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race Tweet Definition of race Like Definition of race on Facebook
  1. A large group of people distinguished from others on the basis of a common heritage.
The Anglo-Saxon
  1. A large group of people distinguished from others on the basis of common, genetically linked, physical characteristics, such as skin color or hair type.
Race was a significant issue during apartheid in South Africa.
  1. (context, controversial usage) One of the categories from the many subcategorizations of the human species. See Wikipedia's article on w:Race_(historical_definitions), historical definitions of race.
The Native Americans colonized the New World in several waves from Asia, and thus they are part of the same Mongoloid .
  1. (biology) A population geographically separated from others of its species that develops significantly different characteristics; informal for subspecies.
  2. A breed or strain of domesticated animal.
  3. (figurative) A category or species of something that has emerged or evolved from an older one (with an implied parallel to animal breeding or evolutionary science).
The advent of the Internet has brought about a new of entrepreneur.
Recent developments in artificial intelligence has brought about a new of robots that can perform household chores without supervision.
verb (rac, ing)
  1. (intransitive) To take part in a race (in the sense of a contest).
  2. (intransitive) To move or drive at high speed.
As soon as it was time to go home, he raced for the door.
Her heart was racing as she peered into the dimly lit room.
  1. (intransitive) Of a motor, to run rapidly when not engaged to a transmission.
radial Tweet Definition of radial Like Definition of radial on Facebook
  1. a radial tire / radial tyre
  1. arranged like rays that radiate from, or converge to a common centre
  2. moving along a radius
  1. (anatomy) of, or relating to the radius bone
recap Tweet Definition of recap Like Definition of recap on Facebook
  1. (buzzword) A recapitulation.
verb (recaps, recapping, recapped)
  1. To seal (something) again with a cap.
retard Tweet Definition of retard Like Definition of retard on Facebook
  1. retardation; delay
  2. (offensive slang) a person with mental retardation
  3. (offensive slang) a stupid person, or one who is slow to learn
  1. (transitive) To keep delaying; to continue to hinder; to prevent from progress; to render more slow in progress; to impede; to hinder
retard the march of an army
retard the motion of a ship
  1. (transitive) To put off; to postpone.
to retard the attacks of old age
to retard a rupture between nations
  1. (transitive) To stay back.
retread Tweet Definition of retread Like Definition of retread on Facebook
  1. A used tire whose surface (tread) has been replaced to extend its life and use.
  1. To replace the traction-providing surface of a vehicle that employs tires, tracks or treads.
reveal Tweet Definition of reveal Like Definition of reveal on Facebook
  1. the outer side of a window or door frame; the jamb
The building has a one-story rusticated limestone base and a canopied entrance with a doorman beneath an attractive, rusticated limestone window on the second floor and a very impressive and ornate limestone window on the third floor flanked by female figures - Carter B Horsley - The Upper East Side Book
  1. (cinematography) A revelation; an uncovering of what was hidden.
The in that movie was great.
  1. (transitive): To uncover; to show and display that which was hidden.
  2. (transitive): To communicate that which could not be known or discovered without divine or supernatural instruction.
Rich Tweet Definition of Rich Like Definition of Rich on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (given name, male); diminutive of Richard.
Ring Tweet Definition of Ring Like Definition of Ring on Facebook
proper noun (infl, en, proper noun)
  1. An Irish family name.
run-on Tweet Definition of run-on Like Definition of run-on on Facebook
  1. a run-on sentence
  2. (context, machining) the period when a power saw or other tool continues to run after being powered off
  1. Continuing on where a rhetorical pause would be more appropriate.
RV Tweet Definition of RV Like Definition of RV on Facebook
noun (pl1=RVs, pl2=RV's)
  1. A recreational vehicle.
= verb (RVs or RV's, RVing or RV'ing or RV-ing, RVed or RV'd or RV'ed)
  1. To travel in a recreational vehicle.
initialism =      

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