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hagbut Tweet Definition of hagbut Like Definition of hagbut on Facebook
  1. (obsolete) A firearm with a long barrel.
hammer Tweet Definition of hammer Like Definition of hammer on Facebook
  1. A tool with a heavy head and a handle used for pounding.
  2. A moving part of a firearm that strikes the firing pin to discharge a gun.
  3. (anatomy) The malleus.
  4. (music) In a piano or dulcimer, a piece of wood covered in felt that strikes the string.
  5. (sports) A device made of a heavy steel ball attached to a length of wire, and used for throwing.
  6. (curling) The last rock in an end.
  7. (context, Ultimate Frisbee) A frisbee throwing style in which the disc is held upside-down with a forehand grip and thrown above the head.
  1. To strike repeatedly with a hammer, some other implement, the fist, etc.
  2. (figuratively) To emphasize a point repeatedly.
  3. (sports) To hit particularly hard.
  4. To strike internally, as if hit by a hammer.
I could hear the engine"s valves hammering once the timing rod was thrown.
handgun Tweet Definition of handgun Like Definition of handgun on Facebook
  1. A small, hand-held gun with a relatively short barrel.
hardtack Tweet Definition of hardtack Like Definition of hardtack on Facebook
noun (pl=hardtack, pl2=hardtacks)
  1. (nautical) A large, hard biscuit made from unleavened flour and water; formerly used as a long-term staple food aboard ships
harm Tweet Definition of harm Like Definition of harm on Facebook
  1. Injury; hurt; damage; detriment; misfortune.
  2. That which causes injury, damage, or loss.
proper noun (rfc-split)
  1. A male given name, Low German, derived from Herman, meaning "army man"
  1. To cause injury to another; to hurt; to cause damage to something.
harpoon Tweet Definition of harpoon Like Definition of harpoon on Facebook
  1. A spearlike weapon with a barbed head used in hunting whales and large fish.
  1. (transitive) To hunt something with a harpoon.
harquebus Tweet Definition of harquebus Like Definition of harquebus on Facebook
  1. an obsolete matchlock firearm
harrier Tweet Definition of harrier Like Definition of harrier on Facebook
noun (plural harriers)
  1. Any of several bird of prey, birds of prey of the subfamily Circinae which fly low over meadows and marshes and hunt small mammals or birds.
  2. A runner, specifically, a cross country runner.
Harry Tweet Definition of Harry Like Definition of Harry on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (given name, male, ).
haversack Tweet Definition of haversack Like Definition of haversack on Facebook
  1. A small, strong bag carried on the back or the shoulder, usually with only one strap. Originally made of canvas.
  2. (archaic) oat-sack, or nose-bag for a horse.
hawk Tweet Definition of hawk Like Definition of hawk on Facebook
  1. A diurnal predatory bird of the family Accipitridae.
It is illegal to hunt hawks or other raptors in many parts of the world.
  1. (politics) An advocate of aggressive political positions.
The hawks controlled the senate, so the Minister of War had few problems with his budget.
  1. (transitive) To hunt with a hawk.
headquarters Tweet Definition of headquarters Like Definition of headquarters on Facebook
noun (plural)
  1. The military installation from which troops are commanded and orders are issued; the military unit consisting of a commander and his support staff
  2. The center of a organization's operations or administration
  3. A place of concentrated activity or influence
heavy Tweet Definition of heavy Like Definition of heavy on Facebook
noun (pl2=heavies)
  1. A villain or bad guy; the one responsible for evil or aggressive acts.
With his wrinkled, uneven face, the actor always seemed to play the in films.
  1. (slang) A doorman, bouncer
A fight started outside the bar then the heavies came out and stopped it.
adjective (heavier, heaviest)
  1. (context, of a physical object) Having great weight.
  2. (context, of a topic) serious, Serious, somber.
  3. (context, UK, slang) Good.
This film is .
  1. (context, of a rate of flow) high, High, great.
  2. (context, UK, slang) Armed.
Come , or not at all.
  1. (context, Music terminology) louder, more distorted
''Metal is heavier than swing.
hellfire Tweet Definition of hellfire Like Definition of hellfire on Facebook
  1. (uncountable) the fire of Hell
  2. (uncountable) fire produced by the Devil, or a similar supernatural creature connected to Hell
  3. (countable) a fire that burns with unusual heat or ferocity
  4. (countable) a person, especailly a young woman, who is inclined to create trouble
Watch out for that Suzie, she's a real .
H-hour Tweet Definition of H-hour Like Definition of H-hour on Facebook
  1. (figuratively) The hour at which any major event planned for the future is set to begin, as used in United States military.
highball Tweet Definition of highball Like Definition of highball on Facebook
  1. A cocktail made from spirit plus soda water etc.
  2. (railroading) An all clear or full speed ahead signal.
  1. (slang, rare, or, erroneous) To move quickly; to hightail.
high-level Tweet Definition of high-level Like Definition of high-level on Facebook
adjective (pos=high-level, -)
  1. At a high level, altitude or elevation.
  2. Of or pertaining to a person of a high social position or high rank within a hierarchy or organization.
  1. (context, computing, of a programming language) Computer instructions in a high-level language, consisting of relatively English-like commands and mathematical notations which, after compilation or interpretation, become a set of machine language instructions.
hitch Tweet Definition of hitch Like Definition of hitch on Facebook
  1. A sudden pull.
  2. (nautical) A noose or knot as used by sailors.
A knot used to secure a line to a spar, ring, post or the like (Knots and Splices by Cyrus L Day, Adlard Coles Nautical, 2001)
  1. A fastener or connection point, as for a trailer.
His truck sported a heavy-duty for his boat.
  1. (informal) A problem, delay or source of difficulty.
The banquet went off without a . (Meaning the banquet went smoothly.)
  1. A hidden or unfavorable condition or element; a catch.
The deal sounds too good to be true. What's the ?
verb (hitches, hitching, hitched)
  1. To pull with a jerk.
She hitched her jeans up and then tightend her belt.
  1. To attach, tie or fasten.
He hitched the bedroll to his backpack and went camping.
  1. (informal) To marry, especially to get hitched.
holster Tweet Definition of holster Like Definition of holster on Facebook
  1. A leather case into which a gun fits snugly and which attaches to a belt, strap, or saddle for safe transport
  2. A belt with loops or slots for carrying small tools or other equipment
  1. To put something in a holster
hotel Tweet Definition of hotel Like Definition of hotel on Facebook
noun (plural: hotels)
  1. An establishment that provides accommodation and other services for paying guests; normally larger than a guest house, and often one of a chain.
  2. The larger red properties in the game of Monopoly, as opposed to house, houses.
  3. The letter H in the ICAO spelling alphabet.
hot war Tweet Definition of hot war Like Definition of hot war on Facebook
  1. A conflict in which actual fighting takes place between the belligerent parties.
hound dog Tweet Definition of hound dog Like Definition of hound dog on Facebook
  1. (Southern U.S. dialectal) any hound, especially the bloodhound.
    • 1953/6: w:Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, w:Hound Dog (song), You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog (song made famous by w:Elvis Presley, Elvis Presley with these revised words in 1956) - You ain"t nothin" but a hound dog, Cryin" all the time. Well, you ain"t never caught a rabbit And you ain"t no friend of mine.
howitzer Tweet Definition of howitzer Like Definition of howitzer on Facebook
  1. A cannon that combines certain characteristics of guns and mortars. The howitzer delivers projectiles with medium velocities, either by low or high trajectories. JP 1-02.
  2. Normally a cannon with a tube length of 20 to 30 calibers; however, the tube length can exceed 30 calibers and still be considered a howitzer when the high angle fire zoning solution permits range overlap between charges. JP 1-02. See also gun; mortar.
Hurricane Tweet Definition of Hurricane Like Definition of Hurricane on Facebook
proper noun (wikipedia, Hawker Hurricane)
(wikipedia, Hurricane, West Virginia)
(wikipedia, Hurricane, Utah)
  1. A British fighter aircraft used during World War II, especially during the Battle of Britain
  2. A town in West Virginia, United States, population 5,968 (2005 census estimate)
  3. A town in Utah, United States, population 9,748 (2004 Census estimate)
hut Tweet Definition of hut Like Definition of hut on Facebook
  1. a small wooden shed.
  2. a primitive dwelling.

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