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Communicaid designs and delivers French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese Language Training Courses. They conduct and assessment of your need to design a course to match your needs. The teachers are dual-qualified trainers (bankers, financiers, etc, as well as linguists).

Executive Spanish Immersion

Executive Spanish Immersion offers a directory of the intensive Spanish learning programs taught by natives Spanish speakers in Spanish speaking country. They categorize the schools by countries.

Language Studies International

LSI has nineteen language schools in eleven countries. Learn English, French Spanish and German in England, Ireland, Spain, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

Learn Spanish Guide

Learn Spanish Guide deals with all that�s related to the Spanish schools around the world and the Spanish language in all ways. Their guide of schools contains resources to learn to speak Spanish.

Spanish 4 Business

Spanish 4 Business provides Spanish businesses books for foreign students and professors. There are materials exercises and activities for classes and self-taught forms for students.

Spanish Romance

Learn Spanish free online with our free resources and didactical contents developed by Spanish Teachers. They also provide information about study Spanish abroad opportunities, Spanish language schools directory, resources to learn Spanish for free, and newsletters.

Spanish Type It

Online editor with buttons and keyboard shortcuts for typing Spanish accents. This page allows you to easily type Spanish accents and other Spanish characters without a Spanish keyboard. You can edit your text in the box and then copy it to your e-mail application, word processor, etc.

Study Spanish in Spain

This site provides links of Spanish language study-abroad programs in cooperation with the finest schools in Spain. This includes the description of the schools.


This is an information and free booking service for Spanish language courses in public Universities and private language schools throughout Spain. They will help you with advice about the different types of Spanish courses available and will arrange the booking and help with the visa application.

You Learn Spanish

This is a portal of general information, language word lists, website links, and course information that will enable individuals to learn Spanish. In other words, this site is a starting point for further learning. There is also a history of the language and map of the Spain.

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