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Sark Tweet Definition of Sark Like Definition of Sark on Facebook
proper noun
  1. One of the Channel Islands.
scant Tweet Definition of scant Like Definition of scant on Facebook
  1. Masonary: A block of stone sawn on two sides down to the bed level.
    • These are the saws we use to produce sawn six side products. Top is our Mono Saw which we use to cut the raw block from the quarry. The slabs of stone produced are referred to as scants.
    • The block is cut into slices called "scants". The thickness of the being equal to the course heights of the finished blocks, which in the case of the Beasts were 1.5 metres. The carving for the lions and unicorns for St Georges, Bloomsbury.
      1. A sheet of stone.
    • After selection, the block is "primary sawn". This transforms an uncut block into slices and is done either with large circular saws that have diamond-tipped blades " cutting one slice at a time " or with "frame saws" which have a series of blades that cut each block into slices in a single operation. The stone slices or "scants" are then sawn-to-size " for splitting and pitching in the case of walling stone " or cut-to-size and profile for finished masonry. For some projects, hand masonry is required and this is done to specification.
    • The production is highly technical with large formwork blocks produced and cured under controlled conditions. Thereafter the cutting of the block into 'scants' (sheets 10-30mm) polishing and cut to format is very similar to that of traditional stones.
      1. Timber: A slightly thinner measurement of a standard wood size.
    • How does full width differ from width?
    • All lumber is produced with a stated width, which is the target size. As milling has become more accurate, target sizes have moved closer to surfaced or planed sizes, i.e. 5 1/2". As the width diminishes, the actual width is -or less than-the nominal width. See examples below:
    • Full Width , Scant Width
    • 6" , 5-1/2"
    • 4" , 3-1/2"
    • 3" , 2-1/2" - 46k
    • G E Robinson & Co Ltd are one of the UK's leading Importers of Scants (S4S?) & CLS. Productions include Kurekss & Schweighofer. Images/TimberScantsPic3?...
    • Rough-green lumber sizes are measured and correlated to mill's target sizes. When necessary, size changes are suggested to avoid grade loss from lumber.
    • Are you buying rough KD 5/4 lumber? If so, it can be 1/16" of the nominal thickness, meaning 1-3/16" is okay. The general thickness of 1-3/16" applies to the cuttings and not to the entire piece - that is, wane or other thin spots outside of the "cutting area used to determine the grade" can be under 1-3/16" thick. Quartersawn 5/4 lumber has even more tolerance (3/32" ), due to the excessive shrinkage in thickness for such lumber.
  1. very little, very few
"After his previous escapades, Mary had reason to believe John."
Scunner Tweet Definition of Scunner Like Definition of Scunner on Facebook
proper noun
  1. The Nato reporting name of the R-1 ballistic missile built by the Soviet Union
sell Tweet Definition of sell Like Definition of sell on Facebook
  1. An easy task.
    • 1922: What a for Lena! - w:Katherine Mansfield, Katherine Mansfield, The Doll's House (Selected Stories, Oxford World's Classics paperback 2002, 354)
verb (sells, selling, sold, sold)
  1. To agree to transfer goods or provide services in exchange for money.
  2. (professional wrestling slang) In professional wrestling, to pretend that an opponent's blows or maneuvers are causing legitimate injury; to act.
  3. (idiom) To promote a particular viewpoint; to manipulate towards a desired end.
I don't know what she was selling when she pretended she liked him.
shank Tweet Definition of shank Like Definition of shank on Facebook
  1. The lower part of the leg; shin.
  2. meat, Meat from that part of an animal.
  3. A straight, narrow part of an object; shaft; stem
  4. A protruding part of an object, by which it is or can be attached.
  5. The metal part on a curb bit that falls below the mouthpiece of the bit, which length controls the severity of the leverage action of the bit, and to which the reins of the bridle are attached
  6. (sports) A poorly played golf shot in which the ball is struck by the part of the club head that connects to the shaft. See thin,fat,toe
  7. (slang) An improvised stabbing weapon
  8. (slang) Bad.
  1. (archaic) To travel on foot
  2. (slang) To stab
  1. bad, Bad.
Shaw Tweet Definition of Shaw Like Definition of Shaw on Facebook
proper noun
  1. an English topographic surname for someone who lived by a small wood or copse
shear Tweet Definition of shear Like Definition of shear on Facebook
  1. a cutting tool similar to scissors, but often larger
  2. the act of shearing, or something removed by shearing
  1. (physics) a force that produces a shearing strain
verb (shears, shearing, sheared or shore, shorn or sheared)
  1. To cut, originally with a sword or other bladed weapon, now usually with shears, or as if using shears.
    • 1819, Walter Scott, Ivanhoe:
    • : So trenchant was the Templar"s weapon, that it shore asunder, as it had been a willow twig, the tough and plaited handle of the mace, which the ill-fated Saxon reared to parry the blow, and, descending on his head, levelled him with the earth.
      1. To remove the fleece from a sheep etc by clipping
    • (physics) To deform because of shearing forces
shebeen Tweet Definition of shebeen Like Definition of shebeen on Facebook
  1. An unlicensed drinking establishment, especially in Ireland, Scotland, and South Africa
sheen Tweet Definition of sheen Like Definition of sheen on Facebook
  1. splendor; radiance; shininess.
verbto sheen
  1. To shine; to glisten.
shiel Tweet Definition of shiel Like Definition of shiel on Facebook
  1. A shepherd's hut or shieling.
  2. A cottage.
skene Tweet Definition of skene Like Definition of skene on Facebook
  1. A element of ancient Greek theater.
skerry Tweet Definition of skerry Like Definition of skerry on Facebook
noun (skerr, ies)
  1. a small rocky island which is covered by the sea at high tide or during storms
  • 1997: Grim the Halogalander's crew sailed along Borgarfjord beyond the skerries, then cast anchor until the storm died down and the weather brightened up. " "Egil's Saga", tr. Bernard Scudder, The Sagas of Icelanders (Penguin 2001, p. 46)
skink Tweet Definition of skink Like Definition of skink on Facebook
  1. An animal of the Scincidae family, resembling a lizard, having small or reduced limbs or none at all and long tails that are regenerated when shed.
skirl Tweet Definition of skirl Like Definition of skirl on Facebook
  1. To make a shrill sound, as of bagpipes.
  • 1985: Drums began to thump in a variety of rhythms. The flautists were not sure what to play. The shawm began to . " Anthony Burgess, Kingdom of the Wicked
skirling Tweet Definition of skirling Like Definition of skirling on Facebook
  1. A small trout or salmon.
  2. (context, Northern England, and, Scotland) A shrill cry or sound; a crying shrilly; a skirl.
  • When the of the pipes cleft the air his cold eyes softened. Mrs. J. H. Ewing.
  1. (present participle of, skirl)
skite Tweet Definition of skite Like Definition of skite on Facebook
verb (skite)
  1. (to splash or spatter)
to have been skited by passing traffic on wet roads
The oil is skiting from the frying pan Possibly Irish usage...
  1. to boast
slab Tweet Definition of slab Like Definition of slab on Facebook
  1. A large, flat shaped piece of material such as stone, concrete, clay, butter etc..
  2. A paving stone, flagstone
  3. (computing) the equivalent to a 12-bit byte in some computers
  4. (Australian) a box containing twenty-four 375 ml aluminium cans of beer
  5. (Slang) full-size luxury pre-1980 GM vehicles, primarily Buick, Oldsmobile, and Cadillac
slap Tweet Definition of slap Like Definition of slap on Facebook
  1. A blow, especially one given with the open hand, or with something broad and flat.
  2. The sound of such a blow.
verb (slap, p, ed)
  1. To give a slap.
  2. To cause something to strike soundly.
  3. To place, to put carelessly.
sneck Tweet Definition of sneck Like Definition of sneck on Facebook
  1. (context, Northern England) A latch or catch.
  2. (context, Northern England) The nose.
  3. A cut.
  1. (transitive) To latch, to lock.
  2. (transitive) To cut.
sort Tweet Definition of sort Like Definition of sort on Facebook
  1. A general type.
  2. (informal) A person.
This guy's a decent sort.
  1. An act of sorting.
I had a sort of my cupboard
  1. (computing) An algorithm for sorting a list of items into a particular order.
  1. (transitive) To separate according to certain criterion, criteria.
  2. (transitive) To arrange into some order, especially numerically, alphabetically or chronologically.
sough Tweet Definition of sough Like Definition of sough on Facebook
  1. To make a soft rustling or murmuring sound.
spae Tweet Definition of spae Like Definition of spae on Facebook
  1. ({1, To divine, to foretell)}
stark Tweet Definition of stark Like Definition of stark on Facebook
  1. (obsolete except in dialects) To stiffen.
  2. (Publishing) To edit mercilessly with an iron hand
Laurie needs to this asap.
  1. (obsolete) hard, firm; obdurate.
  2. severe; violent; fierce (now usually in describing the weather)
  3. (archaic) strong; vigorous; powerful.
  4. stiff, rigid
His body was already stiff and .
  1. hard in appearance; barren, desolate
I picked my way forlornly through the , sharp rocks.
  1. complete, absolute, full
I screamed in terror.
  1. starkly; entirely, absolutely
He's gone , staring mad.
She was just standing there, naked.
stiff Tweet Definition of stiff Like Definition of stiff on Facebook
  1. A person who leaves (especially a restaurant) without paying the bill.
  2. An average person, usually male, of no particular distinction, skill, or education, often a working or lucky .
A Working Stiff's Manifesto: A Memoir of Thirty Jobs I Quit, Nine That Fired Me, and Three I Can't Remember was published in 2003.
  1. A person who is deceived, as a mark or pigeon in a swindle.
She convinced the to go to her hotel room, where her henchman was waiting to rob him.
  1. (slang) A cadaver, a dead person.
  2. A person who leaves (especially a restaurant) without paying the bill.
  1. To fail to pay money one owes, especially by departing hastily.
Realizing he had forgotten his wallet, he stiffed the taxi driver when the cab stopped for a red light.
  1. (rfv-sense) To tip ungenerously.
    • 1946, William Foote Whyte, Industry and Society, page 129
    • : We asked one girl to explain how she felt when she was "stiffed." She said, You think of all the work you've done and how you've tried to please them".
    • 2007, Mary Higgins Clark, I Heard That Song Before, page 154
    • : Then he stiffed the waiter with a cheap tip.
      1. (rfv-sense) To cheat someone.
    • 1992, Stephen Birmingham, Shades of Fortune, page 451
    • : You see, poor Nonie really was stiffed by Adolph in his will. He really stiffed her, Rose, and I really wanted to right that wrong.
  1. Of an object, rigid, hard to bend, inflexible.
  2. (context, figuratively) Of policies and rules and their application and enforcement, inflexible.
  3. Of a person, formal in behavior, unrelaxed.
  4. (colloquial) harsh, Harsh, severe.
He was eventually caught, and given a fine.
  1. Of muscles, or parts of the body, painful, as a result of excessive, or unaccustomed excercise.
My legs are after climbing that hill yesterday.
stoup Tweet Definition of stoup Like Definition of stoup on Facebook
  1. (obsolete) a bucket
  2. (archaic) a mug or drinking vessel
  3. a receptacle for holy water, especially a basin set at the entrance of a church
swang Tweet Definition of swang Like Definition of swang on Facebook
noun (plural swangs)
  1. A swamp.
  1. (archaic) Imperfect (simple past) form of swing (now largely replaced by swung)
swats Tweet Definition of swats Like Definition of swats on Facebook
  1. (plural of, swat)

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