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Napier's bones Tweet Definition of Napier Like Definition of Napier
noun w:John Napier, Napier's bones plural
  1. (arithmetic) A set of numbered rods used for multiplication and division (see the Wikipedia article for a fuller explanation).
nappe Tweet Definition of nappe Like Definition of nappe on Facebook
  1. the profile of a body of water flowing over an obstruction in a vertical drop
  2. (mathematics) either of the two parts of a double cone
  3. (geology) a sheet-like mass of rock that has been carried from its original position
  4. (context, hydraulics) Nappe, the underside of which is not in contact with the overflow structure and is at ambient atmospheric pressure.
natural number Tweet Definition of natural number Like Definition of natural number on Facebook
  1. (mathematics) a member of the set of natural numbers. The definition of exactly what is a natural number seems to vary, depending on if zero is included or not. Thus, by the term , one may refer to a positive integer (set of 1,2,3,...) or a non-negative integer (set of 0,1,2,3,....
neighborhood Tweet Definition of neighborhood Like Definition of neighborhood on Facebook
  1. The nearby area, particularly when referring to home.
We have just moved to a pleasant
  1. and by extension, it's inhabitants.
The fire alarmed the neighborhood.
  1. (uncountable) The quality of proximity.
    • "Then the prison and the palace were in awful neighbourhood." — w:Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton, Lord Lytton.
      1. (obsolete) The disposition becoming a neighbor; neighborly kindness or good will.
nested Tweet Definition of nested Like Definition of nested on Facebook
  1. (past of, nest)
Net Tweet Definition of Net Like Definition of Net on Facebook
proper noun the Net
  1. (computing) The Internet.
node Tweet Definition of node Like Definition of node on Facebook
noun (plural nodes)
  1. A knot, a knob; a protuberance; a swelling.
  2. (Astronomy) The point where the orbit of a planet, as viewed from the sun, intersects the ecliptic. The ascending and descending nodes refer respetively to the points where the planet moves from S to N and N to S. The respective symbols are � and �.
  3. The joint of a stem, or the part where a leaf or several leaves are inserted.
  4. A hole in the gnomon of a dial, through which passes the ray of light which marks the hour of the day, the parallels of the sun's declination, his place in the ecliptic, etc.
  5. (geometry) The point at which a curve crosses itself, being a double point of the curve. See Crunode, and Acnode.
  6. The point at which the lines of a funicular machine meet from different angular directions; -- called also knot.
  7. The knot, intrigue, or plot of a piece.
  8. A hard concretion or incrustation which forms upon bones attacked with rheumatism, gout, or syphilis; sometimes also, a swelling in the neighborhood of a joint.
  9. One of the fixed points of a sonorous string, when it vibrates by aliquot parts, and produces the harmonic tones; nodal line or point.
  10. A swelling.
  11. (graphtheory) A vertex of a graph.
  12. (computing_theory) (context, computer networking) A vertex or a leaf in a graph of a network; a computer or other device attached to a network
nomogram Tweet Definition of nomogram Like Definition of nomogram on Facebook
noun (plural nomograms)
  1. (mathematics) A diagram in which the relationship between three variables is represented by a straight line or curve for each variable; the value of the third variable corresponding to particular values of the first two is obtained by drawing a straight line through the points on the first two curves that represent particular values of the first two variables and noting the point at which the line intersects the third line or curve.
nonagon Tweet Definition of nonagon Like Definition of nonagon on Facebook
  1. (geometry) A polygon with nine sides and nine angles.
non-Euclidean geometry Tweet Definition of non-Euclidean geometry Like Definition of non-Euclidean geometry on Facebook
  1. (geometry) Any system of geometry not based on the set of axioms of Euclidean geometry, which is based on the three-dimensional space of common experience.
nonstandard Tweet Definition of nonstandard Like Definition of nonstandard on Facebook
  1. Not standard.
  2. (linguistics) Not conforming to the language used by the educated sections of a society.
n-tuple Tweet Definition of n-tuple Like Definition of n-tuple on Facebook
number Tweet Definition of number Like Definition of number on Facebook
  1. (countable) An abstract entity used to describe quantity.
  2. (countable) A symbol for a non-negative integer; a numeral.
  3. (countable) (mathematics) A member of one of several classes: natural numbers,integers, rational numbers, real numbers, complex numbers, quaternions.
The equation <math>e^{i\pi}+1=0</math> includes the most important numbers: 1, 0, <math>\pi</math>, <math>i</math>, and <math>e</math>.
  1. (Followed by a numeral; used attributive) show, Showing the rank of something in a list or sequence. Abbreviations: No or No., no or no. (in each case, sometimes written with a superscript "o", like Nº or &
  1. x2116;). The symbol "
  2. " is also used in this manner.
Horse 5 won the race.
  1. quantity, Quantity.
Any of people can be reading from a given repository at a time
  1. (grammar) Of a word or phrase, the state of being singular, dual or plural, shown by inflection.
  2. (countable) A performance; especially, a single song or song and dance routine within a larger show.
For his second , he sang "The Moon Shines Bright".
  1. (transitive) To label (items) with numbers; to assign numbers to (items).
Number the baskets so that we can find them easily.
  1. (intransitive) To total or count; to amount to.
I don"t know how many books are in the library, but they must in the thousands.
  1. (comparative of, numb)
number theory Tweet Definition of number theory Like Definition of number theory on Facebook
noun (uncountable)
  1. (mathematics) The branch of pure mathematics concerned with the properties of integers.
    Factorization has driven many great discoveries in .
numeral Tweet Definition of numeral Like Definition of numeral on Facebook
  1. A word or symbol representing a number.
The word "fifteen", the Arabic "15", and the Roman "XV" are all numerals representing the number fifteen.
numerator Tweet Definition of numerator Like Definition of numerator on Facebook
noun (plural: numerators)
  1. (arithmetic) The number or expression written above the line in a fraction.
  2. An enumerator; someone who counts things.
numerical Tweet Definition of numerical Like Definition of numerical on Facebook
  1. of or pertaining to numbers
numerical analysis Tweet Definition of numerical analysis Like Definition of numerical analysis on Facebook
noun (uncountable)
  1. (mathematics) the study of algorithms to solve problems in mathematics on continuous sets of numbers (such as the real numbers)

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