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accommodation Tweet Definition of accommodation Like Definition of accommodation on Facebook
  1. The act of fitting or adapting, or the state of being fitted or adapted; adaptation; adjustment; -- followed by to
The organization of the body with to its functions. -Sir M. Hale
  1. Willingness to accommodate; obligingness.
  2. Whatever supplies a want or affords ease, refreshment, or convenience; anything furnished which is desired or needful; -- often in the plural; as, the accommodations -- that is, lodgings and food -- at an inn - Sir W. Scott
  3. An adjustment of differences; state of agreement; reconciliation; settlement.
To come to terms of . - Macaulay
  1. The application of a writer's language, on the ground of analogy, to something not originally referred to or intended.
Many of those quotations from the Old Testament were probably intended as nothing more than accommodations. - Paley
  1. (context, Commerce) A loan of money
  2. (context, Commerce) An accommodation bill or note.
  3. an offer of substitute goods to fulfill a contract, which will bind the purchaser if accepted
acculturation Tweet Definition of acculturation Like Definition of acculturation on Facebook
  1. the process by which the culture of an isolated society changes on contact with a different one
  2. the process by which a person acquires the culture of the society that he/she inhabits
Some social scientists reverse the meanings of enculturation and acculturation. Primary socialization is sometimes called enculturation, while secondary socialization is sometimes called acculturation.      
active Tweet Definition of active Like Definition of active on Facebook
  1. A person or thing that is acting or capable of acting.
adjective (WikiSaurus?-link, active)
  1. Having the power or quality of acting; causing change; communicating action or motion; acting; — opposed to passive, that receives; as, certain active principles; the powers of the mind.
  2. Quick in physical movement; of an agile and vigorous body; nimble; as, an active child or animal.
  3. In action; actually proceeding; working; in force; — opposed to quiescent, dormant, or extinct.
active laws
active hostilities
an active volcano
  1. Given to action; constantly engaged in action; energetic; diligent; busy; — opposed to dull, sluggish, indolent, or inert; as, an active man of business; active mind; active zeal.
  2. Requiring or implying action or exertion; — opposed to sedentary or to tranquil; as, active employment or service; active scenes.
  3. Given to action rather than contemplation; practical; operative; — opposed to speculative or theoretical; as, an active rather than a speculative statesman.
  4. Brisk; lively; as, an active demand for corn.
  5. Implying or producing rapid action.
an active disease
an active remedy
  1. (grammar)
  1. Applied to a form of the verb; — opposed to passive. See active voice.
  2. Applied to verbs which assert that the subject acts upon or affects something else; transitive.
  3. Applied to all verbs that express action as distinct from mere existence or state.
  4. (italbrac, gay sexual slang)
  5. (italbrac, of a homosexual man) enjoying a role in anal sex in which he penetrates, rather than being penetrated by his partner
  6. such a role in anal sex
adaptation Tweet Definition of adaptation Like Definition of adaptation on Facebook
  1. (uncountable) The quality of being adapted; adaption; adjustment.
  2. (uncountable) Adjustment to extant conditions: as, adjustment of a sense organ to the intensity or quality of stimulation; modification of some thing or its parts that makes it more fit for existence under the conditions of its current environment
  3. (countable)Something which has been adapted; variation.
adjustment Tweet Definition of adjustment Like Definition of adjustment on Facebook
  1. a small change; a minor correction; a modification
I adjusted my Wiktionary preferences to enlarge the edit box.
The credit card company made an to my account to waive the late fee.
affinal Tweet Definition of affinal Like Definition of affinal on Facebook
  1. (context, family) Of a family relationship by marriage of a relative (or through affinity), as opposed to consanguinity; in-law.
affine Tweet Definition of affine Like Definition of affine on Facebook
  1. (genealogy) A relative by marriage.
verb (affines, affining, affined)
  1. To refine.
  1. (Mathematics) Assigning finite values to finite quantities.
  2. (mathematics) Describing a function expressible as f(x)=ax+b (which is not linear, but is similar).
  3. Of or pertaining to a transformation that maps parallel lines to parallel lines and finite points to finite points.
affinity Tweet Definition of affinity Like Definition of affinity on Facebook
noun (affinities)
  1. A family relationship through marriage of a relative, as opposed to consanguinity. (e.g. sister-in-law).
  2. A kinsman or kinswoman of such relationship. Affinal kinsman or kinswoman.
  3. Any romantic relationship.
  4. Any passionate love for something.
  5. (chemistry) An attractive force between atoms, or groups of atoms, that contributes towards their forming bonds
    1. The attraction between an antibody and an antigen
age group Tweet Definition of age group Like Definition of age group on Facebook
  1. A demographic grouping based on age.
anomie Tweet Definition of anomie Like Definition of anomie on Facebook
  1. Alienation or social instability caused by erosion of standards and values.
antidisestablishmentarian Tweet Definition of antidisestablishmentarian Like Definition of antidisestablishmentarian on Facebook
  1. One who believes that the Church of England should retain its formal constitutional relationship with the state.
  1. Of or relating to the belief that the Church of England should retain its formal constitutional relationship with the state.
antisocial Tweet Definition of antisocial Like Definition of antisocial on Facebook
  1. Unwilling or unable to associate normally with other people
  2. Antagonistic, hostile, or unfriendly toward others; menacing
  3. Opposed to social order or the principles of society
assimilate Tweet Definition of assimilate Like Definition of assimilate on Facebook
verb (assimilat, ing)
  1. To incorporate nutrients into the body after digestion.
  2. To incorporate or absorb knowledge into the mind.
  3. To absorb a group of people into a community.
  4. To compare something to another similar one.
assimilation Tweet Definition of assimilation Like Definition of assimilation on Facebook
  1. The act of assimilating or the state of being assimilated.
  2. The metabolic conversion of nutriments into tissue.
  3. (context, by extension) The absorption of new ideas into an existing cognitive structure.
  4. (linguistics) The modification of a sound such that it becomes similar to an adjacent sound.
  5. The adoption, by a minority group, of the customs and attitudes of the dominant culture.

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