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badlands Tweet Definition of badlands Like Definition of badlands on Facebook
  1. An unpopulated and often arid area unsuited to agriculture and characterized by difficult, often rocky terrain.
  2. A desert.
barrier Tweet Definition of barrier Like Definition of barrier on Facebook
  1. A structure that bars passage.
  2. An obstacle or impediment.
  3. A boundary or limit.
BASIC Tweet Definition of BASIC Like Definition of BASIC on Facebook
proper noun
  1. (complang): A family of third-generation computer programming languages (c.1964 on).
    Many programs were written for the Sinclair Spectrum computer in .
basin Tweet Definition of basin Like Definition of basin on Facebook
noun (plural:basins)
  1. A bowl for washing, often affixed to a wall
  2. An area of water that drains into a river
  3. A rock formation scooped out by water erosion
batholith Tweet Definition of batholith Like Definition of batholith on Facebook
  1. (geology) A large irregular mass of intrusive igneous rock that has melted or forced itself into surrounding strata.
bed Tweet Definition of bed Like Definition of bed on Facebook
  1. A piece of furniture, usually flat and soft, to sleep on.
  2. A prepared spot to spend the night in, as in camping bed.
  3. A garden plot, as in "bed of roses".
  4. The bottom of a lake or other body of water, as in "sea bed".
  5. An area where a large number of oysters, mussels, or other sessile shellfish is found.
  6. A flat surface or layer on which something else is to be placed, as a "bed of lettuce".
  7. A deposit of ore, coal etc.
  8. A shaped piece of timber to hold a cask clear of a ship, ship"s floor.
verb (bed, d, ed)
  1. To go to a sleeping bed.
  2. To put oneself to sleep.
  3. To settle, as machinery.
  4. To set in a soft matrix, as paving stones in sand, or tiles in cement.
  5. To set out plants in a garden bed.
  6. (Slang) To have sexual intercourse.
bedding Tweet Definition of bedding Like Definition of bedding on Facebook
  1. bedlinen, Bedlinen; the textiles associated with a bed, e.g., sheets, pillowcases, bedspreads, blankets, etc.
  2. bedclothes, Bedclothes.
  3. Any material used by or provided to animals to lie on.
bed load Tweet Definition of bed load Like Definition of bed load on Facebook
  1. the large particles of sediment that are carried along the bottom of a stream
Bedrock Tweet Definition of Bedrock Like Definition of Bedrock on Facebook
proper noun
  1. Name of the fictional town in The Flintstones
behead Tweet Definition of behead Like Definition of behead on Facebook
  1. (transitive) To remove the head.
bench Tweet Definition of bench Like Definition of bench on Facebook
  1. A long seat, for example, in the park.
They sat on a park and tossed bread crumbs to the ducks and pigeons.
  1. In law, the people who decide on the verdict; the judiciary.
They are awaiting a decision on the motion from the .
  1. (context, law, figurative) The place where the judges sit.
She sat on the for 30 years before she retired.
  1. The place where players of a sport sit when not playing.
    He spent the first three games on the , watching.
  2. A place where assembly or hand work is performed; a workbench.
    She placed the workpiece on the , inspected it closely, and opened the cover.''
    1. (weightlifting) A horizontal padded surface, usually with a weight rack, used for support during exercise.
verb (bench, es)
  1. (context, transitive, sports) To sideline; to remove a player from play.
They benched him for the rest of the game because they thought he was injured.
  1. (context, transitive, weightlifting) To lift by bench pressing
I heard he can 150 pounds.
  1. (slang) To push the victim back on the person behind them who is on their hands and knees and end up falling over
berm Tweet Definition of berm Like Definition of berm on Facebook
  1. A narrow ledge or shelf, as along the top or bottom of a slope
  2. A raised bank or path, especially the bank of a canal opposite the towpath
  3. A terrace formed by wave action along a beach
  4. A mound or bank of earth, used especially as a barrier or to provide insulation
  5. A ledge between the parapet and the moat in a fortification
  6. A strip of land between a street and sidewalk (regional)
blowhole Tweet Definition of blowhole Like Definition of blowhole on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, blowhole (biology))
  1. The spiracle, on the top of the head, through which cetaceans breath
  2. A vent for the escape of gas
  3. A cavity in the ground that leads to a marine cave and out of which waves splash
(wikipedia, blowhole (geology))      
bluff Tweet Definition of bluff Like Definition of bluff on Facebook
  1. A high, steep bank, as by a river or the sea, or beside a ravine or plain; a cliff with a broad face.
  2. An act of bluffing; an expression of self-confidence for the purpose of intimidation; braggadocio; as, that is only bluff, or a bluff.
  3. (poker) An attempt to represent yourself as holding a stronger hand than you do.
    John's bet was a , he bet without even so much as a pair.
  1. To make a bluff
John bluffed by betting without even a pair.
  1. Having a broad, flattened front; as, the bluff bows of a ship.
  2. Rising steeply with a flat or rounded front.
  3. Surly; churlish; gruff; rough.
    • 1883: w:Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert Louis Stevenson, w:Treasure Island, Treasure Island
    • : ...he had a , rough-and-ready face, all roughened and reddened and lined in his long travels.
    • Abrupt; roughly frank; unceremonious; blunt; brusque; as, a bluff answer; a bluff manner of talking; a bluff sea captain.
boring Tweet Definition of boring Like Definition of boring on Facebook
  1. Present participle of to bore
  1. That causes boredom in somebody.
boss Tweet Definition of boss Like Definition of boss on Facebook
  1. A person in charge of a business or company.
  • Chat turned to whisper when the entered the conference room.
    1. A person who oversees and directs the work of others; a supervisor; someone who fires people.
My complains that I'm always late to work.
  1. A leader, the head of an organized group or team.
They named him because he had good leadership skills.
  1. The head of a political party in a given region or district.
He is the Republican in Kentucky.
  1. (context, mechanical) A protrusion, frequently a cylinder of material that extends beyond a hole.
  2. (architecture) A knob or projection, usually at the intersection of ribs in a vault.
  3. a hassock or footrest
  4. the strengthened area at the centre of a shield to the hand grip, which is attached to the rear of the boss. The boss is frequently made of metal even when the remainder of the shield is of wood or leather
verb (boss, es)
  1. To exercise authoritative control; to lord over; to boss around; to tell someone what to do, often repeatedly.
  • You aren't my father. You can't me around!.
    1. (rare) To decorate with bosses; to emboss.
  1. (slang) of excellent quality, first-rate
boulder Tweet Definition of boulder Like Definition of boulder on Facebook
  1. A large piece of stone that can theoretically be moved if enough force is applied.
branch Tweet Definition of branch Like Definition of branch on Facebook
  1. The woody part of a tree arising from the trunk and usually dividing
  2. Something that divides like the branch of a tree
  3. A location of an organization with several locations.
Our main branch is downtown, and we have branches in all major suburbs.
  1. (context, Mormonism) A subdivision of the LDS Church, smaller than and part of a stake, but smaller than a ward.
  2. An area in business or of knowledge, research
  3. (nautical) The certificate given by Trinity House to a pilot qualified to take navigational control of a ship in British waters
verb (branch, es)
  1. (context, intransitive) To arise from the trunk or a larger branch of a tree.
  2. (context, intransitive) To produce branches.
  3. (context, intransitive, computing) To jump to a different location in a program, especially as the result of a conditional statement.

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