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M Tweet Definition of M Like Definition of M on Facebook
noun (pl=Ms, pl2=M's)
  1. The thirteenth letter of the English alphabet; a vocal consonant, and from the manner of its formation, is called the labio-nasal consonant.
proper noun 
  1. fictional character from the James Bond stories and films
abbreviation or M.
  1. Monsieur
  2. male
  3. Monday
  4. Mother
  5. (context, size) Medium
  6. (context, US, roadway) Michigan; Usage note: This designation is used within Michigan.
  7. mature
  8. (context, cricket, in batting figures) the number of minutes a player spent at the crease
  9. (context, cricket, in bowling figures) the number of maiden overs bowled
MA Tweet Definition of MA Like Definition of MA on Facebook
  1. megaampere, Megaampere, 1,000,000 amperes.
  2. Massachusetts, a state of the United States of America.
  3. Master of Arts (degree).
  4. Mature Adult Audience.
magnet Tweet Definition of magnet Like Definition of magnet on Facebook
  1. A piece of material that attracts some metals by magnetism.
  2. (context, informal, figurative, preceded by a noun) A person or thing that attracts what is denoted by the preceding noun.
He always had a girl on his arm - he's a bit of a babe-.
    • 2007, J. Michael Fay, Ivory Wars: Last Stand in Zakouma, National Geographic (March 2007), 47,
    • : ...I wanted to show Nick the largest of the water holes, Rigueik, that act as magnets to life in the dry season.
magnetic Tweet Definition of magnetic Like Definition of magnetic on Facebook
  1. of, relating to, operating by, or caused by magnetism
a recorder
  1. having the properties of a magnet, especially the ability to draw or pull
  2. determined by earth's magnetic fields
  1. having an extraordinary ability to attract
He has a personality.
magnetic field Tweet Definition of magnetic field Like Definition of magnetic field on Facebook
  1. (physics) a condition in the space around a magnet or electric current in which there is a detectable magnetic force and two magnetic poles are present
magnetic levitation Tweet Definition of magnetic levitation Like Definition of magnetic levitation on Facebook
noun (abbreviated as maglev)
  1. a method of supporting and transporting objects and vehicles by using a magnetic field to counterbalance the gravitational pull
magnetic permeability Tweet Definition of magnetic permeability Like Definition of magnetic permeability on Facebook
  1. (physics) a measure of the magnetisation of a material in a magnetic field; symbol μ. Materials with values less than 1 are diamagnetic those above are paramagnetic.
magnetics Tweet Definition of magnetics Like Definition of magnetics on Facebook
  1. The science of magnetism.
magnetism Tweet Definition of magnetism Like Definition of magnetism on Facebook
  1. The property of being magnetic
  2. The science which treats of magnetic phenomena.
  3. Power of attraction; power to excite the feelings and to gain the affections.
magnetizable Tweet Definition of magnetizable Like Definition of magnetizable on Facebook
  1. Capable of magnetized.
magnetization Tweet Definition of magnetization Like Definition of magnetization on Facebook
  1. The act of magnetize, magnetizing, or the state of being magnetized.
magneto Tweet Definition of magneto Like Definition of magneto on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, Magneto (electrical))
  1. a dynamo that provides power to the spark plugs of a small internal combustion engine
magnetochemistry Tweet Definition of magnetochemistry Like Definition of magnetochemistry on Facebook
  1. (chemistry) the branch of chemistry that studies the effect of a magnetic field on atomic or molecular structures
magnetogram Tweet Definition of magnetogram Like Definition of magnetogram on Facebook
  1. a magnetograph
magnetograph Tweet Definition of magnetograph Like Definition of magnetograph on Facebook
  1. A instrument for measuring changes in the direction and intensity of magnetic fields
magnetometer Tweet Definition of magnetometer Like Definition of magnetometer on Facebook
  1. (physics) an instrument used to measure the intensity and direction of a magnetic field, especially at points on the Earth's surface
magnetomotive force Tweet Definition of magnetomotive force Like Definition of magnetomotive force on Facebook
  1. (physics) the force associated with a magnetic field and that produces magnetic flux; it is the work required to carry a magnetic monopole of unit strength once round a magnetic circuit; measured in ampere-turns
magnetoresistance Tweet Definition of magnetoresistance Like Definition of magnetoresistance on Facebook
  1. (physics) the change of electrical resistance produced in a conductor or semiconductor on application of a magnetic field
make Tweet Definition of make Like Definition of make on Facebook
  1. (context, of a car) brand, Brand; often paired with model.
What car do you drive?
verb (makes, making, made)
  1. To create, construct or produce.
We made a bird feeder for our yard.
They hope to a bigger profit.
We"ll a man out of him yet.
  1. To constitute.
They a cute couple.
This makes the third infraction.
  1. (context, construed with of, typically interrogative) To interpret.
I don"t know what to of it.
  1. (context, usually stressed) To bring into success.
This company is what made you.
She married into wealth. She has it made.
  1. (context, second object is an adjective) To cause to be.
The citizens made their objections clear.
This might you a bit woozy.
  1. (context, second object is a verb) To cause to do.
You"re making her cry.
I was made to feel like a criminal.
  1. (context, second object is a verb, can be stressed for emphasis or clarity) To force to do.
The teacher made the student study.
Don"t let them you suffer.
  1. (context, of a fact) To indicate or suggest to be.
His past mistakes don"t him a bad person.
  1. (context, of a person being sought) To recognise (without being recognised in return)
    • 2004, George Nolfi et al, w:Ocean's Twelve, Ocean's Twelve, Warner Bros. Pictures, 0:50:30,
    • :<span style="font-variant:small-caps">Linus Caldwell:</span> Well, she just made Danny and Yen, which means in the next 48 hours the three o' your pictures are gonna be in every police station in Europe.
    • 2007 May 4, Andrew Dettmann et al, "Under Pressure", episode 3-22 of w:Numb3rs, Numb3rs, 00:01:16,
    • :<span style="font-variant:small-caps">David Sinclair:</span> (walking) Almost at Seventh; I should have a visual any second now. (rounds a corner, almost collides into Kaleed Asan) Damn, that was close.<br /><span style="font-variant:small-caps">Don Eppes:</span> David, he you?<br /><span style="font-variant:small-caps">David Sinclair:</span> No, I don't think so.
Maxwell Tweet Definition of Maxwell Like Definition of Maxwell on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A Scottish habitational surname from Mackeswell near Melrose.
  2. (given name, male), derived from the surname.
megahertz Tweet Definition of megahertz Like Definition of megahertz on Facebook
noun (plural )
  1. A unit equal to one-million cycles per second.
megavolt Tweet Definition of megavolt Like Definition of megavolt on Facebook
  1. One million ( 106 ) volts, abbreviated as MV.
megawatt Tweet Definition of megawatt Like Definition of megawatt on Facebook
  1. One million ( 106 ) watts, abbreviated as MW.
megohm Tweet Definition of megohm Like Definition of megohm on Facebook
  1. One of the larger measures of electrical resistance, amounting to one million ohms (1 x 10^6 Ω).
mercury-vapor lamp Tweet Definition of mercury-vapor lamp Like Definition of mercury-vapor lamp on Facebook
  1. alternative spelling of mercury-vapour lamp
mesh Tweet Definition of mesh Like Definition of mesh on Facebook
  1. The opening or space enclosed by the threads of a net between knot and knot, or the threads enclosing such a space.
  2. The engagement of the teeth of wheels, or of a wheel and rack.
verb (mesh, es)
  1. to fit in, to come together
MH Tweet Definition of MH Like Definition of MH on Facebook
  1. (geography) Marshall Islands
  1. Mental Health
    1. (stamp collecting) mint hinged
mho Tweet Definition of mho Like Definition of mho on Facebook
  1. A former unit of electric conductance, equivalent to and superseded by the siemens.
microampere Tweet Definition of microampere Like Definition of microampere on Facebook
  1. One millionth ( 10-6 ) of an ampere, abbreviated as µA.
microfarad Tweet Definition of microfarad Like Definition of microfarad on Facebook
  1. (rare) One millionth ( 10-6 ) of a farad, abbreviated as µF.
microvolt Tweet Definition of microvolt Like Definition of microvolt on Facebook
  1. One millionth ( 10-6 ) of a volt, abbreviated as µV.
microwatt Tweet Definition of microwatt Like Definition of microwatt on Facebook
  1. One millionth ( 10-6 ) of a watt, abbreviated as µW.
milliampere Tweet Definition of milliampere Like Definition of milliampere on Facebook
  1. One thousandth (10-3) of an ampere
millifarad Tweet Definition of millifarad Like Definition of millifarad on Facebook
  1. One thousandth ( 10-3 ) of a farad, abbreviated as mF.
millivolt Tweet Definition of millivolt Like Definition of millivolt on Facebook
  1. One thousandth ( 10-3 ) of a volt, abbreviated as mV.
milliwatt Tweet Definition of milliwatt Like Definition of milliwatt on Facebook
  1. One thousandth ( 10-3 ) of a watt, abbreviated as mW.
motor Tweet Definition of motor Like Definition of motor on Facebook
  1. A machine or device that converts any form of energy into mechanical energy, or imparts motion
  2. (archaic) A motor car, or automobile
  1. to drive around leisurely in a motor car
  1. (biology): describing neurons that create the ability to move, see motor unit
multimeter Tweet Definition of multimeter Like Definition of multimeter on Facebook
  1. An electronic measuring instrument that combines multiple functions; a combined voltmeter, ammeter and ohmmeter.
multiple Tweet Definition of multiple Like Definition of multiple on Facebook
  1. (context, Mathematics): A number that may be divided by another number with no remainder; thus 14, 21 and 70 are multiples of 7
  1. Having more than one element, part, component or function
My Swiss Army knife has blades.
MV Tweet Definition of MV Like Definition of MV on Facebook
  1. motor vessel
  2. motor vehicle
  3. merchant vessel
MW Tweet Definition of MW Like Definition of MW on Facebook
  1. medium wave
  2. megawatt

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