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Academia Internacional Easyned

Learn Spanish in Spain with classes in Malaga. They offer a free optional pre-travel or post-travel online Spanish course. You can view their website in English, German, Spanish, French, and Japanese.


AulaDiez is a virtual classroom for the Spanish language and offers different online courses and educational material. They also have many free interactive exercises and different level tests.

Don Quijote Free Spanish Lessons and more

On this site you can subscribe for Spanish Lessons by E-mail. This weekly newsletter contains grammar explications and excercises, Word of the day, vocabulary builder, popular sayings, riddles, stories in Spanish, your horoscope and more.

EN 101

EN 101 is a learning center located in Tulsa, Oklahoma where they teach Spanish for speakers of Russian, Hebrew, German, Dutch, English , Italian, Mandarin and Cantonese. You can also take their courses on-line.

Free Spanish Language Course

With this course, you’ll receive in your e-mail Spanish vocabulary lessons and jokes once a week. You can receive these Spanish lessons in English, Portuguese, French, Italian, or Russian languages.

International House Madrid

hey have free Spanish teacher resources and weekly Spanish e-lesson all online. In addition, Spanish courses in the heart of Spain - learn the language while living the culture.

Learn Espanish

You can learn Spanish online for free. This site also includes resources, links, forums, and lessons.

Learn Spanish

Speak Teacher has online Spanish lessons where you will speak with a real Spanish teacher, one-to-one. They also have conversational classes in their virtual classrooms, and free resources and a free trial.

Learn Spanish Free Online

Free interactive Spanish lessons with audio/visual buttons. The site also has free Spanish CD-ROM and cassette lessons to teach Spanish for business, basic communication and travel; and free instructor resources.

Learn Spanish Today

Learn Spanish on-line using interactive audio/visual lessons. It is free.

Multilingual Center

Using Internet and a phone, learn Spanish without driving to a physical school. They offer some free lessons; and have prices on their webpage of the cost of courses they teach.


Parlo’s teaches French, Spanish, and Italian on-line. They developed Virtual Immersion TM approach. Using the interactivity of the Internet, Virtual Immersion TM surrounds learners with realistic, practical and fun information about the language and culture they're studying, replicating the study abroad experience online.


Learn Spanish on-line with SpaniCity. Their site include: audio lessons, grammar, vocabulary, dictionary and a list of Spanish teachers around the world. All the content is free.

Spanish Language

This site contains a dictionary. Additionally it provides an overview about grammar, slang, phrases, history of the language, literature, and more. If you are a teacher, you can visit their Spanish Teaching resources page. This site is free.

Spanish Romance

Learn Spanish free online with our free resources and didactical contents developed by Spanish Teachers. They also provide information about study Spanish abroad opportunities, Spanish language schools directory, resources to learn Spanish for free, and newsletters.

Spanish Steps

They offer Spanish courses in London. Additionally, they have free resources to learn Spanish such as online lessons and exercises, dictionaries, books, newspapers, online radio and TV stations, guide to museums, and software downloads.

Spanish Tutor Online

Learn Spanish with a personal tutor on the Internet. Study at your own pace and wherever you are. Textbook and pdf files for offline studies included in all courses. They have open enrollment all year - you can start today!

Spanish Unlimited

Study Spanish free with their online lessons, vocabulary games and didactical contents developed by Spanish teachers. This site also includes Spanish humor (which are in Spanish).


This is a free online vocabulary and conjugation trainer for English, Spanish and German. There are predefined lesson. You choose a lesson in a foreign language and the system will help you to memorize the words of that lesson. If you have a username your input and your results will be memorized.

Vokabeln Und Mehr

They offer Spanish Language courses on-line. The webpage is written mostly in German, with some Spanish and Danish.

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