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labarum Tweet Definition of labarum Like Definition of labarum on Facebook
noun (labar, a)
  1. The Roman military standard adopted by w:Constantine I, Constantine I. The banner was known for its Christian chi-rho sign.
    • 1658: Nor shall we urge the , and famous Standard of Constantine, or make further use thereof, than as the first Letters in the Name of our Saviour Christ " Sir Thomas Browne, The Garden of Cyrus (Folio Society 2007, p. 168)
Lady Day Tweet Definition of Lady Day Like Definition of Lady Day on Facebook
  1. 25th March, an English quarter day.
  2. 25th March, Christian holy day, the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary.
Lamb of God Tweet Definition of Lamb of God Like Definition of Lamb of God on Facebook
proper nounlamb, Lamb of God
  1. Jesus
Lammas Tweet Definition of Lammas Like Definition of Lammas on Facebook
  1. (England) former festival held on 1st August celebrating the harvest.
  2. (Scotland) 1st August, a quarter day
  3. (context, paganism) A modern pagan festival celebrated in early August celebrating the start of the grain harvest.
Lammastide Tweet Definition of Lammastide Like Definition of Lammastide on Facebook
  1. the religious festival of Lammas
Laodicean Tweet Definition of Laodicean Like Definition of Laodicean on Facebook
  1. pertaining to w:Laodicea on the Lycus, Laodicea
  2. lukewarm, neither hot nor cold (with reference to Revelation 3:16)
  • 1955: The baths were mostly tiled showers, with an endless variety of spouting mechanisms, but with one definitely non- characteristic in common, a propensity, while in use, to turn instantly beastly hot or blindingly cold upon you, depending on whether your neighbor turned on his cold or his hot to deprive you of a necessary complement in the shower you had so carefully blended. " Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita
last Tweet Definition of last Like Definition of last on Facebook
  1. a tool for shaping or preserving the shape of shoes
    • 2006, Newman, Cathy, Every Shoe Tells a Story, National Geographic (September, 2006), 83,
    • : How is an in-your-face black leather thigh-high lace-up boot with a four-inch spike heel like a man's black calf lace-up oxford? They are both made on a , the wood or plastic foot-shaped form that leather is stretched over and shaped to make a shoe.
  1. (context, obsolete, transitive) To perform, carry out.
  2. (intransitive) To endure, continue over time.
Summer seems to longer each year.
  1. (intransitive) To hold out, continue undefeated or entire.
I don't know how much longer we can without reinforcements.
  1. final, Final, ultimate, coming after all others of its kind.
  2. Most recent, latest, last so far.
  1. after everything else
  2. finally
Last but not least
Last Supper Tweet Definition of Last Supper Like Definition of Last Supper on Facebook
  1. An artistic representation of this event.
proper noun
  1. (Christianity) The Passover meal that Jesus ate with his disciples on the night before his death.
Latin Tweet Definition of Latin Like Definition of Latin on Facebook
proper noun
  1. (uncountable) The language of the ancient Romans; classical Latin.
  2. A person native to ancient Rome or its Empire.
  3. A person who is descended from the ancient Romans.
  4. A person whose native tongue is one descended from Latin, such as a Spaniard or Italian.
(Latin variations) adjective
  1. Of or relating to Latium (modern Lazio), the region around Rome.
  2. Of or relating to the language spoken in ancient Rome.
  3. Of or relating to the script of the language spoken in ancient Rome and many modern alphabets.
  4. Of or relating to ancient Rome or its Empire.
  5. Of or relating to the customs and people descended from the ancient Romans and their Empire.
  6. Of or from Latin America or of Latin American culture.
latria Tweet Definition of latria Like Definition of latria on Facebook
  1. (Roman Catholicism) the highest form of veneration or worship, properly given to God alone
laud Tweet Definition of laud Like Definition of laud on Facebook
  1. Praise or glorification.
  2. A hymn of praise.
  3. (in plural, sometimes Lauds) a prayer service following matins
  1. (intransitive) To praise, to glorify.
Laura Tweet Definition of Laura Like Definition of Laura on Facebook
proper noun
  1. (given name, female).
laver Tweet Definition of laver Like Definition of laver on Facebook
  1. A red alga of the genus Porphyra.
lectern Tweet Definition of lectern Like Definition of lectern on Facebook
  1. a stand with a slanted top used to support a bible from which passages are read during a church service
  2. a similar stand to support a lecturer's notes
lectionary Tweet Definition of lectionary Like Definition of lectionary on Facebook
noun (Plural:lectionaries)
  1. A book or listing that contains a collection of readings for Christian worship.
legality Tweet Definition of legality Like Definition of legality on Facebook
noun (legalities, -)
  1. lawfulness, Lawfulness.
legate Tweet Definition of legate Like Definition of legate on Facebook
  1. a deputy representing the Pope, specifically a papal ambassador sent on special ecclesiastical missions
  2. an ambassador or messenger
  • 1965: The dark figure on the raised white terrace; of the sun facing the sun; the most ancient royal power. " John Fowles, The Magus
    1. the deputy of a provincial governor or general in ancient Rome
legation Tweet Definition of legation Like Definition of legation on Facebook
  1. The post or office of a legate; a legateship.
  2. A diplomatic mission.
  3. The official residence of a diplomat.
Lent Tweet Definition of Lent Like Definition of Lent on Facebook
proper noun
  1. Period of penitence for Christians before Easter.
Lenten Tweet Definition of Lenten Like Definition of Lenten on Facebook
  1. belonging to Lent
lesson Tweet Definition of lesson Like Definition of lesson on Facebook
  1. A section of learning or teaching into which a wider learning content is divided.
    • In our school a typical working week consists of around twenty lessons and ten hours of related laboratory work.
      1. A learning task assigned to a student; homework.
      2. Something learned or to be learned.
    • The nature has many lessons to teach to us.
    • I hope this accident thought you a !
      1. Something that serves as a warning or encouragement.
    • The accident was a good to me.
      1. A section of the Bible or other religious text read as part of a divine service.
liberalism Tweet Definition of liberalism Like Definition of liberalism on Facebook
  1. The quality of being liberal.
  2. A political movement founded on the autonomy and personal freedom of the individual, progress and reform, and government by law with the consent of the governed.
  3. An economic theory in favour of laissez faire and the free market.
litany Tweet Definition of litany Like Definition of litany on Facebook
noun (litan, ies)
  1. A ritual liturgical prayer in which a series of prayers recited by a leader are alternated with responses from the congregation.
  2. A prolonged or tedious account.
liturgical Tweet Definition of liturgical Like Definition of liturgical on Facebook
  1. Pertaining to liturgy; liturgic.
liturgist Tweet Definition of liturgist Like Definition of liturgist on Facebook
noun (Plural:liturgists)
  1. A person knowledgable about liturgy.
liturgy Tweet Definition of liturgy Like Definition of liturgy on Facebook
noun (liturgies)
  1. A predetermined or prescribed set of rituals that are performed, usually by a religion. An official worship service of the Christian church.
logia Tweet Definition of logia Like Definition of logia on Facebook
  1. The plural of logion.
logos Tweet Definition of logos Like Definition of logos on Facebook
  1. (philosophy) In Presocratic philosophy, the principle governing the cosmos ; Among the Sophists, the topics of rational argument ; In Stoicism, the active, material, rational principle of the cosmos
  1. (grammar) A form of rhetoric in which the writer or speaker uses logic as the main argument
    1. (Judaism) The word of God, which itself has creative power; a hypostasis associated with divine wisdom
    2. (Christianity) The creative word of God, which is itself God and incarnate in Christ
Lord Tweet Definition of Lord Like Definition of Lord on Facebook
proper noun
  1. God
  2. (Christianity) Jesus
  3. An aristocratic title used as a form of address for a marquis, earl, or viscount; the usual style for a baron; a courtesy title for a younger son of a duke or marquis; a title for certain high officials and dignitaries such as Lord Mayor; a title for a bishop
Lord's Prayer Tweet Definition of Lord Like Definition of Lord
proper noun
  1. The prayer taught by Jesus Christ to his disciples in the Sermon on the Mount
Lord's Supper Tweet Definition of Lord Like Definition of Lord
proper noun
  1. (Christianity) In Christianity, the Eucharist.
  2. (Christianity) The Last Supper at Passover of Jesus with his disciples.
love feast Tweet Definition of love feast Like Definition of love feast on Facebook
  1. a symbolic meal eaten to celebrate brotherly love, particularly one practiced by early Christians celebrating agape.
  2. a banquet or gathering to promote goodwill among the participants.
Lucifer Tweet Definition of Lucifer Like Definition of Lucifer on Facebook
proper noun
  1. A name of the Christian devil, referring to him before his fall into sin.
  2. The planet Venus as the daystar.
lunette Tweet Definition of lunette Like Definition of lunette on Facebook
  1. (architecture) a small circular or crescent-shaped opening in a vaulted roof
  2. (architecture) a crescent-shaped recess or void space above a window or door
  3. a field work consisting of two projecting faces forming a wedge each of which extends from one of two parallel flanks
  4. (geology) (the shape of) a crescent-shaped dune
  5. goggles for swimming under water
  6. (Christianity) a crescent-shaped clip for holding the host upright when exposed in the monstrance
Lutheran Tweet Definition of Lutheran Like Definition of Lutheran on Facebook
proper noun
  1. The denominations of Christian churches that are descended from the Protestant tradition of w:Martin Luther, Martin Luther.
  2. A member of any Lutheran church.
  1. Of the Lutheran church, as opposed to a Protestant or Catholic church.
A Lutheran understanding of the Lord's Supper is not the same as that of other denominations.

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