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GA Tweet Definition of GA Like Definition of GA on Facebook
  1. Georgia, a state of the United States of America.
  2. Genetic Algorithm, a search heuristic used in computer science.
  3. (netball) goal attack
  4. general aviation
gabion Tweet Definition of gabion Like Definition of gabion on Facebook
noun , gabions
  1. a cylindrical basket or cage of wicker which was filled with earth or stones and used in fortifications and other engineering work (a precursor to the sandbag).
  2. a woven wire mesh unit, sometimes rectangular, made from a continuous mesh panel and filled with stones sometimes coated with polyvinyl chloride
  3. a porous metal cylinder filled with stones and used in a variety of civil engineering contexts, especially in the construction of retaining walls, the reinforcing of steep slopes, or in the prevention of erosion in river banks
  4. a knick knack, objet d'art, objet d"art, curiosity, collectable
garrison Tweet Definition of garrison Like Definition of garrison on Facebook
  1. A permament military post
  2. The troops stationed at such a post
  1. To assign troops to a military post
  2. To convert into a military fort
gatling gun Tweet Definition of gatling gun Like Definition of gatling gun on Facebook
  1. A type of machine gun with several barrels on a rotating frame, still used today on some modern aircraft and naval weapons.
gauge Tweet Definition of gauge Like Definition of gauge on Facebook
  1. A measure; a standard of measure; an instrument to determine dimensions, distance, or capacity; a standard; an act of measuring.
    • 2007. Zerzan, John. Silence. p. 2.
    • : The record of philosophy vis-í -vis silence is generally dismal, as good a as any to its overall failure.
      1. Any instrument for ascertaining or regulating the level, state, dimensions or forms of things; as, a rain gauge; a steam gauge.
      2. The distance between the rails of a railway.
      3. (context, mathematics, analysis) A semi-norm; a function that assigns a non-negative size to all vectors in a vector space.
Gen. Tweet Definition of Gen. Like Definition of Gen. on Facebook
abbreviation (infl, en, abbreviation)
  1. (title) General
  2. (biblical) Book of Genesis
generalissimo Tweet Definition of generalissimo Like Definition of generalissimo on Facebook
  1. A supreme commander of the armed forces of a country, especially one who is also a political leader
generalship Tweet Definition of generalship Like Definition of generalship on Facebook
noun (Plural: generalships)
  1. The act of serving as a military general officer.
    George Washington's was marked by both amazing victories and stunning blunders, neither of which would have happened to someone with more formal officer training.
  2. By extension leadership.
    Under my my fine troop of brats picked up every scrap of litter in that lot.
GI Tweet Definition of GI Like Definition of GI on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, GI (military))
  1. A member of the w:US military, U.S. military.
  2. One who is demanding and strict, in the manner of a stereotypical member of the military.
  1. To clean aggressively.
'Top, get the unit to this AO before the old man arrives.''
  1. (military) Given to a soldier by the Army (as an item), rather than brought from home; or used by the Army (as a procedure), and different from its civilian counterpart.
    Soldiers counted cadence by chanting: " brush / And comb / Gee, I wish that I was home!"
  1. gastrointestinal, Gastrointestinal.
I was queasy after my upper series, but it far outshone the lower one.
  1. galvanize, Galvanized iron.
  2. government issue, Government issue or general infantry, General Infantry
gisarme Tweet Definition of gisarme Like Definition of gisarme on Facebook
  1. A type of polearm.
  • 1786: The Gisarme called also gisaring, and, by Fleta, sisarmes is likewise an ancient weapon of the staff kind, but of what for seems doubtful. — Francis Grose, A Treatise on Ancient Armour and Weapons, page 49.
goose-step Tweet Definition of goose-step Like Definition of goose-step on Facebook
noun (plural: goose-steps)
  1. A style of marching in which the feet are lifted high in the air in front.
verb to goose-step (goose-stepped, goose-stepped, goose-stepping)
  1. To march with a goose-step.
GQ Tweet Definition of GQ Like Definition of GQ on Facebook
  1. Gentleman's Quarterly, a magazine
  2. (context, of a man) fashionable.
grapeshot Tweet Definition of grapeshot Like Definition of grapeshot on Facebook
noun (plural: )
  1. A cluster, usually nine in number, of small iron balls, put together by means of cast-iron circular plates at top and bottom, with two rings, and a central connecting rod, in order to be used as a charge for a cannon. Formerly grapeshot were inclosed in canvas bags.
grasshopper Tweet Definition of grasshopper Like Definition of grasshopper on Facebook
  1. A herbivorous insect of the order Orthoptera noted for its ability to jump long distances.
  2. An alcoholic beverage made with green crème de menthe.
grenade Tweet Definition of grenade Like Definition of grenade on Facebook
  1. (obsolete) A pomegranate.
  2. A small explosive device, designed to be thrown by hand or launched from a grenade launcher.
grenadier Tweet Definition of grenadier Like Definition of grenadier on Facebook
  1. A type of soldier, originally one who threw grenades, later a member of a company formed from the tallest men of the reigiment; now specifically, a member of the w:Grenadier Guards, Grenadier Guards.
  2. Any of various African weaver-birds or waxbills, especially the common grenadier or the red bishop.
  3. Any of various deep-sea fish of the family Macrouridae that have a large head and body and a long tapering tail; a rat-tail.
grommet Tweet Definition of grommet Like Definition of grommet on Facebook
  1. A reinforced eyelet, or a small metal or plastic ring used to reinforce an eyelet.
  2. (context, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding) A young or inexperienced surfer, skateboarder or snowboarder.
What do you over the pond skaterboarders say? Is there a global term to be used to label someone as a skateboarder? Does it matter? I suppose the only one you can apply widely is ""
ground Tweet Definition of ground Like Definition of ground on Facebook
  1. The surface of the Earth.
  2. terrain, Terrain.
  3. soil, Soil, earth.
The worm crawls through the .
  1. The bottom of a body of water.
  2. basis, Basis, foundation, groundwork, legwork.
  3. background, Background, context, framework, surroundings.
  4. A soccer stadium.
Manchester United's is known as Old Trafford.
  1. An electrical conductor connected to the ground.
    • The British equivalent is earth.
      1. A level of electrical potential used as a zero reference.
      2. (cricket) The area of grass on which a match is played (a cricket field); the entire arena in which it is played; that part of the field behind a batsman's popping crease where he can not be run out (hence to make one's ground)
  1. To connect (an electrical conductor or device) to a ground.
  2. (transitive) To require a disobedient child to remain at home, usually as a punishment.
The teenager's father decided to ground him for two weeks after he broke curfew again.
  1. (transitive) To forbid (an aircraft or pilot) to fly.
Becasue of the bad weather, all flights were grounded.
  1. (baseball) to hit a ground ball; to hit a ground ball which results in an out. Compare fly (verb(regular)) and line (verb).
Jones grounded to second in his last at-bat.
  1. (cricket) (of a batsman) to place his bat, or part of his body, on the ground behind the popping crease so as not to be run out
guard Tweet Definition of guard Like Definition of guard on Facebook
  1. a person who protects or watches over something
  2. (military) A squad responsible for protecting something.
The president inspected the of honour.
  1. a part of a machine which blocks access to dangerous parts
  2. (Aus) panel of a car which encloses the wheel area, especially the front wheels.
  3. (context, Basketball) A relatively short player, playing farther from the basket than a forward or center.
  4. (cricket) The position on the popping crease where a batsman makes a mark to align himself with the wicket (see to take guard)
  5. The offensive positions between the center and each of the offensive tackles
  6. (sports) A player playing a position named guard
  7. (railways) An employee who normally travels in the last vehicle of a train and is responsible for the safety of the train
  1. To protect from some offence (specific or abstract.)
guerrilla Tweet Definition of guerrilla Like Definition of guerrilla on Facebook
  1. A soldier in a small independent group fighting against the government or regular forces by surprise raids.
guerrilla warfare Tweet Definition of guerrilla warfare Like Definition of guerrilla warfare on Facebook
  1. fighting using groups of irregular troops within areas occupied by the enemy
guide Tweet Definition of guide Like Definition of guide on Facebook
  1. someone who
    1. Verb, guides, especially someone hired to show people around a place or an institution and offer information and explanation.
    2. a document or book that offers information or instruction; guidebook.
    3. a sign that guides people; guidepost.
    4. any marking or object that catches the eye to provide quick reference.
    5. a device that guides part of a machine, or guides motion or action.
    6. (occult) a spirit believed to speak through a medium.
    7. (military) a member of a group marching in formation who sets the pattern of movement or alignment for the rest.
verb (guides, guiding, guided)
  1. to serve as a guide for someone or something.
  2. to steer or navigate, especially a ship or as a pilot.
  3. to exert control or influence over someone or something.
  4. to supervise the education or training of someone.
  5. (intransitive) to act as a guide.
guidon Tweet Definition of guidon Like Definition of guidon on Facebook
  1. a small pennant or banner carried by infantry soldiers to direct troop movement
  2. a soldier assigned to carry a guidon
gunfire Tweet Definition of gunfire Like Definition of gunfire on Facebook
noun (uncountable)
  1. the report, or loud sound that shooting a gun creates
    • Let's hide in the trees to avoid the .
      1. (context, mainly, military) the use of gunpowder-type weapons, mainly cannon, as opposed to swords or bayonets
    • Sergeant, direct your toward that copse of trees.
gunship Tweet Definition of gunship Like Definition of gunship on Facebook
  1. A armored helicopter designed for specifically to attack the enemy.
  2. A ship equipped with heavy artillery.

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