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kafir Tweet Definition of kafir Like Definition of kafir on Facebook
noun (pl=kuffar)
  1. (Islam) infidel, Infidel, pagan, non-believer; a non-Muslim aside from ahl al-kitab (Christians, Jews, etc.).
  2. (Islam) Infidel, pagan, non-believer; any non-Muslim.<ref>Shaykh Al-Islam ibn Taymiyyah (Rahimullah) v27 p264: "Whosoever does not forbid people from the deen of the Jews and Christians after the prophethood of the messenger Muhammad (saw) nor declares them kafir nor hates them, he is not a Muslim by the consensus of ALL Muslims, their scholars and the general public."</ref>
keel Tweet Definition of keel Like Definition of keel on Facebook
  1. A large beam along the underside of a ship's hull from bow to stern.
  2. Sometimes, a rigid, flat piece of material anchored to the lowest part of the hull of a ship to it greater control and stability.
  3. Something similar to chalk or crayon used to mark pavement.
kick Tweet Definition of kick Like Definition of kick on Facebook
  1. A hit or strike with the leg or foot or knee.
A to the knee.
  1. The action of swinging a foot or leg.
The ballerina did a high and a leap.
  1. (colloquial) Something that tickles the fancy; something fun or amusing.
I finally saw the show. What a !
I think I sprained something on my latest exercise .
  1. (internet) The removal of a person from an online activity.
  2. (figurative) Any bucking motion of an object that lacks legs or feet.
The car had a nasty the whole way.
The pool ball took a wild , up off the table.
verb (kicks, kicking, kicked, kicked)
  1. To strike or hit with, or raise one's foot or leg.
Did you your brother?
He enjoyed the simple pleasure of watching the kickline .
  1. (transitive) To direct to a particular place by a blow with the foot or leg.
Kick the ball into the goal.
  1. (internet) To remove a participant from an online activity.
He was kicked by "chanserv" for flooding.
  1. (context, music, in drumming) Pertaining to the foot, activated by a pedal, usually where a hit is caused by a pedal, as in kick-drum, double-kick, etc..
kind Tweet Definition of kind Like Definition of kind on Facebook
  1. A type, race, or category; a group of entities that have common characteristics such that they may be grouped together.
What of a car do you drive?
What of a person are you?
This is a strange of tobacco.
  1. A makeshift or otherwise atypical specimen.
The opening served as a of window.
  1. (idiom) In goods or services rather than money (as in pay in kind).
  2. (idiom) By the same means (as in I'll pay in kind for his insult).
  3. (idiom) quite, Quite, rather, somewhat (as in He was kind of surprised.).
  1. Showing benevolence.
  2. favorable, Favorable.
kiosk Tweet Definition of kiosk Like Definition of kiosk on Facebook
  1. A small enclosed structure, often freestanding, open on one side or with a window, used as a booth to sell newspapers, tobacco, etc.
  2. A similar unattended stand for the automatic dispensation of tickets etc
  3. A Turkish garden pavillion
kissing gate Tweet Definition of kissing gate Like Definition of kissing gate on Facebook
  1. a small gate, used instead of a stile at the boundary of a field, that swings in a V-shaped enclosure and touches (kisses) each of two gateposts, allowing one person at a time to pass through
KIT Tweet Definition of KIT Like Definition of KIT on Facebook
  1. Keep In Touch
knacker Tweet Definition of knacker Like Definition of knacker on Facebook
  1. One who makes knickknacks, toys, etc.
  2. One of two or more pieces of bone or wood held loosely between the fingers, and struck together by moving the hand; -- called also clapper.
  3. a harness maker.
  4. One who slaughters worn-out livestock (especially horses) and sells their flesh, bones and hides.
1933: After a few years even the whip loses its virtue, and the pony goes to the . -- George Orwell, Down and Out in Paris and London, Ch. XXII, pg. 117-118 (Harvest / Harcourt paperback edition).
  1. One who dismantles old ships, houses etc. and sells their components.
  2. (In Ireland and Britain) Offensive name for a member of the Travelling Community; gypsies.
  3. (In Ireland) Slang term with same meaning as 'chav', 'skanger' or 'scobe'.
  1. To tire out, become exhausted
Carrying that giant statue up those stairs knackered me out
knap Tweet Definition of knap Like Definition of knap on Facebook
verb (knaps, knapping, knapped)
  1. (transitive) To shape a hard, brittle material (usually flint or obsidian) by breaking away sections, often forming a sharp edge or point. Distinguished from "carve" by the fact that each fracture goes through the entire work piece, and from "cleave" by curved or conchoid fractures (due to the work piece not being a single crystal).
Knight Tweet Definition of Knight Like Definition of Knight on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. an English status surname for someone who was a mounted soldier
knock Tweet Definition of knock Like Definition of knock on Facebook
  1. An abrupt rapping sound, as from an impact of a hard object against wood
I heard a on my door.
  1. An impact.
He took a on the head.
  1. (rfv-sense) the act of hitting a tennis ball with a partner for warm up purposes
  2. (cricket) a batsman's innings.
He played a slow but sure of 35.
  1. To rap one's knuckles against something, especially wood.
Knock on the door and find out if they're home.
  1. To bump or impact.
I knocked against the table and bruised my leg.
  1. (rfv-sense) To hit a tennis ball with a practice partner to warm up before a match.
  2. (colloquial) To denigrate, undervalue.
Don't it until you've tried it.
  1. (rfv-sense) (colloquial) To feature a loud bass section.
komatik Tweet Definition of komatik Like Definition of komatik on Facebook
  1. A rawhide-lashed sledge with wooden crossbars and runners used by the Inuit people.
Kop Tweet Definition of Kop Like Definition of Kop on Facebook
  1. a terrace at a football ground, originally for standing spectators, though all-seater stadia have been mandatory for larger UK clubs since 1994
kopje Tweet Definition of kopje Like Definition of kopje on Facebook
Kylie Tweet Definition of Kylie Like Definition of Kylie on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (given name, female), originally popular in Australia, and now popular elsewhere in the English-speaking world because of w:Kylie Minogue, Kylie Minogue.
kip Tweet Definition of kip Like Definition of kip on Facebook
  1. (context, colloquial, informal) sleep, Sleep, snooze, nap, forty winks, doze, siesta.
    • I"m just going for my afternoon .
      1. (obsolete) Piece of flat wood used to throw the coins in a game of two-up.
      2. Very untidy house or room.
      3. A unit of force equal to 1000 pounds-force (lbf) (4.44822 kilonewtons or 4448.22 newtons) or sometimes equal to 1000 avoirdupois pounds.
      4. (context, gymnastics) A move or maneuver from below the equipment to above it.
      5. The unit of currency in Laos, divided into 100 att, symbol �.
verb (kip, p, ing)
  1. To sleep.
    • Don"t worry, I"ll on the sofabed.
knackered Tweet Definition of knackered Like Definition of knackered on Facebook
  1. (United Kingdom English slang) extremely tired or exhausted
knees-up Tweet Definition of knees-up Like Definition of knees-up on Facebook
noun Knees-up
  1. (archaic) A party
knickers Tweet Definition of knickers Like Definition of knickers on Facebook
  1. (plurale tantum) (british) woman, Women's panties.
  2. (obsolete) knickerbockers

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