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saddle Tweet Definition of saddle Like Definition of saddle on Facebook
  1. A seat (tack) for a rider placed on the back of a horse or other animal
  2. A seat on a bicycle, motorcycle etc
  3. A cut of meat that includes both loins and part of the backbone
  4. A ridge, in the shape of a saddle, between two hills
  5. The raised floorboard in a doorway.
verb (saddl, es)
  1. to put a saddle on an animal
  2. to get into a saddle
  3. (idiomatically) to burden or encumber
safety belt Tweet Definition of safety belt Like Definition of safety belt on Facebook
  1. a belt or strap that attaches a person to an immovable object for safety
safety glass Tweet Definition of safety glass Like Definition of safety glass on Facebook
  1. a laminate of two or more sheets of glass with a sheet of plastic between each sheet
  2. glass that has been tempered to break into rounded grains rather than sharp shards
  3. glass reinforced with wire netting
Sally Tweet Definition of Sally Like Definition of Sally on Facebook
proper noun
  1. (given name, female, ), pet form of Sarah
  2. nickname for the Salvation Army
sand Tweet Definition of sand Like Definition of sand on Facebook
  1. Rock that is ground more finely than gravel, but is not as fine as silt (more formally, see w:Grain_size, grain sizes chart), forming beaches and deserts and also used in construction. Sand may be blown around by the wind; gravel is too heavy, and silt (on beaches) does not usually have time to dry out between tides.
  2. (often in plural sands) a beach or other expanse of sand.
  3. (obsolete) Personal courage (used before or around 1920s)
  4. A light beige colour, like that of typical sand.
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adjective (no (compar) or (superl))
  1. Of a light beige colour, like that of typical sand.
sander Tweet Definition of sander Like Definition of sander on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, sander, sander (machine))
  1. A person employed to sand wood.
  2. A machine to mechanize the process of sanding.
  3. A device which spreads sand in snowy or icy conditions to improve traction.
  4. (archaic)Previously a small device resembling a saltshaker but containing sand that was shaken over a document to remove excess ink.
sandpaper Tweet Definition of sandpaper Like Definition of sandpaper on Facebook
  1. A strong paper coated with sand or other abrasive material for smoothing and polishing.
  1. (transitive) To polish or grind (a surface) with or as if with .
SAW Tweet Definition of SAW Like Definition of SAW on Facebook
initialism (wikipedia, Peace be upon him)
  1. sallalahu aleyhi wasallam - Peace be upon him
sawbuck Tweet Definition of sawbuck Like Definition of sawbuck on Facebook
  1. a framework for holding wood so that it can be sawed; a sawhorse
  2. (slang) a ten-dollar bill
sawdust Tweet Definition of sawdust Like Definition of sawdust on Facebook
  1. Collective name for the fine particles (dust) of wood created by sawing.
sawhorse Tweet Definition of sawhorse Like Definition of sawhorse on Facebook
  1. A device used to temporarily raise and support pieces of material (for example, timber), especially during cutting with a saw or similar device.
sawmill Tweet Definition of sawmill Like Definition of sawmill on Facebook
  1. A machine, building or companyused for cutting (milling) lumber.
He brought his portable and turned the old beams into interesting flooring.
The old still ahs its waterwheel but they took the saw away years ago.
The sells lumber to carpenters and sawdust to gardeners.
scab Tweet Definition of scab Like Definition of scab on Facebook
  1. An incrustation over a sore, wound, vesicle, or pustule, formed during healing.
  2. (colloquial or obsolete) The scabies.
  3. The mange, especially when it appears on sheep.
  • 1882: Scab was the terror of the sheep farmer, and the peril of his calling. &mdash; James Edwin Thorold Rogers, A History of Agriculture and Prices in England, Volume 4, p. 306.
    1. Several different diseases of potato, potatoes producing pits and other damage on their surface, caused by Streptomyces -bacteria.
    2. Short form for common scab, a relatively harmless variety of caused by Streptomyces scabies.
    3. (founding) A slight irregular protuberance which defaces the surface of a casting, caused by the breaking away of a part of the mold.
    4. A mean, dirty, paltry fellow.
    5. (slang) A worker who works for less than the rate fixed by the trade union.
    6. (slang) A strikebreaker.
    7. (botany) Any one of various more or less destructive fungus disease, diseases attacking cultivated plants, and forming dark-colored crustlike spots.
verb (scabs, scabbing, scabbed, scabbed)
  1. (intransitive) To get covered by a scab.
  2. (intransitive) To act as strikebreaker.
  3. (transitive) (Australian slang) To beg (for), cadge, bum
I scabbed some money off a friend.
scabrous Tweet Definition of scabrous Like Definition of scabrous on Facebook
  1. covered with scales or scab, scabs, or otherwise extremely rough
After the incident with the gasoline, Noel's burnt arm remained , and was susceptible to infections.
  1. having indecent sexual content or connotation, i.e. "rough"
The novel was a flagrantly bodice-ripper, and Rachael was ashamed to read it in public.
scaffold Tweet Definition of scaffold Like Definition of scaffold on Facebook
  1. A structure made of scaffolding, for workers to stand on while working on a building.
  2. An elevated platform on which a criminal is executed.
  1. (transitive) To set up a scaffolding; to surround a building with scaffolding.
scaffolding Tweet Definition of scaffolding Like Definition of scaffolding on Facebook
  1. A temporary modular system of metal tubes forming a framework used to support people and material in the construction or repair of buildings and other large structures. The framework may also be made of bamboo or wood.
scaling ladder Tweet Definition of scaling ladder Like Definition of scaling ladder on Facebook
  1. A ladder for the purpose of scale
  2. Etymology 1, scaling the walls of a besieged fortification.
scantling Tweet Definition of scantling Like Definition of scantling on Facebook
  1. a small, upright timber used in construction
  2. (especially, in plural) The dimension of a piece of timber used in construction (especially of a ship)
scoop Tweet Definition of scoop Like Definition of scoop on Facebook
  1. Any cup- or bowl-shaped tool, usually including a handle used to lift and move loose or soft solid material.
''She kept a in the dog food
  1. The amount or volume of loose or solid material held by a particular scoop.
Use one of coffee for each pot.
I'll have one of chocolate ice-cream
  1. A story or fact; especially, news learned and reported before anyone else.
He listened carefully, in hopes of getting the scoop on the debate.
  1. (automotive) An opening in a hood/bonnet or other body panel to admit air, usually for cooling the engine.
  2. The digging attachment on a front-end loader.
Scotch Tweet Definition of Scotch Like Definition of Scotch on Facebook
proper noun (es, -)
  1. (as a plural noun) The people of Scotland (less correct than Scots or Scottish).
  2. The Scottish dialect of English.
  3. (uncountable) Whisky made in Scotland
  4. (countable) Any variety of Scotch.
  5. (countable) A glass of Scotch.
  1. Of or from Scotland.
scraper Tweet Definition of scraper Like Definition of scraper on Facebook
  1. An instrument with which anything is scraped.
  2. An instrument by which the soles of shoes are cleaned from mud and the like, by drawing them across it.
  3. An instrument drawn by oxen or horses, used for scraping up earth in making or repairing roads, digging cellars, canals etc.
  4. An instrument having two or three sharp sides or edges, for cleaning the planks, masts, or decks of a ship.
  5. In the printing press, a board, or blade, the edge of which is made to rub over the tympan sheet and thus produce the impression.
  6. One who scrapes.
  7. One who plays awkwardly on a violin.
  8. One who acquires avariciously and saves penuriously.
screen Tweet Definition of screen Like Definition of screen on Facebook
  1. A physical divider intended to block an area from view.
  2. A material woven from fine wires intended to block animals or large particles from passing while allowing gasses, liquids and finer particles to pass.
  3. The informational viewing area of electronic output devices; the result of the output.
    • 1977, Sex Pistols, Spunk, "Problems":
    • : You won't find me living for the
      1. The viewing area of a movie, or moving picture or slide presentation
      2. (basketball) An offensive tactic in which a player stands so as to block a defender from reaching a teammate.
      3. (baseball) The protective netting which protects the audience from flying objects
      Jones caught the foul up against the .
  1. To filter by passing through a screen.
Mary screened the beans to remove the clumps of gravel.
  1. To remove information, or censor intellectual material from viewing
The news report was screened because it accused the politician of wrongdoing.
  1. (context, film, television) To present publicly (on the screen).
The news report will be screened at 11:00 tonight.
  1. To fit with a screen.
We need to this porch. These bugs are driving me crazy.
screwdriver Tweet Definition of screwdriver Like Definition of screwdriver on Facebook
  1. A hand or machine tool which engages with the head of a screw and allows torque to be applied to turn the screw, thus driving it in or loosening it.
  2. A drink made of vodka and orange juice.
screwed Tweet Definition of screwed Like Definition of screwed on Facebook
  1. participle of screw
  1. In a lot of trouble
  2. (vulgar, slang) To become shagged or fucked
They found out about our betrayal, so now we're .
scribe Tweet Definition of scribe Like Definition of scribe on Facebook
  1. One who writes; a draughtsman; a writer for another; especially, an official or public writer; an amanuensis or secretary; a notary; a copyist.
  2. A writer and doctor of the law; one skilled in the law and traditions; one who read and explained the law to the people.
  3. A very sharp, steel drawing implement used in engraving and etching.
verb (scrib, ing)
  1. To write, or to record.
  2. To write or draw with a scribe.
scupper Tweet Definition of scupper Like Definition of scupper on Facebook
  1. A drainage hole on the deck of a ship.
  1. thwart, destroy
"We can't allow US tantrums to global justice",7369,747744,00.html
This bad media coverage scuppered his chances of being elected.
scutch Tweet Definition of scutch Like Definition of scutch on Facebook
  1. An implement used to separate the fibres of flax by beating them
verb (scutch, es)
  1. to beat or flog, especially for extracting the fibers from flax stalks
  • 2005: "Scutching": the title of subsection 32.10.3 in section 32.10 "PROCESSING FIBER FLAX" " John Martin, Warren Leonard, David Stamp, Richard Waldren, Principles of Field Crop Production (4th Edition)
  • 1976: His prey was more often the over-scutched huswives, the threepenny whores with well-whipped backs, both from the beadle and their own hot-blooded clients. " Robert Nye, Falstaff =
  • season Tweet Definition of season Like Definition of season on Facebook
    noun (plural seasons)
    1. Each of the four divisions of a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter.
    2. A part of a year when something particular happens: mating season, rainy season, football season.
    3. (Obsolete) that which gives relish
    You lack the season of all natures, sleep. w:Shakespeare, Shakespeare
    1. (cricket) the period over which a series of test matches are played
    selvage Tweet Definition of selvage Like Definition of selvage on Facebook
    1. The edge of a woven fabric, where the weft (side-to-side) threads run around the warp (top to bottom) threads, creating a finished edge.
    2. Any edge of fabric finished so as to prevent raveling.
    3. The border on a sheet of postage stamps.
    Set Tweet Definition of Set Like Definition of Set on Facebook
    proper noun (also Seth)
    1. An ancient Egyptian god, variously described as the god of chaos, the god of thunder and storms, or the god of destruction.
    setback Tweet Definition of setback Like Definition of setback on Facebook
    1. An obstacle, delay, or disadvantage.
      After some initial setbacks, the expedition went safely on its way.
    2. The required distance between a structure and a road.
    3. (possibly archaic) A backset; a countercurrent; an eddy.
    4. A backset; a check; a repulse; a ; a relapse. (webster)
    sett Tweet Definition of sett Like Definition of sett on Facebook
    noun (pluralsetts)
    1. The system of tunnels that is the home of a badger.
    2. The pattern of distinctive threads and yarns that make up the plaid of a Scottish tartan.
    3. A small. square-cut piece of quarried stone used for paving and edging.
    shackle Tweet Definition of shackle Like Definition of shackle on Facebook
    1. A restraint fit over an appendage, such as a wrist, ankle or finger. Usually used in plural, to indicate a pair joined by a chain.
    2. A U-shaped piece of metal secured with a pin or bolt across the opening, or a hinged metal loop secured with a quick-release locking pin mechanism.
    verb (shackling, shackled, shackled)
    1. To restrain using shackles; to place in shackles.
    2. By extension, to render immobile or incapable; to inhibit the progress or abilities of someone or something.
    This law would effectively its opposition.
    shaft Tweet Definition of shaft Like Definition of shaft on Facebook
    1. the long narrow body of a spear or arrow
    2. a beam or ray of light
    3. any long thin object, such as the handle of a tool, one of the poles between which an animal is harnessed to a vehicle, the drive shaft of an engine
    4. the main axis of a feather
    5. (lacrosse) the long narrow body of a lacrosse stick
    6. a long narrow passage sunk into the earth, for mining etc
    7. a vertical passage housing a lift or elevator
    8. a ventilation or heating conduit
    9. a malicious act, as in "to give someone the shaft"
    shake Tweet Definition of shake Like Definition of shake on Facebook
    1. The act of shaking something.
    The cat gave the mouse a .
    1. A milkshake.
    2. Ground-up marijuana.
    verb (shakes, shaking, shook, shaken)
    1. (transitive) (ergative) To cause (something) to move rapidly from side to side.
    The earthquake shook the building.
    1. (transitive) To disturb emotionally; to shock.
    Her father's death shook her terribly.
    1. (transitive) To lose, evade, or get rid of (something)
    I can't the feeling that I forgot something.
    1. (intransitive) To move from side to side.
    She shook with grief.
    1. (intransitive) To shake hands.
    OK, let's on it.
    shank Tweet Definition of shank Like Definition of shank on Facebook
    1. The lower part of the leg; shin.
    2. meat, Meat from that part of an animal.
    3. A straight, narrow part of an object; shaft; stem
    4. A protruding part of an object, by which it is or can be attached.
    5. The metal part on a curb bit that falls below the mouthpiece of the bit, which length controls the severity of the leverage action of the bit, and to which the reins of the bridle are attached
    6. (sports) A poorly played golf shot in which the ball is struck by the part of the club head that connects to the shaft. See thin,fat,toe
    7. (slang) An improvised stabbing weapon
    8. (slang) Bad.
    1. (archaic) To travel on foot
    2. (slang) To stab
    1. bad, Bad.
    shear Tweet Definition of shear Like Definition of shear on Facebook
    1. a cutting tool similar to scissors, but often larger
    2. the act of shearing, or something removed by shearing
    1. (physics) a force that produces a shearing strain
    verb (shears, shearing, sheared or shore, shorn or sheared)
    1. To cut, originally with a sword or other bladed weapon, now usually with shears, or as if using shears.
      • 1819, Walter Scott, Ivanhoe:
      • : So trenchant was the Templar"s weapon, that it shore asunder, as it had been a willow twig, the tough and plaited handle of the mace, which the ill-fated Saxon reared to parry the blow, and, descending on his head, levelled him with the earth.
        1. To remove the fleece from a sheep etc by clipping
      • (physics) To deform because of shearing forces
    sheathe Tweet Definition of sheathe Like Definition of sheathe on Facebook
    verb (sheathes, sheathing, sheathed, sheathed)
    1. To put something, such as a knife, into a sheath
    2. To encase something with a protective covering
    shell Tweet Definition of shell Like Definition of shell on Facebook
    1. A hard outside covering, as of a fruit or an animal:
      • The covering, or outside part, of a nut; as, a hazelnut shell.
      • A pod.
      • The hard covering of an egg.
      • The hard calcareous or chitinous external covering of mollusks, crustaceans, and some other invertebrates. In some mollusks, as the cuttlefishes, it is internal, or concealed by the mantle. Also, the hard covering of some vertebrates, as the armadillo, the tortoise, and the like.
      • The husks of cacao seeds, a decoction of which is often used as a substitute for chocolate, cocoa, etc.
        1. Hence, by extension, any mollusks having such a covering.
        2. (plural: ) An artillery projectile or charge case:
      • A hollow projectile, of various shapes, adapted for a mortar or a cannon, and containing an explosive substance, ignited with a fuze or by percussion, by means of which the projectile is burst and its fragments scattered. See Bomb.
      • The case which holds the powder, or charge of powder and shot, used with breechloading small arms.
        1. Any slight hollow structure; a framework, or exterior structure, regarded as not complete or filled in; as, the shell of a house.
        2. (garment) A top, usually worn by women, with short or no sleeves that fastens, if it does, in the rear.
        3. A coarse kind of coffin; also, a thin interior coffin inclosed in a more substantial one.
        4. (music) An instrument of music, as a lyre, -- the first lyre having been made, it is said, by drawing strings over a tortoise shell.
        5. An engraved copper roller used in print works.
        6. The outer frame or case of a block within which the sheaves revolve.
        7. (nautical) A light boat the frame of which is covered with thin wood or with paper; as, a racing shell.
        8. A drum shell; the usually wooden, cylindrical acoustic chamber, with or without rims added for tuning and attaching drum heads.
        9. (computing) A general-purpose environment, usually CLI, command-line-oriented, within which other commands are invoked and their interactions controlled.
        10. (context, chemistry) A set of atomic orbitals that have the same principal quantum number.
    1. To remove the outer covering or shell of something. See sheller.
    2. To bombard, to fire projectiles at.
    3. (informal) To disburse or give up money, to pay. (Often used with out).
    shim Tweet Definition of shim Like Definition of shim on Facebook
    1. A kind of shallow plow used in tillage to break the ground, and clear it of weeds.
      1. a wedge or washer inserted into gaps in machinery to help with fitting or alignment
    shingle Tweet Definition of shingle Like Definition of shingle on Facebook
    1. A small, thin piece of building material, often with one end thicker than the other, for laying in overlapping rows as a covering for the roof or sides of a building.
    2. A rectangular piece of steel obtained by means of a shingling process involving hammering of puddled steel.
    3. A small signboard designating a professional office; this may be both a physical signboard or a metaphoric term for a small production company (a production shingle).
    verb (shingl, ing)
    1. (transitive) To cover with small, thin pieces of building material, with shingles.
    shoe Tweet Definition of shoe Like Definition of shoe on Facebook
    1. A protective covering for the foot, with a bottom part composed of thick leather or plastic sole and often a thicker heel, and a softer upper part made of leather or synthetic material. Shoes generally do not extend above the ankle, as opposed to boot, boots, which do.
      • Get your shoes on now, or you'll be late for school.
        1. A piece of metal designed to be attached to a horse's foot as a means of protection; a horseshoe.
      • Throw the from behind the line, and try to get it to land circling (a ringer) or touching the far stake.
        1. Something resembling a shoe by function, like a brake shoe.
      • Remember to turn the rotors when replacing the brake shoes, or they will wear out unevenly.
    verb (shoes, shoeing, shod)
    1. To equip an object with a protection against wear.
      • The billiard cue stick was shod in silver.
        1. To put horseshoes on a horse.
    shoot Tweet Definition of shoot Like Definition of shoot on Facebook
    1. The bud of a plant.
    2. A photography session.
    3. (professional wrestling slang) In professional wrestling, an event that is unscripted or legitimate.
    verb (shoots, shooting, shot, shot, or rarely shotten)
    1. To fire one or more shots.
    The man, in a desperate bid for freedom, grabbed his gun and started shooting anyone he could.
    1. To hit with a shot.
    He was shot by a police officer.
    1. To move very quickly and suddenly.
    After an initial lag, the experimental group's scores shot past the control group's scores in the fourth week.
    1. To photograph.
    2. To blame a messenger for the contents of the message.
    Please don't the messenger.
    1. (professional wrestling) In professional wrestling, to deviate from kayfabe, either intentionally or accidentally; to actually connect with unchoreographed fighting blows and maneuvers, or speak one's mind (instead of an agreed-to script).
    2. (surveying) To measure the distance and direction to (a point).
    3. (sports) To make the stated score.
    In my round of golf yesterday I shot a 76.
    shop Tweet Definition of shop Like Definition of shop on Facebook
    1. An establishment that sells goods to the public.
    2. A place where things are crafted, a workshop.
    3. Workplace; office. Used mainly in expressions such as shop talk, closed shop and shop floor.
    4. Short for wood shop, a class taught typically in junior high school, teaching vocational skill. Also metal shop could be shortened this way
    verb (shops, shopping, shopped)
    1. (intransitive) To visit shops; to look around shops with the intention of buying something (I went shopping; he"s shopping for clothes).
    2. (transitive) To report the criminal activities or whereabouts of (a suspect) to the police.
    3. (context, transitive, Internet) Shorthand for photoshop; to digitally edit a picture or photograph.
    siding Tweet Definition of siding Like Definition of siding on Facebook
    1. The material which covers and protects the sides of a house or other building.
    Ugh. If there's one thing I can't stand it's cheesy vinyl siding.
    1. (rail transport) A second, relatively short length of track just to the side of a railroad track, joined to the main track by switches at one or both ends, used either for unloading freight, or to allow two trains on a same track to meet (opposite directions) or pass (same direction).
    1. (present participle of, side)
    Whenever he hears an argument, he can't help with one party or the other.
    sill Tweet Definition of sill Like Definition of sill on Facebook
    1. (also window sill) A horizontal slat which forms the base of a window.
    She looked out the window resting her elbows on the window sill.
    1. A horizontal member bearing the upright portion of a frame.
    2. A horizontal layer of igneous rock between older rock beds.
    skew Tweet Definition of skew Like Definition of skew on Facebook
    1. (transitive) To change or alter in a particular direction.
    A disproportionate number of female subjects in the study group skewed the results.
    1. (mathematics) Neither perpendicular nor parallel (usually said of two lines).
    skid Tweet Definition of skid Like Definition of skid on Facebook
    1. An out of control sliding motion as would result from applying the brakes too hard in a car.
    2. A ski shaped runner or supporting surface as found on a helicopter or other aircraft in place of wheels.
    skim Tweet Definition of skim Like Definition of skim on Facebook
    verb (skim, m, ed)
    1. To throw an object so it bounces on water (skimming stones)
    2. To ricochet
    3. To read quickly, skipping some detail
    4. (transitive) to scrape off; to remove (something) from a surface
    1. (context, of milk) having lowered fat content
    skylight Tweet Definition of skylight Like Definition of skylight on Facebook
    1. A window, dome, or opening in the roof or ceiling, to admit natural light.
    2. wikipedia:Diffuse sky radiation, Diffuse sky radiation&mdash;solar radiation reaching the earth's surface after having been scattered from the direct solar beam by molecules or suspensoids in the atmosphere
    slab Tweet Definition of slab Like Definition of slab on Facebook
    1. A large, flat shaped piece of material such as stone, concrete, clay, butter etc..
    2. A paving stone, flagstone
    3. (computing) the equivalent to a 12-bit byte in some computers
    4. (Australian) a box containing twenty-four 375&nbsp;ml aluminium cans of beer
    5. (Slang) full-size luxury pre-1980 GM vehicles, primarily Buick, Oldsmobile, and Cadillac
    sleeper Tweet Definition of sleeper Like Definition of sleeper on Facebook
    1. (countable) Someone who sleeps.
    2. (countable) A saboteur or terrorist who lives unobtrusively in a community until activated by a prearranged signal; may be part of a sleeper cell.
    3. (countable) A railroad sleeping car.
    4. (countable)(context, rail transport, UK) A horizontal wooden or concrete structural member that supports and ties together railway lines.
      1. Something that achieves unexpected success after an interval of time.
      2. (countable) A goby-like bottom-feeding freshwater fish of the family Odontobutidae. Also "sleeper goby."
      3. (clothing) A type of pajamas, pajama for a person, especially a child, that covers its whole body, including their feet.
      Aaron, Devin, Ryan H., Cody, Ryan O., Wade, Lisa and Laura looked so comfy in their sleepers.
      1. A structural beam in a floor running perpendicular to both the joist, joists beneath and floorboard, floorboards above.
    Slick Tweet Definition of Slick Like Definition of Slick on Facebook
    proper noun
    1. A term of address, generally applied to males, possibly including strangers, implying that the person addressed is slick in the sense of "sophisticated", but often used sarcastically.
    That was a great move locking your keys in the car, Slick.
    Don't you look good tonight, Slick!