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gamma ray Tweet Definition of gamma ray Like Definition of gamma ray on Facebook
  1. Very high frequency (and therefore very high energy) electromagnetic radiation emitted as a consequence of radioactivity.
gas constant Tweet Definition of gas constant Like Definition of gas constant on Facebook
  1. (physics) a universal constant, R, that appears in the ideal gas law, (PV = nRT), derived from two fundamental constants, the Boltzman constant and Avogadro's number, (R = NAk)
gaseous Tweet Definition of gaseous Like Definition of gaseous on Facebook
  1. Relating to, or existing as, gas.
  2. Of a liquid containing bubbles: gassy.
  3. tenuous, Tenuous or indefinite.
gasify Tweet Definition of gasify Like Definition of gasify on Facebook
verb (gasif, i, ed)
  1. To convert into gas, or an aeriform fluid, as by the application of heat, or by chemical processes.
generation Tweet Definition of generation Like Definition of generation on Facebook
  1. The act of generating or begetting; procreation, as of animals.
  2. Origination by some process, mathematical, chemical, or vital; production; formation; as, the of sounds, of gases, of curves, etc
  3. That which is generated or brought forth; progeny; offspring.
  4. A period of around thirty years, the average amount of time before a child takes the place of its parents.
  5. A single step or stage in the succession of natural descent; a rank or remove in genealogy, or collectively the body of people who are of the same genealogical rank or remove from an ancestor; the mass of beings living at one time.
  • This is the book of the generations of Adam - Genesis 5:1
  • Ye shall remain there in Babylon many years, and for a long season, namely, seven generations - Baruch 6:3
  • All generations and ages of the Christian church - Hooker
    1. Race; kind; family; breed; stock.
    Thy mother's of my ; what's she, if I be a dog? - Shakespeare, Timon of Athens, I-iii
    1. (geometry) The formation or production of any geometrical magnitude, as a line, a surface, a solid, by the motion, in accordance with a mathematical law, of a point or a magnitude; as, the of a line or curve by the motion of a point, of a surface by a line, a sphere by a semicircle, etc.
    2. (biology) "The aggregate of the functions and phenomena which attend reproduction.
    There are four modes of generation in the animal kingdom: scissiparity or by fissiparous generation, gemmiparity or by budding, germiparity or by germs, and oviparity or by ova"
    geopotential Tweet Definition of geopotential Like Definition of geopotential on Facebook
    1. (Meteorology). The work that must be done at a given altitude in raising a unit mass from sea level to that altitude against the earth's gravitational field.
    glow discharge Tweet Definition of glow discharge Like Definition of glow discharge on Facebook
    noun (wikipedia, Electric glow discharge)
    1. a form of electrical conduction in low pressure gases (plasmas) that emits light
    gluon Tweet Definition of gluon Like Definition of gluon on Facebook
    1. (particles) A massless gauge boson that binds quarks together to form baryons, mesons and other hadrons and is associated with the strong nuclear force.
    grand unification theory Tweet Definition of grand unification theory Like Definition of grand unification theory on Facebook
    1. (physics) A theory that unifies the electromagnetic interaction, the weak interaction, and the strong interaction.
    grating Tweet Definition of grating Like Definition of grating on Facebook
    1. A barrier that has parallel or crossed bars blocking a passage but admitting air.
    2. A frame of iron bars to hold a fire
    1. (present participle of, grate)
    1. (typically of a voice) harsh and unpleasant
    gravitate Tweet Definition of gravitate Like Definition of gravitate on Facebook
    verb (gravitat, ing)
    1. (intransitive) To tend or drift towards someone or something, as though being pulled by gravity.
    Children naturally to such a big, friendly man.
    gravitational field Tweet Definition of gravitational field Like Definition of gravitational field on Facebook
    1. (physics) the field produced by the gravitational force of mass
    graviton Tweet Definition of graviton Like Definition of graviton on Facebook
    1. (particles) A hypothetical gauge boson that regulates the gravitational force. It would have a spin of 2 and zero rest mass.
    gravity Tweet Definition of gravity Like Definition of gravity on Facebook
    1. resultant force on Earth's surface, of the attraction by the Earth's masses, and the centrifugal pseudo-force caused by the Earth's rotation
    2. gravitation, universal force exercised by two bodies onto each other<br> (In casual discussion, gravity and gravitation are often used interchangeably).
    3. The state or condition of being grave (graveness).
    See article about w:Gravity, Gravity on wikipedia.      
    Green Tweet Definition of Green Like Definition of Green on Facebook
    proper noun
    1. A common English surname; either a topographic name for someone who lived near a village green, or was just fond of the colour
    ground state Tweet Definition of ground state Like Definition of ground state on Facebook
    1. (physics) the stationary state of lowest energy of a particle or system of particles
    group velocity Tweet Definition of group velocity Like Definition of group velocity on Facebook
    1. (physics) the propagation velocity of the envelope of a modulated travelling wave, which is considered as the propagation velocity of information or energy contained in it.
    GUT Tweet Definition of GUT Like Definition of GUT on Facebook
    1. grand unification theory, Grand unification theory.
    gyromagnetic Tweet Definition of gyromagnetic Like Definition of gyromagnetic on Facebook
    1. of, relating to, or resulting from the properties of a spinning magnet, or a spinning electric charge
    gyromagnetic ratio Tweet Definition of gyromagnetic ratio Like Definition of gyromagnetic ratio on Facebook
    1. (physics) the ratio of the angular momentum to the magnetic moment in an atom etc

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