tweet Definition of Tucker Like Definition of Tucker on Facebook
    proper noun 
    1. A south-western English occupational surname; equivalent to Fuller.
    2. (given name, male), modern transferred use of the surname.
    tump Tweet Definition of tump Like Definition of tump on Facebook
    1. (context, regional, rare) A mound or hillock.
    • 1974, The island was two rocks grey as twilight between which a of iron loam ribbed with flint bore a stand of fir and spruce. " Guy Davenport, Tatlin!
    tunic Tweet Definition of tunic Like Definition of tunic on Facebook
    1. A garment worn over the torso.
    tuppence Tweet Definition of tuppence Like Definition of tuppence on Facebook
    1. (context, UK, informal, dated) Two penny, pence (in pre- or post-decimalisation currency).
      Milk has gone up to ha'penny a pint.
      • 1909, w:William Wymark Jacobs, W. W. Jacobs, "Prize Money," in Sailor's Knots,
      • :In less than four days twenty-three men had paid their tuppences to Henery, who 'ad been made the seckitary.
    turn Tweet Definition of turn Like Definition of turn on Facebook
    1. A change of direction or orientation.
    Give the handle a , then pull it.
    1. A movement of an object about its own axis in one direction that continues until the object returns to its initial orientation.
    2. A single loop of a coil.
    3. A chance to use (something) shared in sequence with others.
    They took turns playing with the new toy.
    1. One's chance to make a move in a game having two or more players.
    2. A figure in music, often denoted ~, consisting of the note above the one indicated, the note itself, the note below the one indicated, and the note itself again.
    3. (also turnaround) The time required to complete a project.
    They quote a three-day on parts like those.
    1. A fit or a period of giddiness.
    I've had a funny turn.
    1. A change in temperament or circumstance.
    She took a for the worse.
    1. (cricket) A sideways movement of the ball when it bounces (caused by rotation in flight)
    2. (poker) The fourth communal card in Texas hold 'em.
    3. (context, poker, obsolete) The flop (the first three community cards) in Texas hold 'em
    4. (context, electricity) the basic coil element that forms a single conducting loop comprised of one insulated conductor.
    1. (intransitive) Of a body, person, etc, to move around an axis through itself.
    the Earth turns
    on the spot
    1. (transitive) To change the direction or orientation of.
    Turn the knob clockwise.
    1. (intransitive) To change one's direction of travel.
    Turn right here.
    1. (transitive) To position (something) by folding it.
    Turn the bed covers.
    1. (transitive) To become.
    The leaves brown in autumn.
    When I asked him for the money, he turned nasty.
    1. To rebel; to go against something formerly tolerated.
    The prisoners turned on the warden.
    1. (transitive) To shape (something) symmetrically by rotating it against a stationary cutting tool, as on a lathe.
    She turned the table legs with care and precision.
    1. (intransitive) To sour or spoil; to go bad.
    This milk has turned; it smells awful.
    1. (italbrac, usually with over) To complete.
    They say they can the parts in two days.
    1. (context, transitive, cricket) Of a bowler, to make (the ball) move sideways off the pitch when it bounces.
    2. (context, intransitive, cricket) Of a ball, to move sideways off the pitch when it bounces.
    3. (context, professional wrestling, intransitive) To change personalities, such as from being a face (good guy) to heel (bad guy) or vice versa.
    turnup Tweet Definition of turnup Like Definition of turnup on Facebook
    1. The cuff on a trouser leg that is, or can be turned up.
      • ''Why does all this fluff acumulate in the turnups?
        1. The next card taken from the top of a pack of cards and displayed.
      • I'll bet 10$ that the next turn-up is an ace.
    Twister Tweet Definition of Twister Like Definition of Twister on Facebook
    proper noun (wikipedia, Twister (game))
    1. A party game that requires several players on a single matt to straddle four colored rows of dots in random positions without falling.
    twopence Tweet Definition of twopence Like Definition of twopence on Facebook
    1. (British) A bronze British coin worth two pennies
    2. (British) A cost or value of two pennies
    3. (British) (by extension) A small amount or value
    Tyne Tweet Definition of Tyne Like Definition of Tyne on Facebook
    proper noun 
    1. A river in the county of Tyne and Wear in north east England. The city of Newcastle upon Tyne is found upon its northern bank and Gateshead is found upon its southern bank.
    Tyre Tweet Definition of Tyre Like Definition of Tyre on Facebook
    proper noun 
    1. A sea port and city state of Phoenecia in biblical times in the present day Lebanon.
    thrash Tweet Definition of thrash Like Definition of thrash on Facebook
    noun (uncountable)
    1. A particularly aggressive and intense form of heavy metal music with a focus on speed, technical precision, and alternate picking.
    verb (thrashes, thrashing, thrashed)
    1. To beat mercilessly.
    2. To defeat utterly.
    tinker's cuss Tweet Definition of tinker Like Definition of tinker
    1. (context, UK, slang) A tinker's damn.
    ton Tweet Definition of ton Like Definition of ton on Facebook
    1. A unit of weight (mass) equal to 2240 pounds (a long ton) or 2000 pounds (a short ton) or 1000 kilograms (a metric ton).
    2. A unit of volume; register ton.
    3. In refrigeration and air conditioning, a unit of power required to cool one ton of water by 1 °F every 10 minutes, equal to 12,000 Btu/h (3.517 kilowatts).
    4. (colloquial; also in plural tons) A large amount.
    I"ve got a ton of work to do.
    1. (slang) A speed of 100 mile per hour, miles per hour.
    2. (slang) One hundred pound sterling, pounds sterling.
    3. (cricket) One hundred runs.

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