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facet Tweet Definition of facet Like Definition of facet on Facebook
  1. Any one of the flat surfaces cut into a gem.
The facets of the diamond were masterfully cut to enhance its value.
  1. One among many similar or related, yet still distinct things.
The child's learning disability was only one of the problems contributing to his delinquency.
  1. One of a series of things, such as steps in a project.
We had just about completed the research of the project when the order came to cancel it.
  1. (anatomy) One member of a compound eye, as found in insects and crustaceans.
  1. To cut a facet into a gemstone.
fan Tweet Definition of fan Like Definition of fan on Facebook
  1. A hand-held device consisting of concertinaed material, or slats of material, gathered together at one end, that may be opened out into the shape of a sector of a circle and waved back and forth in order to move air towards oneself and cool oneself.
  2. An electrical device for moving air, used for cooling people, machinery, etc.
  3. Anything resembling a hand-held fan in shape, e.g., a peacock"s tail.
verb (fan, n, ing)
  1. (transitive) To blow air on (something) by means of a fan (hand-held, mechanical or electrical) or otherwise.
We enjoyed standing at the edge of the cliff, being fanned by the wind.
  1. (intransitive) (usually to fan out) To move or spread in multiple directions from one point, in the shape of a hand-held fan.
feather Tweet Definition of feather Like Definition of feather on Facebook
noun (plural: feathers)
  1. A branching, hair-like structure that grows on the wings of birds that allows their wings to create lift.
adjective or feathered
  1. In engineering or manufacturing a feather(ed) edge is a finely bevelled edge
feeler Tweet Definition of feeler Like Definition of feeler on Facebook
  1. An antenna or appendage used for feeling, esp. on an insect.
  2. Someone or something that feels
femur Tweet Definition of femur Like Definition of femur on Facebook
noun (pl1=femurs, pl2=femora)
  1. (context, anatomy) A thighbone.
  2. A segment of an insect's leg.
fetlock Tweet Definition of fetlock Like Definition of fetlock on Facebook
  1. A joint of the horse's leg below the knee or hock and above the hoof, also called the "ankle"
fibula Tweet Definition of fibula Like Definition of fibula on Facebook
noun (fibulae, pl2=fibulas)
  1. (anatomy) The smaller of the two bones in the lower leg, the calf bone.
fin Tweet Definition of fin Like Definition of fin on Facebook
noun (plural:fins)
  1. One of the appendages of a fish, used to propel itself and to manoeuvre/maneuver.
  2. A similar appendage of a cetacean or other marine animal.
  3. A thin, rigid component of an aircraft, extending from the fuselage and used to stabilise and steer the aircraft.
  4. A similar structure on the tail of a bomb, used to help keep it on course.
  5. A hairstyle, resembling the fin of a fish, in which the hair is combed and set into a vertical ridge along the top of the head from about the crown to the forehead.
  6. A device worn by divers and swimmers on their feet.
  7. An extending part on a surface of a radiator, engine, heatsink, etc., used to facilitate cooling.
  8. (U.S. slang) A five-dollar bill
flipper Tweet Definition of flipper Like Definition of flipper on Facebook
  1. in marine mammals, a wide flat limb, adapted for swimming
  2. a flat, wide, paddle-like rubber covering for the foot, used in swimming
  3. a flat lever in a pinball machine, used to keep the ball in play
  4. (cricket) A type of ball bowled by a leg spin bowler, which spins backwards and skids off the pitch with a low bounce
  5. (context, informal, US) television remote control, clicker
float Tweet Definition of float Like Definition of float on Facebook
  1. A buoyant device used to support something in water or another liquid.
Attach the and the weight to the fishing line, above the hook.
  1. A sort of trowel used for finishing concrete surfaces.
When pouring a new driveway, you can use a two-by-four as a .
  1. An elaborately decorated trailer or vehicle, intended for display in a parade or pageant.
That covered in roses is very pretty.
  1. (finance) Funds committed to be paid but not yet paid.
Our bank does a nightly sweep of accounts, to adjust the so we stay within our reserves limit.
  1. (context, finance, AU, and other Commonwealth countries?) An offering of shares in a company (or units in a trust) to members of the public, normally followed by a listing on a stock exchange.
2006, You don't actually need a broker to buy shares in a when a company is about to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. — w:Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Australian Securities and Investments Commission financial tips article, Buying shares in a float
  1. (banking) The total amount of checks/cheques or other drafts written against a bank account but not yet cleared and charged against the account.
No sir, your current is not taken into account, when assets are legally garnished.
  1. (insurance) Premiums taken in but not yet paid out.
We make a lot of interest from our nightly .
  1. (programming) Short form of floating-point number.
That routine should not have used an int, it should be a .
  1. A soft beverage with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream floating in it.
It's true - I don't consider anything other than root-beer with vanilla ice-cream to be a "real" .
  1. A small sum of money put in a cashier's till at the start of business to enable change to be made.
fluke Tweet Definition of fluke Like Definition of fluke on Facebook
  1. A lucky or improbable occurrence, with the implication that the occurrence could not be repeated.
The first goal was just a .
  1. Either of the two lobes of a whale's or similar creature's tail.
The dolphin had an open wound on the left of its tail where the propeller had injured it.
  1. (nautical) Any of the triangular blades at the end of an anchor, designed to catch the ground.
The of the anchor was wedged between two outcroppings of rock and could not be dislodged.
  1. A flounder.
1949 The Origin of Medical Terms Henry Skinner
The fluke or flounder is a flat fish and the parasitic worm was so-named from a fancied resemblance to the fish.
  1. A trematode; a parasitic flatworm of the trematoda class, related to the tapeworm.
The man had become infected with flukes after eating a meal of raw fish.
  1. A metal hook on the head of certain staff weapons (such as a bill
  1. Etymology 1, bill), made in various forms depending on function, whether used for grappling or to penetrate armour when swung at an opponent.
The polearm had a wide, sharpened attached to the central point.
  1. In general, an offshoot from a central piece.
After casting the bronze statue, we filed down the flukes and spurs from the molding process.
verb (fluk, ed)
  1. (context, snooker) To obtain a successful outcome by pure chance from a bad shot.
He fluked the other red into the middle pocket, despite the double kiss.
fold Tweet Definition of fold Like Definition of fold on Facebook
  1. the act of folding
  2. a bend or crease.
  3. any correct move in origami.
verb (folds, folding, folded, folded or rarely folden)
  1. (transitive) to bend (any thin material, such as paper) over so that it comes in contact with itself.
  2. (transitive) to make the proper arrangement (in a thin material) by bending.
If you the sheets, they'll fit more easily in the drawer.
  1. (Informal) to fall over.
  2. (intransitive) to give way on a point or in an argument.
  3. (intransitive) (poker) To withdraw from betting.
  4. (transitive) To stir gently, with a folding action.
Fold the egg whites into the batter.
  1. (intransitive) Of a company, to cease to trade.
foot Tweet Definition of foot Like Definition of foot on Facebook
noun (feet)
  1. (countable, Anatomy) The part of a human"s body below the ankle. Used to stand and walk.
  2. (countable, Zoology) The equivalent part of an animal"s body.
  3. (countable) The bottom of anything; as, the foot of the stairs, the foot of a printed page.
  4. (countable) A short projection on the bottom of a piece of equipment to support it.
  5. (countable) A unit of measure equal to twelve inches and one third of a yard, equal to exactly 30.48 centimetres.
  6. (context, countable, prosody) The basic measure of rhythm in a poem.
  7. (countable, nautical) The bottom edge of a sail.
To make the mainsail fuller in shape, the outhaul is eased to reduce the tension on the of the sail.
  1. Printing. the bottommost part of a type page or printed page
  2. (used with the plural verb) foot soldiers; infantry.
  1. (transitive) To use the foot to kick (usually a ball).
  2. (transitive) To pay (a bill).
forefoot Tweet Definition of forefoot Like Definition of forefoot on Facebook
noun (forefeet)
  1. either of the front feet of a quadruped
foreleg Tweet Definition of foreleg Like Definition of foreleg on Facebook
noun (pluralforelegs)
  1. Either of the two legs towards the front of a four-legged animal.
forepaw Tweet Definition of forepaw Like Definition of forepaw on Facebook
  1. either of the paws of an animal's foreleg; analogous to the hand in humans
Forester Tweet Definition of Forester Like Definition of Forester on Facebook
proper noun
  1. An English topographical surname for someone who lived, or worked in a forest
freshwater Tweet Definition of freshwater Like Definition of freshwater on Facebook
  1. Living in fresh water.
    • freshwater fish
      1. (nautical) Unskilled as seaman.
    • freshwater sailor
frugivorous Tweet Definition of frugivorous Like Definition of frugivorous on Facebook
  1. Having a diet that consists mostly of fruit; fruit-eating.
Although the vampire bat is known for eating blood, most species of bat eat insects, and many are .
fry Tweet Definition of fry Like Definition of fry on Facebook
noun (pl=fries)
  1. (usually in plural fries) (mainly Canada and US) A fried potato.
  2. (context, Ireland, UK) A meal of fried sausages, bacon, eggs, etc.
fulcrum Tweet Definition of fulcrum Like Definition of fulcrum on Facebook
noun (pl2=fulcra)
  1. (mechanics): The pivot about which a lever turns.
  2. (military): NATO code name for the Soviet MiG?-29 aircraft.
fungivorous Tweet Definition of fungivorous Like Definition of fungivorous on Facebook
  1. fungus-eating.
fur Tweet Definition of fur Like Definition of fur on Facebook
  1. hairy, Hairy skin of an animal processed to be a suitable wear to cover human nakedness and to protect humans from the cold.
  2. A pelt used to make, trim, or line clothing apparel.
  3. Hairy coat of a mammal, especially: when fine, soft, and thick.
  4. A coating resembling fur.
  1. A thick pile of fabric.
  2. Layer of epithelial debris on a tongue.
verb (furs, furring, furred)
  1. To cover with fur.

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