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Baal Tweet Definition of Baal Like Definition of Baal on Facebook
proper noun (Baal, im, -)
  1. (mythology) the supreme male deity of the Phoenician and Canaanitish pantheons; a Mediterranean fertility deity whose worship was characterised by the sexual acts of his followers during periodic rituals, along with occasional human sacrifice and frequent temple prostitution, worshipped as far back as 1400 BCE
  2. (Biblical, plural) the whole class of divinities to whom the name Baal was applied.
  3. (biblical) one of the fallen angels of Satan.
bag Tweet Definition of bag Like Definition of bag on Facebook
  1. A flexible container made of cloth, paper, plastic, etc.
  2. One"s preference.
Acid House is not my , I prefer the more traditional styles of music.
  1. (derogatory) An ugly woman.
  2. (baseball) First, second, or third base.
He headed back to the .
  1. (baseball) The cloth-covered pillow used for first, second, and third base.
''The grounder hit the and bounced over the fielder"s head.
  1. (context, preceded by "the") A breathalyzer device, so named because it formerly had a plastic bag over the end to measure a set amount of breath.
verb (bag, g, ing)
  1. To put into a bag.
  2. To catch or kill, especially when fishing or hunting.
We bagged three deer yesterday.
  1. To gain possession of something, or to make first claim on something.
  2. (context, slang, w:AAVE, African American Vernacular English) To be caught by the police.
  3. (context, slang, w:AAVE, African American Vernacular English) To bring a woman one met on the street with one.
  4. (context, slang, w:AAVE, African American Vernacular English) To laugh uncontrollably.
  5. (context, AU, slang) To criticise sarcastically.
  6. (context, medical) To provide artificial ventilation with a bag valve mask (BVM) resuscitator.
bait Tweet Definition of bait Like Definition of bait on Facebook
  1. Any substance, especially food, used in catching fish, or other animals, by alluring them to a hook, snare, trap, or net.
  2. Anything which allure, allures; a lure; enticement; temptation.
  3. A portion of food or drink, as a refreshment taken on a journey; also, a stop for rest and refreshment.
  4. A light or hasty luncheon.
  1. To attract fish or other animals in order to catch them.
  2. The act to worry or torment a chained or confined animal by setting dogs upon it for sport.
  3. To intentionally annoy, torment, or threaten by constant rebukes or threats.
bally Tweet Definition of bally Like Definition of bally on Facebook
  1. Used as a mild intensifier: very.
That was a foolish thing to do, old chap!
bandy Tweet Definition of bandy Like Definition of bandy on Facebook
  1. (sports) A winter sport played on ice, from which ice hockey has developed.
verb (bandies, bandying, bandied, bandied)
  1. To give and receive reciprocally; to exchange.
to words (with somebody)
  1. To use or pass about casually.
to have one"s name bandied about (or around)
  1. bowlegged, Bowlegged, or bending outward at the knees; as in bandy legged.
bang Tweet Definition of bang Like Definition of bang on Facebook
  1. A sudden percussive noise.
When he struck it with a hammer, there was a loud .
  1. A strike upon an object causing such a noise.
  2. An explosion.
  3. (especially plural) A fringe of hair cut across the forehead. (British: fringe)
Tiffany has long hair and bangs.
1902: She was not much to look at. Her red hair hung in an uncurled bang over her forehead — w:Barbara Baynton, Barbara Baynton, short story Squeaker's Mate (variously reprinted, including in The Penguin Century of Australian Stories, ed. Carmel Bird, 2000, ISBN 0-670-89233-5)
  1. The symbol !, known as an exclamation point.
An e-mail address with an ! is called a path.
  1. (math) A factorial, in mathematics, because the factorial of n is often written as n!
  2. (figuratively) An act of sexual intercourse.
  3. plural: Brucellosis, a bacterial disease (a corruption of the alternate name "Bang's disease")
  4. An offbeat figure typical of reggae songs and played on guitar and piano.
  5. (slang) An explosive product, in mining
Load the bang into the hole.
  1. (slang) An abrupt left turn, in Boston slang; the opposite of this, an abrupt right turn, is a hang
verb (bangs, banging, banged)
  1. To make sudden loud noises, and often repeatedly, especially by exploding or hitting something.
The fireworks banged away all through the night.
  1. (slang, figuratively) To engage in sexual intercourse.
  2. (i, with "in") To hammer or to hit anything hard.
Hold the picture while I in this nail.
Bank Holiday Tweet Definition of Bank Holiday Like Definition of Bank Holiday on Facebook
noun or bank holiday (plural Bank Holidays or bank holidays)
  1. (context, mainly, UK) In Great Britain and some other countries, a weekday, often a Monday, on which banks were traditionally closed and granted to workers as a national holiday.
barmy Tweet Definition of barmy Like Definition of barmy on Facebook
adjective (barm)
  1. (context, rare) containing barm, i.e. froth from fermented yeast
  2. (context, mainly, Commonwealth English) dotty, goofy, wacko.
2004: The movie is sweet enough in its way... -- Roger Ebert
barnacle Tweet Definition of barnacle Like Definition of barnacle on Facebook
  1. A marine crustacean of the subclass Cirripedia that attaches itself to submerged surfaces such as tidal rocks or the bottoms of ships.
  2. The barnacle goose.
  3. (obsolete) An instrument like a pair of pincers, to fix on the nose of a vicious horse while shoeing so as to make it more tractable.
  4. (context, archaic, UK) A nickname for spectacles.
  5. (context, slang, obsolete) A good job, or snack easily obtained.
barrack Tweet Definition of barrack Like Definition of barrack on Facebook
  1. (military) A building for soldiers, especially when in garrison. Commonly in the plural, originally meaning temporary huts, but now usually applied to a permanent structure or set of buildings.
  • He lodged in a miserable hut or , composed of dry branches and thatched with straw. - Gibbon.
    1. (local, United States, U.S.) A movable roof sliding on four posts, to cover hay, straw, etc.
    2. (Ireland,Colloquial, usually plural) the police station.
  1. To house military personnel; to quarter
  2. (context, Australian English, New Zealand English) to cheer on a team etc
  3. (British) to jeer
barrow Tweet Definition of barrow Like Definition of barrow on Facebook
  1. A mound of earth and stones raised over a grave or graves.
bat Tweet Definition of bat Like Definition of bat on Facebook
  1. Any of the small, nocturnal, flying mammals of the order Chiroptera, which navigate by means of echolocation. They look like a mouse with membranous wings extending from the forelimbs to the hind limbs or tail. Altogether, there are about 1.000 bat species in the world.
  2. (context, offensive) An old woman.
  3. (1811) A low whore: so called from moving out like a bat in the dusk of the evening.
verb (bats, batting, batted)
  1. (transitive) to hit with a bat.
  2. (intransitive) to take a turn at hitting a ball with a bat in sports like cricket, baseball and softball, as opposed to fielding.
  3. (intransitive) to strike or swipe as though with a bat
The cat batted at the toy.
bathe Tweet Definition of bathe Like Definition of bathe on Facebook
verb (bath, ing)
  1. to take a bath or clean using water.
beanfeast Tweet Definition of beanfeast Like Definition of beanfeast on Facebook
  1. (context, mostly, UK) A dinner party given to the employees of a firm.
  2. (context, mostly, UK) Any similar social occasion.
beastly Tweet Definition of beastly Like Definition of beastly on Facebook
  1. Pertaining to, or having the form, nature, or habits of a beast.
  2. Characterizing the nature of a beast; contrary to the nature and dignity of man; brutal; filthy.
  3. Abominable; as, beastly weather.
beetle Tweet Definition of beetle Like Definition of beetle on Facebook
  1. Any of numerous species of insect in the order Coleoptera characterized by a pair of hard, shell-like, front wings which cover and protect a pair of rear wings when at rest.
  2. A type of mallet with a large wooden head.
  3. Nickname of two models of car made by w:Volkswagen, Volkswagen.
beetroot Tweet Definition of beetroot Like Definition of beetroot on Facebook
  1. A normally deep red coloured cultivar of the beet. A root vegetable usually cooked or pickled before eating.
bent Tweet Definition of bent Like Definition of bent on Facebook
  1. An inclination or talent.
He had a natural bent for painting.
  1. A predisposition to act or react in a particular way.
His mind was of a technical bent.
  1. (past of, bend)
  1. Of something that is usually straight: folded.
  2. (context, slang, derogatory, mostly, UK) Homosexual.
  3. determined, Determined or insistent.
He was on going to Texas, but not even he could say why.
  1. Of a person leading a life of crime.
  2. (context, slang, football) inaccurate at shooting
betting shop Tweet Definition of betting shop Like Definition of betting shop on Facebook
  1. (context, mostly, UK) the premises of a bookmaker, where people may place bets, watch horse races etc on television, and collect their winnings
bicentenary Tweet Definition of bicentenary Like Definition of bicentenary on Facebook
noun (bicentenaries)
  1. a two-hundred year anniversary
big Tweet Definition of big Like Definition of big on Facebook
adjective (bigg, er)
  1. Of a great size; large; the weakest sense of great size.
Elephants are animals, and they eat a lot.
  1. (colloquial) Adult.
Kids should get help from people if they want to use the kitchen.
  1. (colloquial) fat, Fat.
Gosh, she is big!
  1. important, Important or significant.
What's so about that? I do it all the time.
  1. popular, Popular.
That style is very right now in Europe, especially among teenagers.
  1. (colloquial) (construed with on) enthusiastic, Enthusiastic (about).
I'm not on the idea, but if you want to go ahead with it, I won't stop you.
  1. Of an industry or other field: Thought to have undue influence.
There were concerns about the ethics of science.
Bill Tweet Definition of Bill Like Definition of Bill on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (given name, male), diminutive of William.
  2. (context, UK, slang) A nickname for the British constabulary. Often called "The Bill" or "Old Bill"
  3. (context, US, slang) One Hundred Dollars.
billabong Tweet Definition of billabong Like Definition of billabong on Facebook
  1. (Australian English) A stagnant pool of water.
  2. A streambed that is only filled with water during the rainy season.
  3. A channel that dead-ends which extends from the main part of a river.
  4. An oxbow lake.
Billy Tweet Definition of Billy Like Definition of Billy on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (given name, male), a diminutive of William.
binder Tweet Definition of binder Like Definition of binder on Facebook
  1. Someone who binds, particularly someone who binds books; a bookbinder.
  2. A cover or holder for unbound papers, pages etc.
  3. Something that is used to bind things together, often referring to the mechanism that accomplishes this for a book.
  4. Adossier.
  5. (context, agriculture) A machine used in harvesting that ties cut stalks of grain into a bundle.
  6. (chemistry) A chemical that causes two other substances to form into one.
  7. A down payment on a piece of real property that secures the payor the right to purchase the property from the payee upon an agreement of terms.
  8. (Chiefly Minnesota) A rubber band.
bird Tweet Definition of bird Like Definition of bird on Facebook
noun (tearoom)
  1. The vulgar hand gesture in which the middle finger is extended.
    • 2003, The Beach House, James Patterson—Then she raised both hands above her shoulders and flipped him the bird with each one.
  1. To observe or identify wild birds in their natural environment.
blackleg Tweet Definition of blackleg Like Definition of blackleg on Facebook
noun (blacklegs, -)
  1. (uncountable) Fatal cattle disease caused by soil-borne bacteria.
  2. (countable) A person who takes the place of striking workers. A scab.
  3. (countable) A person who cheats in a game, a cheater.
  1. Relating to a scab worker.
The workers entered under cover of darkness.
Blighty Tweet Definition of Blighty Like Definition of Blighty on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. Great Britain, Britain, or England, especially as viewed from abroad
block Tweet Definition of block Like Definition of block on Facebook
  1. A substantial, often approximately cuboid, piece of any substance.
A of ice.
A of stone.
  1. A cuboid of wood, plastic or other material used as a base on which to cut something.
Anne Boleyn placed her head on the and awaited her execution.
  1. A group of urban lots of property, several acres in extent, not crossed by public streets
I'm going for a walk around the .
  1. A group of buildings in a city or town, demarcated by streets.
A of flats.
  1. The distance from one street to another in a city that is built (approximately) to a grid pattern.
The place you are looking for is two long blocks east and one short north.
  1. (slang) The human head.
I'll knock your off.
  1. A set of sheets (of paper) joined together at one end.
A of 100 tickets.
  1. (computing) A logical data storage unit containing one ore more physical sector, sectors (see cluster).
  2. (context, rigging) A case with one or more sheaves/pulleys, used with ropes to increase or redirect force, for example, as part of the rigging of a sailing ship.
  3. (chemistry) A portion of a macromolecule, comprising many units, that has at least one feature not present in adjacent portions.
  4. Something that prevents something from passing (see blockage).
There's a in the pipe that means the water can't get through.
  1. (sports) An action to interfere with the movement of an opposing player or of the object of play (ball, puck).
  2. (Cricket) A shot played by holding he bat vertically in the path of the ball, so that it loses momentum and drops to the ground.
  3. (volleyball) A defensive play by one or more players meant to deflect a spiked ball back to the hitter"s court.
(WikiSaurus?-link, head)
  1. (transitive) To fill (something) so that it is not possible to pass.
The pipe is blocked.
  1. (transitive) To prevent (something or someone) from passing.
You're blocking the road - I can't get through.
  1. (transitive) To prevent (something from happening or someone from doing something).
His plan to take over the business was blocked by the boss.
  1. (transitive) The act of impeding an opponent in sports.
He blocked the basketball player's shot.
The offensive lineman, offensive linemen tried to the blitz.
  1. (transitive, theater) To specify the positions and movements of the actors.
It was very difficult to this scene convincingly.
  1. (transitive, Cricket) To hit with a block.
  2. (intransitive, Cricket) To play a block shot.
bloke Tweet Definition of bloke Like Definition of bloke on Facebook
  1. (context, Australian English, UK, South African English, slang) A man (usually in the sense: the typical "man on the street", an ordinary, down-to-earth man, often stressing manhood in a very physical sense)
blooding Tweet Definition of blooding Like Definition of blooding on Facebook
  1. (present participle of, blood
    1. Verb, blood)
blower Tweet Definition of blower Like Definition of blower on Facebook
  1. Person who blows.
  2. Any device that blows.
  3. (the blower) (context, slang, dated, mostly, British) telephone.
Get on the blower and call headquarters right away!
  1. A ducted fan, usually part of some heating, ventilation, and/or air conditioning system.
bludge Tweet Definition of bludge Like Definition of bludge on Facebook
noun (used only in singular)
  1. (slang) The act of bludging.
  2. (slang) Easy work.
verb to bludge (third person: bludges, present: bludging, past: bludged, past participle: bludged)
  1. (slang) To avoid one's responsibilities.
  2. (slang) To do nothing, to be idle.
Bluey Tweet Definition of Bluey Like Definition of Bluey on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (slang) nickname, Nickname given to a redhead, red headed person.
Bobby Tweet Definition of Bobby Like Definition of Bobby on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A diminutive of the male given name Robert.
  2. A diminutive of the female given name Roberta.
bobsleigh Tweet Definition of bobsleigh Like Definition of bobsleigh on Facebook
  1. A winter sport in which teams make timed runs down narrow, twisting, banked purpose-built iced tracks in a gravity-powered sled.
  2. The sled used in the sport of bobsleigh
bodgie Tweet Definition of bodgie Like Definition of bodgie on Facebook
  1. (Australian English) (slang) a member of a 1950s rock subculture
boffin Tweet Definition of boffin Like Definition of boffin on Facebook
  1. (british) A scientist or engineer, especially one engaged in technological or military research
bog Tweet Definition of bog Like Definition of bog on Facebook
  1. An expanse of marshland.
  2. (Ireland, UK, coarse, slang) A toilet.
verb (bogs, bogging, bogged)
  1. (colloquial, often with "down") To become mired or stuck (especially in mud.)
  2. (slang, UK, with "off") To go away.
  3. (colloquial, UK, with "up") To make a mess of something.
bogey Tweet Definition of bogey Like Definition of bogey on Facebook
  1. (golf) A score of one over par in golf.
  2. One of two sets of wheels under a train car.
  3. A piece of solid or semisolid mucus in or removed from the nostril.
  4. (engineering) A representative specimen, taken from the centre a spread of production - a sample with bogey (typical) characteristics.
  5. (military) An enemy aircraft.
  6. (military) An unidentified aircraft, especially as observed as a spot on a radar screen.
  1. (golf) To make a .
boiler Tweet Definition of boiler Like Definition of boiler on Facebook
  1. An apparatus that generates heat (usually by burning fuel) and uses it to heat circulate, circulating water (or sometimes another liquid) in a closed system that is then used for space heating, swimming pool heating, or domestic hot water or industrial processes.
  2. Less commonly, a hot water heater.<!--
Note: the below is a more complete definition that was here previously. It borders on the encyclopedic, but I'm leaving it intact, just commented-out, in case someone thinks parts of it should be incorporated into the above definitions that were created from it.
  1. (approximate definition) A fuel burning apparatus in which water is heated to be used for space heating, swimming pool heating, domestic hot water or industrial processes. <br> (more precisely) An apparatus in which a heat source other than a hot liquid or steam (most commonly burning fuel, exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine or gas turbine, waste heat from a process, solar energy or electricity) is used to heat water (or rarely another liquid), normally in a closed recirculate, recirculating system under pressure for use as a heat source in calorifiers, heat exchangers or heat emitters, or less commonly (usage synonymous with hot water heater), with partial or no recirculation, for use directly as domestic hot water or process hot water.
  1. (approximate definition) A fuel burning apparatus in which water is boiled to produce steam for space heating, power generation, or industrial processes. <br> (more precisely) An apparatus in which a heat source other than a hot liquid or steam (most commonly burning fuel, exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine or gas turbine, waste heat from a process, solar energy or electricity) is used to boil water (or rarely another liquid), under pressure to provide steam (or other gas) for use as a heat source in calorifiers, heat exchangers or heat emitters, or for use directly for humidification, in an industrial process, or to power steam turbines.
  2. a kitchen vessel for steaming or boiling food
bollard Tweet Definition of bollard Like Definition of bollard on Facebook
  1. (nautical) A strong vertical post of timber or iron, fixed to the ground and/or on the deck of a ship, to which the ship's mooring lines etc are secured
  2. A similar post preventing vehicles access to a pedestrian areas
bombora Tweet Definition of bombora Like Definition of bombora on Facebook
  1. A shallow isolated piece of reef located a distance offshore.
1933: 'Bombora' is an aboriginal word applied to the high-crested wave which breaks ... over submerged rocks near the coastline. &mdash; w:The Bulletin, The Bulletin magazine, 27 May 1933, page 24. Quoted in G. A. Wilkes, A Dictionary of Australian Colloquialisms, second edition, 1985, w:Sydney University Press, Sydney University Press, ISBN 0-424-00113-6.
bonnet Tweet Definition of bonnet Like Definition of bonnet on Facebook
  1. A type of hat, once worn by women or children, held in place by ribbons tied under the chin.
  2. A traditional Scottish woollen brimless cap, also spelled bunnet.
  3. (context, AU, UK, automotive) The hinged cover over the engine of a motor car.
  4. (nautical) A length of canvas attached to a fore-and-aft sail to increase the pulling power.
bonny Tweet Definition of bonny Like Definition of bonny on Facebook
  1. (Geordie) (alternative spelling of, bonnie)
bonzer Tweet Definition of bonzer Like Definition of bonzer on Facebook
  1. (Australian English) remarkable; wonderful.
boomer Tweet Definition of boomer Like Definition of boomer on Facebook
  1. Adult male kangaroo
  2. A baby boomer
boong Tweet Definition of boong Like Definition of boong on Facebook
  1. (slang) (very insulting) An Australian aborigine. Also applied to indigenous people of New Guinea, Malaysia, etc.
bootlace Tweet Definition of bootlace Like Definition of bootlace on Facebook
  1. A long lace for fastening boots.
boots Tweet Definition of boots Like Definition of boots on Facebook
  1. Plural of boot
  2. (sports) The sports shoes worn by players of certain games such as cricket and football.
  1. third person singular of boot
bother Tweet Definition of bother Like Definition of bother on Facebook
noun (bothers, -)
  1. fuss, Fuss, ado.
There was a bit of at the hairdresser's when they couldn't find my appointment in the book.
  1. trouble, Trouble, inconvenience.
Yes, I can do that for you - it's no .
  1. (transitive) To annoy, to disturb.
Would it you if I smoked?
  1. (intransitive) To do something at one's own inconvenience
Why do I even to try?
  1. (intransitive) To do something which is of negligible inconvenience
You didn't even to close the door.
bottom gear Tweet Definition of bottom gear Like Definition of bottom gear on Facebook
  1. The lowest gearing available from a gearbox, typically in a motor vehicle or cycle.
box room Tweet Definition of box room Like Definition of box room on Facebook
  1. a small bedroom in a house, often used for storage.
boyo Tweet Definition of boyo Like Definition of boyo on Facebook
  1. An Irish word for boy or lad which originated in the 19th century.
  2. A Welsh form of address for a man.
brains trust Tweet Definition of brains trust Like Definition of brains trust on Facebook
  1. (context, mostly, UK) a group of experts who discuss events in public, especially on television or radio
  2. (growing usage) - any group of advisors, whether experts or just friends or acquaintances, who are willing to offer their knowledge or ideas on a topic or issue.
bramble Tweet Definition of bramble Like Definition of bramble on Facebook
  1. Common blackberry.
  2. Any of several closely related thorny plants in the genus Rubus, including blackberry and raspberry.
  3. Any thorny shrub.
brass Tweet Definition of brass Like Definition of brass on Facebook
noun (es, -)
  1. An metallic alloy of copper and zinc used in many industrial and plumbing applications.
  2. (music) A class of wind instruments, usually made of metal (such as brass), that use vibrations of the player's lips to produce sound.
  3. Spent shell casings (usually made of brass); the part of the cartridge left over after bullets have been fired.
  4. The colour of brass.
<table><tr><td>brass colour: &nbsp;</td><td bgcolor="
  1. C9AE5D?" width="80">&nbsp; </td></tr></table>
    1. (military) (used as a singular or plural noun) High-ranking officers.
    The brass are not going to like this.
    The brass is not going to like this.
    1. (informal) A brave or foolhardy attitude.
    You've got a lot of brass telling me to do that!
    1. (slang; also brass in pocket) Money.
    2. (slang; from brass nail; countable) A prostitute.
  1. (not comparable) Made of brass.
  2. of the colour of brass.
  3. (slang) Bad, annoying.
breeze Tweet Definition of breeze Like Definition of breeze on Facebook
  1. A gentle to moderate wind.
The rustled the papers on her desk.
  1. Any activity that is easy, not testing or difficult.
After studying Latin, Spanish was a .
  1. (Cricket) The wind blowing across a cricket match, whatever its strength.
  2. Ashes and residue of coal or charcoal, usually from a furnace. w:Clinker, See Wikipedia article on Clinker.
verb (breez, ing)
  1. (usually with "along"): To move casually, in a carefree manner, but not slowly.
Brent Tweet Definition of Brent Like Definition of Brent on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (given name, male),first used in the twentieth century.
brewis Tweet Definition of brewis Like Definition of brewis on Facebook
  1. (obsolete except in dialects) a kind of broth thickened with bread or meal
  • 1885: (...) an hundred dishes of poultry besides other birds and brewises, fritters and cooling marinades. " w:Richard Francis Burton, Richard Burton, The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Vol. 5
  • 1964: (...) he recounteth the horror of their deathless punishment in hellfire (as seen by him in his vision), a burning stinking of venomed maggots and toothed worms that do gnaw to the very pia mater. " Anthony Burgess, Nothing Like The Sun
    brief Tweet Definition of brief Like Definition of brief on Facebook
    1. An attorney's legal argument in written form for submission to a court.
    2. (colloquial) A short news story or report.
      • We got a news .
        1. (i, in plural for singular object) A short, legless undergarment; briefs.
    1. (transitive) To knowledgeably summarize a recent development to some person with decision-making power.
    The U.S. president was briefed on the military coup and its implications on African stability.
    1. (transitive, law) To write a legal argument and submit it to a court.
    1. Of short duration or distance.
    2. concise, Concise.
    Britannia Tweet Definition of Britannia Like Definition of Britannia on Facebook
    proper noun 
    1. a female personification of Britain
    brumby Tweet Definition of brumby Like Definition of brumby on Facebook
    noun (brumb, ies)
    1. (Australian English) A wild or feral horse.
    • 1988: Harry Farquharson said there were two or three springs and that the horses were "bloody wild". He said there were probably about 300 and they were good horses, a long way above the average . " Tom Cole, Hell West and Crooked
    bubble and squeak Tweet Definition of bubble and squeak Like Definition of bubble and squeak on Facebook
    1. Cabbage and mashed potatoes etc. fried together
    buck Tweet Definition of buck Like Definition of buck on Facebook
    1. A male deer or goat.
    2. A male rabbit or hare.
    3. A male of other species, such as the ferret.
    4. An uncastrated sheep, a ram.
    5. (context, US, Canadian English, colloquial) A dollar (one hundred cents).
    6. (context, Canadian English, colloquial) By extension, one hundred of anything.
    The police caught me driving a -forty on the freeway.
    1. (context , North America, derogatory) A black or Native American man.
    2. A young buck; an adventurous or high-spirited young man.
    3. (context, UK, obsolete) Hence, a fop or dandy.
    4. (rfv-sense) (poker) A plastic disc used to represent the player in dealer position.
    5. blame, Blame; responsibility; scapegoating; finger-pointing.
      • w:Harry S. Truman, Harry S. Truman,
      • : The stops here.
    1. Of a horse: to rise sharply up on its hind legs.
    2. Of a horse: to leap upward arching its back.
    1848: At the same time we got speared, the horses got speared too, and jumped and bucked all about &mdash; Statement by Jackey Jackey (an Aborigine) published in William Carron Narrative of an Expedition Undertaken Under the Direction of the Late Mr. Assistant Surveyor E. B. Kennedy (
  • carron at Project Gutenberg Australia)
    1. By extension, to move in any sharp or jerking manner.
    2. By extension, to resist obstinately.
    bucket Tweet Definition of bucket Like Definition of bucket on Facebook
    1. A container made of rigid material, often with a handle, used to carry liquids or small items.
      • I need a to carry the water from the well.
        1. (context, variation management) A mechanism for avoiding the allocation of targets in cases of mismanagement.
        2. The amount held in this container.
      • The horse drank a whole of water.
        1. Part of a piece of machinery that resembles a .
        2. (slang) An old car that is not in good working order.
        3. (context, basketball, colloquial) The basket.
      • The forward drove to the .
        1. (context, basketball, colloquial) A field goal.
      • ''We can't keep giving up easy buckets.
    1. (intransitive) (colloquial) To rain heavily.
      • It"s really bucketing down out there.
        1. (intransitive) (colloquial) To travel very quickly.
      • The boat is bucketing along.
        1. (transitive) To place inside a bucket.
    buff Tweet Definition of buff Like Definition of buff on Facebook
    1. Undyed leather from the skin of buffalo or similar animals.
    2. A tool, often one covered with buff leather, used for polishing.
    3. (colloquial) : a person who is very interested in a particular subject.
    He"s a history buff.
    1. (colour) A brownish yellow colour.
    <table><tr><td>buff colour: &nbsp;</td><td bgcolor="
    1. E3A857?" width="80">&nbsp; </td></tr></table>
      1. A military coat made of buff leather.
      2. (computer and video games) An effect that makes a gaming character stronger.
    1. To polish and make shiny.
    2. (computer and video games) To make a character stronger.
    The enchanter buffed the paladin to prepare him to fight the dragon.
    1. (colour) Of the color of buff leather, a brownish yellow.
    2. (bodybuilding): Unusually muscular. (also buffed)
    3. (slang) attractive.
    buffer Tweet Definition of buffer Like Definition of buffer on Facebook
    1. Someone or something that buffs.
    2. (chemistry) A solution used to stabilize the pH (acidity) of a liquid.
    3. (computing) A portion of memory set aside to store data, often before it is sent to an external device or as it is received from an external device.
    4. (mechanical) Anything used to maintain slack or isolate different objects.
    5. (telecommunications) A routine or storage medium used to compensate for a difference in rate of flow of data, or time of occurrence of events, when transferring data from one device to another.
    6. An isolating circuit, often an amplifier, used to minimize the influence of a driven circuit on the driving circuit.
    7. In international relations, a buffer zone (such as a demilitarized zone) or a buffer state.
    verb (buffer)
    1. To use a buffer or buffers; to isolate or minimize the effects of one thing on another.
    2. (computing) To store data in memory temporarily.
    Bug Tweet Definition of Bug Like Definition of Bug on Facebook
    proper noun 
    1. the Bug River, flowing northwest 450 mile, mi. between Belarus and Poland.
    2. the Bug River in the Ukraine, flowing 530 mile, mi. to the Dnieper estuary.
    bulldog Tweet Definition of bulldog Like Definition of bulldog on Facebook
    1. A breed of dog formerly used for bullbaiting that has a very smooth coat, a flattened face, wrinkly cheeks, powerful front legs and smaller hind legs.
    2. A shortened form of British bulldog.
    3. A stubborn person.
    bumf Tweet Definition of bumf Like Definition of bumf on Facebook
    noun , also bumph, bumpfh, bumpf
    1. (UK, uncountable) Toilet paper
    2. Useless bundle of paper
    3. (uncountable) Official documents, standardized forms, sales and marketing print material
      • 2006: Quest, Richard, A Sour Taste in the Mouth,, October 28, 2006
      • :And as for the limited warnings on documents and signs " we are so used to reading this we fail to realise when they mean business
    bung Tweet Definition of bung Like Definition of bung on Facebook
    noun (bung)
    1. a stopper, alternative to a cork, often made of rubber used to prevent fluid passing through the neck of a bottle, a hole in a vessel etc.
      1. cecum or anus, especially of a slaughter animal
    2. (slang) a bribe
    verb to bung
    1. to plug, as with a bung
    2. to heave, toss, throw, chuck
    3. to batter, bruise; to cause to bulge or swell
    4. to pass a bribe
    bunk Tweet Definition of bunk Like Definition of bunk on Facebook
    1. (nautical) A built-in bed on board ship, often erected in tiers one above the other.
    2. (military) A cot.
    3. One of a series of berths or bed places in tiers.
    4. A wooden case or box, which serves for a seat in the daytime and for a bed at night.
    5. (US, colloquial) A piece of wood placed on a lumberman's sled to sustain the end of heavy timbers.
    1. To fail to attend school without permission; to play truant.
    2. (obsolete) To expel from a school.
    bunny Tweet Definition of bunny Like Definition of bunny on Facebook
    noun (bunn, ies)
    1. A rabbit, especially a juvenile.
    2. A nightclub waitress who wears a costume having rabbit ears and tail.
    3. (sports) In basketball, an easy shot (i.e., one right next to the bucket) that is missed.
    1. In skiing, easy or unchallenging.
    Let"s start on the hill.
    bunyip Tweet Definition of bunyip Like Definition of bunyip on Facebook
    1. (context, AU) A mythical Australian monster, said to inhabit swamps and lagoons.
    2. (context, AU, obsolete) An imposter or con-man.
    bureau Tweet Definition of bureau Like Definition of bureau on Facebook
    noun (pl=bureaux, pl2=bureaus)
    1. office
    2. desk, usually with a cover and compartments for storing papers etc. located above the level of the writing surface rather than underneath
    3. chest of drawers for clothes
    burgess Tweet Definition of burgess Like Definition of burgess on Facebook
    1. an inhabitant of a borough with full rights, a citizen
    2. (historical) a town magistrate
    burn Tweet Definition of burn Like Definition of burn on Facebook
    1. A physical injury caused by heat or caustic chemicals.
    She had second-degree burns from falling in the bonfire.
    1. The act of burning something.
    They"re doing a controlled of the fields.
    1. Physical sensation in the muscles following strenuous exercise, caused by build-up of lactic acid.
    One and, two and, keep moving; feel the !
    1. (slang) An intense non-physical sting, as left by an effective insult
    verb (burns, burning, burnt or burned)
    1. (intransitive) To be consumed by fire, or at least in flames.
    He watched the house .
    1. (intransitive) To feel hot, e.g. due to embarrassment.
    Her cheeks burned with shame.
    1. (context, intransitive, curling) To accidentally touch a moving stone.
    2. (transitive) (ergative) To cause to be consumed by fire.
    He burned his manuscript in the fireplace.
    1. (transitive) To injure (a person or animal) with heat or caustic chemicals.
    She burned the child with an iron, and was put in jail for ten years.
    1. (context, transitive, slang) To betray.
    The informant burned him.
    1. (context, transitive, computing) To write data to a permanent storage medium like a compact disc or a ROM chip.
    We'll this program onto an E-PROM one hour before the demo begins.
    1. (transitive) To waste (time).
    We have an hour to .
    1. (context, transitive, slang) To insult badly, leaving no possible comeback.
    I just burned you again.
    1. (context, transitive, cards) In pontoon, to swap a pair of cards for another pair.
    bursary Tweet Definition of bursary Like Definition of bursary on Facebook
    1. a monetary award to university students that allows them to continue their studies
    2. (dated) the treasury of a religious order or public institution
    Bush Tweet Definition of Bush Like Definition of Bush on Facebook
    proper noun (plural Bushes)
    1. A family name.
    Bushman Tweet Definition of Bushman Like Definition of Bushman on Facebook
    noun (pl=Bushmen)
    1. A member of a distinct ethnic group of nomadic people from southwest Africa.
    2. Any of the related Khoisan languages spoken by the San/Bushman peoples.
    busk Tweet Definition of busk Like Definition of busk on Facebook
    1. A thin, elastic strip of metal, whalebone, wood, or other material, worn in the front of a corset.
    2. a kind of linen.
    • 1882: Busk, a kind of table linen, occurs first in 1458, and occasionally afterwards. &mdash; James Edwin Thorold Rogers, A History of Agriculture and Prices in England, Volume 4, p. 557.
    buttery Tweet Definition of buttery Like Definition of buttery on Facebook
    noun (butter, ies)
    1. A room for keeping food or beverages.
    2. A room in a university where snacks are sold.
    adjective (butterier, butteriest)
    1. Made with or tasting of butter.
    The -tasting cookie was actually made with margarine, but you couldn't tell by tasting it.
    1. Resembling butter in some way.
    The old paper was a color you no longer get.
    buttonhole Tweet Definition of buttonhole Like Definition of buttonhole on Facebook
    1. A hole through which a button is pushed to secure a garment or some part of one.
    2. (context, mostly, UK) a flower worn in a buttonhole for decoration
    verb (buttonhol, ing)
    1. To detain (a person) in conversation against their will.
    2. (rfv-sense) (slang) To grab (a person) by the shirt.
    buttons Tweet Definition of buttons Like Definition of buttons on Facebook
    1. Plural of button.
    1. Third-person singular simple present of to button.
    butty Tweet Definition of butty Like Definition of butty on Facebook
    noun (butties)
    1. (Northern English dialect) A sandwich.
    buzzard Tweet Definition of buzzard Like Definition of buzzard on Facebook
    1. In the Old World, any bird of prey of the genus Buteo, having broad wings and a broad tail.
    2. In North America, a general term for scavenging birds such as the American black vulture, also called American black buzzard (Coragyps atratus), and the turkey vulture (Cathartes aura).
    (rfc-level, Translations at L3+)      
    byre Tweet Definition of byre Like Definition of byre on Facebook
    1. (context, mostly, british) a barn, especially one used for keeping cattle
      • 1999: "The visitors came up the narrow road through the forest from the south; they filled the spare-rooms, they bunked out in cow byres and barns." &mdash; Stardust, Neil Gaiman, page 9 (2001 Perennial Edition).
    bap Tweet Definition of bap Like Definition of bap on Facebook
    1. A soft bread roll, originally from Scotland.
    2. (context, UK, slang, in plural) A woman's breasts.
    bean Tweet Definition of bean Like Definition of bean on Facebook
    1. The large edible seed of plants of several genera of Fabaceae.
    2. The seed pod of plants of several genera of Fabaceae.
    3. A seed of coffee; coffee in the general.
    4. (British, slang, archaic) a guineau coin.
    5. (British, slang, usually in the negative) money.
    I haven't got a .
    verb (beans, beaning, beaned)
    1. To hit with a projectile, accurately.
    The pitcher beaned the batter, rather than letting him hit another home run.
    beanfeast Tweet Definition of beanfeast Like Definition of beanfeast on Facebook
    1. (context, mostly, UK) A dinner party given to the employees of a firm.
    2. (context, mostly, UK) Any similar social occasion.
    beaver Tweet Definition of beaver Like Definition of beaver on Facebook
    noun (pl2=beaver)
    1. An aquatic mammal of the genus Castor, having a wide, flat tail and webbed feet.
    2. (context, coarse, slang) The pubic hair and/or vulva of a woman.
    bint Tweet Definition of bint Like Definition of bint on Facebook
    noun (WikiSaurus?-link, woman)
    1. (context, British, pejorative) Woman, girl.
    Tell that to get herself in here now!
    black Tweet Definition of black Like Definition of black on Facebook
    1. (colour) The colour/color perceived in the absence of light.
    <table><tr><td height="25">black colour: &nbsp;</td><td bgcolor="black" width="80">&nbsp; </td></tr></table>
    1. A black dye, pigment.
    2. A pen, pencil, crayon, etc., made of black pigment.
    3. (context, sometimes capitalised) A person of African descent.
    4. (context, billiards, snooker, pool) the black: The black ball.
    5. (baseball) The edge of home plate
    1. To make black, to blacken.
    1. (context, of an object) absorbing all light and reflecting none; dark and colourless.
    2. (context, of a place, etc) without light.
    3. (context, sometimes capitalized) Relating to persons of African descent or (especially in the US) their culture.
    4. (context, Ireland, idiomatic) Overcrowded.
    5. Bad; evil.
      • 1655, Benjamin Needler, Expository notes, with practical observations; towards the opening of the five first chapters of the first book of Moses called Genesis. London: N. Webb and W. Grantham, page 168.
      • : ...what a day would that be, when the Ordinances of Jesus Christ should as it were be excommunicated, and cast out of the Church of Christ.
        1. Illegitimate, illegal or disgraced.
      • 1866, The Contemporary Review, London: A. Strahan, page 338.
      • :Foodstuffs were rationed and, as in other countries in a similar situation, the black market was flourishing.
    bleeding Tweet Definition of bleeding Like Definition of bleeding on Facebook
    1. The flow or loss of blood from a damaged blood vessel.
    Internal is often difficult to detect and can lead to death in a short time.
    1. (present participle of, bleed)
    1. (British English, slang) extreme, outright.
    bloomer Tweet Definition of bloomer Like Definition of bloomer on Facebook
    1. a circular loaf of white bread
    2. a blooming flower
    blooming Tweet Definition of blooming Like Definition of blooming on Facebook
    1. (context, metallurgy) The process of making blooms from the ore or from cast iron.
    1. (present participle of, bloom)
    1. Opening in blossoms; flowering.
    2. Thriving in health, beauty, and vigor, vigour; indicating the freshness and beauties of youth or health.
    3. (context, British, euphemistic) bloody (in its vulgar senses).
    bonce Tweet Definition of bonce Like Definition of bonce on Facebook
    1. (slang) the human head
    bottle Tweet Definition of bottle Like Definition of bottle on Facebook
    1. A container, typically made of glass and having a tapered neck, used for holding liquids.
    Beer is often sold in bottles.
    1. The contents of such a container.
    I only drank a of beer.
    1. A container with a rubber nipple used for giving liquids to infants
    The baby wants a .
    1. (context, UK, informal) Nerve, courage.
    You don't have the to do that!
    He was going to ask her out, but he lost his when he saw her.
    verb (bottl, ing)
    1. (transitive) To seal (a liquid) into a bottle for later consumption.
    This plant bottles vast quantities of spring water every day.
    1. (context, transitive, UK) To feed (an infant) baby formula.
    Because of complications she can't breast feed her baby and so she bottles him.
    1. (context, UK, slang) To refrain from doing (something) at the last moment because of a sudden loss of courage.
    The rider bottled the big jump.
    1. (context, UK, slang) To strike (someone) with a bottle.
    bovver Tweet Definition of bovver Like Definition of bovver on Facebook
    1. (British slang) Bother, in the sense of trouble (meaning aggression, violence).
    butty Tweet Definition of butty Like Definition of butty on Facebook
    noun (butties)
    1. (Northern English dialect) A sandwich.

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