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jam Tweet Definition of jam Like Definition of jam on Facebook
noun (jams, -)
  1. A sweet mixture of fruit boiled with sugar and allowed to set, often spread on bread or toast or used in jam tarts.
  2. blockage, Blockage, congestion; as a traffic jam, paper jam.
  3. (context, popular, _, music) An informal, impromptu performance or rehearsal.
  4. (basketball) A forceful dunk.
  5. A difficult situation.
I"m in a bit of a right now. Can you help me out?
verb (jam, m, ing)
  1. (baseball) To throw a pitch at or near the batter's hands.
Jones was jammed by the pitch.
  1. (music) To play music (especially improvisation as a group.)
  2. to get a body part stuck
My foot is jammed in the gap between the rocks
  1. to squeeze into a small space
The rush-hour train was jammed with commuters.
  1. often with "up", to cause congestion or blockage
A single accident can jam the roads for hours
jazz Tweet Definition of jazz Like Definition of jazz on Facebook
  1. (music) A musical art form rooted in West African cultural and musical expression and in the African American blues tradition, with diverse influences over time, commonly characterized by blue notes, syncopation, swing, call and response, polyrhythms and improvisation.
  2. The (in)tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a thing.
What were you referring to earlier?
What is all this lying around?
  1. Unspecified thing(s).
I'm just going down to the shops and = I am off to purchase items and etcetera.
  1. (with positive terms) Of excellent quality, the genuine article.
That show was the ! = That musical concert/television program was most enjoyable.
This risotto is simply the . = This risotto was cooked in the classic manner.
  1. Nonsense.
Stop talking .
verb (jazzes, jazzing, jazzed)
  1. To play music.
  2. To dance to the tunes of music.
  3. To complicate.
Don't it too much! = Be careful, it was good to start with!
  1. To destroy.
You've gone and jazzed it now! = It is ruined.
  1. To distract/pester.
Stop jazzing me! = Leave me alone.
jazzy Tweet Definition of jazzy Like Definition of jazzy on Facebook
adjective (jazzier, jazziest)
  1. In the style of jazz.
  2. Flashy or showy.
  3. A little high, a little unsteady, but willing to go with the flow.
jerk Tweet Definition of jerk Like Definition of jerk on Facebook
  1. A quick, often unpleasant tug or shake.
When I yell "OK," give the mooring line a good !
  1. A sudden, uncontrolled movement, for instance, of the body.
  2. (physics) the change in acceleration with respect to time.
Usage note: Jerk is measured in metres per cubic second (m/s3) in SI units , or in feet per cubic second (ft/s3) in imperial units.
  1. (US, slang, pejorative) A person who is unwelcome due to unlikable qualities and behavior, often mean, foolish or disagreeable.
  2. A rich, spicy Jamaican marinade; a dish made with such a marinade.
  1. To make a quick, often unpleasant tug or shake.
  2. To make a sudden uncontrolled movement.
  3. To marinade in jerk seasoning.
Jew's harp Tweet Definition of Jew Like Definition of Jew
noun Jew"s harp
  1. A musical instrument consisting of a flexible metal or bamboo "tongue" attachted to a frame. This tongue is placed in the performer"s mouth and plucked with the finger to produce a note of constant pitch. Melodies can be created by changing the shape of the mouth and causing different overtones.
jig Tweet Definition of jig Like Definition of jig on Facebook
  1. A light, brisk musical movement; a gigue.
  2. (context, fishing) A type of lure consisting of a hook molded into a weight, usually with a bright or colorful body.
  3. A device in manufacturing, woodworking, or other creative endeavors for controlling the location, path of movement, or both of either a workpiece or the tool that is operating upon it. Subsets of this general class include machining jigs, woodworking jigs, welders' jigs, jewelers' jigs, and many others.
Cutting circles out of pinewood is best done with a compass-style jig.
verb (jig, g, ed)
  1. To move briskly, especially as a dance.
  2. (context, fishing) To fish with a jig.
jive Tweet Definition of jive Like Definition of jive on Facebook
  1. (context, US, colloquial) nonsense, Nonsense; transparently deceptive talk.
Don"t give me that . I know where you were last night.
verb (jiv, ing)
  1. (context, US, colloquial) To be deceptive.
Don"t try to me! I know where you were last night!
  1. (context, US, colloquial) To dance.
You can dance, you can , having the time of your life; ooh, see that girl, watch that scene, dig in the dancing queen!
  1. (context, US, colloquial) To agree or accord.
That explanation at least jives with what we know.
Jubilee Tweet Definition of Jubilee Like Definition of Jubilee on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, Jubilee (Christian))
  1. (in the Old Testament) a year of rest, observed by the Israelites every 50 years
  2. (in Roman Catholicism) a holy year when people are encouraged to make a pilgrimage to Rome

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