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scour Tweet Definition of scour Like Definition of scour on Facebook
  1. To clean, polish, or wash something by scrubbing it vigorously.
He scoured the burner pans, to remove the burnt spills.
  1. To search an area thoroughly.
They scoured the scene of the crime for clues.
  1. (veterinary medicine) Of livestock, to suffer from diarrhea.
If a lamb is scouring, do not delay treatment.
  1. To move swiftly.
scuffle Tweet Definition of scuffle Like Definition of scuffle on Facebook
  1. A rough disorderly fight or struggle at close quarters
  2. A Dutch hoe, manipulated by both pushing and pulling
verb (scuffl, ed)
  1. (intransitive) To fight or struggle confusedly at close quarters
scythe Tweet Definition of scythe Like Definition of scythe on Facebook
  1. An instrument for mowing grass, grain, or the like, by hand, composed of a long, curving blade, with a sharp edge, made fast to a long handle, called a snath, which is bent into a form convenient for use.
  2. A scythe-shaped blade attached to ancient war chariots.
verb (scyth, ing)
  1. To cut with a scythe; to cut off as with a scythe; to mow.
seed Tweet Definition of seed Like Definition of seed on Facebook
  1. (countable) A fertilized grain, initially encased in a fruit, which may grow into a mature plant.
If you plant a in the spring, you may have a pleasant surprise in the autumn.
  1. (context, countable, botany) A fertilized ovule, containing an embryonic plant.
  2. (uncountable) An amount of fertilized grain that cannot be readily counted.
The entire field was covered with geese eating the freshly sown .
  1. (uncountable) Semen.
Sometimes a man may feel encouraged to spread his before he settles down to raise a family.
  1. (countable) A precursor.
The of an idea. Which idea was the (idea)?
  1. (countable) The initial state, condition or position of a changing, growing or developing process; the ultimate precusor in a defined chain of precusors.
  1. The initial position of a competitor or team in a tournament. (seed position)
  2. The team with the best regular season record receives the top in the conference tournament.
  3. The competitor or team occupying a given seed. (seed position)
  4. The rookie was a surprising top .
  5. Initialization state of a Wikipedia:Pseudorandom number generator, pseudorandom number generator (PRNG). (seed number)
  6. If you use the same you will get exactly the same pattern of numbers.
  7. Commercial message in a creative format placed on relevant sites on the Internet. (seed idea or seed message)
  8. The latest has attracted a lot of users in our online community.
  1. (transitive) To plant or sow an area with seeds.
I seeded my lawn with bluegrass.
  1. (transitive) To start; to provide, assign or determine the initial resources for, position of, state of.
A venture captialist seeds young companies.
The tournament coordinator will the starting lineup with the best competitors from the qualifying round.
This marketing company successfully seeds viral campaigns using wikipedia:media meshing, media meshing.
The programmer seeds fresh, uncorrupted data into the database before running unit tests.''
  1. Held in reserve for future growth.
Don't eat your corn
  1. First. The initial state, condition or position of a changing, growing or developing process; the ultimate precusor in a defined chain of precusors.
What was the number that initiated the sequence of values?
The qualifying match determines the position one will have in the final competition.
  1. A precursor, especially in a process without a defined initial state.
What was the idea behind your scheme?
Use your profits as money for your next venture.
shade Tweet Definition of shade Like Definition of shade on Facebook
  1. (uncountable) darkness, Darkness where light, particularly sunlight, is blocked.
The old oak tree gave shade in the heat of the day.
  1. (countable) Something that blocks light, particularly in a window.
Close the shade, please, it's too bright in here.
  1. (countable) A variety of a colour/color, in particular one obtained by adding black (compare tint).
I've painted my room in five lovely shades of pink and chartreuse.
  1. (figurative) A subtle variation in a concept.
shades of meaning
  1. (archaic) A ghost.
Too long have I been haunted by that shade.
  1. (archaic) A creature that is partially human and partially angel.
He was attacked by a Shade.
  1. (countable) A postage stamp showing an obvious difference in colour/color to the original printing and needing a separate catalogue/catalog entry.
verb (shad, ing)
  1. (transitive) To shield from light.
The old oak tree shaded the lawn in the heat of the day.
  1. (transitive) To alter slightly.
You'll need to shade your shot slightly to the left.
Most politicians will shade the truth if it helps them.
  1. (intransitive) To vary slightly, particularly in color.
The hillside was bright green, shading towards gold in the drier areas.
  1. (intransitive) (baseball) When a defensive player moves slightly from his normal fielding position.
Jones will a little to the right on this pitch count.
share Tweet Definition of share Like Definition of share on Facebook
  1. A part of something.
  2. (finance) A financial instrument that shows that you own a part of a company that provides the benefit of limited liability.
verb (shar, ing)
  1. To give part of what one has to somebody else to use or consume.
  2. To have in common.
They a language.
sheaf Tweet Definition of sheaf Like Definition of sheaf on Facebook
noun (pl=sheaves)
  1. A quantity of the stalks and ears of wheat, rye, or other grain, bound together; a bundle of grain or straw.
  • 1593: O, let me teach you how to knit again This scattered corn into one mutual sheaf, These broken limbs again into one body. — William Shakespeare, Titus Andronicus, Act V, Scene III, line 70.
  • The reaper fills his greedy hands, And binds the golden sheaves in brittle bands. -- Dryden.
    1. Any collection of things bound together; a bundle.
  • a of paper
    1. A bundle of arrows sufficient to fill a quiver, or the allowance of each archer.
  • The sheaf of arrows shook and rattled in the case. -- Dryden.
    1. (unit) A quantity of arrows, usually twenty-four.
  • Quotations
  • 1786: Arrows were anciently made of reeds, afterwards of cornel wood, and occasionally of every species of wood: but according to Roger Ascham, ash was best; arrows were reckoned by sheaves, a sheaf consisted of twenty-four arrows. — Francis Grose, A Treatise on Ancient Armour and Weapons, page 34.
    1. (Mechanical) A sheave.
    2. (mathematics) An abstract construct in topology that associates data to the open sets of a topological space, together with well-defined restrictions from larger to smaller open sets, subject to the condition that compatible data on overlapping open sets corresponds, via the restrictions, to a unique datum on the union of the open sets. W:Sheaf (mathematics), W
  • verb to sheaf
    1. (transitive) To gather and bind into a sheaf; to make into sheaves; as, to sheaf wheat.
    2. (intransitive) To collect and bind cut grain, or the like; to make sheaves.
    1599: They that reap must sheaf and bind; Then to cart with Rosalind. — William Shakespeare, As You Like It, Act III, Scene II, line 107.
    sheave Tweet Definition of sheave Like Definition of sheave on Facebook
    1. A wheel having a groove in the rim for a rope to work in, and set in a block, mast, or the like; the wheel of a pulley.
    sheaves Tweet Definition of sheaves Like Definition of sheaves on Facebook
    1. (plural of, sheave)
    shock Tweet Definition of shock Like Definition of shock on Facebook
    1. Sudden, heavy impact.
    2. Something so surprising that it is stunning.
    3. More fully electric shock, a sudden burst of electric energy, hitting an animate animal such as a human.
    4. (pathology) A life-threatening medical emergency characterized by the inability of the circulatory system to supply enough oxygen to meet tissue requirements.
    5. A tuft or bunch of something (ie - hair, grass)
    1. Caused to be emotionally shocked.
    2. Give an electric shock.
    sickle Tweet Definition of sickle Like Definition of sickle on Facebook
    1. an agricultural implement, having a semicircular blade and short handle, used for cutting long grass and cereal crops
    verb (sickle, sickling, sickled, sickles)
    1. (transitive) To cut with a sickle
    2. (transitive) To deform (as with a red blood cell) into an abnormal crescent shape.
    3. (intransitive) To assume an abnormal crescent shape. Used of red blood cells.
    1. Shaped like the blade of a sickle; crescent-shaped.
    a sickle moon
    silage Tweet Definition of silage Like Definition of silage on Facebook
    1. fermented, Fermented green forage fodder stored in a silo.
    siliceous Tweet Definition of siliceous Like Definition of siliceous on Facebook
    1. (chemistry) of, relating to, consisting of, or resembling silica
    silo Tweet Definition of silo Like Definition of silo on Facebook
    1. a vertical building, usually circular, used for the storage of grain.
    2. an underground bunker used to hold missiles which may be launched.
    silviculture Tweet Definition of silviculture Like Definition of silviculture on Facebook
    1. The care and development of forests in order to obtain a product or provide a benefit; forestry.
    smudge Tweet Definition of smudge Like Definition of smudge on Facebook
    1. A blemish; a smear.
    2. The goo that comes out of popped herpes sores
    verb (smudg, ing)
    1. to obscure by blurring, or pushing something from a clearly delineated boundary over that boundary
    softwood Tweet Definition of softwood Like Definition of softwood on Facebook
    noun (countable and uncountable)
    1. (countable) (mostly in botany) The wood from any conifer (or from Ginkgo), without regarding how soft this wood is: "SYP is a softwood, but it is harder than many hardwoods".
    2. (countable) (in more general use) As the preceding but limited to those that are commercial timbers.
    3. (countable) (forestry) The tree or tree species that yields the preceding: "This softwood has been planted extensively throughout Scotland."
    4. (uncountable) A joint term for the commercial timbers, without distinguishing which: "You should have used softwood for the frame of this shed, instead of overbuilding it like this."
    sour Tweet Definition of sour Like Definition of sour on Facebook
    1. the sensation of a sour taste
    2. a drink made with whiskey, lemon or lime juice and sugar
    verb to sour
    1. to make or become sour or disenchanted
    1. having an acid, sharp or tangy taste
    2. made rancid by fermentation etc
    3. tasting or smelling rancid
    4. peevish or bad-tempered
    5. (context, of soil) excessively acid and thus infertile
    6. (context, of petroleum) containing excess sulphur
    sow Tweet Definition of sow Like Definition of sow on Facebook
    1. A female pig.
    2. A channel that conducts molten metal to molds.
    3. A mass of metal solidified in a mold.
    4. (derogatory slang) A contemptible woman.
    verb (sows, sowing, sowed, sown)
    1. (transitive) To scatter, disperse, or plant (seeds).
    I needed to sow the field, so I sowed the field, and when I had sown the field, I was happy.
    sown Tweet Definition of sown Like Definition of sown on Facebook
    1. Past participle of sow.
    stack Tweet Definition of stack Like Definition of stack on Facebook
    1. A large pile of hay, grain, straw, or the like, larger at the bottom than the top, sometimes covered with thatch.
    2. A pile of similar objects, each directly on top of the last.
    Please bring me a chair from that stack in the corner.
    1. A pile of poles or wood, indefinite in quantity.
    2. A pile of wood containing 108 cubic feet. (~3 m³)
    3. A smokestack.
    4. (computing) A linear data structure in which the last datum stored is the first retrieved; a LIFO queue.
    5. (computing) A portion of memory in a computer occupied by a data structure, particularly (the stack) that portion of main memory manipulated during machine language procedure call related instructions.
    6. (geology) Coastal landform. A large vertical column of rock in the sea.
    7. (context, library) Compactly spaced bookshelf, bookshelves used to house large collections of books.
    8. (figurative) A large amount of an object.
    9. (military) A pile of rifles or muskets in a cone shape.
    10. (poker) The amount of money a player has on the table.
    11. (architecture) A vertical drain pipe.
    1. To place one or more objects or material in the form of a stack or on an existing stack.
    Please stack those chairs in the corner.
    1. (card games) To arrange the cards in a deck in a particular manner.
    This is the third hand in a row you've drawn a four-of-a-kind. Someone is stacking the deck!
    1. (poker) To take all the money another player currently has on the table.
    I won Jill's last $100 this hand; I stacked her!
    stall Tweet Definition of stall Like Definition of stall on Facebook
    1. (countable) A compartment for a single animal in a stable or cattle shed.
    2. (countable) A small open-fronted shop.
    3. A very small room used for a shower or a toilet.
    Rabbit eases from the king-size bed, goes into their bathroom with its rose-colored one-piece Fiberglas tub and shower stall, and urinates into the toilet of a matching rose porcelain. - "Rabbit at Rest", by John Updike
    1. (countable) A seat in a theatre close to and (about) level with the stage.
    2. (aeronautics) loss, Loss of lift due to an airfoil's critical angle of attack being exceeded.
    1. (intransitive) To come to a standstill.
    2. (intransitive) (aeronautics) To exceed the critical angle of attack, resulting in total loss of lift.
    stratify Tweet Definition of stratify Like Definition of stratify on Facebook
    verb (stratif, i, ed)
    1. (intransitive) To become separated out into distinct layers or stratum, strata.
    In this cut you can see how the sedimentary rock layers have been clearly stratified.
    Even without a pronounced social class system, people in a large society tend to .
    1. (transitive) To separate out into distinct layers or stratum, strata.
    straw Tweet Definition of straw Like Definition of straw on Facebook
    1. (countable) A dried stalk of a cereal plant.
    2. (uncountable) Such dried stalks considered collectively.
    3. (countable) A drinking straw.
    4. (colour) a pale, yellowish beige colour, like that of a dried straw.
    <table><tr><td>straw colour: &nbsp;</td><td bgcolor="
    1. F2D594?" width="80">&nbsp; </td></tr></table>
    1. Made of straw.
    straw hat
    1. (colour) of a pale, yellowish beige colour, like that of a dried straw.
    strip Tweet Definition of strip Like Definition of strip on Facebook
    1. a long, thin piece of a bigger item
      • You use strips of paper in papier mache.
        1. a series of drawings, a comic
        2. a landing strip
        3. a street with multiple shopping or entertainment possibilities
        4. (fencing) The fencing area, roughly 14 meters by 2 meters.
        5. (UK football) the uniform of a football team, or the same worn by supporters.
    verb (strip, p, ing)
    1. (transitive) To remove or take away.
      • Norm will the old varnish before painting the chair.
        1. (transitive) To take off clothing.
        2. (intransitive) To do a striptease.
        3. (transitive) To completely take away, to plunder.
      • The robbers stripped Norm of everything he owned.
        1. (transitive) To remove the threads from a screw or the teeth from a gear.
        2. (transitive) To remove color from hair, cloth, etc. to prepare it to receive new color.
        3. (transitive) (in Bridge) To remove all cards of a particular suit from another player. (See also, strip-squeeze.)
    stub Tweet Definition of stub Like Definition of stub on Facebook
    1. Something blunted, stunted, or cut short, such as stubble or a stump.
    2. A piece of certain paper items, designed to be torn off and kept for record or identification purposes.
    check stub, ticket stub, payment stub
    1. (computing) A placeholder procedure that has the signature of the planned procedure but does not yet implement the intended behavior. (,,
    verb (stub, b, ing)
    1. To remove most of a tree, bush, or other rooted plant by cutting it close to the ground.
    2. To remove a plant by pulling it out by the roots.
    3. To jam, hit, or bump, especially a toe.
    I stubbed my toe trying to find the light switch in the dark.
    stubble Tweet Definition of stubble Like Definition of stubble on Facebook
    1. short, coarse hair, especially on a man's face.
    2. the short stalks left in a field after crops have been harvested.
    stump Tweet Definition of stump Like Definition of stump on Facebook
    1. the remains of something that has been cut off; especially the remains of a tree, the remains of a limb
    2. (politics) the place where a campaign takes place
    3. (politics) an occasion at which the campaign takes place
    4. (cricket) one of three small wooden posts which together with the bails make the wicket and that the fielding team attempt to hit with the ball
    5. (context, drawing) an artists" drawing tool made of rolled paper used to smudge or blend marks made with charcoal, Conté crayon, pencil or other drawing media
    6. wooden or concrete poles used to support a house.
    1. (intransitive) to baffle; to be unable to find an answer to a question or problem.
    ''This last question has me stumped.
    1. (intransitive) to campaign
    He"s been stumping for that reform for months.
    1. (context, transitive, cricket, of a wicket keeper) to get a batsman out stumped
    sumpter Tweet Definition of sumpter Like Definition of sumpter on Facebook
    1. (obsolete) the driver of a packhorse
      • 1605: Persuade me rather to be slave and / To this detested groom. " William Shakespeare, King Lear, II.ii
        1. a packhorse, a beast of burden
    surplus Tweet Definition of surplus Like Definition of surplus on Facebook
    1. That which remains when use or need is satisfied, or when a limit is reached; excess; overplus.
    2. Specifically, an amount in the public treasury at any time greater than is required for the ordinary purposes of the government.
    1. Being or constituting a surplus; more than sufficient; as, surplus revenues; surplus population; surplus words. (trans-top, being a surplus)
      • Finnish: ylijí¤í¤mí¤-, ylimí¤í¤rí¤inen
    swath Tweet Definition of swath Like Definition of swath on Facebook
    1. The track cut out by a scythe in mowing.
    2. (context, often, figurative) A broad sweep or expanse.
    "Five days after Hurricane Katrina, large swaths of New Orleans, such as Canal Street seen here, are still submerged in water."
    sweep Tweet Definition of sweep Like Definition of sweep on Facebook
    1. The person who steers a dragon boat.
    2. A person who stands at the stern of a surf boat, steering with a steering oar and commanding the crew.
    3. A chimney sweep.
    4. A search (typically for bugs electronic listening devices).
    5. (cricket) A batsman's shot, played from a kneeling position with a swinging horizontal bat.
    6. A lottery, usually on the results of a sporting event, where players win if their randomly chosen team wins.
    Jim will win fifty dollars in the office if Japan wins the World Cup.
    1. A flow of water parallel to shore caused by wave action at an ocean beach or at a point or headland.
    verb (sweeps, sweeping, swept)
    1. (transitive) To clean (a floor, etc) using a broom or brush.
    2. (intransitive) To move through an (horizontal) arc or similar long stroke.
      • 2005, w:Plato, Plato, Sophist. Translation by Lesley Brown. w:Stephanus pagination, 236d.
      • : has the course of the argument so accustomed you to agreeing that you were swept by it into a ready assent?
        1. (transitive) To search (a place) methodically.
        2. (cricket) To play a sweep shot.
        3. (curling) To brush the ice in front of a moving stone, causing it to travel farther and to curl less.
        4. (transitive) (ergative) To move something in a particular motion, as a broom
    swidden Tweet Definition of swidden Like Definition of swidden on Facebook
    1. An area of land that has been cleared by cutting the vegetation and burning it
    systemic Tweet Definition of systemic Like Definition of systemic on Facebook
    1. relating to a system
    1. (physiology) pertaining to an entire organism

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