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sack Tweet Definition of sack Like Definition of sack on Facebook
  1. A bag for carrying things in.
  2. The plunder and pillage, pillaging of a captured town or city.
The of Rome.
  1. Loot or booty obtained by pillage.
  2. (informal) bed, in the phrase hit the sack. See also (term, sack out)''.
I"m tired. I'm gonna hit the .
  1. (informal) Dismissal from employment, in the phrase get the sack or give (someone) the sack.
She got the for being late all the time.
Her boss gave her the 'sack.
  1. An old English measure of weight, usually of wool, equal to 13 stone (182 pounds).
    • 1882, James Edwin Thorold Rogers, A History of Agriculture and Prices in England, Volume 4, p. 209.
    • :Generally, however, the stone or petra, almost always of 14 lbs., is used, the tod of 28 lbs., and the of thirteen stone.
      1. (context, vulgar, slang) The scrotum.
      He got passed the ball, but it hit him in the .
  1. To plunder or pillage, especially after capture; to obtain spoils of war.
The barbarians sacked Rome.
  1. (informal) To fire, or remove someone from employment.
He was sacked last September.
  1. (informal) In the phrase (term, sack out), to go to sleep.
The kids all sacked out before 9:00 on New Year"s Eve.
  1. (slang) To hit a person (usually male) in the groin.
The apple fell on him and he got sacked.
sake Tweet Definition of sake Like Definition of sake on Facebook
  1. The benefit or regard of someone or something
    • 2005, w:Plato, Plato, Sophist. Translation by Lesley Brown. w:Stephanus pagination, 242a-b.
    • : But it will be for your that we'll undertake to refute this thesis,
      1. (italbrac, obsolete except in phrases) Contention, strife; guilt, sin, accusation or charge.
saki Tweet Definition of saki Like Definition of saki on Facebook
  1. (alternative spelling of, sake) (rice wine)
sambuca Tweet Definition of sambuca Like Definition of sambuca on Facebook
  1. An Italian liqueur made from elderberries and flavoured with licorice
sangria Tweet Definition of sangria Like Definition of sangria on Facebook
  1. A cold drink, originating in Spain, consisting of red or white wine, brandy or sherry, fruit juice, sugar and soda water and garnished with orange and other fruit.
sauterne Tweet Definition of sauterne Like Definition of sauterne on Facebook
  1. A low-quality wine badly imitating those of Sauternes.
Sauternes Tweet Definition of Sauternes Like Definition of Sauternes on Facebook
  1. A region of France producing dessert wines.
  2. Wines produced in Sauternes, including the immensely esteemed and immensely expensive Chí¢teau d'Yquem.
schnapps Tweet Definition of schnapps Like Definition of schnapps on Facebook
  1. A type of distilled alcoholic beverage, often with a fruit or peppermint flavoring.
Scotch Tweet Definition of Scotch Like Definition of Scotch on Facebook
proper noun (es, -)
  1. (as a plural noun) The people of Scotland (less correct than Scots or Scottish).
  2. The Scottish dialect of English.
  3. (uncountable) Whisky made in Scotland
  4. (countable) Any variety of Scotch.
  5. (countable) A glass of Scotch.
  1. Of or from Scotland.
screwdriver Tweet Definition of screwdriver Like Definition of screwdriver on Facebook
  1. A hand or machine tool which engages with the head of a screw and allows torque to be applied to turn the screw, thus driving it in or loosening it.
  2. A drink made of vodka and orange juice.
SEC Tweet Definition of SEC Like Definition of SEC on Facebook
  1. Securities and Exchange Commission
seidel Tweet Definition of seidel Like Definition of seidel on Facebook
  1. A beer mug.
setup Tweet Definition of setup Like Definition of setup on Facebook
  1. equipment, Equipment designed for a particular purpose; an apparatus.
The laboratory included an elaborate for measuring the energy.
  1. The fashion in which something is organized or arranged.
The classroom was simple and efficient.
  1. An act to frame someone; an effort or arrangement aimed at placing the blame on somebody.
Trust me, that was a !
  1. A computer software utility designed to install the necessary components and perform configuration necessary for a new software application. Also used as an adjective: e.g. "setup program".
After inserting the disk, run the .
Sherry Tweet Definition of Sherry Like Definition of Sherry on Facebook
proper noun
  1. (given name, female),from the sherry wine, or a variant of Cheri.
short Tweet Definition of short Like Definition of short on Facebook
  1. A short circuit.
  2. (baseball) shortstop
Jones smashes a grounder between third and .
  1. (transitive) To cause a short circuit
  1. Having a small distance from one end or edge to another, either horizontally or vertically dimensions.
  2. A word or phrase that can be said or written in less time to represent another word or phrase.
"Tater" is for "potato".
  1. (context, of a person) With less height
  2. (cricket, of a ball) that bounced relatively far from the batsman
  3. (cricket, of a fielder or fielding position) relatively close to the batsman
  1. (cricket) of a cricket ball, to bounce relatively far from the batsman so that it bounces higher than normal; opposite of full
sidecar Tweet Definition of sidecar Like Definition of sidecar on Facebook
  1. A one-wheeled attachment to a motorcycle to allow for a separate seat for a passenger or cargo space.
  2. A cocktail made with cognac (or brandy), triple sec liqueur, and lemon juice.
sling Tweet Definition of sling Like Definition of sling on Facebook
  1. (context, Weapon) An instrument for throwing stones or other missiles, consisting of a short strap with two strings fastened to its ends, or with a string fastened to one end and a light stick to the other. The missile being lodged in a hole in the strap, the ends of the string are taken in the hand, and the whole whirled rapidly round until, by loosing one end, the missile is let fly with centrifugal force.
  • 1786: The Sling is also a weapon of great antiquity, formerly in high estimation among the ancients. — Francis Grose, A Treatise on Ancient Armour and Weapons, page 43.
    1. A kind of hanging bandage put around the neck, in which a wounded arm or hand is supported.
    2. A loop of rope, or a rope or chain with hooks, for suspending a barrel, bale, or other heavy object, in hoisting or lowering.
    3. A strap attached to a firearm, for suspending it from the shoulder.
    4. (Nautical) A band of rope or iron for securing a yard to a mast; -- chiefly in the plural.
    5. The act or motion of hurling as with a sling; a throw; figuratively, a stroke.
  • 1600: To be, or not to be, that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing, end them. — William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act III, Scene I, line 55.
  • verb (slings, slinging, slung or slang, slung)
    1. To throw.
    slivovitz Tweet Definition of slivovitz Like Definition of slivovitz on Facebook
    1. A type of rakija made of distilled, fermented plum juice. It is sometimes referred to as plum brandy.
    slop Tweet Definition of slop Like Definition of slop on Facebook
    noun (plural slops)
    1. (uncountable) A liquid or semi-solid; goo, paste, or mud.
    2. scraps which are fed to pigs
    3. (context, in plural, nautical, dated) clothing and bedding issued to sailors
    verb , slops, slopped, slopping
    1. (transitive) to spill or dump liquid
      I slopped water all over my shirt.
    2. (transitive) to feed pigs
    small beer Tweet Definition of small beer Like Definition of small beer on Facebook
    1. Beer with a low alcoholic content
    2. (British) Something that is of relatively little importance.
    The income from gold plated widgets is compared to the income from the standard ones.
    smash Tweet Definition of smash Like Definition of smash on Facebook
    noun (smashes)
    1. The sound of a violent impact.
    I could hear the screech of the brakes, then the horrible of cars colliding.
    1. (context, colloquial, outside US) A traffic accident.
    The driver and two passengers were badly injured in the .
    1. (context, colloquial, entertainment) Something very successful.
    This new show of mine is sure to be a .
    1. (context, tennis) A very hard overhead shot hit sharply downward.
    A may not be as pretty as a good half volley, but it can still win points.
    verb (smashes, smashing, smashed)
    1. To break (something brittle) violently.
    The demolition team smashed the buildings to rubble.
    The flying rock smashed the window to pieces.
    1. To hit extremely hard.
    He smashed his head against the table
    Bonds smashed the ball 467 feet, the second longest home run in the history of the park.
    1. (figurative) To ruin completely and suddenly.
    The news smashed any hopes of a reunion.
    1. (context, transitive, figurative) To defeat overwhelmingly.
    The Indians smashed the Yankees 22-0.
    1. To deform through continuous pressure.
    I slowly smashed the modeling clay flat with the palm of my hand.
    1. (intransitive) To be destroyed by being smashed.
    The crockery smashed as it hit the floor.
    Soave Tweet Definition of Soave Like Definition of Soave on Facebook
    proper noun
    1. a comune in the Veneto, Italy
    2. a dry white wine made in that region from grape varieties that include the Garganega
    sour Tweet Definition of sour Like Definition of sour on Facebook
    1. the sensation of a sour taste
    2. a drink made with whiskey, lemon or lime juice and sugar
    verbto sour
    1. to make or become sour or disenchanted
    1. having an acid, sharp or tangy taste
    2. made rancid by fermentation etc
    3. tasting or smelling rancid
    4. peevish or bad-tempered
    5. (context, of soil) excessively acid and thus infertile
    6. (context, of petroleum) containing excess sulphur
    sparkle Tweet Definition of sparkle Like Definition of sparkle on Facebook
    1. A little spark; a scintillation.
    2. brilliancy, Brilliancy; luster; as, the sparkle of a diamond.
    verb (sparkl, ing)
    1. (intransitive) To emit sparks; to throw off ignited or incandescent particles; to shine as if throwing off sparks; to emit flashes of light; to scintillate; to twinkle; as, the blazing wood sparkles; the stars sparkle.
      • A mantelet upon his shoulder hanging Bretful of rubies red, as fire sparkling. -- Chaucer.
        1. (intransitive) To manifest itself by, or as if by, emitting sparks; to glisten; to flash.
      • I see bright honor through your eyes. --- Milton.
        1. (intransitive) To emit little bubbles, as certain kinds of liquors; to effervesce; as, sparkling wine.
        2. (transitive) To emit in the form or likeness of sparks.
      • Did forth great light. -- Spenser
        1. (context, transitive, obsolete) To disperse.
        The Landgrave hath sparkled his army without any further enterprise. State Papers.
        1. (context, transitive, obsolete) To scatter on or over.
    Spirit Tweet Definition of Spirit Like Definition of Spirit on Facebook
    proper noun
    1. (Holy) : in Christian theology, the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, the three aspects of God
    2. The name given to a Mars exploration rover launched June 10, 2003. See w:MER-A, wikipedia entry
    Split Tweet Definition of Split Like Definition of Split on Facebook
    proper noun
    1. A port of Croatia.
    spritzer Tweet Definition of spritzer Like Definition of spritzer on Facebook
    1. a tall, chilled drink, made from white wine and soda water
    stave Tweet Definition of stave Like Definition of stave on Facebook
    1. One of a number of narrow strips of wood, or narrow iron plates, placed edge to edge to form the sides, covering, or lining of a vessel or structure; esp., one of the strips which form the sides of a cask, a pail, etc.
    2. One of the bars or rounds of a rack, a ladder, etc; one of the cylindrical bars of a lantern wheel
    3. A metrical portion; a stanza; a staff.
    4. The five horizontal and parallel lines on and between which musical notes are written or pointed; the staff.
    verb (staves, staving, stove or staved)
    1. (transitive) To break in the staves of; to break a hole in; to burst. Often with in.
    2. (transitive) To push, as with a staff. With off.
    3. (transitive) To delay by force; to drive away. Often with off.
    4. (intransitive) To burst in pieces by strike, striking against something.
    still Tweet Definition of still Like Definition of still on Facebook
    1. A period of calm or silence.
    2. (photography) A non-moving photograph. (The term is generally used only when it is necessary to distinguish from movies.)
    3. (slang) A resident of the Falkland Islands.
    1. to calm down, to quiet
    Still that animal before it hurts someone.
    adjective (er, more)
    1. unmoving
    1. at the present time, as in the past.
    Is it raining?
    1. nevertheless
    I"m not hungry, but I"ll manage to find room for dessert.
    1. to an even greater degree. (Used to modify comparative adjectives or adverbs.)
    Tom is tall; Dick is taller; Harry is taller.
    Stinger Tweet Definition of Stinger Like Definition of Stinger on Facebook
    noun (wikipedia, FIM-92 Stinger)
    1. a portable infra-red homing surface-to-air missile
    stout Tweet Definition of stout Like Definition of stout on Facebook
    1. A dark and strong malt liquor made with toasted grain.
    2. A strong porter.
    1. Strong; lusty; vigorous; robust; sinewy; muscular; hence, firm; resolute; dauntless.
    2. Proud; haughty; arrogant; hard.
    3. Firm; tough; materially strong; enduring; as, a stout vessel, stick, string, or cloth.
    4. Large; bulky; corpulent.
    straight Tweet Definition of straight Like Definition of straight on Facebook
    1. A part of a racecourse, running track or other road etc that is not curved.
    2. In poker, five cards in sequence.
    adjective (straighter, straightest)
    1. Not crooked or bent; having a constant direction throughout its length.
    a line.
    1. Strictly along political lines.
    He always votes a ticket.
    1. Direct, truthful, frank.
    a answer.
    1. As it should be.
    Everything is now.
    1. Undiluted.
    1. Having all cylinders in a single row. (referring to an internal combustion engine)
    a six.
    1. slang: conventional.
    2. slang: heterosexual.
    3. slang: boring, unappealing, bad or of low quality.
    4. (cricket) On, or near a line running between the two wickets.
    adverb ((compar): straighter, (superl): straightest)
    1. In a forward direction.
    1. Continuously; without interruption or pause.
    He claims he can hold his breath for three minutes .
    strength Tweet Definition of strength Like Definition of strength on Facebook
    1. The quality of being strong.
    2. The intensity of a force or power; potency.
    3. The strongest part of something.
    strike Tweet Definition of strike Like Definition of strike on Facebook
    1. (baseball) a status resulting from a batter swinging and missing a pitch, or having a pitch pass over home plate at a height between a batter's shoulders and knees, or hitting a ball into foul territory without being caught
    2. (bowling) the act of knocking down all ten pins in on the first roll of a frame
    3. a work stoppage
    4. a blow or application of physical force against something
    5. (finance) In an option contract, the price at which the holder buys or sells if they choose to exercise the option.
    6. An old English measure of corn equal to the bushel.
    • 1882: The sum is also used for the quarter, and the for the bushel. — James Edwin Thorold Rogers, A History of Agriculture and Prices in England, Volume 4, p. 207.
      1. (cricket) the status of being the batsman that the bowler is bowling at
    verb (strikes, striking, struck, struck or stricken)
    1. To delete or cross out; to scratch or eliminate.
    Please the last sentence.
    1. To hit.
    Strike the door sharply with your foot and see if it comes loose.
    1. To stop working to achieve better working conditions.
    The workers struck for a week before the new contract went through.
    1. (obsolete) To surrender (strike one's colors)
    2. To impress, seem or appear.
    Golf has always struck me as a waste of time.
    1. To manufacture, as by stamping.
    ''We will a medal in your honour
    1. (nautical) To haul down, or lower a mast, a flag or cargo etc
    2. (nautical) To capitulate: to signal a surrender by hauling down the colours.
    stum Tweet Definition of stum Like Definition of stum on Facebook
    1. unfermented grape juice; must
    sweet Tweet Definition of sweet Like Definition of sweet on Facebook
    1. (uncountable) The basic taste sensation induced by sugar.
    2. (countable) A confection made from sugar, or high in sugar content.
    3. (countable) A food eaten for dessert.
    Can we see the menu, please?
    1. sweetheart
    adjective (er, est)
    1. Having a pleasant taste, especially one relating to the basic taste sensation induced by sugar.
    2. Having a taste of sugar.
    3. Containing a sweetening ingredient.
    4. (context, wine) Retaining a portion of sugar.
    5. Not having a salty taste.
    1. Having a pleasant smell.
    a scent
    1. Not decaying, fermented, rancid, sour, spoiled, or stale.
    1. Having a pleasant sound.
    a tune
    a voice
    1. Having a pleasing disposition.
    a child
    1. Having a helpful disposition.
    It was of him to help out.
    1. Free from excessive unwanted substances like acid or sulphur.
    crude oil
    1. (colloquial) very good
    1. In a sweet manner.
    swizzle Tweet Definition of swizzle Like Definition of swizzle on Facebook
    1. A name for various kinds of alcoholic drinks.
    verbto swizzle
    1. To stir or mix.
    She swizzled the milk into her coffee.
    1. (computing) To permute bits.
    swizzle stick Tweet Definition of swizzle stick Like Definition of swizzle stick on Facebook
    1. A small utensil used to mix or stir drinks like iced tea or cocktails.
    The rum-based mixed drink came with a shaped like a pirate's sword.

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