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balance Tweet Definition of balance Like Definition of balance on Facebook
  1. A pair of scales.
  2. (uncountable) equilibrium, Equilibrium in movement.
  3. (uncountable) support, Support for both viewpoints, substances etc or neither; neutrality.
  4. A list accounting for the debits on one side, and for the credits on the other
verb (balanc, ing)
  1. (transitive) to make (items) weigh up.
  2. (transitive) (figurative) to make (concepts) agree.
  3. (transitive) to hold (an object or objects) precariously.
  4. (transitive) to make the credits and debits of (an account) correspond.
  5. (intransitive) to be in equilibrium.
  6. (intransitive) to have matching credits and debits.
barm Tweet Definition of barm Like Definition of barm on Facebook
  1. (italbrac, obsolete except in dialects) bosom, Bosom, lap.
    • Late C14: And with that word this faucon gan to crie / And swowned eft in Canacees . " Geoffrey Chaucer, "The Squire's Tale", Canterbury Tales
barmy Tweet Definition of barmy Like Definition of barmy on Facebook
adjective (barm)
  1. (context, rare) containing barm, i.e. froth from fermented yeast
  2. (context, mainly, Commonwealth English) dotty, goofy, wacko.
2004: The movie is sweet enough in its way... -- Roger Ebert
beer Tweet Definition of beer Like Definition of beer on Facebook
  1. (uncountable) An alcoholic drink fermented from starch material commonly barley malt, often with hops or some other substance to impart a bitter flavor.
  2. (uncountable) A fermented extract of the roots and other parts of various plants, as spruce, ginger, sassafras, etc.
  3. (uncountable) A solution produced by seeping plant materials in water or another fluid.
  4. (countable) A glass of any of the above beverages.
  5. (context, Chinese English) Any alcoholic beverage.
beeswing Tweet Definition of beeswing Like Definition of beeswing on Facebook
  1. a filmy, translucent crust found in port and other old wines which have been bottled-aged for a long time
  • 1904: The three glasses were grouped together, all of them tinged with wine, and one of them containing some dregs of . " Arthur Conan Doyle, "The Adventure of the Abbey Grange" (Norton 2005, p.1170)
Benedictine Tweet Definition of Benedictine Like Definition of Benedictine on Facebook
  1. A monk or nun who belongs to the order founded by St Benedict
  2. A liqueur made from Cognac (French brandy) together with herbs and spices
  1. Of or pertaining to St Benedict of Nursia
  2. Of or pertaining to the Benedictine order
big Tweet Definition of big Like Definition of big on Facebook
adjective (bigg, er)
  1. Of a great size; large; the weakest sense of great size.
Elephants are animals, and they eat a lot.
  1. (colloquial) Adult.
Kids should get help from people if they want to use the kitchen.
  1. (colloquial) fat, Fat.
Gosh, she is big!
  1. important, Important or significant.
What's so about that? I do it all the time.
  1. popular, Popular.
That style is very right now in Europe, especially among teenagers.
  1. (colloquial) (construed with on) enthusiastic, Enthusiastic (about).
I'm not on the idea, but if you want to go ahead with it, I won't stop you.
  1. Of an industry or other field: Thought to have undue influence.
There were concerns about the ethics of science.
bishop Tweet Definition of bishop Like Definition of bishop on Facebook
  1. A high ranking official in the Catholic church who governs a diocese, or a similar official in other denominations and religions.
  2. (context, Chess) A piece that may be moved only diagonally.
  3. (slang) penis (see bash the bishop).
bitters Tweet Definition of bitters Like Definition of bitters on Facebook
  1. plural only: A liquid used in mixed drinks or as a tonic into which bitter herbs have been steeped, (can also be found in powdered form for adding to mixed drinks).
Black and Tan Tweet Definition of Black and Tan Like Definition of Black and Tan on Facebook
  1. A member of the RIC British irregular army group, operating against Irish republicans in the War of Independence 1920/21.
  2. (Ireland) A drink combining stout and ale.
Black Russian Tweet Definition of Black Russian Like Definition of Black Russian on Facebook
  1. A cocktail containing vodka and a coffee flavoured liqueur such as Kahlua.
black velvet Tweet Definition of black velvet Like Definition of black velvet on Facebook
  1. (slang) An Australian aboriginal woman viewed by a white man as a sexual partner. (Reference: w:R. M. W. Dixon, R. M. W. Dixon, Australian Aboriginal Words'', Oxford University Press, 1990, ISBN 0-19-553099-3, page 212.)
  2. (slang) Sexual intercourse with an Australian aboriginal woman. (Reference: Dixon ditto.)
Bloody Mary Tweet Definition of Bloody Mary Like Definition of Bloody Mary on Facebook
  1. alternative spelling of [bloody maryAntoienette marie vaughn]
proper noun
  1. w:Mary I of England, Mary I of England
bond Tweet Definition of bond Like Definition of bond on Facebook
Evidence of a long-term debt, by which the bond issuer (the borrower) is obliged to pay interest when due, and repay the principal at maturity, as specified on the face of the bond certificate. The rights of the holder are specified in the bond indenture, which contains the legal terms and conditions under which the bond was issued. Bonds are available in two forms: registered bonds, and bearer bonds.
  1. A documentary obligation to pay a sum or to perform a contract; a debenture.
Many say that government and corporate bonds are a good investment to balance against a portfolio consisting primarily of stocks.
  1. A physical connection which binds, a band; often plural.
The prisoner was brought before the tribunal in iron bonds.
  1. An emotional link, connection or union.
They had grown up as friends and neighbors, and not even vastly differing political views could break the of their friendship.
  1. (context, chemistry) A link or force between neighbouring atoms in a molecule.
Organic chemistry primarily consists of the study of carbon bonds, in their many variations.
  1. A binding agreement, a covenant.
Herbert resented his wife for subjecting him to the bonds of matrimony; he claimed they had gotten married while drunk.
  1. A sum of money paid as bail or surety.
The bailiff released the prisoner as soon as the was posted.
  1. Any constraining or cementing force or material.
A of superglue adhered the teacups to the ceiling, much to the consternation of the cafe owners.
  1. (context, construction) In building, a specific pattern of bricklaying.
  2. In Scotland, a mortgage.
  1. (transitive) To connect, secure or tie with a bond; to bind.
The gargantuan ape was bonded in iron chains and carted onto the stage.
  1. (transitive) To cause to adhere (one material with another).
The children bonded their snapshots to the scrapbook pages with mucilage.
  1. (context, transitive, chemistry) To form a chemical compound with.
Under unusual conditions, even gold can be made to bond with other elements.
  1. (transitive) To guarantee or secure a financial risk.
The contractor was bonded with a local underwriter.
  1. To form a friendship or emotional connection.
The men had bonded while serving together in Vietnam.
  1. (transitive) To put in a bonded warehouse.
  2. (context, transitive, construction) To lay bricks in a specific pattern.
  3. (context, transitive, electricity) To make a reliable electrical connection between two conductors (or any pieces of metal that may potentially become conductors).
A house's distribution panel should always be bonded to the grounding rods via a panel bond.
bootleg Tweet Definition of bootleg Like Definition of bootleg on Facebook
  1. that part of a boot that is above the instep
  2. an illegally produced, transported or sold product; contraband
verb (bootleg, g, ed)
  1. (context, mostly, US, transitive) to make, transport and/or sell illegal alcoholic liquor
  2. (transitive) to make, transport and/or sell an illegal version or copy of a copyright product
  3. (intransitive) to engage in bootlegging
  1. illegally produced, transported or sold; pirated
  2. undesirable or unwanted effects or outcomes
  3. poor quality
booze Tweet Definition of booze Like Definition of booze on Facebook
  1. (slang) Any alcoholic beverage.
Bordeaux Tweet Definition of Bordeaux Like Definition of Bordeaux on Facebook
proper noun
  1. A city in southwest France
  2. A wine coming from that area.
We had a nice bottle of Bordeaux last night.
bouquet Tweet Definition of bouquet Like Definition of bouquet on Facebook
  1. A bunch of flowers.
For my birthday I received two bouquets.
  1. The scent of a particular wine.
This Bordeaux has an interesting .
bourbon Tweet Definition of bourbon Like Definition of bourbon on Facebook
  1. A whiskey distill, distilled from a mixture of grains in which more than half is maize, aged in oak barrel, barrels. Made chiefly in the US.
  2. A Bourbon biscuit
Brandy Tweet Definition of Brandy Like Definition of Brandy on Facebook
proper noun
  1. (given name, female) derived from the brandy wine, of mostly American usage in the 1970s and 1980s.
breathe Tweet Definition of breathe Like Definition of breathe on Facebook
verb (breathes, breathing, breathed)
  1. (intransitive) To repeatedly draw air into, and expel it from, the lungs in order to extract oxygen from it and excrete waste products.
  2. (intransitive) To exchange gases with the environment.
Garments made of
  • and similar new materials breathe well and keep the skin relatively dry during exercise.
    1. (intransitive) Figuratively, to be relaxed or calm.
...a child's peaceful breathing...
...the wind breathes through the trees...
  1. (intransitive) Figuratively, to live.
I will not allow it, as long as I still .
  1. (transitive) To repeately draw (something) into, and expel (that thing) from, the lungs.
Try not to too much smoke.
  1. (transitive) To whisper quietly.
He breathed the words into her ear, but she understood them all.
brew Tweet Definition of brew Like Definition of brew on Facebook
  1. The mixture formed by brewing; that which is brewed; a brewage.
  2. (Commonwealth English) A cup of tea.
  3. (Commonwealth English) The act of making a cup of tea.
  4. (context, UK, colloquial) A hill.
  1. (context, transitive, obsolete) To boil or seethe; to cook.
  2. (context, transitive, Commonwealth English) To prepare a teapot of tea.
  3. (context, transitive, Commonwealth English) To put the kettle on for a cup of tea.
  4. (context, transitive, Commonwealth English) To prepare, as beer or other liquor (or even ginger beer, shandy), from malt and hops, or from other materials, by steeping, boiling, and fermentation.
    • w:William Shakespeare, William Shakespeare, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, act III, scene I
      : She brews good ale.
      1. (transitive) To prepare by steeping and mingling; to concoct.
    • w:William Shakespeare, William Shakespeare
      : Go, me a pottle of sack finely.
      1. (transitive) To foment or prepare, as by brewing; to contrive; to plot; to concoct; to hatch; as, to brew mischief.
    • w:John Milton, John Milton
      : Hence with thy brewed enchantments, foul deceiver!
      1. (intransitive) To attend to the business, or go through the processes, of brewing or making beer.
    • w:William Shakespeare, William Shakespeare
      : I wash, wring, , bake, scour.
      1. (intransitive) To be in a state of preparation; to be mixing, forming, orgathering; as, a storm brews in the west.
    • w:William Shakespeare, William Shakespeare
      : There is some ill a-brewing towards my rest.
brewing Tweet Definition of brewing Like Definition of brewing on Facebook
  1. The production of alcoholic beverages, such as beer, by fermentation; the process of being brewed.
  2. The business or occupation of a brewer.
  3. The quantity of a brew made in a single batch.
  4. The forming of a storm or the gathering of clouds.
A storm is .
  1. (present participle of, brew)
brisk Tweet Definition of brisk Like Definition of brisk on Facebook
adjective (brisk, er, more)
  1. Full of liveliness and activity; characterized by quickness of motion or action; lively; spirited; quick.
    We took a walk yesterday.
  2. Full of spirit of life; effervescing, as liquors; sparkling; as, brisk cider.
  3. Stimulating or invigorating.
    This morning was a fall day. It wasn't cold enough for frost but you wanted to keep moving.
Bronx Tweet Definition of Bronx Like Definition of Bronx on Facebook
proper noun
  1. A borough of New York City.
Burgundy Tweet Definition of Burgundy Like Definition of Burgundy on Facebook
proper noun
  1. A region of France.
  2. (also Burgundy wine) A variety of red wine from this region.

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