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AAA Tweet Definition of AAA Like Definition of AAA on Facebook
  1. w:American Automobile Association, American Automobile Association
  2. anti-aircraft artillery
  3. w:Amateur Athletic Association, Amateur Athletic Association
  4. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
  5. Access All Areas, Sony music project
  6. Access Approval Authority
  7. Accumulated Adjustments Account, in US Federal Income Tax
  8. Acquisition Approval Authority
  9. Action Awareness Alert
  10. Adaptive Array Antenna
  11. Administration, Authorization, and Authentication, in software security
  12. Advanced Acoustic Array
  13. AEGIS Acquisition Agent
  14. Aerospace Engineering, Applied Mechanics, and Aviation
  15. Age Anaesthesia Association
  16. Air Avenue of Approach
  17. Airborne Array Aperture
  18. Airborne Assault Area
  19. Aircraft Alert Area
  20. Airport Airspace Analysis
  21. Alaska Activities Adventures Plus Tours
  22. Allocations, Assessments, and Analysis
  23. Alternate Assembly Area
  24. Angle Angle Angle, a geometric proof
  25. Area Agency on Aging
  26. Arrival and Assembly Area
  27. Army Audit Agency
  28. Aromatic Amino Acid
  29. Assign Alternate Area
  30. Association of Avatar Artists
  31. Astronaut-Actuated Abort
  32. Atheist and Agnostic Association
  33. Attitude, Awareness and Accountability, a ski safety program
  34. Authentication, Authorization and Accounting
  35. Authorization Accounting Activity
  36. Authorized Accounting Activity
  37. Automated Airlift Analysis
  38. Automobile Association of America (USA)
  39. Autoridad de Acueductos y Alcantarillados (Aqueduct and Sewer Authority, Puerto Rico)
  40. Awaiting Aircraft Availability
  41. Allied Artists' Association
  42. Amateur Athletics Association
  43. American Abstract Artists
  44. American Academy of Actuaries
  45. American Academy of Addictionology
  46. American Academy of Advertising
  47. American Academy of Audiology
  48. American Accounting Association
  49. American Allergy Association
  50. American Ambulance Association
  51. American Armwrestling Association
  52. American Association of Anatomists
  53. American Audit Associates
  54. ANSI Artists of America
  55. Anticipative Adaptive Array, in frequency-hopping communications
  56. Antique Airplane Association
  57. Antique Automobile Association
  58. Appraisers Association of America
  59. Arkansas Ambulance Association
  60. Australian Association of Accountants
  61. Australian Automobile Association
(wikipedia, dab=AAA)      
aam Tweet Definition of aam Like Definition of aam on Facebook
  1. A Dutch and German measure of liquids, varying in different cities, being at Amsterdam about 41 wine gallons, at Antwerp 36½, at Hamburg 38¼.
AB Tweet Definition of AB Like Definition of AB on Facebook
  1. A blood type of the ABO system that has a both blood antigens and may receive all blood types, and donate to AB.
  1. Alberta (Canadian province).
  2. able-bodied seaman.
  3. also.
  4. antiballistic.
  5. Bachelor of Arts.
ABC Tweet Definition of ABC Like Definition of ABC on Facebook
  1. (US also ABCs) (uncountable) The alphabet.
Do you know your ABCs?
  1. (obsolete) A primer for teaching the Latin alphabet and first elements of reading.
  2. (not used in the plural) The rudiments of any subject.
the of finance
  1. Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  2. wikipedia:American_Broadcasting_Company, American Broadcasting Company
  3. (Japan) Asahi Broadcasting Corporation
  4. Alcoholic Beverage Control
  5. (context, of chewing gum) Already been chewed
  6. (Business Management) w:Activity-based costing, Activity-Based Costing
  7. w:American-born Chinese, American-born Chinese
  8. African Basketball Confederation
  9. ABC (B), a Belgian car market
  10. Atlanta, Birmingham & Coast Railroad
  11. Aural brevity code
  12. (Military) Atomic, Biological and Chemical
  13. American Book Center
  14. ABC ( Brazil ) An acrostic for Saint Andre, Saint Bernardo and Saint Caetano, satellite cities around Sao Paulo City , a very important industrial area.
ABM Tweet Definition of ABM Like Definition of ABM on Facebook
  1. Anti-ballistic missile.
  2. Automated bank machine.
  3. (Business Management) Activity-based management.
A-bomb Tweet Definition of A-bomb Like Definition of A-bomb on Facebook
  1. An atomic bomb; a weapon that derives its energy from nuclear reactions and has enormous destructive power. Explosion caused by splitting an atom.
abort Tweet Definition of abort Like Definition of abort on Facebook
  1. A miscarriage; an untimely birth; an abortion.
  2. The product of a miscarriage; an aborted offspring; an abortion.
Note: As with the more modern "abortion" this can refer either to the process or the result of the process.
  1. (computing) The function used to abort a process.
  2. (computing) An event involving the abort of a process.
We've had three aborts over the last two days.
  1. (military) An early termination of a mission.
We've had aborts on three of our last seven launches.
  1. (intransitive) To miscarry; to bring forth something prematurely.
  2. (transitive) To cause a premature termination whether of a foetus or more generally of anything that has been begun.
  3. (intransitive, biology) To become checked in normal development, so as either to remain rudimentary or shrink away wholly; to become sterile.
  4. (transitive, computing) To terminate a process prior to completion.
  5. (military) To terminate a mission for any reason other than enemy action. It may occur at any point after the beginning of the mission and prior to its completion.
  6. (rfd-redundant, included in mil sense) (aviation, military) To discontinue aircraft takeoff or missile launch.
about face Tweet Definition of about face Like Definition of about face on Facebook
  1. (figurative) A complete change of opinion, direction, etc.
The new policy represents a complete from the old one.
verb (infl, en}verb, head=to about face)
  1. To turn 180 degrees.
When he saw the police car, he about-faced and quickly walked away.
about-face Tweet Definition of about-face Like Definition of about-face on Facebook
  1. An abrupt turn to face the opposite direction; often used metaphorically.
The soldier did an and marched off.
When Luke heard the news, he did an abrupt on the policy.
verb (about-faces, about-facing, about-faced, about faced)
  1. To turn 180 degrees to face the opposite direction; often used metaphorically.
The soldiers would about-face immediately the order was given.
A politician will at the drop of a hat if he thinks there are votes in it.
ack-ack Tweet Definition of ack-ack Like Definition of ack-ack on Facebook
noun (plural: ack-acks)
  1. An antiaircraft gun.
The army fired upon us with an ack-ack.
  1. (uncountable) Antiaircraft fire
acoustical surveillance Tweet Definition of acoustical surveillance Like Definition of acoustical surveillance on Facebook
  1. (Military) Employment of electronic devices, including sound-recording, -receiving, or -transmitting equipment, for the collection of information.
action Tweet Definition of action Like Definition of action on Facebook
  1. Something done so as to accomplish a purpose.
  2. A way of motion or functioning.
Knead bread with a rocking .
  1. A fast-paced activity.
an movie
  1. A mechanism; a moving part or assembly.
a rifle
  1. (music): The set of moving mechanical parts in a keyboard instrument which transfer the motion of the key to the sound-making device.
  2. (slang) sexual, Sexual activity; intercourse.
She gave him some .
  1. The distance separating the strings and the fretboard on the guitar.
  2. (military) combat, Combat.
He saw some in the Korean War.
  1. A charge or other process in a law court.
  1. To act on a request etc, in order to put it into effect
activate Tweet Definition of activate Like Definition of activate on Facebook
verb (activat, ing)
  1. Put into action
  2. Put to work
  3. Turn on
active Tweet Definition of active Like Definition of active on Facebook
  1. A person or thing that is acting or capable of acting.
adjective (WikiSaurus?-link, active)
  1. Having the power or quality of acting; causing change; communicating action or motion; acting; — opposed to passive, that receives; as, certain active principles; the powers of the mind.
  2. Quick in physical movement; of an agile and vigorous body; nimble; as, an active child or animal.
  3. In action; actually proceeding; working; in force; — opposed to quiescent, dormant, or extinct.
active laws
active hostilities
an active volcano
  1. Given to action; constantly engaged in action; energetic; diligent; busy; — opposed to dull, sluggish, indolent, or inert; as, an active man of business; active mind; active zeal.
  2. Requiring or implying action or exertion; — opposed to sedentary or to tranquil; as, active employment or service; active scenes.
  3. Given to action rather than contemplation; practical; operative; — opposed to speculative or theoretical; as, an active rather than a speculative statesman.
  4. Brisk; lively; as, an active demand for corn.
  5. Implying or producing rapid action.
an active disease
an active remedy
  1. (grammar)
  1. Applied to a form of the verb; — opposed to passive. See active voice.
  2. Applied to verbs which assert that the subject acts upon or affects something else; transitive.
  3. Applied to all verbs that express action as distinct from mere existence or state.
  4. (italbrac, gay sexual slang)
  5. (italbrac, of a homosexual man) enjoying a role in anal sex in which he penetrates, rather than being penetrated by his partner
  6. such a role in anal sex
adj. Tweet Definition of adj. Like Definition of adj. on Facebook
  1. adjective
  2. adjustment
adjust Tweet Definition of adjust Like Definition of adjust on Facebook
  1. To modify something.
Morimoto's recipes are adjusted to suit the American palate
  1. To improve or rectify.
He adjusted his initial conclusion to reflect the new data.
  1. To settle an insurance claim.
adjutant Tweet Definition of adjutant Like Definition of adjutant on Facebook
  1. Military: A lower-ranking officer who assists a higher-ranking officer with administrative affairs
  2. An assistant.
  3. A member of the Leptoptilos genus of African storks, also known as marabou.
adjective (no (compar) or (superl))
  1. The noun used as a modifier (e.g. adjutant officer).
admiralty Tweet Definition of admiralty Like Definition of admiralty on Facebook
noun (admiralties, -)
  1. (military): The office or jurisdiction of an admiral.
  2. (military): The department or officers having authority over naval affairs generally.
  3. (legal): The court which has jurisdiction of maritime questions and offenses.
  4. (legal): The system of jurisprudence of admiralty courts.
  5. (military) The building in which the lords of the admiralty, in England, transact business.
advance Tweet Definition of advance Like Definition of advance on Facebook
  1. A forward move.
  2. An amount of money or credit, especially given as a loan, or paid before it is due.
  3. (in plural) An opening approach or overture, especially of an unwelcome or sexual nature.
verb (advanc, ing)
  1. To bring forward; to move towards the van or front; to make to go on.
They . . . advanced their eyelids. "Shakespeare
  1. To raise to a higher rank; to promote.
  2. To accelerate the growth or progress; to further; to forward; to help on; to aid; to heighten.
to the ripening of fruit
to one's interests
  1. To bring to view or notice; to offer or propose; to show.
to an argument
  1. To make earlier, as an event or date; to hasten.
  2. To furnish, as money or other value, before it becomes due, or in aid of an enterprise; to supply beforehand.
Merchants often money on a contract or on goods consigned to them.
  1. To raise to a higher point; to enhance; to raise in rate.
to the price of goods
  1. (intransitive) To move forwards, to approach.
  1. completed, Completed before need or a milestone event.
He made an payment on the prior shipment to show good faith.
  1. preceding, Preceding.
The man came a month before the candidate.
  1. forward, Forward.
The scouts found a site for an base.
aerial Tweet Definition of aerial Like Definition of aerial on Facebook
  1. A device for receiving or transmitting radio, television signals etc.
  1. of, or in, the air
AF Tweet Definition of AF Like Definition of AF on Facebook
  1. Air Force
AFB Tweet Definition of AFB Like Definition of AFB on Facebook
  1. w:Air Force Base, Air Force Base
  2. acid-fast bacillus
AID Tweet Definition of AID Like Definition of AID on Facebook
  1. Agency for International Development
aide Tweet Definition of aide Like Definition of aide on Facebook
  1. An assistant.
  2. (military) An officer who acts as assistant to a more senior one; an aide-de-camp.
aide-de-camp Tweet Definition of aide-de-camp Like Definition of aide-de-camp on Facebook
noun (aides-de-camp)
  1. A military officer who serves as an assistant to a higher ranking officer.
air base Tweet Definition of air base Like Definition of air base on Facebook
  1. An airbase.
airburst Tweet Definition of airburst Like Definition of airburst on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, air burst)
  1. The explosion of a bomb or similar weapon in the air rather than on the ground.
aircraft carrier Tweet Definition of aircraft carrier Like Definition of aircraft carrier on Facebook
  1. A warship with a deck on which airplanes can be launched or landed.
aircrew Tweet Definition of aircrew Like Definition of aircrew on Facebook
  1. A group of two or more trained individuals, formed as a team that operates an aircraft.
    The aircrew ran to the bomber.
air force Tweet Definition of air force Like Definition of air force on Facebook
  1. the branch of the military devoted to air warfare
  2. a unit in the U.S. Air Force larger than a division but smaller than a command
airhead Tweet Definition of airhead Like Definition of airhead on Facebook
  1. A silly, foolish or unintelligent person
airman Tweet Definition of airman Like Definition of airman on Facebook
noun (airmen)
  1. A pilot of an aircraft
  2. A member of an air force
  3. A rank in the U.S. Air Force above Airman Basic and below Airman First Class.
air raid Tweet Definition of air raid Like Definition of air raid on Facebook
  1. An attack on a surface target by military aircraft, especially when dropping bombs.
air-raid shelter Tweet Definition of air-raid shelter Like Definition of air-raid shelter on Facebook
  1. A structure, often a reinforced underground shelter designed to give protection against air raids.
Aldershot Tweet Definition of Aldershot Like Definition of Aldershot on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A town in Hampshire, England.
alfa Tweet Definition of alfa Like Definition of alfa on Facebook
  1. The letter A in the ICAO spelling alphabet
allotment Tweet Definition of allotment Like Definition of allotment on Facebook
  1. The act of allotting; assignment.
  2. That which is allotted; a share, part, or portion granted or distributed; that which is assigned by lot, or by the act of God; anything set apart for a special use or to a distinct party.
  3. The allowance of a specific amount of scrip or of a particular thing to a particular person.
    1. A plot of land rented from the council for growing fruit and vegetables.
ammunition Tweet Definition of ammunition Like Definition of ammunition on Facebook
  1. Articles used in charging firearms and ordnance of all kinds; as powder, balls, shot, shells, percussion caps, rockets, etc.
  2. Any stock of missiles, literal or figurative.
amphibian Tweet Definition of amphibian Like Definition of amphibian on Facebook
  1. Any four-legged vertebrate that does not have amniotic eggs, living both on land and in water.
amphibious Tweet Definition of amphibious Like Definition of amphibious on Facebook
  1. Capable of functioning on land or in water.
  2. Occurring on both land and water.
amphibious attack
anchor Tweet Definition of anchor Like Definition of anchor on Facebook
  1. (nautical) A tool used to moor a vessel to the bottom of a sea or river to resist movement.
  • Formerly a vessel would differentiate amongst the anchors carried as waist anchor, best bower, bower, stream and kedge anchors, depending on purpose and, to a great extent, on mass and size of the anchor. Modern usage is storm anchor for the heaviest anchor with the longest rode, best bower or simply bower for the most commonly used anchor deployed from the bow, and stream or lunch hook for a small, light anchor used for temporary moorage and often deployed from the stern.
  • (nautical) An iron device so shaped as to grip the bottom and hold a vessel at her berth by the chain or rope attached. (FM 55-501).
    1. (nautical) Generic term to refer to the combined anchoring gear (anchor, rode, and fittings such as bitts, cat, and windlass.)
    2. A fixed point, especially materials or tools used to affix something at that point.
    3. (internet) An HTML/XHTML mark-up tag to define a position in a file, or a link to a URL.
    4. (italbrac, television) An anchorman or anchorwoman.
  • verb 
    1. To hold an object, especially a ship or a boat to a fixed point.
    2. To provide emotional stability for a person in distress.
    3. To perform as an anchorman.
    antiaircraft Tweet Definition of antiaircraft Like Definition of antiaircraft on Facebook
    1. Designed to defend against air attacks.
    antiballistic Tweet Definition of antiballistic Like Definition of antiballistic on Facebook
    1. (of a missile, or system) designed to detect, intercept, and destroy a ballistic missile in flight
    antimissile Tweet Definition of antimissile Like Definition of antimissile on Facebook
    1. Designed to intercept and destroy another missile in flight.
    antipersonnel Tweet Definition of antipersonnel Like Definition of antipersonnel on Facebook
    1. Designed to kill soldiers.
    antitank Tweet Definition of antitank Like Definition of antitank on Facebook
    adjective anti-tank
    1. Referring to weapons designed to attack military tanks or similar armored vehicles.
      A TOW missile is an weapon capable of killing everyone in a tank from great distance.
    Apache Tweet Definition of Apache Like Definition of Apache on Facebook
    proper noun 
    1. Any of several Athabascan-speaking peoples of the American Southwest excluding Navajo, i.e. Chiricahua, Jicarilla, Lipan, Mescalero, Plains Apache, or Western Apache.
    2. A person belonging to an Apache people.
    3. The languages of the Apache peoples.
    4. A Parisian gangster.
    5. An open source HTTP server.
    6. The town of Apache, Oklahoma (zipcode 73006)
    7. A military helicopter
    APC Tweet Definition of APC Like Definition of APC on Facebook
    1. (military) armored personnel carrier
    2. (music) Wikipedia:A Perfect Circle, A Perfect Circle
    apprentice Tweet Definition of apprentice Like Definition of apprentice on Facebook
    1. A trainee, especially in a skilled trade.
    2. (historical) One who is bound by indentures or by legal agreement to serve a tradesperson, or other person, for a certain time, with a view to learn the art, or trade, in which his master is bound to instruct him.
    3. (dated) One not well versed in a subject; a tyro or newbie.
    verb (apprentic, ing)
    1. (transitive) To put under the care and supervision of a master, for the purpose of instruction in a trade or business.
    approach Tweet Definition of approach Like Definition of approach on Facebook
    1. The act of drawing near; a coming or advancing near.
    The of summer. —Horsley.
    A nearer to the human type. —Owen.
    1. An access, or opportunity of drawing near.
    The to kings and principal persons. —Bacon.
    1. (context, used only with the plural approaches) Movements to gain favor; advances.
    2. A way, passage, or avenue by which a place or buildings can be approached; an access. —Macaulay.
    3. A manner in which a problem is solved or policy is made.
    an to gardening
    1. (context, used only in the plural, fortification) The advanced works, trenches, or covered roads made by besiegers in their advances toward a fortress or military post.
    2. (golf) A stroke whose object is to land the ball on the putting green. It is made with an iron club.
    3. The way a plane lands at an airport.
    verb (approach, es)
    1. (intransitive) To come or go near, in place or time; to draw nigh; to advance nearer.
    Wherefore approached ye so nigh unto the city? —2 Sam. xi. 20.
    But exhorting one another; and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. —Heb. x. 25.
    1. (intransitive) To draw near, in a figurative sense; to make advances; to approximate.
    as he approaches to the character of the ablest statesman.
    1. (transitive) To come near to in place, time, or character; to draw nearer to; as, to approach the city; to approach my cabin; he approached the age of manhood.
    He was an admirable poet, and thought even to have approached Homer. --Temple.
    1. (context, transitive, military) To take approaches to.
    arbalest Tweet Definition of arbalest Like Definition of arbalest on Facebook
    1. A late form of medieval crossbow, having a steel prod, or bow.
    archery Tweet Definition of archery Like Definition of archery on Facebook
    noun (archer, ies, -)
    1. (uncountable) The practice or sport of shooting arrows with a bow.
    2. (countable) A group of archers.
    ARM Tweet Definition of ARM Like Definition of ARM on Facebook
    1. accelerated reply mail: a service of the United States Postal Service
    2. adjustable rate mortgage
    armament Tweet Definition of armament Like Definition of armament on Facebook
    1. A body of forces equipped for war.
    2. (Military & Naval): All the cannon and small arms collectively, with their equipments, belonging to a ship or a fortification.
    3. Any equipment for resistance.
    armed Tweet Definition of armed Like Definition of armed on Facebook
    1. (past of, arm)
    1. equip, Equipped, especially with a weapon.
    2. (Of a weapon) prepared for use.
    armed forces Tweet Definition of armed forces Like Definition of armed forces on Facebook
    1. The military forces of a nation; the army, navy, air force, marines and, sometimes, coast guard.
    armistice Tweet Definition of armistice Like Definition of armistice on Facebook
    1. A ceasefire; a truce.
    armor Tweet Definition of armor Like Definition of armor on Facebook
    noun (wikipedia, armour, armor)
    1. (uncountable) A form of body protection that consists of a hard material that is worn around the vital areas of the body.
    2. (uncountable) A natural form of this kind of protection on an animal's body.
    3. (countable) A tank, or other heavy mobile assault vehicle.
    4. (uncountable) A military formation consisting primarily of tanks or other armoured fighting vehicles.
    armored Tweet Definition of armored Like Definition of armored on Facebook
    1. Simple past and past participle of armor.
    1. Clad or equipped with arms or armor.
    2. Covered with armor, as a ship or the face of a fortification; armor-plated.
    armored personnel carrier Tweet Definition of armored personnel carrier Like Definition of armored personnel carrier on Facebook
    1. An armored vehicle designed to carry passengers, protected from enemy attack, to a location.
    armorer Tweet Definition of armorer Like Definition of armorer on Facebook
    1. a manufacturer of weapons, especially of guns
    2. a military specialist in charge of the upkeep of small arms etc
    1. (dated) someone who makes or repairs armor
    armory Tweet Definition of armory Like Definition of armory on Facebook
    noun (armories)
    1. heraldry, Heraldry
    2. A place where arms are kept, an arsenal.
    3. A collection of weapons and materiel.
    4. A place where arms are made.
    army Tweet Definition of army Like Definition of army on Facebook
    noun (armies)
    1. A large, highly organized military force concerned mainly with ground operations
    The was sent in to quell the uprising.
    1. The governmental agency in charge of the nation's army.
    The opposed the legislature's involvement.
    1. Any large group of people or sometimes animals working toward the same purpose.
    It took an of accountants to uncover the fraud.
    Our house is being attacked by an of ants.
    array Tweet Definition of array Like Definition of array on Facebook
    1. Clothing and ornamentation.
    2. A collection laid out to be viewed in full.
    3. An orderly series, arrangement or sequence.
    Antonym Disarray.
    1. A large collection.
    We offer a dazzling array of choices.
    1. (complang) A vector.
    2. (complang) A multidimensional array.
    3. (computing) An associative array.
    verb to array
    1. To clothe and ornament oneself.
    He was arrayed in his finest robes and jewels.
    arsenal Tweet Definition of arsenal Like Definition of arsenal on Facebook
    1. A military establishment for the storing, development, manufacturing, testing, or repairing of arms, ammunition, and other war materiel; an armoury
    2. A stock of weapons, especially all the weapons that a nation possesses
    3. A store or supply of anything.
    He arrived with a large of cleansers and tools, and got right to work.
    artillery Tweet Definition of artillery Like Definition of artillery on Facebook
    1. Large cannon like weapons, transportable and usually operated by more than one person
    2. A unit of the army, that uses such weapons
    3. gunnery
    artilleryman Tweet Definition of artilleryman Like Definition of artilleryman on Facebook
    noun (artillerymen)
    1. A soldier enlisted in an artillery unit or who uses artillery.
    AS Tweet Definition of AS Like Definition of AS on Facebook
    1. Anglo-Saxon
    2. Advanced Supplementary
    3. (neurology) Asperger's Syndrome
    4. (geography) American Samoa
    ashcan Tweet Definition of ashcan Like Definition of ashcan on Facebook
    1. A container for ashes, used in times past for accumulating ashes generated from wood and coal fires, for eventual disposal elsewhere. A dustbin.
    1. Of or pertaining to the w:Ashcan School, Ashcan School of American art.
    assault Tweet Definition of assault Like Definition of assault on Facebook
    1. A violent onset or attack with physical means, as blows, weapons, etc.; an onslaught; the rush or charge of an attacking force; onset; as, to make assault upon a man, a house, or a town.
    2. A violent onset or attack with moral weapons, as words, arguments, appeals, and the like; as, to make an assault on the prerogative, prerogatives of a prince, or on the constitution of a government.
    3. An apparently violent attempt, or willful offer with force or violence, to do hurt to another; an attempt or offer to beat another, accompanied by a degree of violence, but without touching his person, as by lifting the fist, or a cane, in a threatening manner, or by striking at him, and missing him. If the blow aimed takes effect, it is a battery.
    4. An intentional threat, show of force or movement that causes a reasonable fear, or an actual physical contact.
    5. (fencing) A non-competitive combat between two fencers
    1. To attack, threaten or harass
    assault rifle Tweet Definition of assault rifle Like Definition of assault rifle on Facebook
    1. A military style rifle that fires a shortened rifle caliber round from a high capacity magazine.
    assign Tweet Definition of assign Like Definition of assign on Facebook
    1. An assignee.
    1. (transitive) To designate or set apart something for some purpose.
    2. (transitive) To appoint or select someone for some office.
    3. (transitive) To allot or give something as a task.
    4. (transitive) To attribute or sort something into categories.
    5. (transitive) To transfer property, a legal right, etc., from one peson to another.
    at Tweet Definition of at Like Definition of at on Facebook
    1. (context, currency) A subdivision of the Laotian kip, 100 at=1 kip
    attach Tweet Definition of attach Like Definition of attach on Facebook
    verb (attaches, attaching, attached)
    1. To fasten, to join to.
    attention Tweet Definition of attention Like Definition of attention on Facebook
    1. (uncountable) Mental focus.
    Please direct your to the following words.
    1. (context, countable, often plural) An action or remark expressing concern for or interest in someone or something, especially romantic interest.
      • 1818, w:Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus, ch. 3,
      • :She attended her sickbed; her watchful attentions triumphed over the malignity of the distemper.
      • 1910, w:Stephen Leacock, Stephen Leacock, "How to Avoid Getting Married," in Literary Lapses,
      • :For some time past I have been the recipient of very marked attentions from a young lady.
        1. (context, uncountable, military) A state of alertness in the standing position.
        The company will now come to .
        1. (context, uncountable, advertising) A rating used to measure a commercial's ability to stand out from other advertising.
        The beer commercial with blonde twins had a higher score than the one showing a family enjoying slipcovers.
    auxiliary Tweet Definition of auxiliary Like Definition of auxiliary on Facebook
    noun (auxiliar, ies)
    1. A person or group that acts in an auxiliary manner.
    2. A sailing vessel equiped with an engine.
    3. (grammar) An auxiliary verb.
    1. helping, Helping; giving assistance or support.
    2. supplementary, Supplementary or subsidiary.
    3. held, Held in reserve for exceptional circumstances.
    4. Of a ship, having both sails and an engine.
    5. (grammar) Relating to an auxiliary verb.
    aviation Tweet Definition of aviation Like Definition of aviation on Facebook
    1. The art or science of flying.
    from aves (Latin) meaning birds      
    AWOL Tweet Definition of AWOL Like Definition of AWOL on Facebook
    1. (military) Absence without proper authority from the properly appointed place of duty, or from unit, organization, or other place of duty at which one is required to be at the time prescribed.
    2. (military) A person who holds AWOL status.
    3. (context, generic) Somebody who is absent without permission.
    4. (figurative) Someone or something missing.
    1. (military and generic): Absent without leave (permission).
    The US Army had a lot of soldiers.

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