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M Tweet Definition of M Like Definition of M on Facebook
noun (pl=Ms, pl2=M's)
  1. The thirteenth letter of the English alphabet; a vocal consonant, and from the manner of its formation, is called the labio-nasal consonant.
proper noun 
  1. fictional character from the James Bond stories and films
abbreviation or M.
  1. Monsieur
  2. male
  3. Monday
  4. Mother
  5. (context, size) Medium
  6. (context, US, roadway) Michigan; Usage note: This designation is used within Michigan.
  7. mature
  8. (context, cricket, in batting figures) the number of minutes a player spent at the crease
  9. (context, cricket, in bowling figures) the number of maiden overs bowled
Mach Tweet Definition of Mach Like Definition of Mach on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, Mach number)
  1. (physics) a ratio of the speed (of an object, etc.) to the speed of sound in the fluid or other medium through which the object travels. Usually used to describe supersonic speeds.
    The jet traveled at 3.
  2. (physics) the Mach number
proper noun 
  1. w:Ernst Mach, Ernst Mach, Czech physicist 1838 - 1916.
Mach number Tweet Definition of Mach number Like Definition of Mach number on Facebook
  1. (physics) The ratio of the velocity of a body to that of sound in the surrounding medium.
magnetic lens Tweet Definition of magnetic lens Like Definition of magnetic lens on Facebook
  1. (physics) a magnetic field with axial symmetry capable of converging a beam of charged particles of uniform velocity and of formimg images of objects placed in the path of such beam
magnetocaloric effect Tweet Definition of magnetocaloric effect Like Definition of magnetocaloric effect on Facebook
  1. (physics) the reversible change in temperature that accompanies the change of magnetization of a ferromagnetic or paramagnetic material
magnetohydrodynamics Tweet Definition of magnetohydrodynamics Like Definition of magnetohydrodynamics on Facebook
  1. (physics) the study of the interaction of electrically conducting fluids with magnetic fields; as in the Earth's core
magneton Tweet Definition of magneton Like Definition of magneton on Facebook
  1. (physics) any of several units of magnetic moment of an atom, molecule or subatomic particle
magnetooptics Tweet Definition of magnetooptics Like Definition of magnetooptics on Facebook
  1. (physics) the branch of physics which deals with the influence of a magnetic field on optical phenomena
magnetostriction Tweet Definition of magnetostriction Like Definition of magnetostriction on Facebook
  1. (physics) the change of length or shape of a ferromagnetic material when it is magnetized
Mass Tweet Definition of Mass Like Definition of Mass on Facebook
  1. (context, Roman Catholic Church) The principal liturgical service of the Church, including a scripture service and a eucharistic service, which includes the consecration and oblation (offering) of the host and wine. One of the seven sacraments.
  2. (music) A musical composition set to portions of the Mass.
massless Tweet Definition of massless Like Definition of massless on Facebook
  1. having no mass
matter Tweet Definition of matter Like Definition of matter on Facebook
  1. (physics) The basic structural component of the universe. Matter usually has mass and volume.
    • 1924: ARISTOTLE. Metaphysics. Translated by W. D. Ross. Nashotah, Wisconsin, USA: The Classical Library, 2001. Available at: <>. Book 1, Part 5.
    • : Parmenides seems to fasten on that which is one in definition, Melissus on that which is one in ,
      1. (physics) Non-antimatter matter.
      2. A kind of substance.
      1. A reason for concern; being amiss.
      What's the ?
      1. A situation.
      a trivial
      1. A cause.
      a for concern
      1. (neurology) Gray and white matter are the two nerve tissue types that comprise the brain and spinal cord.
  1. (intransitive): Be important.
The only thing that matters to Jim is being rich.
MC Tweet Definition of MC Like Definition of MC on Facebook
  1. master of ceremonies
  2. Military Cross
  3. Marine Corps
  4. Member of Congress
  5. MasterCard?
  6. Medical Center
  7. Medical College
  8. Mail Code
  9. motorcycle club
  10. (texting) Merry Christmas!
medium Tweet Definition of medium Like Definition of medium on Facebook
noun (see individual senses for plurals)
  1. ( media) The nature of the surrounding environment, eg solid, liquid, gas, vacuum, or a specific substance such as a solvent.
  2. ( media) The material or empty space through which signals, waves or forces pass.
  3. ( media) A format for communicating or presenting information.
  4. ( media) A nutrient solution for the growth of cells in vitro
  5. ( media) The means or channel by which an aim is achieved.
  6. ( mediums) A liquid base which carries pigment in paint.
  7. ( mediums) Someone who supposedly conveys information from the spirit world
  8. ( mediums) Anything having a measurement intermediate between extremes, such as a garment or container.
  9. ( mediums) A person whom garments or apparel of intermediate size fit.
  1. of intermediate size
megaelectron volt Tweet Definition of megaelectron volt Like Definition of megaelectron volt on Facebook
  1. One million electron volts, abbreviated as MeV?.
megajoule Tweet Definition of megajoule Like Definition of megajoule on Facebook
  1. One million ( 106 ) joules, abbreviated as MJ.
melt Tweet Definition of melt Like Definition of melt on Facebook
  1. molten material, the product of melting.
  2. The transition of matter from a solid state to a liquid state
  3. The springtime snow runoff in mountain regions.
verb (melts, melting, melted or rarely molt, melted or molten)
  1. (transitive) To transit (or to change) the matter from a solid state to a liquid state, usually by a gradual heat.
I melted butter to make a cake.
  1. (intransitive) To change gradually(or to become transitted) from a solid state to a liquid state.
The snowman will disappear, he will .
  1. (Colloquial)To dissolve.
  2. (Colloquial)To be very hot and sweating profusely.
Help me! I'm melting!
meniscus Tweet Definition of meniscus Like Definition of meniscus on Facebook
noun (es, pl2=menisci)
  1. the curved surface of liquids in tubes, whether concave or convex, caused by the surface tension of the liquid
  2. a crescent or a body shaped like a crescent
  3. either of two parts of the human knee that provide structural integrity to the knee when it undergoes tension and torsion
meson Tweet Definition of meson Like Definition of meson on Facebook
  1. (context, rare, _, except, _, entomology) The mesial plane dividing the body into similar right and left halves.
metastasis Tweet Definition of metastasis Like Definition of metastasis on Facebook
noun (metastases)
  1. (medicine) the tranferrence of a bodily function or disease to another part of the body, specifically the development of a secondary area of disease remote from the original site, as with some cancers
    • 1963: Stayed in her own house, searched her body each morning and examined her conscience each night for progressive symptoms of the metastasis she feared was in her. " Thomas Pynchon, V.
MeV Tweet Definition of MeV Like Definition of MeV on Facebook
  1. (physics) mega-electron volt, 106 eV
MF Tweet Definition of MF Like Definition of MF on Facebook
initialism (plural MFs or, less correctly, MF's)
  1. (context, coarse, slang) Motherfucker
  2. Medium Frequency (Radio)
microphysics Tweet Definition of microphysics Like Definition of microphysics on Facebook
  1. (physics) That branch of physics that deals with objects smaller than a molecule
microwave Tweet Definition of microwave Like Definition of microwave on Facebook
  1. An electromagnetic wave with wavelength between that of infrared light and radio waves.
  2. A microwave oven.
verb (microwaves, microwaving, microwaved)
  1. To cook (something) in a microwave oven.
migration Tweet Definition of migration Like Definition of migration on Facebook
  1. moving a place to live to another place for a while
  2. seasonal moving for animals, birds or fishes to breed or find a new hanging field
  3. (computing) changing a platform from an environment to another one
millibar Tweet Definition of millibar Like Definition of millibar on Facebook
noun (plural millibars)
  1. A unit of pressure equal to one-thousandth of a bar or 100 pascals, most commonly used to measure atmospheric pressure.
millirem Tweet Definition of millirem Like Definition of millirem on Facebook
noun (or mrem)
  1. One thousanth of a rem
MM Tweet Definition of MM Like Definition of MM on Facebook
  1. Mile Marker
  2. (Chinese) Beauty girls
  3. (freemasonry) Master Mason
  4. (Amateur/Ham Radio) maritime mobile
  5. Microsoft Moment
  6. man-month
mode Tweet Definition of mode Like Definition of mode on Facebook
  1. (music) One of several ancient scales, one of which corresponds to the modern major scale and one to the harmonic minor scale
  2. A particular means of accomplishing something.
What was the mode of entry?
  1. (statistics) A value occurring most frequently in a distribution
  2. (context, mathematics, physics) A state of a system that is represented by an eigenfunction of that system.
  3. (computing) One of various related sets of rules for processing data.
In insert mode, characters typed are directly inserted into the buffer
model Tweet Definition of model Like Definition of model on Facebook
  1. A person who serves as a subject for artwork or fashion, usually in the medium of photography but also for painting or drawing.
    • The beautiful had her face on the cover of almost every fashion magazine imaginable.
      1. A miniature representation of.
    • The boy played with a of a World War II fighter plane.
      1. A simplify, simplified representation (usually mathematical) used to explain the workings of a real world system or event.
    • The computer weather did not correctly predict the path of the hurricane.
      1. A style, type, or design.
    • He decided to buy the turbo engine of the sports car.
      1. The structural design of a complex system.
    • The team developed a sound business .
      1. A praiseworthy example to be copied, with or without modifications
    • British parliamentary democracy was seen as a for other countries to follow
verb (model, l, ed)
  1. To display an object for others to see, especially in regard to wearing clothing while performing the role of a fashion model.
    • She modelled the shoes for her friends to see.
      1. To use as an object in the creation of a forecast or model.
    • They modelled the data with a computer to analyze the experiment"s results.
      1. To make a miniature model of.
    • He takes great pride in his skill at modeling airplanes.
      1. To create from a substance such as clay.
    • The sculptor modelled the clay into the form of a dolphin.
      1. To be a model.
    • The actress used to before being discovered by Hollywood.
  1. Serving as an example of something.
    • The couple inspected the home with a real estate agent.
      1. Worthy of being a model; exemplary.
    • He was a student.
      1. Being a small copy of something.
    • A airplane.
moderator Tweet Definition of moderator Like Definition of moderator on Facebook
  1. anyone who moderates
  1. an arbitrator or mediator
  2. the chairman or president of a meeting etc
    1. the person who presides over a synod of a Presbyterian Church
  3. (physics) a substance (often water or graphite) used to decrease the speed of fast neutrons in a nuclear reactor and hence increase likelihood of fission
modulus Tweet Definition of modulus Like Definition of modulus on Facebook
noun (modul, i)
  1. (mathematics) The base with respect to which a congruence is computed.
  2. (mathematics) The absolute value of a complex number
  3. (physics) A coefficient that expresses how much of a certain property is possessed by a certain substance.
molar Tweet Definition of molar Like Definition of molar on Facebook
  1. a back tooth having a broad surface used for grinding one's food.
  1. of, or relating to the molar teeth, or to grinding
molecular Tweet Definition of molecular Like Definition of molecular on Facebook
  1. (chemistry) Relating to, or consisting of, or produced by molecules.
  2. (chemistry) (of an element) combined with itself and with no other element; elemental
    1. Relating to a simple or basic structure or organization
monomolecular Tweet Definition of monomolecular Like Definition of monomolecular on Facebook
  1. (chemistry) (of a reaction) involving a single molecule
    1. consisting of a single layer of molecules
Mr Tweet Definition of Mr Like Definition of Mr on Facebook
abbreviation Mr. or (British)
  1. An abbreviation of mister, a title used before the surname in theory, though not generally in practice, above some undefined social level, too old to be addressed as "Master", not a knight or of some higher rank, and, in Britain though not in the United States, not entitled to be addressed as "Dr.".
Mr. John Doe
Mr. Doe
''Mssrs. (plural)
  1. (i, month) March
multiplier Tweet Definition of multiplier Like Definition of multiplier on Facebook
noun (plural multipliers)
  1. (arithmetic) A number by which another (the multiplicand) is to be multiplied.
    1. (economics) A ratio used to estimate total economic effect for a variety of economic activities.
muon Tweet Definition of muon Like Definition of muon on Facebook
  1. (particles) An unstable elementary particle in the lepton family, having similar properties to the electron but with a mass 209 times greater.
muonium Tweet Definition of muonium Like Definition of muonium on Facebook
  1. (physics),(chemistry) an exotic atom formed when a positively charged muon and an electron are bound by their mutual electrical attraction; chemically equivalent to a light, short-lived isotope of hydrogen

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