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immittance Tweet Definition of immittance Like Definition of immittance on Facebook
  1. (physics) either the impedance or the admittance of an alternating current considered as alternatives
impedance Tweet Definition of impedance Like Definition of impedance on Facebook
  1. (physics) A measure of the opposition to the flow of an alternating current in a circuit; the sum of its resistance, inductive and capacitive reactance
  2. (physics, usually with "mechanical") a measure of opposition to motion of something subjected to a force.
  3. (physics, usually with "acoustic" or "sound") the sound pressure divided by the particle velocity and the surface area through which an acoustic wave propagates.
  4. (context, by analogy, software engineering, usually with "mismatch") a measure of the opposition caused by differences between two paradigms, especially between object oriented development and relational databases
    • 1997, Bhavani M. Thuraisingham, Data Management Systems: Evolution and Interoperation (ISBN 0849394937), CRC Press, page 33:
    • : Some argue that having mismatch is difficult for programming intensive applications.
    • 2002, Jim Melton, Advanced SQL:1999: Understanding Object-Relational and Other Advanced Features (ISBN 1558606777), Morgan Kaufmann, page 353:
    • : But the mismatch between SQL and Java was no better than betweel SQL and other languages.
    • 2004, Scott W. Ambler, The Object Primer: Agile Model-Driven Development with UML 2.0 (ISBN 1397805218), Cambridge University Press, page 442:
    • : Why does a technological mismatch exist?
impress Tweet Definition of impress Like Definition of impress on Facebook
  1. The act of impressing
  2. An impression, and impressed image or copy of something
  • 1908: We know that you were pressed for money, that you took an of the keys which your brother held " Arthur Conan Doyle, "The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans" (Norton 2005, p.1330)
    1. A stamp or seal used to make an impression
    2. Something impressed
verb (rfc-level, Verb at L4+ not in L3 POS section)
(impress, es)
  1. (transitive) To affect (someone) strongly and often favourably
You impressed me with your command of Urdu.
  1. (transitive) To produce a vivid impression of (something)
That first view of the Eiger impressed itself on my mind.
  1. (transitive) To mark or stamp (something) using pressure
We impressed our footprints in the wet cement.
  1. (transitive) To compel (someone) to serve in a military force
The press gang used to people into the Navy.
  1. (transitive) To seize or confiscate (property) by force
The liner was impressed as a troop carrier.
  1. (intransitive) To make an impression, to be impressive
Henderson impressed in his first game as captain.
impulse Tweet Definition of impulse Like Definition of impulse on Facebook
  1. A wish or urge, particularly a sudden one.
The to learn drove me to study night and day.
When I saw the new dictionary, I couldn't resist the to browse through it.
  1. (physics) The integral of force over time.
The total from the impact will depend on the kinetic energy of the bullet.
inclination Tweet Definition of inclination Like Definition of inclination on Facebook
  1. A tilt or bend
    • The of his head increased and he awoke with a start.
      1. A slant or slope
    • The road up to the house had a steep .
      1. A tendency
    • He had an to drink.
      1. (astronomy) The angle of intersection of a plane and the orbital plane of a planet or moon etc; also the angle between an object's orbit and the ecliptic
inductance Tweet Definition of inductance Like Definition of inductance on Facebook
  1. The property of an electric circuit by which a voltage is induced in it by a changing magnetic field.
The power cable itself has enough to disrupt the digital signal of the video output cable, due to poor sheilding.
  1. The quantity of the resulting electromagnetic flux, measured in henry, henries (SI symbol: H.)
What is the of that power supply's main inductor?
induction Tweet Definition of induction Like Definition of induction on Facebook
  1. the act of inducting
  2. a formal ceremony in which a person is inducted into an office or into military service
  3. (physics) the generation of an electric current by a varying magnetic field
  4. (logic) the derivation of general principles from specific instances
  5. (mathematics) a general proof of a theorem by first proving it for a specific integer (for example) and showing that, if it is true for one integer then it must be true for the next
  6. the act of inducing childbirth
  7. In theatre, induction is the use of rumors to twist and complicate the plot of a play or to narrate in a way that does not have to state truth nor fact within the play.
  8. (biology) In developmental biology, the development of a feature from part of a formerly homogenous field of cells in response to a morphogen whose source determines the feature's position and extent.
  9. (obsolete) an introduction
induction coil Tweet Definition of induction coil Like Definition of induction coil on Facebook
  1. a transformer that produces a high voltage alternating current pulse from a low voltage direct current supply, especially such a device in the starter motor of an automobile
induction motor Tweet Definition of induction motor Like Definition of induction motor on Facebook
  1. an alternating current motor in which currents in the secondary wiring of the rotor are created by induction from the magnetic field of the primary winding of the stator
inductive Tweet Definition of inductive Like Definition of inductive on Facebook
  1. (logic) of, or relating to logical induction
  2. (physics) of, relating to, or arising from induction or inductance
  3. introductory or preparatory
  4. influencing
inductor Tweet Definition of inductor Like Definition of inductor on Facebook
  1. (physics) a passive device that introduces inductance into an electrical circuit
  2. (medicine) an evocator or an organizer
input Tweet Definition of input Like Definition of input on Facebook
  1. Something fed into a process with the intention of it shaping or affecting the outputs of that process.
verb (inputs, inputting, input)
  1. To enter data.
interrupter Tweet Definition of interrupter Like Definition of interrupter on Facebook
  1. One who or that which interrupts.
  2. A device for opening and closing an electrical circuit.
inversion Tweet Definition of inversion Like Definition of inversion on Facebook
  1. (music) The move of one pitch in an interval or chord up or down an octave
  2. (music) The reversal of an interval
  3. (music) The reversal of the pitch contour
  4. (music) The reversal of a pitch class succesion such as a melody or counterpoint, contrapuntal line
  5. (music) Subtraction of pitch classes in a set from twelve which maps intervals onto their complements with respect to 0 and preserves interval classes, symbolized IX where X is the transposition which is inverted (DeLone? et. al. (Eds.), 1975, chap. 6).
  6. (genetics) a segment of DNA in the context of a chromosome that is reversed in orientation relative to a reference karyotype or genome
  7. (Weather). An increase of air temperature with increase in altitude (the ground being colder than the surrounding air). When an inversion exists, there are no convection currents and wind speeds are below 5 knots. The atmosphere is stable and normally is considered the most favorable state for ground release of chemical agents.
  8. (grammar) deviation, Deviation from standard word order by putting the predicate before the subject. It takes place in questions with auxiliary verbs and in normal, affirmative clauses beginning with a negative particle, for the purpose of emphasis.
(with an auxiliary verb) Inversion takes place in the sentence 'Is she here?' — 'is', the predicate, is before 'she', the subject.
(for the purpose of emphasis) Inversion takes place in the sentence 'Never have I done that.' — 'have', the predicate, is before 'I', the subject, due to 'never' being the first word of the sentence.
isoelectric Tweet Definition of isoelectric Like Definition of isoelectric on Facebook
  1. having equal electric potential, or the same number of positive and negative charges
isolate Tweet Definition of isolate Like Definition of isolate on Facebook
  1. Something that has been isolated.
verb (isolates, isolating, isolated, isolated)
  1. (transitive) To set apart or cut off from others.
  2. (transitive) To place in quarantine or isolation.
  3. (context, transitive, chemistry) To separate a substance in pure form from a mixture.
  4. (transitive) To insulate, or make free of external influence.
  5. (context, transitive, microbiology) To separate a pure strain of bacteria etc. from a mixed culture.
  6. (transitive) To insulate an electrical component from a source of electricity.

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