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taenia Tweet Definition of taenia Like Definition of taenia on Facebook
  1. a ribbon worn in the hair in ancient Greece
  1. (architecture) a band between the frieze and architrave in the Doric order
  2. (anatomy) any ribbon-like band of tissue
  3. (biology) a tapeworm, and similar worms of the genus Taenia
term Tweet Definition of term Like Definition of term on Facebook
  1. A limitation, restriction or regulation.
terms and conditions
  1. A word or phrase, especially one from a specialised area of knowledge.
  2. relation, Relations among people.
We are on friendly terms with each other.
  1. A part of a year, especially one of the three parts of an academic year in Britain; Michaelmas term, Lent term or Easter term, the equivalent to the American semester.
  2. (math) One of the addends in a sum
All of these terms cancel out.
  1. a duration of a set length; a period in office of fixed length.
He was sentenced to a of six years in prison.
near-, mid- and long- goals
  1. To phrase a certain way, especially with an unusual wording.
terminus Tweet Definition of terminus Like Definition of terminus on Facebook
noun (termini or terminuses)
  1. The end or final point of something.
  2. The end point of a transportation system, or the town or city in which it is located.
  3. A boundary or border, or a post or stone marking such a boundary.
tessera Tweet Definition of tessera Like Definition of tessera on Facebook
noun (plural tesserae)
  1. A small square piece of stone, wood,ivory or glass used for making a mosaic.
thalamus Tweet Definition of thalamus Like Definition of thalamus on Facebook
noun (thalami or thalamuses)
  1. (anatomy) Either of two large, ovoid structures of grey matter within the forebrain that relay sensory impulses to the cerebral cortex.
thyrsus Tweet Definition of thyrsus Like Definition of thyrsus on Facebook
noun (thyrs, i)
  1. A staff topped with a conical ornament, carried by w:Bacchus, Bacchus or his followers.
  • 1968: The champagne was done, and she upturned the bottle to hold it like a . " Anthony Burgess, Enderby Outside
toga Tweet Definition of toga Like Definition of toga on Facebook
noun (plural: togas or rarely togae)
  1. loose outer garment worn by the citizens of Rome.
  2. loose wrap gown
tripod Tweet Definition of tripod Like Definition of tripod on Facebook
  1. a three-legged stand or mount
triptych Tweet Definition of triptych Like Definition of triptych on Facebook
  1. A picture or series of pictures painted on three tablet, tablets connected by hinge, hinges.
    1. (philately) A set of three se-tenant postage stamp, postage stamps that form a composite picture.
trophy Tweet Definition of trophy Like Definition of trophy on Facebook
noun (trophies)
  1. An object, usually in the form of a statuette, cup, or shield, awarded for success in a competition or to mark a special achievement.
He won the in a running competition.
  1. An object taken as a prize by a hunter or conqueror, especially one that is displayed.
The set of antlers which hung on the wall was his prized .
  1. (criminology, by extension) An object taken by a serial killer or rapist as a memento of the crime.
    • 1994, Philip Jenkins, Using Murder: The Social Construction of Serial Homicide, ISBN 0202305252, page 117:
      The souvenirs which many killers retain of their victims are often described as trophies, and Norman Bates's taxidermic interests derived from the real-life Ed Gein.
    • 2001, R. Michael Gordon, Alias Jack the Ripper: Beyond the Usual Whitechapel Suspects, ISBN 0786408987, page 82:
      A from this murder would have been of great importance.
    • 2004, Ronald F. Becker, Criminal Investigation, ISBN 0763731684, page 168:
      The offender is also likely to mentally relive his killings, often with the help of souvenirs or trophies, such as a bracelet or a body part taken from the victim.

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