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They have Spanish language programs (Communication, culture and cuisine) in Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Germany. You can also prepare for an internationally recognized examination (D.E.L.E. and Spanish for Business and Spanish for Tourism) or take individual one-to-one training.

Frida Spanish Language School

Learn Spanish in Mexico at Frida Spanish school. They offer a variety of courses and activities; and discounts for groups who want to learn Spanish in Mexico or to individuals who learn Spanish on several weeks.

Learn in Mexico

They offer a variety of Spanish and English language programs, as well as sightseeing activities and homestay accommodation in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Accredited by the Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP).

Learn Spanish and Dive

Learn Spanish and scuba dive at a Spanish language school in Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica or Venezuela. All the Spanish schools are associated with a local dive. US College credits are available at several of their schools.

Learn Spanish in Mexico at IMAC

This is a Spanish Language School in Mexico. You will find a description of daily activities we offer to make learning Spanish a unique experience. Also find our pricing list and Spanish for specific skills program. You may start learning Spanish next Monday!

Medical Spanish

Learn medical Spanish at a language school that specializes in Medical Spanish programs. Schools are located in Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico, or Spain. Standard personalized and summer medical programs available.

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