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ASA Study Abroad Program

Earn American college credits with the ASA American Study Abroad Program. This program allows students, who are not fluent in a foreign language, to study abroad. You can learn French in Guadeloupe, French West Indies, and Caribbean; Spanish in Costa Rica; and Italian in Sicily.

El Paraiso Spanish School

At the El Paraiso Spanish Language School they teach you Spanish skills and share cultural experiences that will allow you to experience pura vida fully. They make it easy to register on-line, prepare for your trip, learn Spanish in an exciting environment, and leave with the urge to visit them again. Study Spanish in a tropical paradise and learn to surf for free.

Learn Spanish and Dive

Learn Spanish and scuba dive at a Spanish language school in Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica or Venezuela. All the Spanish schools are associated with a local dive. US College credits are available at several of their schools.

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Serious Spanish students need only apply. Since 1987, ILISA has been providing tailored Spanish immersion programs in San Pedro, Costa Rica, to professionals and others intent on learning the language. Our classes are never larger than four students and private programs are individually-crafted to ensure you speak the Spanish you need for your studies, career or travels.

Logos Language Institute

They provide students from all over the world with Spanish courses and intensive language training. They offer a variety of courses to serve people with different needs. They offer intensive and semi-intensive courses for all levels.

Personalized Spanish

This school is located in the suburb of San Jose named Tres Rios, just 30 minutes from downtown San Jose. It has a view of the southern mountains and small garden. They offer ACTFL and university credits, total Spanish immersion in small groups of 3 or less students, accommodation in home stay families just walking distance from school.

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